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  1. We use pounds (lb) in the UK too. 130lb is just over 9 stone. If Bonzo had weighed that much he would have looked emaciated. Jimmy probably weighed about that much towards the end of the '77 tour. He was more likely in the 14 - 16 stone range (200-230lb). In case you're wondering... Kilograms weren't really used to measure peoples weight in the 70s, but 130kg is about 20 stone - more in the Peter Grant range. Sooo.... Planty was most likely just taking the piss out of his friend.
  2. woz70

    A Car of Bonham's

    ...and here’s the car from the outside. About 1:10 on the video. Bonzo’s Jensen Interceptor appears a bit later too.
  3. woz70

    A Car of Bonham's

    Nope! It's a Rolls Royce Silver Could II. Check out the door detail.
  4. woz70

    A Car of Bonham's

    From the steering wheel and the posh wood on the door, it looks like a Bentley. S1 Continental maybe? 1950's/60's.
  5. "do you want to take it away John?" "if you like Jim"
  6. Gonna be tough going with all his main guitars on show in a museum.... Wonder what their insurance costs are!
  7. 'The' Black Beauty? Maybe the one that was played at the 02. Page's original one had three selector switches by the time it went AWOL...
  8. I find the two bolded comments a bit baffling, just from the context of previous work: LZ I GTBT - 2 guitars one panned hard L, one panned hard R BIGLY - Acoustic guitar panned hard L (reverb in R channel), other guitars come in panned hard L & R D&C - mostly guitars panned hard L & R, some active panning YTIGC - Acoustic hard panned R HMMT - Guitars panned hard L & R, some active panning. LZII WLL - Guitar panned hard L LS - Guitars panned hard L & R - main part hard L TY - Guitars panned hard R HB - Guitars panned hard L & R LLM - Main guitar panned hard L - other guitars need hard R Ramble On - Guitar panned hard R - other guitars hard L BIOH - Main guitar hard R, another one L, another in the middle. LZIII Immigrant Song - Main guitar panned hard L, other guitars hard R Celebration Day - Main guitar hard L, other hard R OOTT - Guitars panned hard L & R Gallows Pole - Guitar panned hard L Hats Off - ermm.... extreme example but still stands up. LZIV BD - one guitar hard left, one hard R R&R - main guitar hard L STH - acoustic hard R, other guitars hard L & R MMH - guitar hard L WTLB - main guitar hard L I think you can see the point. If there was a 'formula' that Page worked to production-wise, it would seem that for a majority of the time he had his guitars hard-panned, often with a big reverb on the opposite channel - BIGLY and WLL being excellent examples. He also compressed the living shit out of his guitars throughout their entire recording career. If you're criticising the guitar placement of Presence, why not on every other album too? If your criticising the use of reverb on the vocals, why not just about every other album too? (I think you don't like the slapback delay being used on Candy Store Rock (I'm not a fan either), but it was supposed to be a bit of a pastiche so it kind of stands up.) (Totally off-topic, but interesting an fact, Candy Store Rock is also unique because - despite what they've said - there's an acoustic guitar strumming away in there.)
  9. It's definitely deliberate, and it's not tape hiss (or at least it's not a product of too much bouncing like with 'She's so heavy' by The Beatles). It's the sound of an echorec (or similar) delay unit with the feedback set high - the same device Page used with the theremin on stage.
  10. Matt Worley has resurrected The Swan (and another pub) in Stourport (with Robert Plant's financial aid I think...) and turned it into a hub for local acts to play. Plant can often be seen in the area (he lives a few miles away) and has jammed with the locals on a few occasions. He seems to be rather enthusiastic about keeping small venues alive, which is really important as they are dying off rapidly in a time when people seem to think music should be free, and this looks to be a project to help promote that end. Good stuff.
  11. He'll have had the Fender custom shop make an exact copy of the neck to put on it probably. That's what those guys do!
  12. So, now we see one of the reasons Page was at Abbey Road Studios recently. He now seems to be into recreating his gear to make it marketable, rather than creating new music. Obviously there will always be an audience for this stuff, but you're going to have to have some serious wedge to be able to afford it I reckon. https://www.sundragonamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR1LRvvEZSz_e28rmKbvAJyYi_jD-7nK0RroRR6cZekPX6qaC_hwpe4zGN8
  13. ..... and down the rabbit hole you go. Here's a good place to start: http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/tgt.html If you do a search on this forum for TSRTS you will have more answers than you will ever need.
  14. Yep.... here we go: https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/music/robert-plant-jokes-led-zeppelin-reunion-will-take-place-in-a-chip-shop-37087891.html
  15. It's the kebab shop in Camden Town he went to straight after the O2, rather than going to the after party. It's a five minute walk from his house in Primrose Hill, and he's a regular customer. I believe (please correct me if i'm wrong) he referenced it quite recently as being the only place a reunion would happen - with tongue firmly in cheek.
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