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  1. Grateful for what we have. Can only imagine what the rest of the show was like Esp How Many More Times!
  2. 8 Years between these shots and they're still laughing - love both of these off stage shots. I wonder who said what in the photo by Jim Marshall. Just look at Plant's smirk.
  3. Wow - the demand was certainly there. Just more BS reckon, - a hang over from 2020 I suppose... Sad.
  4. I'm a moron! I was thinking of Far Post! Really sucks to be getting older.
  5. Not sure if any of you have seen this, but this popped into my YouTube feed today. One of my fave RP tracks.
  6. I just noticed that RP stays on stage during Jimmy's Noise Solo. At one point it looks like he's cross-legged and sitting on a piece or gear, just watching Jimmy play. Wonder what thoughts were going through his head during this part of the show.
  7. Looks like you may be able to pick different skins? I saw Zep I & III in the video. Looks pretty cool indeed.
  8. Outstanding! One of the only good things to happen in 2020! TY!
  9. I LOVE these photo's! I think there's quite a few from an Aussie soundcheck too (a barefoot Robert Plant IIRC). What fun they must have had during the early years. Incredible.
  10. Ya, PT sure has a wicked tongue but so does Van Morrison. I remember seeing PT on MTV back in the 1980's and he was being interviewed about Keith Moon, Hendrix and others that had passed on. He said quite sharply and something to the effect - Well they may be your heroes, but their my fucking friends. Ouch.
  11. A few years ago I had quite a few Zeppelin pressings from Iceland. They were all pressed around 1982 and nothing really special about the sound - sounded just as good as any other 1980's Zeppelin records. I parted ways with them to help fund a family trip to Australia a few years ago.
  12. That's awesome! Great shots and great time of year to go! I need a rock like that in my garden : )
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