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  1. I've always found it to be a super fun track to play; upbeat and playful. Akin to Night Flight for me.
  2. I love how the drummer does the Bonzo Hop near the beginning of the song! Freaking brilliant gents!
  3. Very sad indeed - RIP Professor.
  4. The acoustic sections have always been one of my favorites of the Led Zeppelin experience and wish they would have done it during the 73 US tour. The acoustic sets gave the band and audience a brief cool down period before tearing it up again. Plus the Plantions between the numbers were always interesting. I don't know of any other artist that could hold 20,000+ people in the palm of their hand like Plant did during these times.
  5. I don't know and I don't believe I've heard the song. But I do know that a NYC band called Sunflower Bean wrote a song called Tame Impala.
  6. Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays friends. Here I am asking Santa for Jimmy to please release a box set of How The East Was Won. Rock on good people. Peace!
  7. I watched TSRTS last night and noticed there was a boom mic over head when that kid is getting arrested by the cops. I'd love to hear the audio during that scene. It's got to be somewhere in the vault.
  8. I'm so glad this thread was revived. I spent a long time looking at all the art created here a long time ago. Nice to revisit it as some of these pieces are really great (like the above). Rock on good people!
  9. Just noticed there's no mic on the gong. As hard as Bonzo hit the drums, I'm sure no one at the gig had trouble hearing it anyway. Rock on good people!
  10. Never knew that the bands passports were left behind, imagine if they were taken as well. I bet there were some pretty cool stamps in those books.
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