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  1. Glad for you MDA... I placed a bid on one. Hope to get it. Now on to EiT4 down the line...
  2. Hi Pluribus... Thanks for the heads up but bought it already from DiscJapan. $26 less too and with a jewel case.
  3. Agree MDA that is the route I'll likely take... Waiting and looking forward to the Eelgrass version of 09/28 Please Please Me.
  4. Have the first two, might as well complete it with #3, yes? I'll likely get it too. Contacted Air Raid previously but Niwa said they are not doing biz to the US due to COVID-19. No updates on his website thus far. Makes a good companion piece to History Lesson which I have...
  5. Coming soon Evolution Is Timing 4 with a Bonham cover?
  6. ^I have it as Three Days After which is the 6/3/73 show. Below average mono recording.
  7. Gave it a shot...won it. First time bidding on Yahoo Auctions. Now there's the shipping cost to be tacked on.
  8. I am thinking of doing so as well but holding off... Update us on how it goes. Thought about bidding on the Evolution 1 with the new box but wondering how much the postage will be plus the tax that I will have to pay.
  9. Same here... It's only a matter of time when they put out 9-28.
  10. Try Sleeve City... If I had my way, I'd love those Empress Valley stamped inner sleeves. 30 of them.
  11. Evolution Is Timing 2 is a nice comp...from the debut album to the Victoria Theater 1980 rehearsals. Already put the discs in their own sleeves. The Millard leaflet is cool. Overall good stuff.
  12. Evolution Is Timing 2 arrived today for me too... Unfortunately, I cannot pick it up until Saturdaze (not home to sign for it). Looks like Evolution Is Timing (the first) is sold out given that I don't see it on Air Raid?
  13. $48 plus EMS... Order placed.
  14. Agree and someone will do a remaster of the 928 then off we go...
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