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  1. 40 years on and I remember hearing the terrible news like it was yesterday. Rest In Peace John.
  2. Rest In Peace Lee Kerslake, Fabulous Drummer of Uriah Heep, Blizzard Of Oz / Ozzy Osbourne Lee passed after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 73.
  3. .... he just gets better and better.. The band could have been a little tighter, but what a voice... He gets my vote over Huey, Sammy, Myles, or Steven Tyler.. no question .. it won't happen, but it's pretty cool to think about.. Jimmy Page and Chris Cornell should have happened too. All Jimmy had to do was pick up the phone... Too bad Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes didn't record new material. Too bad Jimmy and Michael Lee didn't get to do more.. Alright I'll stop...
  4. For me It was a shock the first time I watched ARMS footage on MTV.. Especially after how strong the Death Wish 2 Soundtrack was. I heard DW2 and thought to myself, everything is fine, he's back. ARMS was pretty sobering...his playing, his appearance.. and to see Beck up there just slaying, To me, it was undeniable that Jimmy had a pretty big setback.
  5. Alright back on topic.....I find it more amusing than annoying, but here goes... People who use the phrase "AT THE END OF THE DAY" every 3 minutes.. One guy recently at work said "AT THE END OF THE DAY" 4 times in a meeting in about 15 minutes... He's known for it ... so I kept count.. 😎 Nice enough guy, but come on...
  6. For Badge Holders Only gets my vote.. It's the first bootleg I ever bought and still my favorite.
  7. I love Rainbow. The Dio era first and Foremost. I'll never forget the first time I heard Kill The King from On Stage. Pretty much right after it was released. It knocked me out.. One of those 1st impressions when I remember exactly where I was when I heard it..What a voice..Plus Cozy, Ritchie ...the whole band. just awesome. . I've also been appreciating Down To Earth a lot lately. Eyes Of The World for me is right up there with Kill The King, Lady Of The Lake, Stargazer, Long Live Rock And Roll, Man On Then Silver Mountain etc. a perfect song. I've been watching some great Video Diaries on Youtube of The Graham Bonnet Band on Tour. He seems like such a cool Down To Earth guy.. plus he still sings pretty awesome too. Great band.. Killer pipes on Down To Earth. The Joe Lynn Turner era is very good too.. But it doesn't have the same impact for me. For some reason JLT always annoyed me a bit... Very big mouth in interviews,.. No doubt an excellent singer. Can't Happen Here, Street Of Dreams, Stone Cold, Spotlight Kid ...all good stuff.. John Osbourne, I do think Roger Glover had a bit of a hand in helping Ritchie "edit" a bit. RB was looking, obviously to get more commercial with DTE and JLT. I think Roger Glover had a big hand in that. Can't say I know much about Doogie White, or the current lineup... but I'll catch up some day..
  8. That was a good, fair review Gibsonfan. I was also ok with Jimmy's performance. It's not 1973 Page, but compared to the ARMS shows from just a year or so earlier, he played much better and looked healthier. I really liked the spontaneous solo he whipped out towards the end of WLL too. John Paul Jones was his usual flawless, confident self. He is a natural ... a consummate pro.. Paul Martinez seems like a cool guy and a very good Bassist,, but wasn't really needed. His clangy Bass sound on Stairway is a little out of place. But in the spirit of a charity gig.... Why not? I also strongly suspect that MTV VJ Alan Hunter thought Martinez was from Led Zeppelin.. and didn't know who JPJ was... His post performance interview with Page Plant, Jones, Collins and Martinez is cringe worthy. Search it out on youtube.. I've also said and agree Phil Collins should have quietly slipped off the stage after Rock And Roll or loudly .... or whatever... He just should have cleared the HELL out.. Neither drummer knew the Live ending of Whole Lotta Love either... at all... That was a complete train wreck ending... Also, as mentioned .... someone (I assume Phil) started to click in the drums to STH A VERSE EARLY..! That would have been a disaster. Robert cut off Jimmy's solo too. Robert's voice was kind of hoarse, but he did ok... I saw him about 2 weeks after Live Aid (Worcestor Mass) .... and he sounded great.. It really isn't that bad overall.... Certainly not as bad as they seem to think.... And it was for charity..
  9. Several mistakes and smug horse shit..... There's plenty more, but not worth it. Hard to imagine that someone pays this hack a salary... Plant brought along an old musical friend, a primitive drummer, almost Cro-Magnon artistically and socially, John Bonham. Bonham’s role in an infamous on-tour incident at Oakland, California, in 1979. Grant died in 1995 of a heart attack, one of those rare people whose death gives the net humanity of the world a solid uptick. What is Plant singing about? The title is obviously a reference to ancient Greece, but we get a name-check for New York early on, and then something about Albion, which is a fancy-pants word for England. Docked a half-dozen notches for being interminable. Four Sticks,” Untitled, a.k.a. IV. Probably the least interesting song on Zoso. on Friends ..... here are a lot of weird things going on in the song, to no effect. A real mess. It’s kinda funny to credit the song to the four members of the band and Stewart, too, and throw in a joking reference to “Mrs. Valens” — though it’s the kind of humor that allows one of the parties to go laughing all the way to the songwriting-royalties bank. Docked ten notches for song theft. “In the Evening,” In Through the Out Door. Jimmy Page’s last great guitar moment on record. In Through the Out Door. A year after the release of In Through the Out Door, the band’s seventh studio album, a tribute to Plant’s young son, who died in a car accident.
  10. Funny that neither got the right year that The Song Remains The Same was recorded.. Eddie said 1972.. Brad said 1974... Great interview..
  11. fair enough. John Paul Jones also said he didn't want to deal with the synthesizer on stage.. which I honestly thought was a little weird..
  12. I thought it was odd. Which is likely why I remember it so clearly after all this time. It's not like he had to load it on the truck himself.. but he did say this. He had said more than once what a nightmare the Mellotron was.. so to throw another intricate instrument up there ..for one song no less, I guess was not worth it to him... Maybe the other point about The Keyboard feature song for JPJ was always No Quarter.. was the deciding factor... Kind of like if Jimmy did a bow solo on Dazed and How Many More Times in the same show... would be too much of a great thing.. not that I would have minded either.
  13. What I remember reading was that Robert really wanted to play In The Light live, but John Paul Jones didn't want to have to deal with the needed synthesizer on the road.. Shame really. Don't ask me to dig up the quote, but I remember quite clearly reading an article where Jones himself said this.. I did see Robert play ITL with Strange Sensations once. It was good, but nothing close to the original. I appreciated the attempt though. As far as Sick Again goes, it's a pretty straight ahead driving rocker. John Bonham had some incredible fills throughout.. A very good, safe warm up number...which I would assume was why it was performed early in the set. I heard the studio version last night and Bonham was on fire.
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