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  1. Off the top of my head: Cleveland 4/28 Pontiac 4/30 Birmingham 5/18 Fort Worth 5/22 These are all pretty solid shows. And the recordings really aren't that bad if you have "bootleg ears".
  2. Probably not, but anything from this show would be a gem. 9/29 at least had the advantage of the old stage source sounding really good. This show on the other hand could definitely use an upgrade, so anything will be welcome. Especially since it's from Japan 71. Excellent news. Really looking forward to this!
  3. Same thing happened to my upload of the Nite Owl matrix of 4/27/69. Every song received a claim. This is really interesting. I'm still reluctant to get my hopes up, but I'm definitely intrigued.
  4. Agreed. I'm sick of these 75 boards, and the only ones I'd truly be interested in would be Philadelphia 2/8, Long Beach 3/12, or something from the January shows when the setlist was different. The optimist in me hopes this is the rest of the 9/29/71 board or more of 9/28 (seriously, what the hell happened to that one? It's like they totally forgot about it). The pessimist in me worries that this is another teaser from Japan 71 (or even something like 1975) that only has one or two tracks. Ultimately, I'll take what I can get of course, and I guess we should be thankful that any release is happening at all.
  5. Interesting how you didn't mention how awful Plant's voice is at this gig, especially compared to other shows from 77. Even on Going to California, he's singing in a monotone voice. I definitely think it drags down the performance that much more, even more so than Page.
  6. That would indeed be awesome, but I'm wondering from the descriptions if the audience sources they are referring to are the recently released Mr. Peach recording (which is pretty good and atmospheric despite the brickwalling) and the old "stage" source (which isn't an audience recording but has long been thought to be).
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