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  1. me too...spring 1976 and a few months before the release of "The Song Remains The Same", I grabbed this nice looking LP called 'Earl's Court' in a Dutch record store. Eager to hear Kashmir live, the big surprise of course was this twenty minute rendition of No Quarter. I love this version (and I think Jimmy also has a soft spot for the Earls Court performance).
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/may/08/first-official-led-zeppelin-documentary-bernard-macmahon-director-american-epic I'm afraid the period covered in the documentary is limited (1968-1969)...pfff The Guardian: Rather than attempt to tell the entire history of the group, MacMahon will focus on their development and rise to fame, as the three members each left session work and existing bands to come together in 1968, along with late drummer John Bonham. The film will chart their career until 1970, as the second album, released the previous year featuring the hit track Whole Lotta Love, cements them as the dominant rock band of the era. That means some of the most famous parts of their story – their biggest hit, Stairway to Heaven; the debauched rock’n’roll excess of their imperial phase; the death of Bonham in 1980, their immediate dissolution and one-off return in 2007 – will not be covered. The film is based around new interviews with the three surviving band members, “no outside voices or conjecture”, and hitherto unseen archive footage and photographs. A release date has not yet been announced.
  3. duckman


    Swan Song (the label) was only established in 1974. The first release on Swan Song was Bad Company's debut album (in the U.S). IMHO I don't think this is official tour merchandise. However I remember a photograph of Jonesy sporting a Swan Song bomber jacket offstage in 77.
  4. It's been discussed elsewhere, Autumn Moon...it's a grey market label issuing (mostly ) old broadcast recordings on vinyl. These grey market labels are enjoying a legal loophole which considers 'off air' radio recording as public domain. But I have to admit it looks nice. Cover was used on 5" single and EP releases from Atlantic (Immigrant Song)
  5. Thanks for sharing. Stunning material. I see Jones is using a Marshall amp/Sound City cab and Jimmy is using his telecaster. I assumed from April on it was Les Paul all the way.
  6. Hi Neil, it's on the European 'Golden Eggs label' (successor of Eat A Peach/Godfather). Paul describes the source mix on his website (LZ Database). The Cobla stereo tape is the main source, but compared to the Graf Zep version (the one you have), this sounds a little bit more 'polished'. Less audience chatter too. But somehow I keep returning to my Cobla version. At the time I felt it was a significant upgrade to the TMOQ/Blimp mono source.
  7. no kidding, indeed...Mike Millard wasn't involved with Blueberry Hill. It's like Pluribus stated, Ken and Dub recorded the Blimp/TMOQ mono audience recording with the clear intention to release it as a double album. It's no secret Mike Millard hated bootleg.
  8. Wonderful stuff, Gibsonfan...I think i'll give the official Knebworth segment on DVD another spin. About Jimmy's looks...I guess his appearance at the ARMS shows is even worse.
  9. They played Odense the day after Copenhagen. The pictures prove they were there. Whether a tape exists is another matter http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/may-4-1971
  10. If it's not too much of a burden, I would appreciate acces to the link of your labor of love...it's weekend and watching 🖖a real concert ZEP movie would be the icing on the cake

    1. LedElvis75


      Still time to get this??

  11. I have a copy on the Cheap Moonchild label. Presumably a clone of Godfather. Great version and blows away my old 'GTCA' ( No Label) double disc from the mid nineties
  12. Right said, Gibsonfan... we should enjoy how it is (and get How Many More Times/Communication Breakdown, Mellotron Solo/Thank You as a bonus!). It somehow reminds me a bit of the 71 Paris Theatre show at the Beeb. Not spectacular, but an intimate experience nevertheless (oh, and by the way they performed at the ol' refectory during that Spring 71 'return to the clubs' tour)
  13. Well Jimi Hendrix did his (live) take on Killing Floor already. And with the accusations from Jeff Beck on 'copying' You Shook Me, they must have thought that their heavy rendition would benefit from another title. The contrast between the slow parts and the uptempo chorus is much more pronounced.
  14. me too. .....PLEEEEASE (double, with cherry on top)😜
  15. Montreux (aud) and Vancouver (SB/FM), March 1970 both feature Robert 'up front'. Both classic early shows.
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