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  1. This shot gives you a perspective of how small the stage was and how the audience was right on top of them at this gig. Imagine the energy! For the people up front it's like having Led Zeppelin playing in your basement or garage! Listening to the audience tape, it must have been at ear crushing volume. This show is on fire from start to finish and shows the band was untouchable by this time in 1970. To go from sets at the Fillmore (As long as I have you, HMMT, etc.) to a show like this in the span of less than two years is quite phenomenal growth and maturity.
  2. More from Iceland I hope! That B&W 16MM film footage is killer quality. More please..... What about home movies? Seems like they all were carrying Super 8MM cameras while in Japan.
  3. Question about Bowie's 1971 release - The Man Who Sold The World. I'm a regular visitor and member of Discogs and saw that a UK version of this LP sold in March 2019 for $1,493. The notes for this release say "The album's original UK version, which arrived in British stores five months after the American release. Features the controversial dress cover." What’s the controversy? He wore a dress? I know there are a couple of different covers for this release. Is the dress cover really worth a months rent/mortgage? I like Bowie, but am not a superfan. Hopefully someone can educate me on the rarity of this release. Thanks!
  4. Same here - Both of them are fantastic. And what a show too! One of my fave's!
  5. Hockey stuff will ALWAYS be expensive! I remember when U2 played Chicago a few years ago. This was right after the Hawks won the cup, and there was an official Hawks store near the UC. We stopped in and they had a green hockey sweater with "Bono" on the back retailing for IIRC close to $300!
  6. I read that the Life Magazine reporters sneaked onto Paul's farm, took a bunch of crappy photo's in an effort to prove Paul was alive (or his double) was living as Paul in Scotland. Paul confronted the reporters and chased them off the property. When he got a look at the photo's they'd taken they were not very good. As a result and in exchange for a proper interview with photos Paul said give me the negatives and you can come back for a legit interview and shoot a few photos.
  7. Since you don't have a record player anymore - are you interested in selling? Please PM me if you are. Thanks.
  8. I think that's what first drew me into live zeppelin. The medleys in 1970 and 1971 during WLL and HMMT. For one, they seem to really enjoy playing them and the spontaneity by either Page or Plant brought us some real treasures. I've often wondered, if this is what they did on stage, I can only imagine what they did at soundcheck or rehearsal. The soundcheck tape from 1973 or 1975 gives a great peak in the box.
  9. Maybe Strawberry was a reference to the wonderful strain of weed called "Strawberry Cough"? I do love some good Strawberry.
  10. Given Peter's personality and management style, I'm sure there were plenty of arguments that we will never know about. I'm guessing with each tour the envelope got pushed by everyone in the band, and Grant would have to do his best to maintain order so the show could go on.
  11. I saw RP a few years ago and you know the music they play over the PA before the show starts? I swear Plant must have had some input to what the audience heard before they went on. If not Plant, it was someone with good taste who dug really deep. I first heard a girl group called the Jaynetts singing Sally Go 'Round the Roses. I dug it so much I used my iPhone to record a snippet of the song and then used Google to ID who the group was. It's a killer track if you don't know it. RP having a show in Sirius would be awesome!
  12. Funny enough - I FOUND a pretty cool tie-die shirt at the Jane's Addiction gig at Brixton in 1991. Primus was the opening act and one of the best gigs I've ever been to.
  13. I'm curious what type of money are we talking about? If someone had a soundboard of an unreleased show or source, how much would the taper expect to get from EV and other labels?
  14. LOL - A bit out of my head the other night. You are correct Sir!
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