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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Bagram, Afghanistan! Make it a Grateful Day!
  2. What a sign of the times. The Army recruiting poster with a big peace sign over a soldiers face and hanging above a bunch of hippies. What a time the early 1970's must have been.
  3. Doesn't he also play drums on a couple of Steve Miller tracks IIRC?
  4. I can't believe we are discussing the length of someone's finger nails and debating why.......
  5. This HAS to be where Jimmy got the inspiration for his symbol on the 4th album! GraZioso! - You know I'm just kidding right?
  6. I was pretty skeptical before checking this site out and I'll be the first to admit I was really impressed. I've been into Zeppelin for decades and there's a lot of stuff I haven't seen before. The alternate Coda cover for example and a TSRTS Movie poster from Greece? Crazy! Some serious effort went into this and it's worth your time for sure.
  7. I'd actually buy a Zeppelin Hello Kitty - I have a soft spot for HK and my daughter.
  8. Pass - I like to wear high quality clothing but these are stupid high prices. Like a lot of you I wish JP would have invested the money into new recordings/releases. I'm guessing merch has a higher ROI? Shame.
  9. Doesn't Orlando 1971 have a pretty cool/unique intro to Celebration Day? It's always been one of my fave live tracks.
  10. Oh ya! This is actually on my Rhino Music Calendar. I'll be rocking this all day - starting with the LZII Multi-track mixdowns - followed by LZII proper and then some live gig from around this time. I have a job were I get to listen to music all day. If it's too loud your too old - Lock it in and rip the knob off! Happy 50th LZII!
  11. 1969 was a pretty good year for BB King - Opening for acts like Zeppelin and going on tour with The Rolling Stones near the end of the year. I wonder how often BB & Zeppelin crossed paths during these early years of touring. Wish I had a time machine!
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