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  1. Oh those... They also released the Flat and the Remaster in one fat boy jewel case.
  2. Hiya Moby... What LTTE box set? Thanks.
  3. Their version includes the Minneapolis board tracks, The Wanton Song and the Candy Store Rock outtakes. $62 to the US shipping included...
  4. Hello Michael. Requesting a link. Thank you kindly in advance.
  5. Hi Steve. I would like a link when you can. Thank you.
  6. Long Beach 03/12/75 combination (mostly 3rd source) + Millard and the 1st source on some fills... 3rd much better than the 1st.
  7. Cleveland 04/27/77 (tape source off reels not CD)... Very clean, literally no hiss, no EQ applied.
  8. Probably different sources patched in to the released soundboard to complete it... That's the blurb I read somewhere.
  9. Downloaded the file... 39 seconds of Wanton Song? Sigh. Happy yet so sad about it.
  10. People who play dumb to avoid the obvious... Really?
  11. Did not really get into bootlegs until the early to mid 1980's but TMOQ's by then were hard to find and fetch at the time high prices especially the colored vinyls. Good stuff though. Took the above pic off the 'net. I still have mine and have kept it in great condition. Supposedly the lps are off the original plates. Glad I kept it all these years.
  12. $100...nope. I have the Clinton Heylin book Bootleg which will do.
  13. Errr... Duck shouldn't it be Bonham on the cover? Jones was on #3. I can't even wrap my head around what it should comprise but your choices are a good representation. It should however includes covers and one-offs of songs hardly played live.
  14. LP: The Final Option (creatively cheating saying it counts as one) or... CD: Evolution Is Timing
  15. 96 bucks with a date or half of that going stag is still really good in these times...
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