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  1. Like the whole lotta love from this night, and yes, celebration day is epic! Like the 29th for it's dazed too, and Love the encores. Really disappointed about the lack of Whole lotta love's Though
  2. the band is on fire all nights in japan, hiroshima is no exception.
  3. the vibes are real! Really incredible show
  4. Just listened to both. New Orleans is so heavy, great choices
  5. is salt lake city the 28th or 26th?
  6. The garden tapes are pure insanity, but a little too long. Mobile is a good choice as is salt lake city
  7. Are there any outstanding or unique versions of moby dick in 1973 available in soundboard?
  8. just was listening, thanks for that, great show, as is every june 72 show. Favorite setlist and medleys!
  9. Will the multitracks of both shows ever be released? They played blueberry hill during WLL at Long beach, so sad to not hear it here, and louie louie, marylou.. makes me wanna cry
  10. Could I also get a link? thanks for your work
  11. anyone got proper tabs for hello marylou?
  12. Where the hell is the 9/29/71 whole lotta love? the existance of twist and shout makes me think this is a lot more complete, wheres thank you? Im sick of waiting 2 years for just a few songs, though im sincerely grateful for the 9/28 sbd. Also wondering if we will see 9/23 and 9/24. all it takes is a sample to circulate. When I first heard 'friends' i couldnt believe it. Im just ramblin thoughts?
  13. whole lotta love is awesome, but i suggest splicing in hello marylou and tobbacco road, any other songs played those night, other than that, very very great listening experience!
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