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  1. Damn, that's not very mid-January. at least it's not a 'single'
  2. I want to see Jimmy make a 15 CD Boxset, hed make millions
  3. having lost my hot wacks copy, I am unable to find sequential releases. "BootLedZ" does a good job but I am looking primarily for bootlegs on vinyl. I want to know the obscure and early releases on wax.
  4. Is there a list of bootlegs in chronological order of release, starting with PB?
  5. Its nearly impossible to pick, songs like dazed and confused and communication breakdown have endless amazing performances, so heres some personal favorites I’ll start with LZ1: Good times bad times - New Heaven 8/15/70 Babe im gonna leave you - Filmore West 4/27/69 You shook me - BBC 4/14/69 Dazed and confused - Texas 8/31/69 Your time is gonna come - 9/24/71 black mountainside - Julie Felix show 1970 communication breakdown - LA 9/4/70 I cant quit you babe - Offenburg 3/24/73 How many more times - 10/10/69
  6. SIBLY does not compare in energy to the 73 shows, but emotion
  7. Looks Cool. never seem all those 8 tracks, but wont let me register
  8. anyone know where the blueberry hill original "nipple" art came from?
  9. Should i open it? How much would this go if sealed? Love the art and dying to hear it
  10. Listening again, i can hear all similarities you mentioned, but just pay attention to plant. Both performances are noticeably different, and if thats not enough- the guitar solos
  11. The destroyer lps from the 80’s have many flaws in editing and the wax itself, i agree, just some 3 lp well-mastered sets on colored wax would be life saving. I think we all need some high quality pressings of these newly circulated shows
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