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  1. Rest In Peace the beautiful and talented Actress Cloris Leachman aged 94 She could play anything ... The Last Picture Show Young Frankenstein Mary Tyler Moore Show Phyllis High Anxiety
  2. number 10... mixed emotions but 10th Superbowl... Congratulations Tampa Bay and Tom Brady fans..
  3. Thanks Rick. We're doing well .. Hope you and yours are well too.. I haven't posted much lately, but I do check in. Josh Allen is the real deal. Great QB's are hard to find. And I do think Coach Belichick will be back next year.. No way he'll go out like this..
  4. You waited over 2 decades to gloat Rick ...well for a reason to gloat... Every year it was wait till next year.. Well next year is finally here.. So enjoy it ... Your Bills look pretty damn good. But I would wait until they really win something before I get too carried away... you know.. like The Super Bowl.. They won the AFC East and all the Bills fans I know are acting like they won it all.. If the Bills win it all this year (like New England did 6 times in case you forgot) I'll be the first to congratulate you. I won't try to rain on your parade.. like you tried to year a
  5. Rest In Peace Celtics great Tommy Heinsohn. Nobody bled more green than Tommy. Celtics Statement on Tommy Heinsohn's Passing By Boston Celtics | @Celtics Celtics.com November 10, 2020 It’s hard to imagine the Boston Celtics without Tommy Heinsohn. There isn’t a generation of Celtics fans for whom Tommy’s presence hasn’t been felt. He is the only person to be an active participant in each of the Cel
  6. I had a feeling it was in CREEM Magazine .... No "Black Dog" [in Presence], no "Kashmir" either. Yet though Presence doesn't bombingly pockmark the landscape or scale snowy Himalayan heights—even if Jimmy Page's guitar is becoming a riff Osterizer and Robert Plant's voice is shredding at the edges and tearing in the middle—still, Zeppelin has such command of heavy-metal weaponry that even their modest efforts have scorched-earth capability. When Zeppelin doesn't launch search-and-destroy missions into your neocortex it's because they don't want to, not because they can't. This albu
  7. 40 years on and I remember hearing the terrible news like it was yesterday. Rest In Peace John.
  8. Rest In Peace Lee Kerslake, Fabulous Drummer of Uriah Heep, Blizzard Of Oz / Ozzy Osbourne Lee passed after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 73.
  9. .... he just gets better and better.. The band could have been a little tighter, but what a voice... He gets my vote over Huey, Sammy, Myles, or Steven Tyler.. no question .. it won't happen, but it's pretty cool to think about.. Jimmy Page and Chris Cornell should have happened too. All Jimmy had to do was pick up the phone... Too bad Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes didn't record new material. Too bad Jimmy and Michael Lee didn't get to do more.. Alright I'll stop...
  10. For me It was a shock the first time I watched ARMS footage on MTV.. Especially after how strong the Death Wish 2 Soundtrack was. I heard DW2 and thought to myself, everything is fine, he's back. ARMS was pretty sobering...his playing, his appearance.. and to see Beck up there just slaying, To me, it was undeniable that Jimmy had a pretty big setback.
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