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  1. Thanks Walter. Best to you, Mrs and Jr.
  2. Josh Allen deserves part of the blame. Several key overthrown passes. He also had some great plays and passes. The 53 yard td play was awesome .. But kind of spoiled by John Brown’s idiotic dance in the end zone.. act like you’ve been there Brown. They’re a very good team though and I was a bit nervous in the 3rd qtr. I love how a 12-3 team can be so “bad” and catch so much shit. If they were going to film a team to steal signals.. any team .. why would they pick the 1 and 12 Bengals? Everyone knows it’s bullshit and some use it against them anyway.. 12-3 in the NFL is pretty impressive. Tom Brady is not done. Not by a long shot. Not a great season for him, but he has had elbow issues and a depleted offense. Looked pretty good yesterday though... didn’t they. If the past 20 years has taught you anything, it’s don’t count this team out. And don’t rub it in their face because they’ll make you pay. That’s all. Sorry i missed playing the pool this year Strider, laying low for a bit. Merry Christmas All
  3. My last name is Higgins. I heard this every day I was in jr high school. Pretty funny.
  4. I’m very sorry to hear this. Stanton Friedman was always interesting and imo, the most credible of all UFO researchers. Very down to earth and approachable too. I wrote him once and he replied the same day. Rest In Peace Stanton Friedman, the beautiful ladies Doris Day and Peggy Lipton plus comic genius Tim Conway.
  5. Great news .. An official Led Zeppelin Documentary is long overdue. I hope this will stop all the complaining about Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary coffee mugs.
  6. That’s fine. You don’t have to buy it. I said what it looked like to ME. Maybe Paul nudged Jimmy with his mic stand to tell him his shoe was untied.. I’ll agree it is open to interpretation. But it did happen.
  7. Trust me.. I had a birds eye view and saw it clear as day. They played The Worcestor Centrum 2 nights May 7 and 8 1985
  8. I personally saw Rodgers nudge Jimmy with his mic stand on the 1st Firm Tour in Worcestor Mass... Jimmy was kind of noodling around during the encore. Maybe it was nothing but.. I took it as Rodgers telling Jimmy to wrap it up.
  9. Peter Grant heard someone smacked his 11 year old kid. He went bezerk like most protective hot headed Fathers from his generation would have. I’m not defending him, but I can see how something like this could snowball. There are varying versions out there of what happened, Bill Grahams version being the harshest.. The truth is probably in the middle somewhere.
  10. Rest In Peace, 8 time NBA Champion, Celtics great, John “Hondo” Havlicek (1940-2019). A true Team Player.
  11. I Agree. MTV showed the first ARMS concert. Jimmy’s condition was an eye opener. The DW2 soundtrack was so good that I assumed all was well.. He seems healthy and happy now so that’s great. Jimmy kind of made his own bed with the “I hope to be seen playing” routine. I usually go to bat and defend him here anyway because some of the criticism gets ridiculous. I do think he’d be better off clamming up until if and when something is ready. I don’t doubt that he wants to do something.
  12. What I've heard is John Bonham kicked the guy in the family jewels and then jumped back onstage.. No denying he assaulted him, but he didn't almost kill him. Grant and Bindon were later on in the day and more severe..
  13. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King Ramones
  14. Thanks.. I never considered it being a New Hampshire thing though.
  15. Try not tipping and go back to the same place.. It's probably not quite as dangerous as mouthing off to the kid taking your order in a Fast Food Drive Thru... but I wouldn't recommend it. It's part of the deal.... at least in The States. If you're spending 50 bucks on dinner, is it really that big a deal to give them 60? I don't think it is. Most waiters waitresses are excellent at places I go to, refills without asking, extra bread.. etc.. They sometimes have to put up with my Mother In Law.. They deserve a tip. Bartenders get a buck a drink... or if it's $3.50 they're getting $5. not a big deal.
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