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  1. That's fine, just establish you'll be thrown out at the end.
  2. Sure but she never would have told him ain't no need to hide. No wife has ever said that phrase.
  3. He's undoubtedly another one of these Millennial journalists who thinks Bon Jovi is classic rock. He was onstage and did perform as a second drummer.
  4. It seems clear to me that the unpaid Native American shop worker, for all of his baggage, is really just there because he's looking for a place to belong.
  5. Pro tip: don't take medical advice from ANY politicians. There are supposed to be credible government agencies ensuring prudent public health policy and measures are developed but if we have learned anything from this experience it is that those agencies are completely politicized and corrupted.
  6. We've gone from "15 days to flatten the curve" to "get jabbed or get fired". It's disgusting.
  7. It's clearly an older crowd. I doubt many would make the effort to record it all but perhaps some clips. Obviously there is the live feed for the video screen, perhaps that will be released at some point although I very much doubt it.
  8. Who's going to purchase Lily Munster's dress as my Christmas gift? Munsters Memorabilia – The Intelligent Collector
  9. Wonderful! Eye Thank Yew!! Perfect! Eye Thank Yew!!
  10. This does not provide a conclusive answer one way or the other, but when The Who performed at The Marquee on December 17th 1968 (ten days after Led Zeppelin) the stage was decorated with what appears to be green red and white holiday season streamers.
  11. Seeking any information on this photo (date/location/photographer).
  12. The Rolling Stones - Charlie Watts Tribute Show Opener (The Dome at America's Center / 2021)
  13. Perhaps if the DI had already been lying to you for 18 months...
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