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  1. The only one I'm seeing getting "hissy" here is you. You've even created an entirely separate thread to moan about how people aren't agreeing with your views. No one in this thread has attacked you or called you vile names. You have every right to express an opinion and people have every right to state that they disagree with you. Simple as that. If you go into a thread on bootlegs and then talk about how shitty you think bootlegs are, don't be surprised if you find a lot of people who feel differently. Feel free to ignore bootleg posts if you cannot handle others disagreeing with you. This compilation was clearly not intended for you or people who don't have bootleg ears (which, by the way, are the ability to get past things like hiss, distortion, or crowd noise in order to appreciate the performance underneath). It was intended for people who can appreciate different Zeppelin performances across different eras, even if the sound quality varies a bit. Not everyone has to like it, of course, but that was the intended audience. By the way, nice of you to cherrypick the worst sounding song on this compilation and then make a blanket statement that the entire thing "sounds like shit". Did you even bother to listen to this whole thing? While we're on the subject of your other post, I found this particular quote peculiar: First off, are you aware that pretty much any Zeppelin bootleg can be downloaded for free? They're very easy to find if you know where to look. I can go and download an entire show in just a few minutes if I want to. So you don't have to be worried about paying someone else and not Zeppelin if that's your concern. Secondly, if you're expecting threads such as "what is Zeppelin's best tour" how in the world do you expect to get any meaningful answer without bootleg recordings? What other evidence would there be? Newspaper clippings? Reviews from fans who were probably stoned out of their minds at the time? Bootleg recordings allow for an honest picture of what the tour actually sounded like. This is why the 1975 tour is consistently cited as Robert's worst tour vocally. Because the bootlegs allow us to hear how bad his voice sounded. Same thing with the 1977 and 1980 bootlegs showing how far Jimmy's playing ability had declined. Thirdly, while the streaming service has yet to be released, I think you are being extremely optimistic if you think Jimmy is going to release tons of bootlegs on it. We still have no news on the live album that was supposed to come out last year, nor the innumerable times Jimmy has stated he will go out on tour and/or record a solo album. To each their own, but I don't know what you were expecting going into this thread. It's literally a compilation of bootleg recordings. Once again, if you don't like it, move on to something else.
  2. HMMT was one of the songs which I wanted to include, but the compilation was already pushing four hours and I didn't want it to become too long. The shortest version of HMMT that is stand alone is 10 minutes as it is. This is also why I picked a version of Whole Lotta Love that was similar to the studio version as opposed to the lengthy medleys from later on. As for Moby Dick, I kind of consider it a tribute to Bonzo, so I felt it was a necessity, even though I can understand others wanting to skip it. Oh well, I knew that this wouldn't please everyone completely! To each their own of course but if sound quality is your worry (as I've seen you criticize the fidelity of bootlegs before), you can rest assured that I tried to find versions with a good combination of sound quality and performance. I think just about every song on here requires no "bootleg ears" at all.
  3. For many years, Jimmy Page has discussed the possibility of released a chronological live album of Led Zeppelin. Seeing as how that has not happened (yet), I thought it would be fun to try to imagine what such an album would be like. I put this together by aiming for shows with good sound that contained excellent performances of each respective song. I tried to put everything in chronological order, with each song being from a show that was around the period of its official release on a studio album. There are three notable exceptions to this: for Train Kept a Rollin’ and I Can’t Quit You Baby, I couldn’t help choosing the versions from the Texas International Pop Festival on August 31st, 1969. The announcement of “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome…the Led Zeppelin!” was just too perfect not to use. After this, I went back to some earlier shows for other songs. The second exception is for Heartbreaker, for which I chose the version from Blueberry Hill, since it flows so well from Immigrant Song. The third exception is for the last track, You’ll Never Walk Alone from Knebworth. I found it worked well as a sort of “farewell”. I’m sure there will be controversy over the versions I picked, as well as which songs I chose to leave out. I aimed to try to make this compilation be of a similar length as one of Zeppelin’s live shows. It ended up being just shy of four hours, so I was forced to leave certain songs out in order to prevent it from becoming even longer. No editing or EQing was done to any of the sources, save for fading each track in and out where appropriate. Track Listing: 1. Train Kept a Rollin’ – Lewisville, TX 8/31/69 2. I Can’t Quit You Baby – Lewisville, TX 8/31/69 3. Communication Breakdown – San Francisco, CA 4/27/69 4. As Long As I Have You – San Francisco, CA 4/27/69 5. Dazed and Confused – Toronto, Canada 8/18/69 (evening) 6. Moby Dick – Montreux, Switzerland 3/7/70 7. Whole Lotta Love – Montreux, Switzerland 3/7/70 8. Immigrant Song – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70 9. Heartbreaker – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70 10. Thank You – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70 11. Since I’ve Been Loving You – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70 12. That’s The Way – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70 13. Four Sticks – Copenhagen, Denmark 5/3/71 14. Black Dog – Tokyo, Japan 9/23/71 15. Stairway to Heaven – Tokyo, Japan 9/23/71 16. Going to California – Osaka, Japan 9/29/71 17. Rock and Roll – Osaka, Japan 9/29/71 18. Over the Hills and Far Away – Los Angeles, CA 6/25/72 19. No Quarter – Mobile, AL 5/13/73 20. The Ocean – San Francisco, CA 6/2/73 21. The Song Remains The Same – Seattle, WA 7/17/73 22. The Rain Song – Seattle, WA 7/17/73 23. In My Time of Dying – Baton Rouge, LA 2/28/75 24. Kashmir – Baton Rouge, LA 2/28/75 25. Trampled Underfoot – London, UK 5/24/75 26. Ten Years Gone – Los Angeles, CA 6/23/77 27. Achilles Last Stand – Los Angeles, CA 6/23/77 28. In the Evening – Copenhagen, Denmark 7/24/79 29. Money (That’s What I Want) – Frankfurt, Germany 6/30/80 30. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Stevenage, UK 8/4/79 Versions of each show used: 4/27/69 – Nite Owl Stereo Matrix 8/18/69 (evening) - 2nd Show - source 1 (main: 1st gen Reels > DAT > CDR) + 2 (patches: Master Reels > CDR) (Eddie Edwards) 8/31/69 - 1/4" Track Master Reels>7.5ips Reel To Reel (Saf. Copies)>DAT>Tascam CDRW-700s>COAX>CDr(3) (Dadgad) 3/7/70 - Montreux aud Divinity Revision + SBD (Pernod) 9/4/70 – Live on Blueberry Hill (Graf Zeppelin) 5/3/71 - Master>DAT>cdr>cdr(x)>eac(secure mode/read offsets corrected)>wav>flac(level 7) 9/23/71 - Flying Rock Carnival 1971 Complete (2011 Remaster) 9/29/71 - Kutabare Moonchild (Winston Remaster) 6/25/72 - Master > DAT 5/13/73 - 2019 Dadgad Remaster 6/2/73 - Master Tape>DAT>CDR>SHN>MWK>WAV>FLAC>WAV>REMASTERED WAV>FLAC 7/17/73 - Masters>Nakamichi 670>Wavelab 96/24>flac (JEMS) 2/28/75 – Grame Remaster 5/24/75 – My personal remaster of Watchtower’s “To Be a Rock and Not to Roll” 6/23/77 – For Badgeholders Only (Scorpio) 7/24/79 – Pseudonym Remaster 8/4/79 – 30th Anniversary Edition (Weedwacker) 6/30/80 – Liriodendron Remaster Special thanks to Malygris, Eddie Edwards, Dadgad, Pernod, Winston, Grame, Sue Dounim, Weedwacker, Liriodendron and everyone else for providing and remastering all of these sources! Hope you all enjoy! PM me for a download link.
  4. I think it's most likely due to the source supplying those boards to EVSD. Whoever that person (or group of people) is knows just how legendary those shows are and is presumably hoarding them until they get the money they feel they deserve. That being said, I fully get the frustration. Having a tease like 9/29 or 9/28 happen with no follow up or news on what happened is very disheartening. This surprises me. Not saying you're wrong of course, but I would think that if EVSD were to announce that they have a soundboard of, say, Long Beach 75 and that they needed 100 preorders before shipping it, people would eat it up. I know their market isn't huge, but I'd be surprised if they would not be able to recoup their investment from doing that. Heck, they could jack up the price even further if they needed/wanted to in that scenario. Since their releases get leaked immediately, I'd say that's the next best thing to do. Maybe their market is even smaller than I thought it was.
  5. Unfortunately there is no soundboard of any of the January or early February shows. There's footage from the show with sound though it only lasts about 14 minutes. There's also an audience recording, although it's rather distant and only lasts for 16 minutes.
  6. Thanks for the tip! Graf Zeppelin usually does a good job so I'm looking forward to listening to it.
  7. Thank you! I'll be sure to check it out!
  8. What's considered the best release for this show? I see that there are four audience recordings (all incomplete). I looked up Bootledz's entry on this show and found the sheer number of releases and source mixes to be overwhelming. Is there a release that's considered to be definitive (ie. uses the best sounding source as its foundation and offers up the complete show)?
  9. What about the studio footage of the making of Led Zeppelin II?
  10. Come on man. No need to be a dick. A guy can dislike a tour overall while still liking a particular performance or song from it.
  11. At some point in the future, yes!
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