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  1. goldenretreiver157

    Buffalo 1969

    I want to know anything about it, who recorded it, where it ended up, If there are any more pictures
  2. goldenretreiver157

    Buffalo 1969

    Anyone have any information at all on the recording of buffalo New York 1969 at Kleinhans Music Hall
  3. goldenretreiver157

    Top 10 bootlegs

    Thats very similar to what i would say, glad you included belfast, an amazing show especially for plant
  4. goldenretreiver157

    Top 10 bootlegs

    This has been discussed before many times, but they are all over the place, id like a nice updated top 10 list of bootlegs from any time based mostly on performance from ththe entire band, must include good plant shows. This would be a difficult task but id just like to hear what everyone has to say
  5. goldenretreiver157

    Berkeley (Going to California)

    what is the best version of the famous 'Going to California' Bootleg?
  6. goldenretreiver157

    Immigrant Song

    yes, thank you
  7. goldenretreiver157

    Immigrant Song

    Can someone show me a list of every recording with immigrant song?
  8. goldenretreiver157

    Auckland Soundboard 1972

    He says thank you new zealand
  9. goldenretreiver157

    Auckland Soundboard 1972

    The quality is excellent the list is: Immigrant song/heartbreaker black dog since ive been loving you stairway to heaven thats the way bron y aur stomp dazed and confused whole lotta love communication breakdown
  10. goldenretreiver157

    Auckland Soundboard 1972

    I own a CD of what i believe is a soundboard performance in New Zealand labeled "Auckland 1972" February 25, but ive looked it over and no soundboard recordings are listed in 1972
  11. goldenretreiver157

    Whole lotta love

    Could someone help me identify what show is used for the audio of this video: https://youtu.be/5IUatcnmigo
  12. goldenretreiver157

    What version of LZ III have I got?

    its a 1972 UK reissue
  13. goldenretreiver157

    Bootlegs with prominent vocals

    I am looking for live performances with very loud and prominent vocals from 1969-1970
  14. goldenretreiver157

    1972 soundboard recordings

    I have several soundboard recordings from the years, but never heard one from 1972. Does anyone know of any soundboards from this year, or good audience recordings? Excluding how the west was won. I have a record of tokyo 1972 which is good but you cant hear robert a lot
  15. goldenretreiver157

    Can you list your top 10 LZ songs, in no particular order?

    The Ocean Four Sticks Since ive been loving you babe im gonna leave you achilles last stand over the hills and far away the song remains the same rock and roll bron y aur houses of the holy