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  1. The weather here sucks and continues to suck and is the suckiest weather, period.
  2. Got this from the library. Note the 2 different spellings.
  3. Hollywood "celebrity" had been going downhill since Lee Marvin died.
  4. 😄 Clint Eastwood? Tarantino? John Williams? Sergio Leone? I'd say most likely.
  5. Just picked these up at the recycle store for $1.99 each. Kelly's is brand new in the wrapper.
  6. You guys should watch joeybtoonz on YT.
  7. A 3 day weekend all at Kezar Stadium..................... Jimi Hendrix The Cream Led Zeppelin The Stones Jeff Beck James Brown The Chambers Brothers Love w/Arthur Lee Steve Miller The Doors Buffalo Springfield Mountain The Mothers Of Invention
  8. Getting the first covid shot out of the way with no side effects. I remember taking the Salk sugar cube for polio.
  9. Got my first shot today a little after 4. Except for a sore area, I feel fine.
  10. Why is the damned pic all scrunched up? Click on it to see it in 'real time.'
  11. Just watched Joycelyne Lew on a Kung Fu episode. Dang.
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