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  1. Timing like a drum machine. Basic. Backs the other boys perfectly. Wouldn't change a thing. The bass player, well he could leave the Low E root not every once in awhile.........
  2. Agree 100%. Still can sing his ass off as well.
  3. I'd take Free but Bad Co is a close second. Nice choice.
  4. The bluray of The Stones at the Marquee club is soooooo good. Love the Mick Taylor years. Man did his playing flow.
  5. Just listened to 2 '75 versions and I hear him singing; Where I beeeeeeennnnnnnn. Pretty clear actually.
  6. Damn Starship thanks so much for this. Never even knew this site existed. I have just been listening to outtakes of In the Light and Ten Years Gone. Man oh man this site is gold! Yeah like I need more Zeppelin bootlegs....... 😳😎😜 Much appreciated my friend.
  7. Hey Steve, damn my friend you have another winner here. A stunning listen! Thanks so much for your hard work.
  8. Okay, great question and topic. I just listened to the tune 10 times (10 glorious times). I do have several Zep books and one of them talks about "Delilah" ex "Tryin to save my soul Deli.......(lah)" I clearly hear "delight" in those few places. Also "How to kick that gong delight". I also hear "Devil he TAUGHT me" not told me. Of course all this is coming from my 55 year old ears that have played wayyyyyyy too much electric guitar and listened to way too much loud music. Great topic and I would love to hear what others hear. What a tune!!!!!!!!!!
  9. For anyone who hasn't heard Steve's stuff, run to get it!
  10. Hey Michael many many thanks my friend. Sounds amazing! Thank You is simply beautiful. Your hard work is much appreciated. And the song that started my lifetime journey with the mighty Zeppelin, MMH, is gold. Pure gold.
  11. GREAT line my friend. I too am blessed with them.
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