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  1. For those who are doubting what I am saying, here's a quick comparison of the intro to IMTOD. It switches back and forth between the Dadgad master (which is the first part) and the 1st gen. Notice how the Dadgad master has excessive brightness to the point where there are noticeable artifacts and a slight bit of distortion/fuzz. The 1st gen doesn't have that issue and (in my opinion at least) sounds better:
  2. The problem is that it's a butchered transfer. Sure, it is free, but I'm saying don't bother because there are better versions of the show out there. The problem is mainly in the high frequencies, and as we age, we lose the ability to hear within that range. If you're a baby boomer (and I'm not saying this to insult you, just stating a fact) then it's possible your ears cannot detect the excessive brightness. If so, enjoy it by all means. To my ears though, it's not worth listening to.
  3. Don't even bother with this. The DAT transfer was horribly done. Listen to IMTOD and TSRTS. There's so much top end that there's a compressed sound on the guitar, vocals, and hi hat. At times, it's actually distorted, resulting in a "fuzz" sound. They uploaded a "flat" transfer without Dadgad's processing and it has pretty much the same problems. Terrible.
  4. I would pick the third night for both. 6/10 is my favorite of the NY run. Killer show from start to finish. And 6/23...well, what can you say? It's iconic for a reason.
  5. So sorry to hear that Erik. My condolences to you and Erik's family. RIP Erik
  6. Let's try this again. Hope this one actually shows up:
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