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  1. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    I believe so. I read that the Cardinals are turning Busch stadium into their Spring Training camp.
  2. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    Tomorrow is Opening Spring Training Day.
  3. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    Yes, I read that there will be a 2020 Baseball Season. However, for only 60 games and with no spectators. That Sucks. Also there will be 16 teams to make the Playoffs. I have NO doubt that the Saint Louis Cardinals will be one of those Teams. Go Cardinals. Good Luck to You your Baltimore Orioles. Actually, Good Luck to everyone on this Topic and Your favorite Team.
  4. That was awesome. Of course I do not know all the lyrics (because on the real Led Zeppelin track Robert's singing is buried in the mix), but I could "hear" Robert singing.
  5. I just started watching "Riverdale" 2 days ago and I am already on season 2, episode 3. I think that this is a great series and still have 60 more episodes to watch.
  6. Yes. I really appreciate that. I am alive. For some reason that I cannot explain or understand, I was locked out of this awesome Forum. Not blocked out but locked out for several months. Believe me, it was veryfrustrating. I really do appreciate anyone and every one who was even kind of concerned about Me I am back. Thank you Strider. I miss Neil Peart and the Saint Louis Cardinals. Again, Thank you Strider and Luvlz2.
  7. Ozark. Great show, great acting, great plot, etc... I highly recommend it.
  8. When I think about Ronnie it really does make me Sad and that I still miss him to this day (I obviously did not know him) but He will always be My second favorite singer of All-time. I LOVE YOU MR.RONNIE JAMES DIO!!!
  9. I Know that I am way late to reply to this post but it does not feel good to be swept by the Cubs. Since then, the Cardinals have been losing a lot more games then they have won. Like 2-10. Not good but I am not really worried. Everybody's favorite Team(s) win and lose. It's Baseball. I will say that I am a going to see My Cardinals later today. They are playing the Texas Rangers tonight (5/17), Saturday and Sunday (5/19). I asked off work this weekend so I will attend the Friday night game and the Sunday afternoon affair. I would go to the Saturday game but it is supposed to rain all day. Two games out of three is better than no games out of three. I have a feeling that I will be seeing a lot of Texas citizens wearing Saint Louis Cardinals jersey's on both days. Go Cardinals!!!
  10. I believe that I am currently in 2nd place is because the Saint Louis Cardinals happen to have the (current) best record at the moment. However, there is still 132 games left in the 2019 Major League Season. Again, Good Luck to everyone involved, (that includes you, Rick). Edited to add: That is how much of a nice person that I am.
  11. I am sure to the dismay of many, the Saint Louis Cardinals currently have the best record in all of Baseball. 20 wins, 10 losses (.667), with a 5 game winning streak. I know that the 2019 MLB Season is only about a month in, however, I feel very confident at this early stage in this season. If the Cardinals keep up a decent pace like this, They should have more than a few All-Stars in Cleveland this year. GO CARDINALS!!!
  12. To be honest, I have never heard of Kings Quest. What I do know is that "Game of Thrones" is one of the greatest television series of all-time (and I believe millions of others would agree). I strongly urge you to take the time and watch GoT from the very beginning. I do not think that you will be disappointed. Will someone back me up and tell Rick to watch "Game of Thrones".
  13. "Game of Thrones", season 7, episode 10. The new and final season of GoT premieres in less than 48 hours. It will be awesome, epic and definitely unpredictable. I am sad to see the series end, however, I can't wait.
  14. Hey Rick. The Cardinals and the Orioles are both 5 and 5. Do you have faith in your Orioles?!
  15. Newly aquired Paul Goldsmicht for the Saint Louis Cardinals hit 3 home runs in his 2nd game as a Cardinal. The Milwaukee Brewers chose to walk him in his last plate appearance thus denying him of a possible 4 home run game. Only 16 players in the History of Baseball have hit 4 home runs in a single game. In my opinion, that was a Pussy move on the part of the Brewers.
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