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  1. the chase

    YOU are the interviewer.....

    One of my favorites projects of yours is the Death Wish 2 film score and Soundtrack. You are a natural with this type of music. I was wondering why you didn't do more of it. Also why did you sell Sol Studio? That's enough for now..
  2. the chase

    2019 NFL Playoffs Picks Pool

    What a friggin crybaby.. if Rivers put as much energy in the game as he did crying to the refs, it would have been a lot closer
  3. the chase

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Rick. I should just copy your picks....😎😁
  4. the chase

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    I’m ok with that. What a difference a year makes. I did so much better last year. Seems like a lot of the League has leveled off this year. And Merry Christmas all
  5. the chase

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I know. It's a shame because there are more than capable writers in Aerosmith.. Besides Steven and Joe.. Brad, Tom and Joey are all under utilized. If he needs help with Lyrics, that's a different thing.
  6. the chase

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I would guess Desmond Child. If true, dumb move on Steven's part. no offense to Desmond Child either. You have Jimmy and John Paul Jones there .... and you want to bring in outside writers?
  7. the chase

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    ... and that is my overall issue... Robert's way or the highway.. That's why we got Paul Martinez and Phil Collins at Live Aid ... That's why we got no JPJ on the Unledded, and WIC.. collaborations.. I get it to a degree. Robert had been through quite a lot and has had a very successful solo career. He is used to being the boss.. But if anyone is going to run the band.. I'd much prefer it be Jimmy. Too heavy! Bollocks.. we're talking Led Zeppelin. Not Fleetwood Mac.
  8. the chase

    The Black Sabbath Thread

    Ozzy usually complains about Tony Iommi when they’re not playing together. He did from 1979-97 and again in 2007-2010. So why should now be any different... Ozzy’s all bent out of shape now, because Tony asked (or told) him to stop yelling “Let’s See You going CRAZY!!!” and “LOUDER” and “I Can’t fucking hear you!!!” non stop during his guitar solos... who knows? 2-3 years ago.. That’s part of being in a band.. I am sure Tony and Geezer had to grin and bear a lot of things ... like not playing a ton of classic Black Sabbath songs because Ozzy can no longer sing them.. Ozzy prefers being his own boss now, which is understandable. But when you’re in a major band, like Black Sabbath, some compromises with your bandmates is part of the deal. It’s not all about the one guy doing frog leaps.
  9. the chase

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    It's amazing what 1 picture can stir up... Let's see what comes of it. My guess is same as many.. punch in's and edit's for a live album.. which would be why his live rig is in the studio. If he is retired.. Good for him .. He's less than 2 months away from turning SEVENTY FIVE ... with more money socked away than any 50 of us combined.. and a hot bird on his arm to boot.. I learned years ago to take what he says sometimes with a pinch of salt. a big pinch sometimes. Still I've got my money and pleasure's worth from his music.. more than I could have ever asked for.