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  1. I'd keep it exactly as it is. No songs would disappear. None. Not one. It's like asking to make Miles Davis' Kind of Blue into a 2 song ep. Ummmmmm, why? Physical is perfection. Pure f'ing perfection.
  2. Bass player high in the mix. Killer stuff. Wow what bass lines.
  3. I had such a shitty day John and came home and played your tune and it kinda made everything better. I needed a sweet groove. Many Thanks.
  4. Nice playing my friend. Nice axes and nice sweater. But nope, the tune still does nothing for me. I appreciate what you did though 🙏
  5. I have never seen that before. Many many Thanks for post!
  6. I don't know what you're talking about........ 😇
  7. Ha Ha Thanks. Those posts still kill me. That is some hilarious, pompous shit.
  8. 1. Listen to Physical again. And again and again. And then all the others, again and again. And when done, start again. 2. Then start collecting bootlegs. And collect more and more. And analyze and catalogue and obsess over every version of every song. 3. Then learn the guitar (you will need a Les Paul of course) and start to learn every Zep song. Start with Good Times Bad Times and go from there. 4. Then when that is done hang around here and tell us all how Page could have better produced every album. The first 3 have changed my life. Never done step 4 cause I'm not a dick nor a know-it-all and I am pretty sure Page knows better than me 😎😘😉
  9. Not many Zep tunes I can say I hate, but Candy Store Rock is one of them. In fact it might be the only one. No amount of engineering can fix that tune 😉
  10. Man I love this group cause we are all such crazy fans that we think about things like this.
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