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  1. Montreal cancellation in December 1966...date unconfirmed as I can find no other mention whatsoever of this in The Gazette archive The Gazette (12/17/66) (Montreal)
  2. Democrat and Chronicle (12/25/66) (Rochester, NY)
  3. Possible "new date"...War Memorial in Rochester on December 26, 1966 Democrat and Chronicle (12/18/66) (Rochester, NY)
  4. Do you show any confirmed gigs between 12/28/66 (Peoria, IL) and 1/7/67 (Lowell, MA)? I don't yet it's clear they were in the USA during this time. The Daily Mail (1/10/67) reported they attended a Buffalo Springfield gig at Ondine Discotheque in New York and Record Mirror (12/31/66) reported they left London for Singapore on 1/15/67. With one or two single date exceptions, such as the infamous Luton 7/7/68, this seems to be the only remaining "lengthy period" of Page era Yardbirds history that hasn't quite been nailed down yet.
  5. Hi, Sam. Fair enough. It seems I need to acquire the latest version of his book. If this date is in the first edition then I've completely overlooked it.
  6. Daily Independent (San Rafael, CA) (May 1, 1967)
  7. Tampa Tribune (October 19, 1967)
  8. * NEW DATE * Sat, August 12, 1967 Mountain Park in Holyoke, MA Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT) (August 4, 1967) Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA) (August 11, 1967) Mountain Park billboard Mountain Park circa 1966-67
  9. Fan-centered books and videos are always difficult to pull off successfully. For one thing, as someone else said, you can't always be sure if you're reading fact or fiction. For another, most fan recollections are all somewhat similar, if not boring. However, every now and then a story is shared that surprises you. So the question here is if there are enough of those to make this book truly worthwhile. I will say I did stop the video above to read the Paul Hindress review of Birmingham, England 1995. I attended every night of that UK tour (except one) so I'm always interested to hear or read of other's experiences during that time.
  10. Undoubtedly, but it was still a legitimate business. Jimmy republished Crowley's Goetia through The Equinox in 1976. An original is shown here: https://www.miskatonicbooks.com/product/goetia-by-aleister-crowley-equinox-bookshop-jimmy-page/
  11. Rio De Janeiro (December 2009) http://rocknrollmusic4ever.blogspot.com/2009/12/meu-fim-de-semana-com-jimmy-page.html
  12. Rio De Janeiro (June 23, 2010) (with Pedro Sobrinho)
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