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  1. I got that one too my friend in about 1981 at some weird bootleg store in North Vancouver. I paid $25 Canadian dollars and I wore that thing out. Literally. Still have the beige case somewhere in the basement. I especially wore out the "Ya didn't have to tell me that you, love me so. Ya didn't have to leeeeeeeeeeave me Mama, let me go......." Damn Plant nailed that line 😮 The doctor was played by Larry Badgely............
  2. Thanks for the post. Stuff like that makes this planet a better place. And God knows we need that. Much appreciated.
  3. Not since the early 70s (and even then) has someone said "Hey what does Rolling Stone think?"
  4. Open tunings opened up so many doors for me. Especially Open G (KEITH!!!). I dare you not to have fun with it. I take the Low E string off and the chords just slam! From another thread here.....
  5. DAMN what a photo. Nice post. Many Thanks
  6. Can't help ya on the effects he might or might not have used but damn if that isn't one of the finest solos ever played on a guitar. It is a masterpiece.
  7. All I know is damn this is a fine sounding show. Wow.
  8. I remember the first bootleg I ever bought was the 3 lp set Destroyer and my friends and I were blown away how a band that god damn perfect would have a backup vocal that damn bad? No one could hear how horrible JPJ was on that song? I wore that bootleg out. Came in a plastic case. Still have it somewhere.
  9. Nice playing, sweet tone. Great job my friend.
  10. Zeppelin Floyd Dead Easy peasy. The Beatles? Yuck. Just yuck.
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