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  1. One way to change the pitch.
  2. I agree. Harley's are over priced, over weight and over rated. I think the Sportster is the best looking of the line, but I'd rather have a Moto-Guzzi.
  3. How much does a 2019 Harley cost? Starting prices range from $19,289 to $28,089. Three CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) models will be offered for 2019, all from the Touring family: CVO Street Glide (starting at $40,889); CVO Road Glide (starting at $42,339); and CVO Limited (starting at $43,889). 😨
  4. AMERICA Rita Moreno, George Chakiris, ... Puerto Rico, You lovely island, Island of tropical breezes. Always the pineapples growing, Always the coffee blossom blowing. Puerto Rico, You ugly island, Island of tropic diseases. Always the hurricanes blowing, Always the population growing, And the money owing, And the babies crying, And the bullets flying. I like the island Manhattan. Smoke on your pipe and put that in! Girls sans Rosalia: I like to be in America! O.K. by me in America! Everything free in America For a small fee in America! I like the city of San Juan. I know a boat you can get on. Hundreds of flowers in full bloom. Hundreds of people in each room! Girls sans Rosalia: Automobile in America. Chromium steel in America. Wirespoke wheel in American, Very big deal in America! I'll drive a Buick through San Juan If there's a road you can drive on. I'll give my cousins a free ride. How you get all of them inside? Immigrants goes to America. Many hellos in America. Nobody knows in American, Puerto Rico's in America! I'll bring a T.V. to San Juan. If there's a current to turn on! I'll give them new washing machine. What have they got there to keep clean? I like the shores of America. Comfort is yours in America. Knobs on doors in American, Wall-to-wall floors in America! When I will go back to San Juan. When you will shut up and get gone! Everyone there will give big cheer! Everyone there will have moved here
  5. Happy that ME-TV is showing Barney Miller again. Great characters and Fish is the funniest of the cast.
  6. There's always that nagging thought of a loss.
  7. Dear Boy: The Life Of Keith Moon Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me
  8. Thanks. You too. It's a winter wonderland.
  9. The wind is blasting through here today. Looks like a Montana blizzard. Couldn't even get my truck out. Not quite the 'Frozen Chosin', but bad enough. ☹️
  10. We got quite a bit of snow last night here in Enumclaw. Dodging a bullet tomorrow as it will hit way north of us. Still damned cold though.
  11. redrum

    2019 NFL Thread

    Go home, Lynch. 😁
  12. Getting rid of Seattle is like getting rid of the plague.
  13. redrum

    2019 NFL Thread

    Yep. Seen that too many times before.
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