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  1. I believe John Paul Jones ran his Bass through a Leslie cabinet on Heartbreaker.. Different effect.. Huge sound.
  2. "The members of the band KANSAS, past and present, wish to express our deepest sorrow over the death of our bandmate and friend, Robby Steinhardt. Robby will always be in our souls, in our minds, and in our music. What he brought to us as bandmates, to the fans who attended our concerts, and to the sound of KANSAS, will always be heartfelt. We love him and will miss him always." KANSAS
  3. Thanks Walter! I appreciate it. Nice to see you as well.
  4. Absolutely Walter.. I could have gone on the rest of the night .. there's so many
  5. ok 30 movies that most American's have seen.. yeah I know some are already mentioned..that's why I went with 30 .. King Kong (1933) Jaws Close Encounters of The 3rd Kind Rocky E.T. Ben Hur Star Wars Episode 4 Psycho Jurassic Park It's A Wonderful Life Planet Of The Apes (1968) Batman (1989) Mean Girls (Daughter's idea) Fargo Animal House National Lampoon's Vacation Wizard Of Oz Ghost The Shining Godzilla (1956) The Sound Of Music Mary Poppins The Lion King Toy Story Forrest Gump Frankenstein (1931) Dracula (1931) The Godfather Back To The Future Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
  6. Now how cool is that.. Jimmy and Chris Slade had both worked with Tom Jones at one point or another..
  7. Looks like that's correct. It was changed for CD releases from traditional to Anne Bredon. When I looked up the Joan Baez In Concert release, It listed Anne Bredon as the writer.
  8. All the ones mentioned already... But especially Friends into Celebration Day is pretty awesome.. and as mentioned all from an accident. Studio pros at their best. On the 4 CD Boxed set, there was a cool transition from the Bonzo's Montreaux / Moby Dick remix right into I'm Gonna Crawl. On the Walking into Clarksdale tour, they went from How Many More Times (the descending part right before "Oh Rosey") into What Is and What Should Never Be. perfect transition..I know it says Studio but this really stood out...
  9. Joan Baez gave Ann Bredon credit for BIGLY .. so she was in the clear. The Small Faces did not give Willie Dixon credit.
  10. I don't think anybody said "only made it because of Dave" ... I know I didn't. His drumming certainly made them more commercial. Right Drummer for the band. all of the above.. No doubt Kurt Cobain was a genius songwriter. Butch Vig is an excellent Producer. Nirvana were the Alterna-rock culture change. They were the spearhead.. And Dave Grohl's drumming added a lot of memorable catchy licks to the songs..
  11. Queens Of The Stone Age's - Songs For The Deaf - has some amazing drumming. Dave Grohl has a writing credit with Nirvana for Scentless Apprentice - Track 2 on In Utero. He wrote the main riff, which follows the drum pattern exactly. It's one of my favorite Nirvana songs.. It's very similar to his playing with QOTSA and TCV. His drumming in Nirvana was direct, simple, powerful, memorable and distinctive ...which was perfect for the band.. I agree with BobDobbs that he made Nirvana more commercial and successful. Overrated? I wouldn't compare him to Vinny Colaiuta or Gavin Harrison, but he's great drummer in his own right. Overexposed? Definitely.
  12. Dave was probably asked to write the forward.. What was he supposed to do, say no? Word gets out he refuses to write the forward to a John Bonham Biography would get him much more criticism than he's getting for writing it.. I'm sure Dave was honored to write the forward, so more power to him. I'm also a little sick of seeing both Dave and especially Taylor Hawkins everywhere.. But it's a different time.. And it is kind of cool to see 2 very good drummers getting some of the spotlight. But yeah too much Dave and Taylor.. but again.. Should they say no...? The only thing that bothers me is so called Neil Peart fanatics like Taylor (and Jack Black) who keep calling him Neil Pert.. How hard is it to pronounce your heroes name correctly... Also, if you want to title your book with a nickname that everyone associates with John Bonham ... simply call it BONZO.. Almost nobody knows him as The Beast or Beast.. Sensationalist title.. It could be a great read, but that title pretty quickly brings back Hammer Of The Gods flashbacks..
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