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  1. Anyone familiar with the band Sunflower Bean. These are photo's from a gig in Chicago several years ago. If you ever get a chance to see them live do it. They're really good.
  2. One of the first boots I bought back in the mid-1980's. How shocked I was when it turned out they all didn't sound as good as this one.
  3. MosDef If It Keeps On Raining... Love that Bass as mentioned earlier. I can just see the four of them working it out and Jonesy with that intro. Sure wish that intro was longer - it's a killer groove.
  4. Well it was 33 years from the Royal Albert Hall gig till the show came out on DVD in 2003. Prior to the DVD release many of us thought we'd never see that show and we got nearly the whole dang thing. I just hope we won't have to wait 30+ years for this to come out....
  5. Today being the 4th of July reminded me of the photo of Robert in front of the Happy Birthday America sign (I think a Neal Preston photo taken in Chicago 1977?). Quick google turned up a bunch of other photos from that day. Happy Birthday America!
  6. It's really a great groove and I wish they would have expanded it a bit longer. Page does use that same section in other live songs I've heard but Plant never reprises the lyrics. Shame really because he kills it just like For What It's Worth from the same era.
  7. All this talk about I'm Gonna Crawl being the last song on the album, makes me wonder when it was actually recorded? For all I know, I'm Gonna Crawl could have been the first track completed at Polar Studios???
  8. It's absolutely fantastic! I'm half-way through now and my GF just asked if I thought they'd cover Zeppelin. I'm hopeful the reason is because of the upcoming doc. There are several things I'm really enjoying 1) the 16MM film footage is absolutely beautiful and 2) they really paid attention to the music. The version of Changes by Bowie is worth it alone. Recommend!
  9. I'm not that big of a 1977 fan, but I'm from Chicago and have been told the show after the illness is a full on ripper!
  10. Question for the parents who took their kids to see Zeppelin (if any are on here). During the medleys in Whole Lotta Love or How Many More Times - they covered a ton of artists that were popular in the 1950's. Elvis, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, Ricky Nelson, etc. Was wondering if your parents ever gave you any feedback about that part of the show? Did they like it, love it, hate it, did it change their opinion of them? My Grandmother was 95 when she passed a couple of years ago. In 1973 she took her 13 year old son George to see Zeppelin at the Chicago Stadium. When we put The Song Remains The Same on Christmas eve in 1986 she says "Hey, George, didn't I take you to see these guys"? She said all she could remember was that it was very loud and the band looked very very skinny. My Uncle George? He was 13, it was his first concert - He LOVED it! RIP Both Adeline and her son George - I miss them both.
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