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  1. I def remember hearing Soundgarden first - TBH at the time (Spring 1991) a girl I dated had the cassette Louder Than Love. She LOVED the band I didn't. And never really became anymore than a casual fan. Pearl Jam - I was a Senior in college when their debut came out - my buddy went nuts for it. I thought they were pretty cool. Nirvana on the other hand had me hook line and sinker when Nevermind came out.
  2. It must have been something to experience the release of a Zeppelin album in real time. I & II being total knockouts followed by the swerve of III and to compliment the third LP with a non-album track single. If I was a teen in 1970 I'm sure my fandom would have been equal to what I experienced with U2 in the early 1980's and Nirvana in the 1990's.
  3. This show is on fire! Never heard before today and I've been listening to Zeppelin boots since 1985!
  4. Thanks for the link(s) first one I got was Blueberry Hill. The next link contained a bunch of Hendrix stuff (awesome BTW!). Any chance I could get the link to the Vienna show?
  5. That's really awesome! I'd like to do the same thing with a Gram Parsons jacket and pants. These would not be stage clothes - I'd where them to work and I'm a HR guy!
  6. I'd be grateful for a link as well. TY!
  7. I have no idea but love the shots you are talking about. Esp this one and others from this show.
  8. At first I drew a blank and then started to remember seeing the Chicago Bulls play at the Chicago Stadium in the 1980's and watched a volley ball game at the LA Forum in the 1990's. I MosDef was picturing Zeppelin at one end of the stadium rocking out during their many shows at those locations. Most recently I visited Laugardalsholl Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland.
  9. Not sure if I posted here before, but here's a photo of my Freshman Dorm Room. Western Illinois University - Fall 1986.
  10. So I was listening to the 10 February 1975 show in Landover yesterday and was listening to Robert's plantation just before The Song Remains The Same. I think their travels through Asia are pretty well documented. But I've never seen any photo's or info posted about the members of Led Zeppelin traveling through the Middle East? I totally get them going to Asia during the 1970's but heading to Kuwait (or other countries in the region) is a real head scratcher - even though Plant mentions Kuwait in a couple of other shows. Thoughts......
  11. There was no question to begin with anyway. Now give us something - ANYTHING new Jimmy!
  12. Wonderful! Shame about the acoustic set - but this was a great way to start my Saturday morning!
  13. Agree to some extent i.e. pop music, but not 100%. I have this discussion with ppl all the time. There is great music and art being made today. As relevant and important as the Beatles/Stones/Zeppelin were making back in the day. The difficult part is you have to really search for it. If you look in the right places and put the effort into your search, you can still find really great music/art today.
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