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  1. I was in the sweet spot to be a U2 fan in the 1980's. I graduated HS in 1986 and first saw them in 1985 at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. I rarely go to other fan forum sites other than this one and went to U2.com for information on their live LP Under a Blood Red Sky. I'm looking for the version of the LP that contains Bono's "Send in the clowns" snippet during the Electric Co. I was about to join the U2 forum to ask this question, but was floored when I clicked on the link to join and the minimum fee is $50 USD! WTF is that? Maybe I missed it, but I did not see any other options to join their forum. If anyone has the answer (matrix number) to the question above I'd appreciate it. TY!
  2. Since Page hasn't played publicly in so long I was wondering if he has a medical condition that's preventing him from playing? Something akin to what Peter Frampton has and he's just keeping the issue private. In any case it's his decision to play in public or not.
  3. Doesn't he have a child with her too (the sister)? What a life! RP's is def the book/auto bio I'd most like to read.
  4. I've always been partial to TY from Blueberry Hill. I love being able to hear Plant hammer on that tambourine throughout the song. Minds eye - I'm right there front row center. Thank You indeed!
  5. I listened to the podcast this morning on the walk to work. Looking forward for him discussing more songs. Was also pretty cool to hear him name check the hometown radio station - WXRT in Chicago, Illinois.
  6. This must have been what it was like between HOTH and PG - This is brutal. Get on with it already JP!
  7. Happy Birthday Bonzo! Peace and love to Led Zeppelin, the Bonham family and the members of this forum. Been listening to Bonzo's Birthday Party all day.
  8. The seller on eBay says it's a 1971 promo for the fourth album. Does anyone know if this is a legit promo from 1971? The BIN price is $780 USD. Thoughts? Thanks!
  9. To quote Mick Jagger - Who's fighting and what for? Why are we fighting! Bootlegs are a key component of the Zeppelin (and many other's) legacy. I find it quite enjoyable and necessary to discuss various gigs with the people in this forum. I'd love to see a Netflix type doc on this topic. They can start with the legend about Bob Dylan's Great White Wonder and cover everything from Mike Millard to the Grateful Dead and Phish, etc. Could not agree more......
  10. I haven't heard a Menswear reference in YEARS! I was a big Charlatans UK fan back in the day and saw them open for The CUK in the mid-1990's at a club in Chicago - The Metro or The Vic. Looking forward to this for sure!
  11. I've never seen this memorial - where's it at? Makes me wonder what memorials will be erected when the other members eventually pass on. Something on par with Strawberry Fields in NYC or even grander I imagine.
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