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  1. Just watched on You Tube and gave it a thumbs up for the effort involved. I would like to comment here on something you said about JPJ's live showcase in No Quarter coming across as lounge music and detracting from the overall mood of the song. I have famously (not really) said before that within each bloated three hour '77 show is a killer 90 minute concert just dying to be heard. All of their '77 solo showcases are ridiculously self-indulgent, but I'd like to believe that JPJ's intent was to introduce audiences to music they may have never heard before or even considered, such as Rachmaninof
  2. I don't know what to say to Eric. My own experience with receiving the vaccine was utterly unremarkable, serving only to affirm my suspicions that I had contracted COVID-19 a year prior at an indoor arena concert in Japan on a rainy night the last week of Feb 2020. I had felt run over by a truck for a month afterward, not physical pain so much as having no energy whatsoever. A constant need to nap and lie down, and other classic symptoms of trying to fight something a viral infection. Even so, I worry about Eric a lot more than I worry about myself, and I worry about him all the time.
  3. As we discussed on Foreigner’s official Facebook page today, evidence suggests this performance was 12/21/81 and not 5/12/82.
  4. If I'm a betting man, someone bought it for someone else as a gift. Most knowledgeable fans wouldn't touch it. Condolences whatever the case may be.
  5. While we await any reply from Sam, I'll mention I've seen two theories concerning the footage. One is that it went missing during the mid-tour break that began the following morning, and the other is that Jimmy has long since misplaced it. I doubt Peter Grant would have ever agreed to anyone other than the band retaining possession of it.
  6. Widely considered Led Zeppelin's first published biography.
  7. They'll look 20 to 25 until they hit 50, then they'll look 100. 😉
  8. THIS is the search link for that site" Fotex Medien Agentur GmbH (picturemaxx.com) There are some really great shots of Led Zeppelin/solo.
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