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  1. I wanted to identify the version of blueberry hill i have. It has the standard art and no information at all but What was carved on the black wax: Matrix / Runout Runout side A, etched: EV 666-A1 70-401-F Matrix / Runout Runout side B, etched: EV 666-B2 70-402-F Matrix / Runout Runout side C, etched: EV 664-A3 70-399-F Matrix / Runout Runout side D, etched: EV 664-B4 70-400-F in discogs this shows several TMOQ releases and one ‘mushroom records’ release. Could this be a unmarked TMOQ vinyl. I am very confused
  2. Its not a scratch, its a printing error. My friends refer to it as the "ogean cassette" I know its not a G, just used to calling it that.
  3. Interesting error, wonder how many where done like that
  4. The ‘OGEAN’ is just a printer error , which makes it one of a kind. The LZ1 i thought was of interest, as i have never found a miscut album like that. Just some minor errors i found from years of collecting
  5. Would be interested to see if anyone has their hands on any misprint vinyl/cassette. I am not talking about the more common ones like ‘misty mountain top’ or ‘living loving wreck’ i mean real obscure oddities. For examplw i have a 77’ cassette of HOTH that lists the ocean as ‘THE OGEAN’ and i have a very off center LZ1 in which you can barely see the Atlantic label at the bottom. I will post these later under this topic.
  6. It mostly sounds better as an audience recording. The whole song is incredible live, but I think the solo was meant more for studio recording because it seems he plays it too fast or doesnt get the right tone. Some beautiful versions i found (partially thanks to your suggestions) are: 4/28/77 4/30/77 3/21/75 3/12/75 3/19/75
  7. Anyone know if Jimmy ever nailed this solo, from what i've heard he never really got it down like the studio recording.
  8. The footage in Italy (7/5/71) appears on the led zeppelin website with a bunch of foreign captions and edits. Can someone send me the unedited footage if it exists?
  9. Plant clearly sings "she" in many live performances
  10. I love this recording, Plant is on top, actually screaming out songs like Black Dog, its very energetic but i believe my copy is too fast. Can someone tell me the best version of this show, and does it need to be corrected
  11. Houses of the holy III IV Physical Graffiti II I Presence In Through the out door
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