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  1. The brains on those engineers. The balls on that crew.
  2. I've always had empathy for Michael Collins, the command module Pilot for Apollo 11, who stayed in orbit around the Moon while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left in the Apollo Lunar Module to make the first crewed landing on its surface. To come so far and know he was not going to get to walk on it...it must have been like making the Super Bowl then watching from the sidelines x1000.
  3. You need only remember their waiting lists.
  4. A mistake on the part of U2 as well as Sondheim's legal advisors. U2 should simply have gotten an agreement to include it prior to release, and Sondheim's team should have understood this is a golden opportunity to introduce his music a whole new demographic.
  5. The thing is if he HAD filmed them at The Roundhouse or anywhere besides Royal Albert Hall one presumes it would have at least been mentioned by him, Peter Grant or the band members at least once from 1968 to now. The silence is deafening. This never happened.
  6. Nanase Nishino I love to eat her...pizza! 😍
  7. Very surprised by this. One almost never hears of scaling a venue back to it's original form.
  8. Filing this under "if you repeat a lie long enough some people will believe it". Can't wait to see the caliber of doctors and physicians that a non-profit based health care system retains and attracts.
  9. What were his thoughts on the Infinite Monkey Theorum? Jimmy's life's work was releasing ten original Led Zeppelin albums...then spending the rest of his life remastering them.
  10. Peter Whitehead filmed Led Zeppelin at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970. AKAIK he never claimed to have filmed them at The Roundhouse, and none of the band members have ever claimed he did either. Sadly, he passed away last month. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/jun/13/peter-whitehead-obituary
  11. Page tried to reform Led Zeppelin so many times I've lost count. When he couldn't reform them, he pursued approximations.
  12. That was brilliant and heartwarming. I can't tell you how many concert posters I have that proudly announce "ITB presents..." but there are several from the Page/Plant tours. Congratulations Rod MacSween!
  13. Yes, I did. Vociferously on many occasions. Huey Lewis would have been the perfect fit socially and musically for that band, especially if they wanted to do new material. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHV--LQxgqM
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