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  1. Good Luck to the Saint Louis Catfinals. I had plannef on watching the gsme, but I forgot that I promisd my girlfriend thst I would take her to the State Fair of Texas kn DLallas. Believe Me, I will be checking the score on my phone.9 The Saint Louis last won the World Serirs in 2011. It would be fitting to won the Chamionship 10
  2. To me, it would be fitting if the Saint Louis Cardinals won their next Champioship 10 years after Their last one.in 2011.
  3. Saint Loius Cardinals 17 game winning streak.
  4. Cafdinals 16 game winning streak. The most in the National Leage since 1951.
  5. The Saint Louis Cardinals have won 15 games in a row. Their in position to be the second National League wild card team.
  6. That is what made Tony Soprano one of the greatest actors og All- Time.
  7. The Baltimore Orioles are the worst team of All-Time. The Blue Jays scored 27 runs against the Orioles in 2 innings in 2 days. They have scored 43 runs in the series againts Baltimore. An MLB record. I would be embarrased to be a Baltimore Orioles fan.
  8. I rank the character of Omar Little in the same leauge as Tony Soprano, Walter White, Tyrion Lannister and Carrie Mathison. This sucks. I am saddened.
  9. Manifest. Great series. Check it out on Netflix. You won't be dissapointed.
  10. I am not moking you but I can't belive you Orioles have lost 19 games in a row. My Cardinals are 12.5 games out of first place.
  11. Greatest Show of All-Time. I actually cried when I heatd that Jimmy Gandolfine died.
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