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  1. Richard can be cantankerous. If my inquiries are precise and to the point he reciprocates, but bullshit and conjecture he's got no patience for it.
  2. Agreed on all points, but what I'm suggesting is that it could be a straight up fake -- that these were never used to promote the screenings. I'm not saying it is a fake, just that we have to bear this in mind unless and until something is presented to dispel that possibility.
  3. I'm almost certain the hedge sequences featured in the film are in the immediate vicinity of the Old Hyde Farm, his home at the time that is also featured in the film. I've driven through that area a few times and it seems to be the backroads adjacent to and overlooking the property.
  4. I hesitate to contact him but I very well may.
  5. I assume it's a legit poster but it could also be a fake.
  6. Yes! The Can's claim to fame is it's packaging, not it's content.
  7. On it's worldwide theatrical release night the film played on 1,500 screens across 40 territories, with 190 of those bookings being in the UK. Popular demand in the U.S., the UK, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Mexico and Australia was such that further screenings were offered in November, as well as adding new cinema locations. Unsure how many UK quad posters were printed but I seldom see them offered for sale so I'm confident one would bring at least $200.00 at auction.
  8. You're welcome. I remain optimistic most if not all of the conjecture presented here can be resolved in due course if the right people chime in either directly or indirectly. I don't know if I'm up to the challenge of convincing them why they should, and I was also counting upon sam_webmaster's input and assistance. Generally speaking, when he stays out of a Led Zeppelin fact finding discussion I take it as a tacit indication the topic, for whatever reason, is a waste of time.
  9. It's possible your post will be pulled as it contains a You Tube link which may benefit the person who took those photos without Jimmy's permission. That said, here is a still image of the motorcycle you are referring to.
  10. Yes, it was scrapped. Imagine the revenue stream it could have generated as an aviation museum attraction!
  11. I have not personally confirmed John's night riding sequence was filmed in Blackpool, and I can no longer recall who said it was. It could well be they too made an assumption based on the illuminations. I do think it's something we can get sorted once and for all. As for all assertions regarding the bike itself, and the possibility of more than one having been manufactured, I defer to input from sam_webmaster or Jason Bonham. Meanwhile, the thought occurred to me that Richard Cole was also a motorcyclist, though I can't say how familiar he may have been with Bonzo's motorcycles.
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