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  1. Looks Cool. never seem all those 8 tracks, but wont let me register
  2. anyone know where the blueberry hill original "nipple" art came from?
  3. Should i open it? How much would this go if sealed? Love the art and dying to hear it
  4. Listening again, i can hear all similarities you mentioned, but just pay attention to plant. Both performances are noticeably different, and if thats not enough- the guitar solos
  5. The destroyer lps from the 80’s have many flaws in editing and the wax itself, i agree, just some 3 lp well-mastered sets on colored wax would be life saving. I think we all need some high quality pressings of these newly circulated shows
  6. Anyone have this record? 105 made
  7. Very cool. Thats what I suspected, thanks for the information too. Do you know if what i have is uncommon? I rarely see early 70’s TMQ without labels or colored wax
  8. Strange tales for 150$ Is a dream now. My local record stores have never had any zep boots since the 90’s
  9. Its a bit late, but im almost certain someone has a recording of buffalo 72’. Hope it one day circulates
  10. My other lp is unique and i cant find it on discogs, its on recycled vinyl reading ‘the meters’ and is pressed on a pretty smooth cover.
  11. the labels are all that plain white, the picture is paper lightly taped on a blank white cover. Thats about it. The art being so thin and easy to see made me think its an early pressing
  12. Thank you! So happy about this, i will post some pics of them soon
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