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  1. I love the fact that people in this community know things like that. Zep and it's fans are the best! Nice one six
  2. pageluvva

    Does Jimmy Still Play ?

    Love this topic. I read that indeed Mick had a stroke and there was no way I was slamming him for that (of course). That is sad for sure. But to see him blatantly fake his playing was what pissed me off. Cause I paid money for it. That''s not fair. Saw Buddy Guy a few years ago and his shtick was pretty horrible. And the $100 plastic guitar straps being sold we're horrible as well. Autographed of course in some scrawl that no one could ever read. But to me the saddest was BB King at the end ( I LOVED the guy) when he would just tell rambling stories and play the odd note or two and let the other guitar player play for him. I remember he played a 20 minute You Are My Sunshine that went nowhere and even his band members were looking uncomfortable. It's on me though I guess cause I paid to see it. That's why seeing someone like Paul Rodgers live is still a treat cause he brings it every night. For everyone of a certain age who still brings it every night my hat is off too you all
  3. pageluvva

    Does Jimmy Still Play ?

    Not even a behind-the-curtain thing, he stands there and fakes it. Most solos the video cuts away from him and the other guitar player is playing his stuff. And other times when what Mick is playing is not what is coming out of his guitar. I was so pissed off to see this. He was one of my first heroes. Man he played with soul. The way I see it is that there is no shame in not being able to play anymore, just don't go on tour! Don't soil your reputation. I gotta say that I lost some respect for Mick. Thank God for the classic Bad Co days.
  4. pageluvva

    Does Jimmy Still Play ?

    That is so not a shame. What I want from Page IS classic Zep in all it's forms. I want nor expect nothing more from him. Keep the Zep vault stuff coming Jimmy!
  5. pageluvva

    Does Jimmy Still Play ?

    Or Mick Ralphs with Bad Co when he toured and faked his playing. Sad yes but I wasted $25 on the bluray.
  6. pageluvva

    New books arrived

    Thanks Steve. It is ordered as I speak.
  7. pageluvva

    New books arrived

    Forgive me if this topic has been posted to death (new here) but I just received these 2 KILLER books. They are Zep gold mines. So far from what I have seen the guitar tab one is the most authentic one I have ever seen. Today I might tackle the JPJ solo to All of My Love on the guitar. And the Songs Stories book is mind-blowing. I love the "In Your Headphones" fact for every tune, ex; I never noticed Plant's tiny laugh at 1:46 of You Shook Me. As a Zep fanatic I live for that stuff. Zep day in my house today. But then again it is everyday! 😜 Cheers from Montreal.
  8. pageluvva

    Your guitar of choice.

    I love walking down my Gibson alley.....
  9. pageluvva

    "Alternate Box set 2", anyone know it?

    Thanks tmt. I recently downloaded the Godfather Magik box set and am slowly listening to it. The sound is amazing for sure. Much appreciated for you're help.
  10. pageluvva

    Travelling Riverside Blues Cover

    GREAT playing 159. Nice feel and tone on that one. Bravo First time I saw that slide was the guy from The Rival Sons. I need one now 😎
  11. pageluvva

    Jimmy Page x Fender… Coming January 2019

    Ya made me lol πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
  12. pageluvva

    "Alternate Box set 2", anyone know it?

    Thanks so much. I am just beginning to clean my over 100G file of Zeppelin and indeed I checked and I have the Antrabata box set. Being the obsessive Zep fan I am one day soon I want to go through all demos and outtakes and compare them all. Thanks for helping me out. That Carouselambra is amazing!
  13. I was just cleaning up my huge file of Zep bootlegs and found a folder called "The Alternate Box Set 2" filled with 30 various live tunes including what I think are some rarities like Carouselambra - Clearwell Castle '78 (KILLER) and The Crunge/Lickin Stick 3-12-75. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this bootleg. The text file is signed Unkeljimbo. Whatever it is it rocks! Who or what is Clearwater Castle? Thanks to all for any help you can give me.