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  1. Nutrocker! So cool to see you around here again! We've missed you!
  2. Don't know how I forgot to include Stand By Me in my original post, but that's going to be there for sure. Thanks for these recommendations! I'll be sure to check them out!
  3. The soundboard tape for Orlando is incomplete with various cuts, so if you want the most complete version of the show, you'll have to put up with the inferior audience tape to fill in the gaps. As for which release is the best, I've heard quite a bit of praise for the Genuine Masters one, so I'd say go with that one. For LA 8/21, go with Pernod's 2nd gen reel. It's the most natural sounding and unprocessed version. That source is incomplete, however, so you'll need the second source to fill in the gaps. For that source, go with the Melton tape. Specifically, try to find the one titled "Meltin' the Forum". Hope this helps!
  4. I'm planning on starting work on a "best of" compilation for the band's 1972 Japan tour. I already have a few song choices in mind: Rock and Roll - 10/10 (since Plant's voice is so good right off the bat) OTHAFA - 10/10 (ditto) Moby Dick - 10/9 (obviously) Dazed and Confused - 10/9 Communication Breakdown - 10/2 Thank You - 10/5 Whole Lotta Love - 10/9 I'm pretty undecided on the others as this is a tour which I'm not that overly familiar with. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Sorry I don't have the files anymore. I'm actually working on a revised version of this compilation. I'll be sure to post it and a download link once I've finished working on it.
  6. LA 8/21/71 is a monster.
  7. This is now my go to version of this show.
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