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  1. No worries, to be fair this is his first time in the UK headlining arenas and I have no idea how they've sold. Plus, it has taken him a few years to get to that level. I think Jimmy could have a comparable solo career and personally I think it would be a bigger deal, especially if he were to do shows when the reissues were still happening as he'd have a strong media presence and you have the novelty of it being his first tour in years. I imagine if he were to do theatre sized shows they'd sell out instantly, maybe arenas would take longer to sell out. Although, whilst it's my dream to see and hear Jimmy play guitar live part of me doesn't think he'll follow through with his promise of a tour. I'd love to be proved wrong and maybe he does want to do a victory lap world tour or something but given the past I'm still a cynic!
  2. Slash is playing Wembley Arena in December and seems to be going from strength to strength as a solo act. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he's playing bigger places than Velvet Revolver did before long! Re Jimmy at somewhere at The O2, maybe I was overly optimistic but I think with enough hype it could sell well. I think he's probably best suited to somewhere like the Hammersmith Apollo or Brixon Academy though, possibly the Royal Albert Hall.
  3. Don't know if it's been mentioned here but anyone in the UK may be interested to hear that The Scorps are finally heading back to the UK to headline the first night of the 'Rambling Man Festival' in Maidstone, Kent (near London) http://www.ramblinmanfair.com/#!home . It seems to be the latest incarnation of the 'High Voltage Festival' that was in Victoria Park. Tempted to head along as they were incredible at Wacken a couple of years ago and it's really close to me. Its around £100 for the weekend.
  4. I've always thought Cornell is the obvious choice to be Jimmy's singer. The guy has such a phenomenal voice and is obviously hugely influenced by Robert, plus he's a killer songwriter. He'd be fine singing the Zeppelin stuff live as well and really I think he's the only guy out there (other than Robert obviously) who could do it justice. Not getting my hopes up, I imagine it was just a joke. As for Jimmy being a big draw or not, I think he certainly would be. The guy has legend status and the last time the guy did a proper tour was with The Black Crowes the best part of a decade and a half ago. Add a relatively big name singer into the mix like Cornell and I could see him selling out somewhere like The O2 no problem. I guess the closest comparison would be Slash, whose solo career is going from strength to strength and I think Jimmy would be a bigger draw than Slash given as he hasn't done a full show since the reunion show in 2007. Personally though, I'd love to see him somewhere like the Hammersmith Apollo. I'm hoping Jimmy does one last victory lap before calling it quits. I mean you never know, he may end up like Leonard Cohen - starting to tour again in his 70s and loving it so much he keeps doing it!
  5. Huge fan of his - I got into his stuff after seeing him front Queen in 2005, I was a huge Queen fan but wasn't overly familiar with his stuff and was floored when I heard them play Wishing Well. Free quickly became one of my favourite bands after that show - definitely one of the greatest blues rock bands. I agree his guest spot on Bonamassa's Beacon Theatre record is superb.
  6. I've been revisiting this album recently - I can safely say its now one of my favourite post Zeppelin releases, however this is after a rather long time of not really 'getting it' so to speak. Whilst Jimmy may not be in full lead guitar god mode on it I think there's some great playing to be found. I think if you don't go in expecting a Zeppelin album you won't be disappointed and I admire them for doing something different and not just doing the obvious. I wish Robert would play some stuff from it in his solo sets.
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