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  1. Xolo1974 is talking about the machete job done between the 1976 "No Quarter" (sublime) and the 2007 re-release version (a crime against humanity). Obviously your point is the differences 2007/2018. The bitter taste left by the 2007 version runs deep.
  2. It’s an interesting article, but you’re going to be disappointed if you think it’ll give you any Page production “secrets”.. No need to dig out a copy of the magazine. The whole thing is here: https://www.soundonsound.com/people/inside-track-mixing-led-zeppelin-reunion
  3. Baritone guitar I believe... Standard tuning down a fifth, so ADGCEA.
  4. He had a son with Maureen's sister. Jesse Plant is Shirley's son.
  5. It's all about the PA the band brings with them. In the Beatles' day (Shea stadium for example), they'd use the 'house' PA, which was generally a piece of shit used for announcements. But that didn't last long. After that, for a while anyway, big amps were used, with the vocalist having a PA and the drummer having to bash the shit out of his kit. Then, finally, everything went through the PA, and that's where we are today. There are generally two PA's in use at a gig - the front of house that blasts the audience, and the monitoring/foldback/sidefill system that the band get to hear, with their own separate mix. Nowadays most guitarists will play big gigs with (relatively) small amps or combos (even if they've got a wall of, usually dummy, amps), and rely on their foldback sound so they don't have to stay close to their amp to hear themselves properly. It also means there are less completely deaf guitarists nowadays!
  6. ....and the last time it was seen on stage, in public, being played by Page was...? The point is the "remains in active use" is a little disingenuous.
  7. We use pounds (lb) in the UK too. 130lb is just over 9 stone. If Bonzo had weighed that much he would have looked emaciated. Jimmy probably weighed about that much towards the end of the '77 tour. He was more likely in the 14 - 16 stone range (200-230lb). In case you're wondering... Kilograms weren't really used to measure peoples weight in the 70s, but 130kg is about 20 stone - more in the Peter Grant range. Sooo.... Planty was most likely just taking the piss out of his friend.
  8. woz70

    A Car of Bonham's

    ...and here’s the car from the outside. About 1:10 on the video. Bonzo’s Jensen Interceptor appears a bit later too.
  9. woz70

    A Car of Bonham's

    Nope! It's a Rolls Royce Silver Could II. Check out the door detail.
  10. woz70

    A Car of Bonham's

    From the steering wheel and the posh wood on the door, it looks like a Bentley. S1 Continental maybe? 1950's/60's.
  11. "do you want to take it away John?" "if you like Jim"
  12. Gonna be tough going with all his main guitars on show in a museum.... Wonder what their insurance costs are!
  13. 'The' Black Beauty? Maybe the one that was played at the 02. Page's original one had three selector switches by the time it went AWOL...
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