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  1. 96 bucks with a date or half of that going stag is still really good in these times...
  2. $8.75 for a ticket...boggles the mind. The pics are priceless.
  3. Looking forward to your Seattle 03-21-75 work when you deem it fit for sharing... Maybe a 1973 or/and a 1980 down the road.
  4. Queen - Golders Green, London 09-13-73 (BBC) + Marquee, London 03-31-74 (soundboard).
  5. Ah...I like the charm of it (tip of the cap). It should not be mentioned with the drivel of the titles mentioned here so I take it back. It is a WTH(eck)? if you are not familiar with its origin.
  6. Ripped it to some Taiyo Yuden CD-R's. Depth...clarity...balance...separation. If you have a good hi-fi system..it deserves to be played on it and loudly so.
  7. Winners already chosen... Knees Up Mother Brown on the Image Quality label. Not as bad as the one mentioned but supposedly it is a line off an English nursery rhyme or song or whatever?
  8. Mine is the same... Gigs are switched and don't match the menu.
  9. Page-Plant San Jose 05-20-95 FM broadcast tape...
  10. Rainbow "Captured Live" St. David Hall, Cardiff, Wales 09-15-83. Transferred well from a clean radio station LP set (slight crackles during quiet passages). Just burned it on 2 CD-R's along with a KBFH San Antonio 08-18-82 FM broadcast.
  11. Living Loving Maid... I do like the instrumental version however.
  12. The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Aerosmith - Rocks Queen - A Night At The Opera Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight Boston - Boston AC/DC - Back In Black The Beatles - Rubber Soul Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Couldn't Stand The Weather The Eagles - Hotel California
  13. Burning music to disc... Just did the dishes, cleaned the toilet (Lime-Away is the ****).
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