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  1. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761063869760548907
  2. He should become the poster boy for mental health awareness campaigns. This American Idiot set himself on fire in support of Hamas. Let that sink in.
  3. He reportedly drives a Prius, which tells us everything we need to know. He's a woke joke. What we need to know is, was he vaccinated?
  4. You have correctly answered your own question.
  5. It'll be a pyrrhic victory for Russia in the end. Putin took the bait and got embroiled in a proxy war with the US & Europe. This is not the conflict Russia sought, they were goaded into it.
  6. A significant number of items from Elton John's wardrobe went on the auction block at Christies this week. Jimmy in a jumpsuit? You asked for it!
  7. RIP Paul Martinez. He was a key ingredient to that which enabled Robert to launch a solo career from a solid foundation.
  8. I don't think other nations will permit Ukraine to launch F-16 sorties from outside of Ukraine. Ukraine claims it has a sufficient number of suitable airfields as well as portions of Ukranian expressways that could be used. Bear in mind these aircraft will be relatively few and all are more than 40 years old. F-16 pilots who believe these assets will be a game changer are few and far between. In my opinion, it's merely political theater. Specifically, it's just something Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte can cite as a leadership accomplishment when he runs to become the next NATO Secretary General or whatever NATO senior leadership position he's chasing. Ok, so no compelling argument to present to suggest they are winning but you wouldn't say they are losing. Fair enough.
  9. Perhaps this best puts Hank Aaron in perspective: take away all 755 of his Home Runs, he still finishes his career with over 3,000 hits.
  10. All true but this folly goes back to the Budapest Memorandum agreement of 1994, where in exchange for denuclearization the US, UK and Russia would guarentee Ukraine's security. It was all well and good until the Obama administration started making overtures about Ukraine joining NATO. Putin was never going to stand for that, and unfortunately took the bait and invaded, leading to this globalist proxy war against Russia. This conflict is about attempting to defeat Putin and Russia to usher in globalist aims and objectives. Anyone who thinks Ukraine became some bastion of freedom and democracy is a sucker. Ukraine is little more than a globalist slush fund for defense contractors...and if Trump is reelected US aid and involvement will end within days.
  11. You don't agree that Ukraine is losing? Is there some compelling explanation that suggests they are winning? The strategically important city of Avdiivka fell to the Russians just this week.
  12. Those are the first people I thought of. Those guitars will always have value, but this development calls into question if the current demand and value of those will decrease.
  13. Foolish escalation of two-year conflict Ukraine is clearly losing and will not win.
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