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  1. Really agree with the new but classic comment. It's the reason I prefer The White Stripes/Jack White over The Black Keys. White took the old blues stuff and did something original with it whilst keeping the vibe like Jimmy did in the '60s. Having said that I loved the Dr. John record that Dan Auerbach did. And yeah, I agree that Robert may think it's a 'been there, done that' kind of deal. I think it would be incredible though, Jack White's my favourite of the young blues-rockers precisely because it doesn't seem like he's retreading old ground. But yeah, as I imagine it would sound quite Zepp
  2. I think it's a bit harsh to say White is the American Noel Gallagher! Now I'm a big fan of Noel but Jack White's a far more interesting musician. Personally, I'm loving Jack's solo career, his live shows seem to be really energetic and I've loved his last two records. Yeah, he doesn't sound as raw as he did on the early White Stripes stuff but that happens to all musicians as they age. I agree though that it could be seen as a step back though in the sense that White is really like a young Page playing wise - so I imagine a collaboration may sound quite old school with a Zeppelin I/II vibe
  3. I think Noel was just saying what most people think - that it would be great if Jimmy did something new (ie an album or tour). Although as others have said to start from scratch at his age would take a lot of work. Most of the other guys in their 70s like McCartney or Dylan have established backing bands. As for Noel/Oasis - they're just a straight forward rock band and there's nothing wrong with that - plus I don't think the guy's ever claimed to make music that's overly deep or meaningful. I saw Noel twice on his last tour and they were both great shows. Haven't given his new record a proper
  4. Hoping Robert and co. play some more UK shows this year. He was incredible at Glastonbury Abbey last year. Gutted I couldn't make the fall dates in London as it seems they were even better! He and the band seem to be going from strength to strength at the moment. I seriously think he's doing some of the best shows of his career now. Plus, I thought the new record was incredible
  5. Whoops, my bad! Yeah, thought I saw a photo of him playing it there. Ah well! Still, love those early shows!
  6. I'm pretty happy with the way these remasters are going. I have to say though so far for me the companion discs for I-III have been by far the best and maybe one of the problems is that starting with such great bonus stuff gives very high expectations for the other stuff. The bonus stuff on I and III was the most interesting IMO. I'm a sucker for the early live shows - I love the sound Jimmy makes playing a Tele, I think the only one who comes close to sounding that good on a Tele is Jack White. The alternate version of Gallow's Pole made the III companion disc for me, I prefer it to the origi
  7. Hope all goes well for Jimmy! Yes, it's a big age gap and I imagine if Jimmy wasn't Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin guitarist he may not have had the same allure but if they're happy who are we to judge? I doubt he's your typical 71 year old and he looks fit and healthy
  8. No worries, to be fair this is his first time in the UK headlining arenas and I have no idea how they've sold. Plus, it has taken him a few years to get to that level. I think Jimmy could have a comparable solo career and personally I think it would be a bigger deal, especially if he were to do shows when the reissues were still happening as he'd have a strong media presence and you have the novelty of it being his first tour in years. I imagine if he were to do theatre sized shows they'd sell out instantly, maybe arenas would take longer to sell out. Although, whilst it's my dream to see and
  9. Re the Ramble On clip, he obviously wasn't expecting it and as the guitar wasn't one of his I doubt it was set up to how he likes his guitars to be. So combine lack of practice with a guitar he's not use to playing on and that's what you get. To be honest though I do wonder how often Jimmy picks up a guitar these days. It seems whenever he's called upon to do something (eg The O2 show and It Might Get Loud) he delivers the goods and it's not something you lose the ability to do completely although I do wonder how rusty he gets in between doing things.
  10. Slash is playing Wembley Arena in December and seems to be going from strength to strength as a solo act. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he's playing bigger places than Velvet Revolver did before long! Re Jimmy at somewhere at The O2, maybe I was overly optimistic but I think with enough hype it could sell well. I think he's probably best suited to somewhere like the Hammersmith Apollo or Brixon Academy though, possibly the Royal Albert Hall.
  11. Don't know if it's been mentioned here but anyone in the UK may be interested to hear that The Scorps are finally heading back to the UK to headline the first night of the 'Rambling Man Festival' in Maidstone, Kent (near London) http://www.ramblinmanfair.com/#!home . It seems to be the latest incarnation of the 'High Voltage Festival' that was in Victoria Park. Tempted to head along as they were incredible at Wacken a couple of years ago and it's really close to me. Its around £100 for the weekend.
  12. I've always thought Cornell is the obvious choice to be Jimmy's singer. The guy has such a phenomenal voice and is obviously hugely influenced by Robert, plus he's a killer songwriter. He'd be fine singing the Zeppelin stuff live as well and really I think he's the only guy out there (other than Robert obviously) who could do it justice. Not getting my hopes up, I imagine it was just a joke. As for Jimmy being a big draw or not, I think he certainly would be. The guy has legend status and the last time the guy did a proper tour was with The Black Crowes the best part of a decade and a hal
  13. Would love that! Thought TCV were amazing. As a huge FF/Nirvana and QOTSA fan it was amazing to see JPJ with Dave and Josh. I can't see TCV getting back together any time soon. The Foos have Sonic Highways coming out at the end of the year, followed by what I imagine will be a huge world tour next year. Plus, it's their 20th anniversary.
  14. Seeing Jimmy live would literally be a dream come true, the guy's the reason I picked up a guitar. The trouble with Jimmy's comments and not just now is that it's always "I'm going to do" and not "I'm doing". Perhaps it's to build anticipation and gage interest, however, surely the guy knows it would be a big deal and people want to see it. I'll believe it when I see it but it does seem that something may be happening as this time it was a more detailed answer. Whilst it's going to be unknown guys if it happens, decided to include a wishlist for the hell of it: Chris Cornell - Vocals
  15. Would love Robert to collaborate with Jack White, White reminds me of a young Jimmy Page
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