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  1. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gator/GTRSTD6-Compact-Rack-Style-Six-6-Guitar-Stand-that-Folds-into-Case-1500000230223.gc?rNtt=guitar racks&index=18
  2. I think the best combo of White Summer into Kashmir was during the 77 tour. Imagine seeing it live for the first time. It must have been mind blowing. I'm assuming that's why Page kept the combo for the 1980 tour. It worked well during 77, so why change it (compared to the 1975 1,2,3,4, Bonzo count in i.e. Earls Court).
  3. ^^ That was fantastic! Throwing TSRTS on the platter right now!
  4. You can barley see it but Page is playing the Dragon Tele - great photo indeed!
  5. So I have the Criterion Collection Box Set of the Monterey Pop Festival. It's been ages since I watched a DVD and the film and performance are so great I got really into it. I noticed during the closing of Otis Redding's set (Try a Little Tenderness) the film cuts to a bunch of B-roll of various concert goers. To me this sure looks a lot like a young Meryl Streep. My lady friend said her friend looks like Sophia Loren! Footage begins approximately at 1:00 into the cut. Thoughts?
  6. I see a strong resemblance to Mac from Always Sunny in the PG photo - LOL
  7. I was surprised that the Peru single from ITTOD didn't make the list. I think I saw it on your site and there were only like 7 copies? Anyway GREAT stuff indeed and second a podcast related to concert tickets.
  8. Can we nick pick Mark Goodman's introduction? It was SO cringy the way he said "That's Rock and Roll and they're gonna do Stairway". I remember watching it live and was thinking what a super douche Mark Goodman was.....
  9. IRRC - JJ Jackson was a big fan of the band going back to 1970 and I think it's JJ MC'ing between sets during the Blueberry Hill show. They were obviously friends. Here's a MTV interview JJ did with Robert in 1982. Sadly JJ passed away a few years before the show at the 02. I'm sure he would have been there.
  10. Shame both George Harrison and Bonzo (along with many others) are gone now. Celebrate the life of both by throwing someone in the pool today!
  11. I never knew this. Are there other instances of Page & Clapton collaborating/playing together?
  12. What I've always loved about the early shows was the spontaneity and variety of songs/covers during the medleys. They seemed to be having so much fun covering everything from Elvis, to The Beatles to Buffalo Springfield and Buddy Holly. Anything was possible on any given night. As the years went on, they still had that spirt, but the shows and sets became more structured and standard.
  13. That's cool - I think each generation has that experience. For me it was seeing U2 in 1985 during the Unforgettable Fire tour in Chicago. Then Nirvana, followed by Pearl Jam at Soldier's Field.
  14. Well if you're a culture club fan there's this..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/CULTURE-CLUB-Karma-Chameleon-RARE-7-MISPRESS-MISPRINT-ROBERT-PLANT-Led-Zeppelin/383475436691?hash=item5948eacc93:g:AScAAOSw49BeeKol
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