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  1. the chase

    Sound Familiar?

    Actually Master Of Insanity was a Geezer Butler Band holdover that Geezer brought back when he and Ronnie rejoined Black Sabbath.. The finished product is very different than the original Geezer Butler Band demo. I hear a strong hint of The Wanton Song... I'm guessing that is the song gibsonfan is referring to.
  2. The hiss at the beginning of Immigrant Song always sounded deliberate to me. Much like the little bit of guitar chugging at the beginning of Black Dog, the Plant grunt before Whole Lotta Love kicks in, or the studio chatter before Friends. It’s not like the whole song is loaded with hiss. Immigrant Song does start out very thin though because John Paul Jones’ Bass comes in after a bit.
  3. Sure we can. I like Rick and he hates every New England based team with a passion.
  4. Hey a good debate is healthy. I don’t agree with alot of posts and opinions on this whole webpage. I’m so tired of reading posts of people slagging a 75 year old Jimmy Page for not working harder... It gets old.. He looks happy, healthy, content clean and sober.. but I wouldn’t want anyone to not post their opinions or get banned or run out of town either. Jimmy kind of asked for it.. I know. Just be prepared for a response if you throw anything out there. Simple as that. Just like I’ll hear about that remark.. it’s all good. Besides the Patriots won their 6th Super Bowl last week..,
  5. . And it comes up in every interview. He got Bonzo his Ludwig endorsement. Exact kit as his and on and on. Every interview.. word for word. Carmine is cool and a great drummer, but that gets a little annoying.
  6. Thanks. I liked your Daddy’s quote.
  7. Sorry I was just trying to lighten things up around here.. Carmine loved Bonham and even dedicated a solo album to him.
  8. You know who else cites Carmine Appice as an infuence on John Bonham? Carmine Appice. 😎 Just having fun. He’s great.. true though
  9. Nobody understands your point.. give me a break. I get it. I just don’t agree with it. Mediocre technically? That’s ridiculous.
  10. That’s all you got out of my post? Really? I said all I’m going to say.
  11. But why would you take anything away? His sound, power, projection, tone, timing, feel, yes groove and especially his restraint are all part of the package.. not just the triplets... He was a great technician too. Never said he he was the drummer with the greatest technical ability. But he was certainly not a player that other drummers would roll their eyes at. And if they did, they’re stupid. There’s more to it than just flash. Much of his stuff is alot harder to play correctly than it sounds.. I’ve watched incredible drummers struggle with getting his parts right.. Simon Phillips for one butchered the shit out of Stairway To Heaven live more than once.. and he’s an unbelievable drummer.. one of my all time favorites. Some walk in and think it’s going to be easy because they’ve heard it 10,000 times and then they go to play it and it’s just not there.. just ask a great drummer like Phil Collins... I’d put Bonham’s footwork next to anyone you mentioned. I heard Mike Portnoy play Achilles Last Stand.. another excellent drummer with incredible technique .. The hands were pretty much right there.. the bass drum work was light.. Barrimore Barlowe is incredible no doubt.John Bonham himself once called him the best drummer to come out of England. But I don’t think he would have been rolling his eyes at Bonham either.. far from it.. Nor would anyone else you mentioned. the eternally bitter Ginger Baker has.. but he doesn’t have much good to say unless it’s Jazz players.. done.
  12. Uh. yeah you did.... maybe not in your original comment.. but it’s right there.. “proper jazz and swing drummers”... pretty obvious what you were referring too all the way through. Hey if that’s your opinion ... great.. Jon Hiseman was awesome . If you prefer him.. whatever. Who were the “real drummers”? You know ... the ones who would have been “rolling their eyes”? You weren’t referring to Jazz guys? Who then?
  13. I won’t try to change your opinion. This is mine.. Hot Dog.. possibly... I prefer Darlene .. but I’ll always trust Jimmy’s decisions as a producer.. Wearing and Tearing would have been way out of place.... moreso than even Hot Dog. Ozone Baby was a side opener. In The Evening and Carouselambra were much much better for that...I’m not quite sure Darlene would have fit after FITR... or as a side closer... maybe maybe not.. As far as All My Love... no way. Way too important a song to Robert Plant. Besides being a beautiful tribute to his son and family, it was and still is a very popular radio cut.
  14. You think Jimmy Page didn’t put his name to All My Love because he thought it was a bad song? I’ve never heard that before. As far as I know, he didn’t help write it. If he could have taken a credit, he would have. He took a credit for LA Drone. All My Love was Robert’s (1st) tribute to Karac. There are feelings in the song that are very deep. Page wouldn’t have had the nerve to imply that it was so bad that he wouldn’t take a credit. I’ve heard him say it wasn’t the direction he (or Bonham) wanted the band to go in. But I also feel he respected and understood what Robert was going through enough to want to include it on the album. Same thing happened to me as Christopher Lees with Hot Dog. I saw the Knebworth video and gained a new appreciation for it. Still not one of my favorites, but it is kind of fun to play on the drums.
  15. No i get it. It’s apples and oranges though. Jazz to Rock. In a lot of ways, John Bonham was strongly influenced by the Jazz greats. The way he tuned his kit, the way his drums were mic’d in the studio, and some elements of his drum solos were heavily inspired by Jazz players. But he also had Funk Blues and Soul in his style. John Bonham led with his feet.. He had incredible feet. Most Jazz players or the Ginger Baker type Jazz Rock players lead with their hands. The feet for the most part just kind of go with it. Not all but most lead with their hands. They are very different approaches to playing and I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. Besides John Bonham was only 32 when he died. Some...most of the main performances people point to of his were layed down when he was really just a kid... a young man. He was 20 when he played the Bass Drum pattern on Good Times Bad Times. To knock him for not having had the technique of a phenomenal player like a 60 year old Vinnie Colauita is kind of a cheap shot.