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  1. We've realized you're assertion is IDIOTIC. Let's try this again: http://thegardentapes.co.uk/tgt.html
  2. Unsubstantiated horseshit! This is what the big leagues looks like: http://thegardentapes.co.uk/tgt.html
  3. It wasn't a court case. It was an informal meeting in the Rose Street Hall. So the only "court" involved here is the court of public opinion...and Page won.
  4. ITZY @ Busan One Asia Festival (10/20/19)
  5. This had to do with preserving the aesthetic beauty of Loch Ness. Jimmy was opposed to their electricity pylon scheme. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transmission_tower
  6. There's at least one other than I can think of, taken in Switzerland. Outstanding! I note one of the pupils is Ian Corrance, possibly related to Dougie Corrance, the photographer.
  7. I'm merely taking the original poster's word at face value that it has something to do with the pylon scheme, which was 1978-79.
  8. Ok, if that's the January 2013 issue I don't have it yet BUT according to notes it contains an interview with Alan Moulder (who discusses the 02 Arena recordings) not Jimmy Page.
  9. ^^^You're the photographer? Regardless, a standing ovation for you for sharing it here. What a phenomenal shot! Malcolm Dent was Jimmy's caretaker at Boleskine for many years. Note the correct date is circa April 1979. Hopefully we can nail down the exact date. https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/mey/phillipsharbour/index.html
  10. If so, the answer is because Prelude, City Sirens and Who's to blame are all the Death Wish II soundtrack released about 18 months prior. Aside from that album, he had released no other post-Led Zeppelin solo material at that time.
  11. The point of contention here is Page claimed the tuning and arrangement as all his own just six years after Graham's version. Anyway, enough said.
  12. If you find that photo again please post it here! I seriously doubt Page or his band mates attended Gretzky's home debut in Los Angeles. I do show on that day Page granted a live interview over the phone with Los Angeles FM rock station KNAC, which I have posted here and elsewhere. Additionally, he was interviewed by MTV and the Los Angeles Times in his suite on the 14th floor of Mondrian Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip. So as you can see, his focus at the time was promoting his first solo album and tour.
  13. It's oftentimes been discussed, but never the central focus of a cover story, at least as far as I can recall.
  14. November 12, 2016: "SAJ is absolutely lived about what went down at the Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo tonight. He ranted for nearly an hour, calling me names that would make Peter Grant blush and suggesting I do things that are anatomically impossible. Then he concluded by saying the organizers will be compelled to issue refunds if it's the last thing he ever does".
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