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  1. Washington state did a petition drive to get rid of a huge tax that the bastards and bitches of Olympia just layed on us. I believe that someday there really will be an armed revolt and it won't involve just tossing tea into the bay.
  2. Crikey, I like the way you talk.
  3. Good Lord. 4 legs good.......2 legs bad. Bernie said Trump is taking us to WOOR-UH!
  4. kar-TOOSH!! like a big stone hitting the water.
  5. I can hear the Edgar Winter song right now. 😄
  6. Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground. How moronic.
  7. Dumb ass. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/briannasacks/ice-detention-attack-killed-washington-antifa-manifesto
  8. Thanks. I've heard of the book but never read it. Have to order it from the library or get a copy online. I've been to the gate at Manzanar but never went into the area. Personally, I'm fed up with hearing about the homeless this and the homeless that as politicians continue to throw millions into the bottomless pit. Big city turn me loose and set me free.
  9. That was my favorite place to go in California. I've been by Mono Lake but never went there. Bodie was also a favorite place. We camped on the other side of Bodie on the open range. So beautiful and wide open and you can see Mono Lake from up on the hill. I'd sure love to get back that way sometime and also go back to Death Valley. I've never seen Zabriskie Point either. I did know that High Plains Drifter was filmed at Mono Lake and I recently saw Nevada Smith again. S.F. is probably a small version of the L.A. rats nest. I seriously doubt if I would ever go back to S.F., and it's my hometown.
  10. Can't forget 'The French Connection' and 'The Seven Ups.' With the camera on the front bumper it made your stomach churn. Bill Hickman also drove the bad guy car in Bullitt.
  11. Just went to a memorial for J.C. Rieck. He was in 'The Kingsmen' (Louie, Louie) and 2 of the founding members spoke about J.C. auditioning and had some great stories. He will be missed by all. JC on the left with Craig Gammon.
  12. I love that area of the state. In '95 I could have went back to Lone Pine to see Robert Mitchum and Ernest Borgnine to take a tour of where they filmed a lot of the old westerns, but I couldn't make it. That's one I'll always regret. And for as long as it played in the Tenderloin in SF I could never bring myself to go in and watch Deep Throat or The Devil In Miss Jones. Same thing with Behind The Green Door which was just up the street at the O'Farrell theater. The Tenderloin was and still is the sleaziest neighborhood in SF, but I always loved going to the old huge book store that was on Turk St. (McDonalds). What a place. 'HELL' says it all.
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