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  1. It's one of my favorites but not for all the reasons the TC said. I don't care for Carouselambra. To me it is annoying and repetitive. I love all the rest of the songs though. Even the underrated South Bound Suarez which is a very solid Led Zeppelin Track that's better than any of the comparable "lesser" songs from Physical Graffiti and Presence. Lyrically Fool in the Rain is my favorite Led Zeppelin song. How can you beat lines like "Well there's a light in your eyes that keeps shining/ like a star that can't wait for the night"? And bonzo - that drum beat - is legendary. All My Love is also lyrically superb. I'm Gonna Crawl is a bone chilling blues number that moves me every time. To me Led Zeppelin was just as amazing on their last album as their first.
  2. The Rover Out on the Tiles Carouselambra Your Time is Gonna Come Sick Again Hots on For Nowhere Darlene (no order)
  3. LZ1: Your Time is Gonna Come LZ2: The Lemon Song LZ3: Out on the Tiles. I don't get the hate for Hats off to Harper. I think it's a great song. Definitely an acquired taste though. IV: Black Dog HoTH: The Song Remains The Same PG: The Rover Presence: tie between Royal Orleans, Hots on For Nowhere, Candy Store Rock and For Your Life. All 4 are great songs, but just pale in comparison to the MASTERPIECES that are Achilles Last Stand, Nobody's Fault But Mine and Tea For One ITTOD: Carouselambra CODA: Darlene btw "The Rover" is the only Led Zeppelin song I don't like. the rest are still "least favorites"
  4. Finally day 3. I've been sick... Day 3: You Shook Me. It's the first of many bluesy Led Zeppelin songs. I just gave the original a listen for this topic. Led Zeppelin really put more life into the song and added a new twist with page and plant's back and forth parts. I think AC/DC's cover is alright but not near as good as Led Zeppelin's. Overall I think this is a great song. Thoughts? Anything else to add?
  5. my personal favorite is Stone Temple Pilot's Dancing Days. It's the only cover I've heard that just might've surpassed the original. I love how they went their own way with it and made it a very different song: other good ones: Tool's No Quarter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdQGSykj6vo Kashmir by Maynard James Keenan (of Tool and APC) & Janes Addiction (live) Godsmack's Good Times Bad Times: (music starts at around :40) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpiePlaBZv0 I also like Nirvana's covers (they're not very good but Nirvana's my second favorite band, these were all played long before Nirvana became famous so are unfortunately pre- Dave Grohl... ) Immigrant Song (probably their most well known zep cover): Heartbreaker (at their first ever concert): How Many More Times (jam - same concert as above): Dazed and Confused: another cover that's worth a listen (and viewing) is Stefani Germanotta (later known as Lady Gaga) covering D'yer Maker:
  6. I for one think it's crap. I think the new stuff from No Quarter was very good and has a very Led Zeppelin sound but Walking into Clarksdale sounds awful. I think it was a mistake to have Steve Albini produce it. Page should always produce his material. Page's guitar playing is not prominent enough. There's no riff or musical arrangement that I can groove to like there is with every Led Zeppelin song. Also Plant's singing and the lyrics are kind of blah, like the worst of his solo career.
  7. It was a gradual process. During visitations with my dad when I was a kid we listened to Led Zeppelin in the car. He bought the box set in the early 90's and would play the cassettes a lot in his car. I would associate Led Zeppelin with him. When I was 14 I was oblivious to the fact that one of my favorite hip hop songs was using music from a Led Zeppelin song, called Kashmir. The song was "Come With Me" by Puff Daddy, from the Godzilla Soundtrack. I absolutely loved it. Around 2000 I started to seriously get into Led Zeppelin. I bought the early days/later days first (first led zeppelin music I owned) when I was 16 or 17. It was around this time that my mom heard Stairway to Heaven blaring from my stereo. She told me how much the song meant to her. It was a song that helped her get through a tough part in her life. It gave me a deeper appreciation for Stairway and Led Zeppelin in general. When I was 18 I bought Led Zeppelin II and I soon bought all of the rest of their albums as well. I've become much, much, much more enthusiastic about Led Zeppelin than my dad. He's never even owned an album and only knows the songs that are from that box set (the tape set was worn out so a few years ago he re-bought it on CD... but now the CD's are all scratched up...). I got him to go with me to see Robert Plant in 2005 and he didn't really seem to be that into it...
  8. Kashmir on 102.9 The Buzz yesterday evening
  9. 23 I saw Robert Plant in '05 at the Ryman. Led Zep has been my favorite band since 1999 or 2000.
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