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  1. Kate Bush in her prime ...
  2. That solo was done on the fly...no way was it spliced together...he had a beginning phrase and an idea of where he wanted to finish, and then a big splash of genius in the middle to pull it all together.
  3. Oh dear ..it’s come to this 😱 ps how long before Jimmy gets round to remastering this ?
  4. If anyone seriously thinks that Jimmy will ever publish a “warts and all” biography -along the lines of Keith Richards “Life” for example- they are sadly deluded. His default persona has always been secretive and evasive -partly comes from being an over indulged only child- and there’s no way at his age he’s ever going to change
  5. The way these pair of jokers have to swear in a despairing attempt to be cool and controversial. Aerosmith are a “relevant” band like Zeppelin ?!—please do us all a favour Tyler and go and dye your hair extensions instead !
  6. No ..it’s about the PA that the band bring with them ..along with the monitoring system on stage. As I said above, the back line is usually just for show and consists of amps on stand by mode only .
  7. That wall of back line amps and speakers as per ACDC and many metal bands -is purely for show and are not even on-just standby lights. The real volume comes from one amp per instrument that is then sent via the mixing desk to the out front PA speakers, the ones that are forward of the band -otherwise their hearing would be completely shot within 20 mins. The real volume depends on how powerful this system is and has no relationship to number of “dummy” amps/speakers on stage. Hope this helps .
  8. Tone deaf ...and ignorant..not interesting either
  9. Agreed- I’ve not seen anything worrying on his body language or general physical state ..in fact he looks very healthy considering what’s been ingested over the years. But obviously, at 75 now his eyesight will be shot ..no way would he even be able to see the fretboard without reading glasses and most likely his hearing would be greatly diminished as well.
  10. The number 1 -currently residing at the Met Exhibition-would fetch in my opinion min $2million at auction, that’s if Scarlett Page or whoever inherits his estate, would ever sell it, which she wouldn’t.
  11. I think if this was ever going to see the light it would have been released to coincide with the 40th anniversary. So as it hasn’t I think it’s fair to say Zeppelin are done ..☹️
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