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  1. At Marina Green, north side of SF. The chase bounced all over the city because of the locations.
  2. Steve hangs a u. The hill in the background is Bernal Heights.
  3. Great story. Similar to 'Bullitt.' The beginning of the chase scene where McQueen makes the u-turn (on Army St.) and then heads up the hill towards Bernal Heights. We lived about 6 blocks from there on Mission St. The crash scene was over by Bayshore. Precita Ave. was also close by and that's where the SLA had a 'safe house.' There was also a Beatles house about a block away. But when you talk about destruction....... All you need is love.
  4. Arnold's long slide .45 and...
  5. an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny....
  6. Saw the first one when it first came out.
  7. My grandfather was born in Wheeling West Virginia. Worked in a steel mill starting at age 12 making barrel hoops and fence wire until he moved to the midwest to buy a farm when he was in his 20s. He could dance like that old Hillbilly in Deliverance. Best people on Earth. Max Meadows is 5 hours and just about due south of Wheeling.
  8. Haven't heard that in years. And how do they 'dance' these days? They push their fuckin' hands up in the air.
  9. I see the Les Paul back there.
  10. Ginger was a hottie.
  11. I love playing along with this on my Roland kit. It's just that straight ahead, 4 on the motherfuckin' floor rock and fuckin' roll. No fancy fucking sticking with paradiddles and all that shit. I follow the bass with my kick pedal and afterwards it's got me sweatin' a bit.
  12. I think the kid was the best.
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