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  1. Add to this that recent improvements in audio processing technology have also increased the possibility that multitrack recordings once dismissed as unusable for various reasons could now be rendered viable. Other innovations have opened the possibility that stereo recordings (soundboards for example) can now be remixed (to a certain degree). However... If there's not enough enthusiasm within the remaining band members, they're not going to see the light of day. If the sales figures versus effort involved don't add up, they're not going to see the light of day. Jimmy Page has a tremendous amount of inertia, and at the moment he's standing still.
  2. No, it was actually Allen Klein, the stones’ manager, although Loog Oldham did sue later over royalties. Sounds like the whole thing was a bit of a clusterf**k, until May 2019.
  3. Yup. It’s a completely digital recording. You're commenting on production values and instrumentation, not the recording medium. There are beautiful, warm sounding digital recordings and there are clinical cold sounding analogue recordings. It’s not what you record the sound on, it’s what you do with it during the recording, mix down and mastering.
  4. Do you enjoy listening to the O2 ‘Celebration Day’ recording?
  5. No. Obviously the implication is that Page would have been the one to die.
  6. Depends on what they/their lawyers negotiate. Could be a lump sum based on projected sales and the length of the clip, could be a percentage. I should imagine lots of wrangling, and big money involved. Just look at the recent Stairway to Heaven fishing expedition by Taurus. When you consider how badly the Stones screwed The Verve for Bittersweet Symphony (they made not a penny from that song, until Jagger and Richards relented last year I think..) you can see how difficult and long winded negotiations might be. Then also consider that Page grumbled about Charlie Jones and Michael Lee getting writing credits for Walking into Clarksdale, he probably objects to any amount being taken.... ...so the songs get taken out.
  7. Not while Page is alive. Especially not when the copyright owners of those other songs want their pound of flesh, which is why they were removed in the first place. And if you mean the multitracks as literally separate tracks for people to mix..... never. Very few artists would ever release the multis of their music.
  8. These are opinions, not amp settings! He said so. Scores out of 10 I guess.... 😉 I mean, if you're going to give people amp settings for Jimmy first you've got to specify: Is it live tone, or the tone used on an album for a specific song? If it's live: what year? what amp? (WEM, Rickenbacker, Supro, Vox, Marshall, Petersberg, Orange, Fender, etc...) what cabinets? (are they open or close backed? what speakers are in the cabs?) is he using the Tonebender? is he running the guitar through the echoplex first? is he using the Pete Cornish board? just for starters.....
  9. Here you go. The rhythm's been simplified to make it easier to tab: https://www.tunelessons.com/Tab/XKL4WsdA
  10. No. That numbering system only started in 2001 and does not indicate the age of the vehicle - only when it was first registered. For this format of license plate - only used between 1963 and 1982 - the Final character indicates when vehicle was first registered for use on the road. (In the UK cars keep the same license plate forever - unless the owner has it changed). In this case the letter C. Which means the car was registered between January and December 1965. You can't tell when the photo was taken from the license plate.
  11. Bit of a daft question really. Because he wanted it. If the sound engineers had applied an effect to his voice he didn't want, he'd have told them to get rid of it.
  12. Xolo1974 is talking about the machete job done between the 1976 "No Quarter" (sublime) and the 2007 re-release version (a crime against humanity). Obviously your point is the differences 2007/2018. The bitter taste left by the 2007 version runs deep.
  13. It’s an interesting article, but you’re going to be disappointed if you think it’ll give you any Page production “secrets”.. No need to dig out a copy of the magazine. The whole thing is here: https://www.soundonsound.com/people/inside-track-mixing-led-zeppelin-reunion
  14. Baritone guitar I believe... Standard tuning down a fifth, so ADGCEA.
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