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  1. Always leave a tip at every meal everywhere I am
  2. Minimum of 10k a day every day keeps the doctor away
  3. 30 years ago we all lost Steve Clark _ it would have been nice if some his contemporaries like Slash or Ritchie Sambora or others shared some stories but as usual - silence...
  4. I actually was able to touch this one at a gig - it was mind blowing - his Gibson Harp guitar is over 100 years old
  5. I've gone veggie/vegan I still eat fish, but I feel great!
  6. That made me laugh - but the truth is Bill Cosby belongs 6 ft in the ground. Welcome to the forum by the way
  7. It's a wonderful album indeed and some good interviews promoting it
  8. Dude - almost everyone here loves record stores - you are going to love this place
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