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  1. This is the black community and black lives matter.
  2. Probably so but I'm most probably not attending. Keith onstage being but a shadow of his former self one reason among many.
  3. mrledhead, I'm saddened to hear of your health concerns and hope you will have compassionate care available to you as necessary. It could be you will find a private collector prepared to continue the curatorship of the collection. I can't think of any museums as such where these would be a good fit, and if donated to a public library they'd undoubtedly be mishandled by the general public. If you do decide to sell them, I'd like to recommend the services of well-known, well-established Led Zeppelin enthusiast Rick Barrett of Houston, TX who continues battling his own health concerns: Rick Barrett Collectibles - Home | Facebook
  4. Jeff made it to 58?! That too is shocking.
  5. The definition of "The Rich" is always someone richer than the person making the definition.
  6. I own a pair of his stage worn shoes. No, they weren't left under my bed -- I obtained them at auction. Dread Zeppelin is a guilty pleasure, sort of like Chinese takeout. Don't need or even want it ever day, but every now and then got to get my crave on.
  7. That is truly outstanding! Adobe Illustrator, huh? Damn, I'm impressed.
  8. By this logic we wouldn't know either. There are plenty of people who would mention something like this to him, just as they did when former bandmate Michael Lee passed away. That is what I meant by highly unlikely.
  9. Possible but highly unlikely. While a public statement at any time from Plant on Johnstone's passing would be a thoughtful gesture, the absence of one does not mean it wasn't acknowledged privately. Regardless, ultimately it's really none of our business.
  10. Agreed! Perhaps Carmine Appice would have serious personal interest in obtaining one.
  11. It must be to drown out the gun fire.
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