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  1. Hey guys, just a thread to say, that yes as we all predicted they are realising a DVD on Monday's reunion gig, not sure when but it'll be sooner rather than later i think, which is a great thing, the gig has got great reviews so far and i think i'll be special to see the gig that 20million people tryed to get tickets for. hope it looks good on dvd the setlist from the night was: The Song Remains The Same DVD Intro Tape, “beating the bettles” From The Album 'Good Times Bad Times' 1 'Ramble On' 2 'Black Dog' 4 Plan
  2. The 02 Arena London December 10th 2007 TSRTS DVD Intro Tape Good Times Bad Times Ramble On Black Dog -"Good Evening" In My Time Of Dying For Your Life Trampled Under Foot Nobody's Fault But Mine No Quarter Since I've Been Loving You Dazed And Confused Stairway To Heaven The Song Remains The Same Misty Mountain Hop Kashmir -Encore: Whole Lotta Love Rock And Roll
  3. yeah i know what you mean, the only offical live recordings that are readably available are: BBC Sessions (a great collection) How The West Was Won (an epic collection) The Song Remains The Same - Live In MSG in NYC '73 (my fav at the minute - the expanded version of course!) Other than the three available above as far as i know thats the only offical live ones i can find, if you click that i sourced the setlists from u can find unofficall bootleggs but that is completly ur call i remvoed that info for my post and do not wish to condone anyone who records shows with out the band's perm
  4. i've sourced the website i used for my data, took a while to delete some things from the site's version of the setlist that aren't allowed on this site so yeah i had to retype all that out is worth it to have a collection (the biggest i can find anyway) of Led Zep live setlists.
  5. These two live albums were both realised this side of 2000 and both are amazing productions. The new version of The Song Remains The Same OST is simply amazing. Taken from the legendary concerts in MSG in New York City in 1973 the new version of the original sound track (OST) to the movie, The Song Remains The Same, is simply amazing. The other collection, How The West Was Won is amazing also covering many concerts over many years, it's all good. How The West Was Won Tracklist: LA Drone (Crowd Noise Intro) Immigrant Song Heartbreaker Black Dog Over The Hills & Far Away Since I'v
  6. a band not playing their big hit live never goes down well. it's like going to see Bon Jovi play live and them not play 'living on a prayer' during the set, like going to see Iron Maiden play and them not playing 'run to the hills' like going to see Motorhead and them not playing 'ace of spades' etc - get my point? THEY ARE GOING TO PLAY IT there is a large possibility that Plant will not want to play it but the public will demand it, 20,000 people aren't going to pay over £100 a head to get in and then for Led Zep not to play their biggest song, a song which many regard as the best r
  7. Led Zeppelin are one if not the best rock bands of all time, period. Those lucky enough to have seen them through their amazing time as a band will confirm this. They are playing a one off reunion show next month which is dubbed, "the most antisipated gig ever". a reported 25 million people applied for the 20,000 tickets and with that kind of public demand they must do the decent thing, listen to the fans and do a tour. 10-15 dates, world wide. LA, NYC, (other US sites), London, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Moscow, Asia, and Austrailia something like that, they could easily make enough m
  8. THE NEW YARDBIRDS' SCANDINAVIAN TOUR Unknown 1st U.K. TOUR Nothing available 1st U.S. TOUR 12/30/1968 The Gymnasium, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington Often mislabelled as 12/26/1968 1. The Train Kept A Rollin' 2. I Can't Quit You Baby 3. As Long As I Have You (medley) 4. Dazed And Confused 5. How Many More Times 6. White Summer 7. Pat's Delight 01/09/1969 Fillmore West, San Francisco, California 1. You Shook Me 01/10/1969 Fillmore West, San Francisco, California 1. The Train Kept A Rollin' 2. I Can't Quit You Ba
  9. The new version of The Song Remains The Same - Live In MSG '73 is amazing, two discs 2.1 hours of class Led Zeppelin. The track list is great and the length of Dazed & Confused is amazing. the finale of Heartbreaker straight into Whole Lotta Love is amazing! well done to all involved!
  10. I think the setlist for the 02 gig will be: Kashmir Achilles' Last Stand Good Times Bad Times Since I've Been Loving You Houses Of The Holy -New Song- Dazed & Confused (Epic Medley Version) Communication Breakdown Immigrant Song Moby Dick (Son Dedicates It To His Dad) Rock N Roll Black Dog The Song Remains The Same Heartbreaker (With Extended Jimmy Page Guitar Solo) -Encore Break Whole Lotta Love (Extended Medley Version) Stairway To Heaven
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