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  1. 1969 was a pretty good year for BB King - Opening for acts like Zeppelin and going on tour with The Rolling Stones near the end of the year. I wonder how often BB & Zeppelin crossed paths during these early years of touring. Wish I had a time machine!
  2. And final scene - A great piece of work and nice book end to the series as well as Mr. Forster's career.
  3. Oh man! I just read that Robert Forster who played the Vacuum guy died last night! IMDB page here: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001233/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 He's in a couple of my favorite films: Jackie Brown 1997 and Medium Cool filmed in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention and Washington DC. Released the next year in 1969. RIP Robert Forster 1941 - 2019
  4. If you haven't seen it before it's really good. Made my GF watch it with me one night (not a Cream fan nor knew who Ginger was) and she really liked the doc as well. Enjoy!
  5. I watched 1/2 of it last night. Really liked it however, its been so long since I've seen the show so I've forgotten some of the characters and their juxtaposition in the show. The vacuum repair/sales guy for example, Todd, Uncle Jack.... If you were a fan of the original show I think you'll dig El Camino - you may want to binge watch the last season of Breaking Bad before starting EC.
  6. Is that a photo of Page and Plant over Jimmy's shoulder? Looks like Page from the 1970's and Plant from the 1980's. Those photo's from even very far away look familiar.
  7. I struggle with this thought all the time. I love The Grateful Dead and at times wish Zeppelin would have used a similar model live. But doing so also involved taking huge risks with the performance. At the end of the day I'll take the difference in Zeppelin sets during the Whole Lotta Love or How Many More Times medleys. That part of the show got switched up quite frequently during the early days and resulted in some amazing stuff.
  8. Working on it! Will take sometime tho. I work abroad and wont be home till end of December.
  9. Man did I love going to the record store and shopping for Zeppelin boots. This was in the mid-1980's and they were like $50 for a 2LP set. I think I paid close to $100 for Destroyer and def remember buying the colored vinyl version of strange tales from the road for $150 in 1987. I wish I still had them.
  10. Any thoughts on this 1970 LZ III Singapore release? It's up for auction/BIN for $1,200 USD. I asked the seller for a matrix number; also asked if this was an unofficial pressing like the ones from Taiwan but have not heard back from them. I couldn't find any info on Discogs either. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  11. I have this single booked marked as a wanted item in my Discogs account. $218 USD is a bit of a stretch IMO. As a record collected I've paid more for rare LP's/singles in my current collection. Just haven't been able to pull the trigger on it. Anyone have this/Listen to it? I should just buy and put it up on youtube so ya'all can hear it. Unless that's already been done?
  12. Dang! Those were some killer seats! Can't wait to see more!
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