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  1. I agree...really love Bonamassa, the album Blues of Desperation is the album Jimmy could have made in the early 80s
  2. As close as you will ever see or hear to the real thing..simply Awesome ..love Jimmy Sakurai!
  3. A great story and thanks for sharing ...personally I would have kept the case tho 😉
  4. ....er yes anyway, it’s a nice picture of Jimmy with a dog..a black one.
  5. A fantastic track ...should have ditched Hot Dog and had this on the album instead.
  6. Cheers SAJ ..I never really got it but it’s somewhat clearer now. Not exactly vintage Page performance but he sure looked cool doing it !
  7. Yes that’s what I’d read as well ...sounds great fun but not something our hero would ever admit to 😁
  8. Diary entry 6th November 1984: “ played with my great friend Roy Harper on set at Scafell Pike for the Old Grey Whistle Test. Had spent the previous evening with Roy having nice quiet pub dinner and then an early night in preparation for the day’s filming...”
  9. Diary Entry 12 January 1969 “ Today saw the release of our debut album, all new material ( I made sure the mics were placed well away from the amps) So myself and Jeff have both released new stuff recently, cool vibe going down ... Note to self —I’ve not heard from Jeff for ages really strange cos he used to be round here a lot.....must look him up sometime.......”
  10. The question should be “Why.?” .....not when ?
  11. Come on ..it’s definitely “blow “ ..think about it !
  12. Just carrying on in this theme: Diary Entry 3rd August 1977 “ just got back from US Tour, my goodness went really well despite having a dose of food poisoning and some sort of bug for the entire trip I just couldn’t shake off...”
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