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  1. SteveAJones

    Crew Jacket

    Oh, I see. The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame occasionally accepts items on loan for limited exhibition, often from the artists themselves, but I'd imagine from the general public as well.
  2. SteveAJones

    Robert Plant's Range Rover 1973

    I hadn't seen these old posts until now. Tangents Within a Framework was published in 1983, three years after they disbanded, and it's hardly a hatchet job on Page. It is a fulsome tribute to Page's life in music. Besides, Howard had published a biography on the band way back in 1976. If there was an annoyance aspect I feel it would be limited to his stated intent to publish a Robert Plant biography during Robert's "No Led Anything" era. However, Howard readily ceased and desisted from doing so once Robert's wishes not to publish became known. Howard was a personal friend of mine, and he discussed all of this and more at length with me in his home. His loyalty to the band and respect for their wishes was second to none.
  3. SteveAJones

    2018 NFL THREAD

    Further proof that Brady is the GOAT. If that argument wasn't settled with his last Super Bowl victory, it is settled with today's AFC Championship.
  4. SteveAJones

    The space before the live decline

    I find that unfair to the Stones. They definitely did not play the same tired old set list the same way night after night. For one thing, they continued to release new albums throughout the '70s. For another, replacing Mick Taylor with Ronnie Wood noticeably changed the band's live dynamics. In fact, I continue to listen to far more Rolling Stones gigs from the 1970s than I do Led Zeppelin's. Anyway, just an alternative point of view.
  5. SteveAJones

    Random Newspaper Articles

    Molly Wopsy was allegedly a nom de plume for her...and the name appears on Robert's second solo album.
  6. SteveAJones

    The space before the live decline

    Yeah, you do. LOL. They were ALL self-indulgent in '77. Jimmy's guitar solo showpiece was a dumpster fire, Bonham was clearly phoning it in for Over The Top, and JPJ was playing well beyond the audience capacity to appreciate (incorporating everything from Rachmanioff compositions to the kitchen sink). I think the Knebworth shows suffer from having circulated on poor audience-sourced recordings. The official dvd does present them to some extent in their full glory, but of course there is no substitute for being there in the moment. That holds true for any performance, really. Armchair quarterbacking them four decades later ultimately doesn't matter.
  7. SteveAJones

    Random Newspaper Articles

    The Boston Globe (July 26, 1985)
  8. SteveAJones

    Random Newspaper Articles

    The Post-Star (Glens Falls, NY) (July 22, 1985)
  9. SteveAJones

    Random Newspaper Articles

    The Pittsburgh Press (July 21, 1985)
  10. SteveAJones

    Random Newspaper Articles

    Livingston County Daily News and Argus (Howell, MI) (December 10, 1987)
  11. SteveAJones

    Random Newspaper Articles

    Detroit Free Pres (June 28, 1987)
  12. SteveAJones

    Random Newspaper Articles

    Daily News (New York) (October 14, 1986)
  13. SteveAJones


    Paul Stanley of Kiss (photographed 12/12/18)
  14. SteveAJones

    Random Newspaper Articles

    The Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia, PA) (August 3, 1977)