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  1. Hello Steve... I missed this one. Can you kindly send me a link when you can? Thanks much in advance.
  2. Hello Steve. I hope your house is coming along nicely. You did a really nice job on Earls Court 1975 show to turn it into a stereo like recording. Have you thought about working on one of the Knebworths?
  3. With a mini 1975 Tour Program repro... The Bloomington 1975 soundboard with audience patched to complete The Wanton Song and No Quarter...
  4. Hello Steve. Requesting a copy. Cheers and awesome work as usual!
  5. Hello Steve. Requesting a link. Thanks and cheers!
  6. Hello Steve. Request for a link. Thank you as always. Cheers!
  7. Bought my copy off Walmart. Price of $36 + tax. Same as Amazon just not have the hassle of being attached for Prime which I don't need... Plus no chance of damage which I've read with Amazon purchases. A couple of pics do appear on Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page but I think it's only a couple. Overall, completely different.
  8. Good day Steve. Requesting a link. Eye Thank Yew.
  9. Very nice work... Jones on the left, Page on the right, Plant's vocals centered, Bonham's stickwork on both channels. Good separation. Not as mono-ish. Really brings out the echo of the hall. Looking forward to 05/24. Thank you again!
  10. Hi Steve. When you have a moment, kindly send me a link. Cheers!
  11. Oh those... They also released the Flat and the Remaster in one fat boy jewel case.
  12. Hiya Moby... What LTTE box set? Thanks.
  13. Their version includes the Minneapolis board tracks, The Wanton Song and the Candy Store Rock outtakes. $62 to the US shipping included...
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