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  1. There you go; it's a great live anthology...not perfect, but very close Evolution is timing 1969 CD 1: 01)Train Kept A Rolling 1969-08-31 Lewisville 2:25 (The Only Way To Fly-EVSD) 02)I Can't Quit You 1969-03-14 Stockholm 5:53 (Liquid Led Pre-FM) 03)As Long As I Have You 1969-04-27 San Francisco 18:10 (from Master-Spider Web src) 04)Dazed And Confused 1969-08-31 Lewisville 15:23 (The Only Way To Fly-EVSD) 05)You Shook Me 1969-01-11 San Francisco 8:15 (from Master-Presence src) CD 2: 01)How Many More Times 1969-04-27 San Francisco 19:33 (from Master-Spider Web src) 02)I Gotta Move 1969-03-14 Stockholm 3:42 (Liquid Led Pre-FM) 03)Sitting And Thinking 1969-04-27 San Francisco 7:27 (from Master-Spider Web src) 04)Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 1969-04-27 San Francisco 6:26 (from Master-Spider Web src) 04)Killing Floor 1969-04-27 San Francisco 7:29 (from Master-Spider Web src) 05)Communication Breakdown 1969-08-31 Lewisville 4:50 (The Only Way To Fly-EVSD) 1971 CD 1: 01)Immigrant Song 1971-09-29 Osaka 4:37 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 02)Heartbreaker 1971-09-29 Osaka 8:25 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 03)Since I've Been Loving You 1971-09-29 Osaka 8:26 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 04)Black Dog 1971-09-28 Osaka 6:03 (from Bonus CD in Rock Carnival-EVSD) 05)Dazed And Confused 1971-08-31 Orlando 22:57 (from Florida Sunshine-EVSD) 06)Stairway To Heaven 1971-09-04 Toronto 9:05 (from 1st gen Presence src) 07)That's The Way 1971-09-04 Toronto 7:00 (from 1st gen Presence src) 08)Going To California 1971-09-04 Toronto 4:45 (from 1st gen Presence src) 09)Friends 1971-09-29 Osaka 4:06 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) CD 2: 01)Celebration Day 1971-09-04 Toronto 4:43 (from 1st gen Presence src) 02)What Is And What Should Never Be 1971-09-09 4:50 Hampton (from Master Spider Web src) 03)Moby Dick 1971-09-04 Toronto 15:10 (from 1st gen Presence src) 04)Whole Lotta Love 1971-08-31 Orlando 17:27 (from Florida Sunshine-EVSD) 05)Communication Breakdown 1971-09-29 Osaka 7:38 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 06)Rock n' Roll 1971-09-29 Osaka 3:39 (from How The East Was Won-EVSD) 07)Organ Solo 1971-08-31 Orlando 3:28 (from Florida Sunshine-EVSD) 08)Thank You 1971-08-31 Orlando 7:59 (from Florida Sunshine-EVSD) 1973 CD 1: 01)Rock n' Roll 1973-05-18 Dallas 4:01 (from 1st gen dadgad src) 02)Celebration Day 1973-05-26 Salt Lake City 3:41 (from unknown gen) 03)Black Dog 1973-07-15 Buffalo 6:06 (from 2nd gen) 04)Over The Hills And far Away 1973-01-22 Southampton 6:37 (The Working Tapes EVSD) 05)Georgia On My Mind 1973-05-26 Salt Lake City 1:09 (from 1st gen dadgad src) 06)Misty Mountain Hop 1973-05-18 Dallas 5:46 (from 1st gen dadgad src) 07)Since I've Been Loving You 1973-05-31 8:05 Los Angeles (Bonzo's Birthday Party Definitive EVSD) 08)No Quarter 1973-05-18 Dallas 11:15 (from 1st gen dadgad src) 09)Dancing Days 1973-01-22 Southampton 4:13 (The Working Tapes EVSD) 10)Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 1973-01-07 Oxford 5:36 (from 1st gen dadgad src) CD 2: 01)The Song Remains The Same 1973-07-17 Seattle 5:57 (from dadgad src) 02)The Rain Song 1973-05-19 Ft. Worth 8:08 (from dadgad src) 03)Dazed And Confused 1973-07-17 Seattle 35:00 (from dadgad src) CD 3: 01)Stairway To Heaven 1973-05-31 Los Angeles 11:03 (Bonzo's Birthday Party Definitive EVSD) 02)Heartbreaker 1973-06-02 San Francisco 8:00 (from master dadgad src) 03)Whole Lotta Love 1973-06-02 San Francisco 12:18 (from master dadgad src) 04)The Ocean 1973-05-28 San Diego 4:28 (3 Days Before EVSD) 05)How Many More Times 1973-01-22 Southampton 8:34 (The Working Tapes EVSD) 06)Communication Breakdown 1973-01-22 Southampton 3:28 (The Working Tapes EVSD) 1975 CD 1: 01)Rock n' Roll 1975-03-17 Seattle 3:57 (Deus Ex Machina-EVSD) 02)Sick Again 1975-03-24 Los Angeles 4:58 (The Night Stalker-EVSD) 03)Over The Hills And Far Away 1975-02-13 Uniondale 8:15 (Led Faces Over The Coliseum-Godfather) 04)In My Time Of Dying 1975-02-28 Baton Rouge 11:14 (Rampaging Cajun-EVSD) 05)Since I've Been Loving You 1975-03-21 Seattle 9:00 (Deus Ex Machina-EVSD) 06)The Song Remains The Same 1975-03-20 Vancouver 6:15 (Canadien Crush-Liquid Led) 07)The Rain Song 1975-03-24 Los Angeles 7:25 (The Night Stalker-EVSD) 08)Kashmir 1975-02-16 St. Louis 8:50 (Better Late Than Never-Liquid Led) CD 2: 01)No Quarter 1975-03-21 Seattle 25:34 (Deus Ex Machina-EVSD) 02)Trampled Underfoot 1975-03-21 Seattle 9:45 (Deus Ex Machina-EVSD) 03)Dazed And Confused 1975-03-21 Seattle 41:35 (Deus Ex Machina) CD 3: 01)Stairway To Heaven 1975-03-11 Long Beach 11:55 (Californication-dadgad remaster) 02)Whole Lotta Love 1975-02-13 Uniondale 5:53 (Led Faces Over The Coliseum-Godfather) 03)Black Dog 1975-03-11 Long Beach 5:49 (Californication-dadgad remaster) 04)Communication Breakdown 1975-02-13 Uniondale 9:11 (Led Faces Over The Coliseum-Godfather) 05)Heartbreaker 1975-02-14 Uniondale 10:26 (St. Valentines Day Massacre-EVSD) 1977 CD 1: 01)The Song Remains The Same 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 5:36 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) 02)Sick Again 1977-05-30 Landover 6:40 (Double Shot-EVSD) 03)Nobody's Fault But Mine 1977-06-07 New York 6:49 (Magical Sound Boogie-EVSD) 04)In My Time Of Dying 1977-06-07 New York 10:53 (Treading The Boards-MSB remaster) 05)Since I've Been Loving You 1977-04-27 Cleveland 8:31 (from 1st gen) 06)No Quarter 1977-05-26 Landover 22:18 (Bringing The House Down-EVSD) CD 2: 01)Ten Years Gone 1977-05-25 Landover 9:55 (Double Shot-EVSD) 02)The Battle Of Evermore 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 7:06 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) 03)Going To California 1977-05-30 Landover 4:52 (Double Shot-EVSD) 05)Dancing Days 1977-05-26 Landover (Bringing The House Down)-EVSD) 04)Black Country Woman 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 2:12 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) 05)Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 1977-04-27 Cleveland 5:07 (from 1st gen) 06)White Summer/Black Mountainside 1977-05-25 Landover 5:45 (Double Shot-EVSD) 07)Kashmir 1977-05-21 Houston 8:56 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) CD 3: 01)Noise Solo 1977-06-23 Los Angeles 12:15 (from Master Presence source) 02)Achilles Last Stand 1977-05-30 Landover 9:44 (Double Shot-EVSD) 03)Stairway To Heaven 1977-05-25 Landover 10:57 (Double Shot-EVSD) 04)Whole Lotta Love 1977-05-30 Landover 1:36 (Double Shot-EVSD) 05)Rock n' Roll 1977-05-30 Landover 4:29 (Double Shot-EVSD) 06)Trampled Underfoot 1977-04-27 Cleveland 7:11 (from 1st gen) 07)It'll Be Me 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 5:31 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD) 1980 CD 1: 01)Train Kept A Rolling 1980-06-29 Zurich 3:03 (from 1st gen) 02)Nobody's Fault But Mine 1980-06-23 Bremen 5:19 (Bremen 1980-Tarantura) 03)Black Dog 1980-07-07 Berlin 6:14 (from 1st gen KRW src) 04)In The Evening 1980-06-29 Zurich 9:15 (from 1st gen) 05)The Rain Song 1980-06-24 Hannover 7:41 (from 1st gen KRW src) 06)Hot Dog 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 3:51 (from 1st gen KRW src) 07)All My Love 1980-07-07 Berlin 5:46 (from 1st gen KRW src) 08)Trampled Underfoot 1980-06-20 Brussels 7:59 (from 1st gen KRW src) 09)Since I've Been Loving You 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 9:49 (from 1st gen KRW src) 10)Achilles Last Stand 1980-06-21 Rotterdam 9:43 (from 1st gen KRW src) CD 2: 01)White Summer/Black Mountainside 1980-06-17 Dortmund 5:47 (from 1st gen speed corrected) 02)Kashmir 1980-06-20 Brussels 9:08 (from 1st gen KRW src) 03)Stairway To Heaven 1980-07-07 Berlin 15:35 (from 1st gen KRW src) 04)Rock n' Roll 1980-06-21 Rotterdam 3:47 (from 1st gen KRW src) 05)Communication Breakdown 1980-07-03 Mannheim 2:49 (from 1st gen KRW src) 06)Heartbreaker 1980-06-29 Zurich 9:53 (from 1st gen) 07)Whole Lotta Love 1980-07-07 Berlin 18:25 (from 1st gen KRW src) 08)Money 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 5:10 (from 1st gen KRW src)
  2. I succumbed, I simply could not resist this cheapo Soundboard Live Anthology ....and it' s very nice 😎. Thinking of this, a companion release -compiling the better quality Zep Audience tapes in a neat square EV box also would be a delight 1970 (Montreux, Tampa, L.A, N.Y ), 1971 (Copenhagen, Berkley, Tokyo, Ipswitch), 1972/73 combo (Tokyo, Osaka, London-Alexandra Palace, Offenburg, L.A ???) 1975 (best of Mike Millard), 1977 (best of Mike Millard), 1979 (best of the Copenhagen warm ups). "Resolution is Rhyming" ...anyone?
  3. By the time they started the U.S 73 jaunt the acoustic set was completely dropped. So, no, there has never been an acoustic set for TSRTS . During the UK 72/73 and subsequent European tour, the acoustic section was already minimal: Only Bron Y Aur Stomp survived! Just my two cents, but I think after three years they were tired of pulling out the Habitat chairs and change settings ...especially for just one song. By the time they returned to Earl's Court in May 75, they seemed more than happy to gather round the imaginary camp fire, again 😉 OOPS June72 was first, sorry for this
  4. As Steve already mentioned, Brannon did a great job of comparing most silver releases. 'Florida Sunshine' (and it's subsequent re-releases) features a great mono Soundboard recording, with some of the missing bits filled with the old audience recording. Happy hunting (and a Happy New Year!)🖖
  5. Welcome to this forum, DStaff! options for a good version of Out On the Tiles are limited. The evening show of MSG 1970 and -of course- 'Live on Blueberry Hill ' (the recent Night Owl version is a clear winner). Thank You is represented very well on silver; my favorite is Florida 1971, but you can not go wrong with either the Osaka 929 or Southampton 22 January 1973 or even the MSG 73 encore. All My Love is available from the myriad Tour Over Europe 80 Soundboards...Maybe check out Zürich for really good rendition.
  6. Thanks, Hindenburg ...a pity, since the expensive 'Please Please Me', 'God Save the Queen' editions aren't particularly 'inspired' in the artwork department (like the previous UFO, Night Stalker stuff from EV 👎 I was hoping they would add a little Japanese touch to the 'standard' edition... ah well let's see 😜
  7. This story is known. But it doesn't explain the recent Osaka soundboards. This chap is talking about the source of the old Cellarful of Noise stereo recording (AKA Stage recording, but in reality an on the fly dub of the Warner Pioneer 929 multi track). The new SB fragments are made by the Zep roadies on the band's trusted Revox (like Orlando, Hampton Beach and Toronto) By the way could these be the cover(s) of the standard 3CD version of EV's 928 SB? (found them on: http://ledzepnews.com/2019/12/05/a-new-soundboard-recording-of-led-zeppelin-from-1971-is-on-the-way/ They have the classic blue velvet backdrop which Niwa uses on his Air Raid site (no sign YET of Airaids water mark)
  8. 👍Great, June72...thanks for igniting this 'producer's perspective' in compiling "How the East Was Won" (working title; 'What was and what would never be '). I'm biassed to the WLL medley and Communication B of 929, (but hey, that's just an obese duck's perspective). In an ideal world, the Super Deluxe Edition should include ALL WLL recordings
  9. Like the other June BBC studio tracks, the master tape does contain simple overdubs ('Whole Lotta Love' from the same session, contains a guitar overdub), but it's definetely not a multi-track source in the strict sense. 1" or 2" analog tape gauge would be considered multi-track by the end of the sixties. I believe at the time the BEEB -like the majority of European broadcasting stations, recorded on two track (1/4") or 3 track (1/2") decks. Most likely Jimmy was invited to add some overdubs at his discretion, later on...mainly in the guitar (and vocal?) department😎
  10. hi Neil, IMHO it is a distant and boomy recording. Decent, but not 'excellent' (Nowhere near the quality of the 923 Rock Carnival tape). Check it out. http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2578
  11. And what title would that be? The first incarnation of the march 5, 75 Dallas SB (90 minutes only) was released in 89 on CD (Rock Records) and LP (Toasted Condor), During the SB revolution EV released a more complete version of the show. Wendy's Zapruder hit the streets after EV, if memory serves me well.
  12. The first disc of the 'T Tack master' is now available on Black Beauty.
  13. Bad news from the Hotel Orleans (and a big thank you to Andy Adams)...the four tracks included on the Wendy 3CD are copied from the Beeb 71 Paris Theatre show. What a rip off 😡
  14. I wouldn't call the 5/18 & 5/23 pretty bad sounding audience recordings. Especially the better recording from 5/18 is quite atmospheric. 5/23 is nicely balanced but a little overloaded at times. Video wise, since the giant Ephidor screen needed a video feed, there 's no reason why the first two night weren't video taped. Did these reels survive?I honestly don't know. Very little footage showing the vast Earl's Court audience exists, so a longer video compilation combined with the low video resolution, would be a little tedious for casual fans.
  15. Yonks ago, when animals still talked. Around 1991, I think, there was the Lost and Found story on mysterious Zeppelin tape boxes. The content of these tape boxes led to the silver release of Scorpio's 'Studio Daze' and 'Jennings Farm Blues'. With hinsight you could assume this was a fabricated story, but it wasn't. Andy Adams of the fanzine 'Early Days & Latter Days' was describing a box that contained the multitrack 2" tape from Long Beach. A similar box with studio recordings for 'No Quarter' and another containing LZIII stuff including 'That's the Way', Since I've been loving you plus Blues Medley (AKA 'Feel So Bad'). Nothing spectacular you might think...but the interesting part comes next. The Long Beach reel contained Moby Dick (only to be released two years later on 'One More Daze', One tape box containing a 1/4" (two track) reel from Toronto 1971 which contained the well known SB material (Stairway- Moby Dick) and another tape box with Hampton 71 (also still unreleased in 1991). Andy Adams clearly states the Toronto reel was "all there is, there is no more". The fact these randomly 'found' (stolen?) tape boxes were part of larger tape archive is for sure. Hugh Jones published an interview with "Mr. Jennings" in Proximity (1999) revealing more or less the same story, from a different perspective. Compare the details from the official Super deluxe releases (2014-15). Most likely the 1/4" reel to reel tape from Toronto was/is reel nr.2 from a set of three. Hampton same story. Just like the 1971 Osaka SB material, you can rest assured there is more...only the bootleggers don't have it right now. I'll enclose the Andy Adams article from 'Early Days & Latter Days', issue 2 (1991). Happy reading!
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