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  1. + me TOO...can't comprehend 'Montreux' jumps over Fillmore W 69. I was already shocked to see Texas Pop got wiped out earlier 😞 and Seattle 73 still in the game. C'mon guys, where 's justice!!!
  2. Great job, William and Robert👍. @Robert, I'm afraid William is right, that photo depicting Plant in blue open shirt and Bonzo shows them playing Friends, so 929 it is. By the way, are we the only three punters here at the forum who acquired the Live 71-72 Japan book? I would love to read other opinions here (@Pluribus, Steve A Jones... where are you guys???)
  3. you surely must have seen this picture of Bonzo jamming' with Jimmy (using a Greco Gibson ES copy?), Jonesy (sporting a Yamaha Samurai bass), playing seated in a Japanese club/pub. Always wondered what they were playing that night
  4. DHL delivered the Live Tour in Japan 71-72 book today (ordered from amazon Jp, shipped on 30 sept.!!!!, economy air mail). What to say?..the 'usual suspects' are included. The Teriyaki and sushi meal, the band visiting Hiroshima, ceremony at town hall, press conference and rehearsal plus in concert stuff...all filed chronologically . Strangely enough the pub jam session is not included (and no 929 shots either:-( Thankfully there's a lot more to enjoy, however most concert pics from 71 are severely under exposed, blurred and not always sharp. A pleasant surprise are the 1972 pictures. Superior to most 71 pictures...and IMHO more appealing. The text? Japanese only but that was to be expected. Disappointed? no, but be sure to set your expectations not too high. Kinda visual warts and all documentary. Not an award winning coffee table photo book.
  5. Yep, Bloody Hell indeed...but IMHO you don't need the 6CD. It's a rehash of a previous (2010) 'Duophonic release on EV. pus Night Owl's job on two extra cd's. Seemed like a good idea to present the old Blimp/TMOQ mono tape together with the more recent stereo sources, but that Duophonic version was downright irritating...too much switching between different sources😡 I've settled for the 2CD incarnation ' BB Hill stereo Matrix' (which is of course NightOwl's only).
  6. https://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/empress-valley-label/empress-valley-issue-a-blueberry-hill-matrix/ Seemingly the folks from Empress Valley are planning to cash in on Night Owl's Labour of Love. I hope they're giving him at least the credits
  7. Ah ...the official 'Houses of the Holy' T shirt. I had one of those during my teens😜
  8. I ordered through Amazon.jp...no problem https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4401648102/ref=pe_492632_159100282_TE_item With normal priority shipping and a deposit for import duties, the price tag becomes pretty steep though😡
  9. Undoubtedly they must have raided the tax free shops in Tokyo on arrival, September 21. The band, Peter Grant and Cole bought all bought expensive Nikon gear (Nikon F single lens reflex, Nikkormat, Nikon R8 ciné camera's). Since the early sixties until the new millenium Nikon was King in high end photography. The Akai video cam was consumer grade equipment. Quite expensive as well, but home video technology was still at its infancy. I think the B&W footage from those reels- if they survived !- will be a tough ride to view, let alone restore.
  10. These budget EV re issues are a way to clean up over stock cd's. Seemingly these re issues share the same matrix/catalog number with their premium priced predecessors, except they are packaged in a different box and jackets. Only slightly more expensive than acquiring the three budget Moonchild 'Get Back to L.A' volumes, but much more attractive, if you ask me.
  11. An interesting new book focussing on the two Japan tours in 1971-1972 https://diskunion.net/metal/ct/detail/HMHR190819-200 From what I understand it is stuffed with newly unearthed negatives and it will be released on September 28 coinciding with their first show in Osaka.
  12. Me too! two of my favorite plantations. Also grew accustomed with the way he fills instrument swaps/tunings during BB Hill; "For those shouting obscenities, it's all gonna come" or " What about growing a beard". Even during the first Dallas show in March 75 he manages to create a club atmosphere by punning Jones "He has been watching Liberace" and "Now, before this turning into a Gospell meeting (Bonzo; "Hallelujah')...". I could go on for ages
  13. have you compared it with the real Winston remaster on the WWW? I found Moonchild's really dull sounding.
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