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  1. Too many fast numbers and too few calm moments. Nobody would have cared if Robert couldn't hit the high notes.
  2. Led Zeppelin's last great show.
  3. Was this the bands best performance of 1975?
  4. I too like the shortened version of Black Dog in TSRTS. Also I believe it's Jimmy's best ever hair presentation at the end of the song in the movie. Not to puffy or curly or short.
  5. Although HTWWW was the bands peak with regards to precision playing and singing......I never listen to that CD. I can listen to TSRTS over and over again and greatly enjoy every song. I admit that Jimmy played "Rock and Roll" and "Since I've Been Loving You" better and with great precision on HTWWW but the songs from New York are more enjoyable. Dazed and Confused; The Rain Song; and No Quarter are almost flawless from New York.
  6. I thought Joseph (Blind Willie)Johnson wrote the song. Robert just changed the words and kept the title.
  7. Devil he told me to roll. How to roll the log tonight. Nobody's fault but mine. Brother he showed me the gong. Brother he showed me the ding dong ding dong. How to kick that gong to light. Oh, it's nobody's fault but mine. What does "roll the log tonight" and "how to kick the gong tonight" mean??
  8. http://thegardentapes.co.uk/tgt18.html My sentiments exactly!
  9. I hope it's the full Shepperton Studio footage played to the soundtrack. That would be something new and exciting.
  10. Thank you Reids. I did some research on your picture and it's from Ann Moses former editor of Tiger Beat magazine. Here's what Ann had to say about that day on Facebook: "Sorry to be one day late. . .but a big Happy 71st Birthday to Jimmy Page. Isn't he looking so handsome! I first met Jimmy when he was in the Yardbirds and I was contributing articles to the New Musical Express pop newspaper in England. The Yardbirds were in Hollywood to perform at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on September 7, 1966. After our interview, Jimmy asked me if I could introduce them to the Monkees - the buzz was out on this new pop sensation. So, I made arrangements to take Jimmy out to their set. I adore the photo that was taken that day - My left arm through Jimmy's, Peter has me in a "headlock," and both Micky and Jimmy have their jackets covered in buttons. This was the coolest thing at the time. My button says "Fly High with the Yardbirds." We had such a blast out on the set, and if you look closely, behind us are Jimmy's record companies execs and I think they were as thrilled as Jimmy to be out on the Monkees set! What an amazing life and career he has had. Way to go Jimmy! Rock on!"
  11. A singer by definition is musician ie. Michael Jackson or Robert Plant. Davey Jones and Mickey Dolenz were both excellent singers and therefore musicians. Peter Tork wrote good songs and played many instruments.
  12. I liked the Monkees first and then Led Zeppelin. I think the Monkees should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They were all great musicians and actors. This is Mickey Dolenz with Robert. If the Beatles loved the Monkees and invited them over for a visit then that says a lot.
  13. I skip "The Ocean". Never liked it. Glad Jimmy didn't included it on the original TSRTS live album.
  14. In her words: "An American girl from the south played the part of the princess in the tower. I was working in London as a model and was booked for the job by my agency, Models One. I don’t really know why I was cast, but I suspect it was my hair – I did a lot of cosmetics and hair product ads back in the day. I wasn’t an actress. Doing editorial pages for English Vogue, Queen and Honey meant more to me in terms of my career. At the time the shoot was not a big deal to me – just another day of work. Who knew the age of the Internet would extend the movie’s shelf life from a couple of years to eternity? My on screen time only lasts a few minutes. It took longer for the hair people to get my straight hair curled with tongs than it did to do the take. I was told to ‘look at the camera and don’t smile.’ Mostly I stood around and tried not to wrinkle the costume. Post-modeling career, I was a journalist for 20 plus years and have been a fine art painter since 2001. Every now and again someone does a Google search, and emails me from my website, asking if I did the movie. My kids get a kick out of it. Two of them work in the film business and often the director of photography is familiar with it. The Song really does Remain the Same in the age of Google and Youtube. Glad you have fond memories of the film".
  15. About 2 minutes into Rock and Roll in the Song Remains The Same Jimmy pushes what effects pedal before the solo. I don't hear much change in sound.
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