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  1. Stairway is one of the finest guitar solos of all time, that's what I know
  2. I like some of it and hate some of it. I did see the Jason Bonham LZ Experience and loved it. For me the creepy factor comes in to play when the guys dress up like them. Why? Just why? The "Plants" usually look like there were just in a house fire.
  3. Great project my friend. Really nice playing and tone throughout. Whenever I see note-for-note playing I always hope to see some of YOUR playing in it. That whole end bit was ripe for some of your own soloing. From watching you play it is clear you could do that. Enjoyed what I saw, no doubt about that. Cheers.
  4. That Zep 4 is a thing of beauty. Good luck. Sorry for the loss of your Dad.
  5. Just checked here in Canada and the video is blocked.
  6. Another 100% success Steve my friend. Sound is huge and full and gives a great feeling of what it must have been like to be there. I am a huge fan of what you do. Cheers and thanks again for all your shows.
  7. If someone could point me to a live concert picture of Page smiling at or even looking at JPJ I would love to see it. I have watched the O2 performance 100 times and I could not see even one glance. Doesn't take away from their chemistry or the power of the music they created but I always found that kinda f'ed up. Anyone proving me wrong would make me a happy man.
  8. Love your passion my friend
  9. Great take on it. I clearly hear born too. It didn't make sense to me cause I assumed 'baby" was his woman. Thanks for your input.
  10. Just listened to it 5 times to add it to my big book of Zep lyrics (where I am obsessing over every word). 2 lines that confuse me. Let me know what you all hear. First is at 1:33. Is it "Had no lovin’ since, my baby been gone yeah" or "....since my baby get born yeah"? I hear "get born" but that line doesn't make sense. Second is at 1:46. Is it "I ain't had no my right mind" or "I ain't hittin on my right mind"? The first lines of both those come from my Zep Official Tab coffee Table book. Any help is always appreciated.
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