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  1. I've got it down to under 20 tracks, stopped there. can't cut out anymore
  2. Sorry just in case this has been posted here before.... I love watching this one
  3. For the last five weeks I've been enjoying my custom-made enhanced versions of all eight Zeppelin albums. One day i was in the mood for number 6 and a few days later the floodgates opened i was playing all of them over and over. Even the original Page produced album which i liked the least, Zeppelin II, gets the same number of listens as the rest. It just needed some tweeking here and there. I think No. 6 is my favorite though.
  4. You know Jimmy plans on being here for that!
  5. I knew a deadhead in the early 90s who hated Zeppelin, he said the only song he could listen to was 'hot dog'. He also said that back in the day all of his deadhead friends hated Zeppelin. When the music was coming out you couldn't like both bands. Now more recently the same thing, I know a Black Sabbath fan who mocks Led Zeppelin and thinks they are a total joke. He said basically the same thing, his Sabbath buddies all hated Zeppelin. You couldn't like both bands when the music was coming out. Its different today, 50 odd years later young music fans with money buy all the CDs they want and they are free to like everything they buy. Both of these guys are older than me they were around when the music was still coming out, i guess back then you had to choose sides and wear a jacket with the band logo too. ,
  6. Ranking the 8 original LPs is too difficult for me but I'll say this, in my opinion the first two albums are the bands worst two albums.
  7. It is Dazed and Confused for me. Belonging to the younger generation who grew up on all the classic rock radio stations they had back in the day, I/m sure i heard Stairway first but it was Dazed which woke me up and made me sit at attention. The middle section leading into the guitar solo just absolutely blew my mind. It was to me something more than just a song. I think I agree with Ray Davies who wrote that he doesn't think of Zeppelin's music as songs, sorry i don't recall the rest of what he wrote but for me Zeppelin is beyond calling their music 'songs'. Maybe that's why today i find alot of what i used to like boring and sometimes unlistenable even. What you ask, well i don't know how about the Who for example all those pop ditties Pete Townshend wrote during the 60s.
  8. For Led Zeppelin I personally would never make a compilation or greatest hits playlist for others or myself. Zeppelin, much like the Beatles, is about experiencing each album in its own entirety and greatness. That said, I must confess when the reissues came out i took the liberty to tweak the original albums more to my liking. I posted them here a few years ago under a different account. Anyway the point was to include rogue album-less tracks (Baby come on home, Hey hey what can i do) along with the good stuff from coda, which is essentially more album-less tracks, and some tracks from the reissues, to fit on the 8 original LPs in places where you might expect them to be. So I'm not listening to Jimmy's albums anymore. The original albums are expanded and improved, made fresh and new again. I'm completely addicted to my custom-made Zeppelin 16 sides so much so that I love Zeppelin today more than ever before. One band that its okay to make a compilation of, the Rolling Stones, i did just that recently... <iframe src="https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/4LDGkStg4WLr4q9FW1FU3l" width="100%" height="380" frameBorder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>
  9. I can't say that i didn't like this song, i never skipped it or anything like that but it did go from being just a regular song on a zeppelin album to being in my top 10 favorites from the group. For Your Life
  10. Oh no, bite your tongue. Hats Off is a brilliant track. I like to imagine it was recorded around 1930. Love it.
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