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  1. Mina Kwon (Ace of Angels) 😍
  2. Perhaps RBG is experiencing a fiery, but otherwise peaceful afterlife.
  3. It was you who brought it up so I suggest you kiss my ass.
  4. Eye Thank Yew, sam_webmaster! Perhaps additional details on Norway will be found. I completely agree with you about the pro-shot footage, and as you know there is very little audience-sourced footage in circulation.
  5. Robert Plant European Television Program Appearances (1985) Can anyone provide further details on Robert Plant's television program appearances in Finland, Norway & Spain 1985? Seeking the program names and original telecast dates. They were promotional appearances for Shaken 'n Stirred. I show his UK tv appearances were completed in May 1985 so perhaps it was around that time of year. Norway: Barcelona, Spain (Angel Casas Show):
  6. Not a fan of RBG but I'm not celebrating her death, I'm merely enthusiastic about the future of the SCOTUS.
  7. SteveAJones


    It's laugh out loud funny. What next, someone pulls one of Jimmy's guitars out of the rubble?
  8. It's just some riffing he would do during the song Anniversary.
  9. No, nothing like that, although they do have the Bosozuku (motorcyle gangs). Guns and drugs are illegal here and the punishment is very harsh. You may remember they jailed PAUL McCARTNEY for having some pot in his baggage.
  10. I think they're just attracted to the rebel aspects of all of that...rockabilly, Chola, drifting, etc. You just have to bear in mind they are the most passive aggressive monsters on the planet! The men, well they have more obsessions than I can count.
  11. 😄 It's just the aesthetic and the style without the negative aspects we're all too familiar with. Of course, there's always a few who do take it further. ...and now for something RETRO...
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