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  1. The short SB snippet of Wanton Song already was a veritable bouncy bass guitar feast...but after listening to the complete version on the AUD tape, I'm completely flabbergasted by Jonesy's superb fretwork. Wow🀩
  2. respectfully disagree, I don't think that a recording from Ahoy75 is circulating. The recording you are referring to is from Brussels' Forest National. They did only two warm ups; Brussels (Forest National) and Rotterdam (Ahoy) There's also a short Levee snippet from the elusive Bloomington SB floating around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hbWFNk_O9g Frustratingly short, but according to some people the complete When the Levee Breaks (in contrast to 'Wanton Song' ) is preserved on the SB tape
  3. FYI https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/フランク・アッパ/dp/B08NK6W4LJ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=MSIG-1432&qid=1615789451&s=music&sr=1-1#customerReviews With little fanfare a seemingly (?) official Bath release popped up in Japan, last January. No Zeppelin content, but other artists like Ten Years after, Frank Zappa and others are represented by one, two or three tracks. The three 1 star reviews available on Amazon are a give away, this release should be better left alone. Culled from an inferior audience tape, this release is clearly not aimed at the average music fan.🀒
  4. I'm not going to repeat all the words of praise for Steve's magnificent work, but...as one of the few survivors who genuinely loves the previous night (May 24) also. I wish, I wish Steve would find the time and urgency to compile a full stereo 'Best of the Court' from those two final nights. I'm inclined to the first hour of the last night, No Quarter, Tangerine, acoustic set, Trampled, Dazed & Stairway from 5/24 and then back to 5/25 for WLL and the encores. I promise I will be a good boy for the rest of 21πŸ˜‡
  5. Great Read, SteveZ98. thanks for sharing 🀠
  6. And not a single slouch among them...superb shows all the way. Congrats Strider, you lucky BπŸ˜‡
  7. great, seems like he stopped shaving during the Bron -Yr-Aur sessions πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
  8. Me too, from 1974 I had the old Blimp/TMOQ version on a truncated reel to reel copy (Dazed was incomplete, encores missing etc...). It was my first live Zep encounter, but I was never overwhelmed by the sound of drums, guitar and Jonesy's Farfisa. When Cobla released the new stereo source, it was like someone's removed a blanket (I still don't dig the Farfisa though;-)
  9. Jimmy's Birthday is a cheap re issue from Empress Valley and offers all you need. Other affordable alternatives on Godfather and Moonchild are out of print. Montreux is the way to go for a truly excellent quality spring 70 show. Empress Valley's expensive The Great Beast' has the stunning AUD recording and the the final reel from the mixing desk (probably from Claude Nobs' vast archive). Eat a Peach released a nice mid price 4CD as well, but is also hard to find. Offenburg (No Label) and the recent stereo Matrix from Vienna (empress and No Label) are the best sounding European 197
  10. Berkeley 9/14 ; I haven't heard the first night, but in the early 70's 'Going To California' was a perfect live album; Heartbreaker is one of the best renditions. Boston, really cooking and aggressive performance: Killing Floor and Communication Breakdown, stand out. Ft.Worth; another incomplete tape, but this another great performance, especially for Percy. Orlando; probably the best of the N.American soundboards. Only 110 minutes were captured from the mixing desk and there are some annoying gaps, but this is a perfect introduction. Copenhagen, May...Fantastic perfor
  11. https://twitter.com/yuminori0616/status/1301123758816591879 fresh from twitter, after an appetizer previous year feat. the opening and encore section, EV releases the complete show
  12. May I add these two? ...my personal favorites. One from Bonzo's Birthday Party May 73 and another one -most likely- from one of the 75 warm ups (Brussels or Rotterdam) as that one showed up in Dutch magazine Copyright; Jeffrey Mayer ...one of the greatest!
  13. Don't think so. Moonchild never ever releases 'previously unreleased' material...only rehashes of their (Mother label?) Empress, sometimes Godfather and a lot of stuff from the internet (incl. Winston remasters). Most likely this is Winston's second effort on 929 incl. the available tracks from the SB. The strange thing is the price setting; regardless of them releasing 1, 2 or 3 CD sets, the fixed price setting is 1100 jPY. This however is priced at 33 USD. Packaging is a Plain Jane slimline jewel case, feat.common Japan 71 pics.
  14. https://twitter.com/yuminori0616/status/1298604042378084352/photo/1 I noticed this on twitter and on AirRaid and I'm starting to loose track on all these Osaka 929 mixes. Some additional information would be appreciated. Thanks
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