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  1. Yes, She is a Beautiful Woman. Supposedly David Duchovny has a Big (You know what). And he was married to the Beautiful Tea Leoni.
  2. Californication. This series is funny as Fuck. I have been a fan of David Duchovny since the X-Files. I bought the complete series a couple of years ago and I am re-watching again. There are a couple of Led Zeppelin references in it.
  3. My favorite song by Robert Plant is "I Cried" from Manic Nirvana.
  4. Happy Birthday Robert Anthony Plant!!! The Greatest Singer of All-Time
  5. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    The Saint Louis Cardinals have not played a game in two weeks. They have missed 13 games in that two week period. Their current record is 2 wins and 3 losses. I read that that means the Cardinals will will have to play like 55 games in a 45 day time frame.
  6. True Blood also played "In the Evening". It's been a couple of years since I watched the whole series but I think they actually played the whole song at the end of one episode.
  7. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    It seems that My Cardinals have the most positive tests for players unknown.
  8. The Blues Brothers on AMC. Elwood and Jake were so high on Cocaine throughout the whole movie. That explains why they wore the dark sunglasses. Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis. That shit is funny as Fuck (at least to Me). Joe Walsh was in the movie at the end.
  9. Happy Birthday Strider!!!
  10. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    Happy Birthday Rick!!!
  11. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    Baseball has begun. Go Saint Louis Cardinals!!!!
  12. The Warriors. I saw this movie in the theaters when I was just 8 years old. Classic Movie.
  13. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    I believe so. I read that the Cardinals are turning Busch stadium into their Spring Training camp.
  14. kingzoso

    2020 MLB Thread

    Tomorrow is Opening Spring Training Day.
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