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  1. Denver 72 is a damn good choice, but my personal preference would be Vancouver 8/19/71. First off, this is before Plant strained his voice in LA two days later and consequently ended up singing with a bit of a crack for the rest of the tour. Hearing him still in his true prime would be incredible. Secondly, given how it was the first show of the tour, they may very well have thrown in some oddities. Someone who commented on the show claimed this was the setlist: Immigrant Song Heartbreaker Since I've Been Loving You Black Dog Gallows Pole Celebration Day Tangerine...Electric Version with the Les Paul That's The Way Going To California Friends Bron-Y-Aur Stomp WIAWSNB Dazed And Confused Stairway To Heaven...North American debut Whole Lotta Love....Medley Two encores Communication Breakdown, Thank You I personally think it sounds too good to be true (especially since the order is completely different than a typical show from this era), but even if this were just a standard 1971 setlist, it would still mark the debut of Stairway to Heaven on North American soil! I'd love for anything to surface from it!
  2. I think my June 1972 upload had the same problem with OTHAFA. I disputed the copyright claim and it was allowed through after a month. I talked to the guy who came up with the idea for this compilation, and he instructed me to replace We're Gonna Groove with the version from Montreux, and OTHAFA with the version from Tucson. Here's the revised video:
  3. Nope, neither of those. This time it's OTHAFA from 6/25/72 and We're Gonna Groove from RAH. I did a sort of compilation based on a fan's suggestions and those two got flagged. I'm gonna try and resolve it one way or another.
  4. Tried posting a show to my channel that ended up getting blocked. Oh well, feel free to delete this post!
  5. Beelzebub is rather notorious for overly tweaking/EQing the sources to the point where they sound worse than they should. The general consensus on RO is that the 1st gen is the one to get for that show. Let me know if you need help finding it!
  6. Absolutely agree! I decided to take a break from Blueberry Hill today and put together this little two source merge. This is a pretty underrated show imho:
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