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  1. The kid drummer ROCKS! Nice swing.
  2. Love your passion and dedication Lava. Please keep us up to date when these songs are ready. Look forward to them.
  3. If I have a vote I'd say Down By The Seaside. It is such a beautiful and unique Zep tune and rarely covered. I'd love to hear what you could do with it. Keep us up to date.
  4. Everyone is on fire here and damn I love that voice. GREAT job. Really dig it.
  5. Bonzo on that track ; 😱 Wow is that killer.
  6. Ha Ha, that is soooooo funny. You made my day. You couldn't pay me enough to buy this shit.
  7. This is from my amazing coffee table Complete Zep tabs. I love this book. Let me know if this is what you are looking for.
  8. I consider myself a die hard Zep fan and collector and after your post I realized I did not have either the 23rd or the 24th show. Now I do and i am listening and LOVING them! Cheers my friend and Thanks.
  9. I was on the Amalfi Coast and found a hidden beach and had a few Heinekens and listened to Physical. This song summed up my day perfectly. I will never forget it. Nice.
  10. Always loved that U-Haul line. YeeeHaaa. Loved that they played it at Knebworth. And, "In The Light you will find the road", well, 👏👏
  11. That whole song is perfection. Zep's masterpiece if you ask me. And speaking as a guitar player, that solo is brilliant. Nice choice.
  12. As usual I was starting my day off having my coffee and some morning Zeppelin and In The Light (maybe my fave Zep tune) came on and it hit me, when they get to the "In The Light, everybody's needs the light" my heart sings! Again and again I fall in love with this band and their music. So the question is what line, or lines do that to you? Every time. For me another would be"Gonna leave her with the guitars playin" I'd love to hear from you. Cheers from Montreal.
  13. This guy 👆knows marketing 😀
  14. Loooooooove the rawness and the crack of his '75 voice. On Dime there is a Minneapolis '75 show where he is so raw and has to sing Wanton Song an octave down, which IMO opinion makes it some Zep musical gold. I will take the '75 voice over the '73 one. But I will take the 69 voice over all of them 😄
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