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  1. A true dream release would be the rest of 9/29, 9/28, or another Japan 71 show. Hell, anything from 1968-1972 would be amazing. 77 is definitely something I'd like to have more of as well. I agree Birmingham, Baton Rouge, or Greensboro (or maybe another NY show) are the most likely candidates. I'd especially be happy with Greensboro or Baton Rouge since they're unheard. As for 75, the only ones that would be interesting to me would be Rotterdam, the rest of Bloomington, Philly, or 3/12. Anything else? Meh. I'm tired of 75 soundboards to be perfectly honest.
  2. I'll be premiering the recording on my YouTube channel at 5pm EDT if anyone's interested.
  3. The version I used was a master transfer done by Jason "Presence" Peterson of RO. I think it's an improvement on other versions I've heard...though I'm not sure that's a good thing!
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