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  1. Correctomundo....Several reviewers at the time even claimed it was Bonzo who hit the skins on the two Detective albums. This rumor belongs in the conspiracy department, since Phill Collins, Tony Thompson and even Bonham's big idol, Carmine Appice developed a Bonzo wall of sound at the time I have both Detective albums and although they haven't aged very gracefully (Michael des Barres!) it's easy to compile a very nice single disc.
  2. Nice research, Moby Dick Ale!🤙 Sustainability is always good. Not so good is that after a month, I have no news on my Evolution vol.2...anybody else placed an order from Japan during the first week of March, that has yet to be delivered? The Eelgrass 928 arrived pretty much on time (but that's of course Singapore)
  3. Wow, that is THE most apt description of one of the weirdest excursions in the Zep catalog. Thanks for sharing, mate. Feel free to write some more of this kind of 'stream of consciousness' beat poetry. Loved it! (and Peace to you, too) 🤣
  4. Great post, fellows! I'm an avid admirer of "Hey Hey What Can I do" too. It's IMHO one of their top 10 compositions.Perfect!. Another alternative would be the 'Feel So Bad/That's allright Mama' on Studio Daze. Regarding the swirly album artwork, I think Jimmy dismissed it because he was expecting something else. He did instruct Zacron to develop a more 'educational'concept of the revolving wheel with seasonal crops and vegetables (LOL). It IS a great piece of art though and the album inside even more so.
  5. My copy arrived yesterday... Standard shipping. A little more than even week. My evolution is timing vol.2 on the other hand is already three weeks in limbo. Hope it's not lost
  6. William, Thanks for the great work...a great Zep 'Made in Japan' album👍
  7. thanks Zepster1979, much obliged👍. The things I'm expecting are not THAT crucial: thankfully I have secured the FLACS of 928 and Evolution=Timing vol 2 contains only stuff I already own in one way or another. Hope this hovering Corona clouds will be over soon.
  8. For those of us lucky enough to have experienced the Mighty Zep live on stage during the early days, I have a question regarding light shows (and the absence of ...). On several photo's of (mainly) 1970 North American shows, you see the venue and stage evenly lit. Punters from the audience can be clearly identified AND the band is bathing in light as well. Did they play with house lights on ? or were these pics taken during encore time? The famous September Forum and MSG evening shows on the other hand feature a more intimate stage lights setting , but the Carl Dunn photos from August (Oklahoma) for instance, or the Chuck Boyd March L.A Forum gig photo's show a clearly lit arena. Same era, completely different atmosphere...
  9. Not sure where to post this question...but is anyone else experiencing longer delays (or even parcels missing) after ordering from the Far East these days?
  10. The price setting is, I believe 75 USD. I'm sure you know one of the distributors, just check 😎
  11. Quite late compared to their 929 re-issue, Eelgrass finally released a budget version of Please, Please Me (5+1 CD's) . This is a straight copy of EV's most expensive 928 set incl. the bonus disc feat. Beatles Covers. Packaged in a fat jewell case, this is clearly a cheaper alternative, until EV unleashes a re-hash on Moonchild..
  12. The cavernous acoustics at the Earl's Court venue are also to be held responsible for the lack of spark. Still, a EC 3CD compilation of sorts still would make my day. When DVD came out in 2003 I extracted most of the (multi tracked) audio, so I could just listen to RAH, MSG, EC and Knebworth on CD. The Dolby stereo rip of Earl's Court sounds mind-blowing. The oomph on Bozo's kick drum during IMTOD, Jonesy's bouncy fretless playing,...It may not be the most confident string of shows in Zep's history, but the sound is terrific!
  13. I do hope so...somehow that seems logical: an anthology of their best AUD recordings/performances. Highly doubtful however EV is going to compile this set themselves ( or let alone 'remaster these selections for optimum cohesiveness) . One of our experts in the field (here or at Hotel????) wants to give it a go? Strong contenders would be Winterland 69, Fillmore W April 24th Montreux 70, Tampa April, BB Hill Ft Worth August 71 , Berkeley 14 sept, Tokyo 923, Ipswitch Offenburg 73 L.A 75 LA 77 Best of the 79 Copenhagen warm ups
  14. Yep, and it puts the lengthy version of 929 GTC in a new perspective.... After Bonzo's disappearance after 929's Celebration Day I always thought they were 'milking' the acoustic set a bit, but hey... they were actually in campfire modus, just relaxing and enjoying themselves. 'Bless your socks!'😋
  15. Around the Fall of 2019...November, if memory serves me well. Of course the announcement of Empress' 928 SB was drawing all the attention
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