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  1. It should be of note that Jones was using a standard 12 string acoustic guitar for Ten Years Gone/The Battle of Evermore and a mandolin for Going to California for all of the first leg of the 1977 tour. I suppose it's possible Manson started building the guitar leading up to 1977, but wasn't actually finished until by the time Zeppelin had to fly out to Birmingham from London?
  2. The Dogs of Doom found, transferred, and freely liberated the third source for Sydney for the 49th anniversary of the show, and it was inevitably picked up by the bootleg labels as it typically goes. The third source includes the four missing songs from the other two sources (Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Since I've Been Loving You, and Celebration Day) as well as filling in some other minor gaps. There is no known soundboard from this show.
  3. Thanks for the info here, Sam! Would you be able to clarify the length of the two sources and perhaps how much of each song he actually captured?
  4. You can see the edge of the sprocket hole in the longer video he posted last year, which leads me to believe this is a film scan.
  5. Would love to see the other prints from this show if you’d be able to share!
  6. These look like the July 6 show - maybe the ending of Moby Dick (Page loosely forming a D chord, with both him and Plant to the side of the stage perhaps watching Bonham)?
  7. See my analysis above - and as Sam said, they've gone back and forth on the exact date of that photo. The backstage pics are certainly from October but I'm inclined to say the blurry and clear color shots are both from December.
  8. Led Zeppelin played in Seattle on July 17, 1973, not in August (the tour had concluded in New York on July 29).
  9. Physical Graffiti was supposed to coincide with the very start of the tour but was delayed, and Plant didn’t come down with the flu until the tour started. Zeppelin wasn’t very smart when it came to Plant’s voice (only rescheduling much of their 1977 tour when he came down with laryngitis) so in typical fashion they kept on with the tour, only rescheduling St. Louis from Jan. 27 to Feb. 16.
  10. I’m not sure how much clarification you can give on this, Sam, but is it correct to assume that the Pontiac pro-shot video is not in the hands of the group? I always figured that if the band had it in the archives, we would have seen it in the MTV/VH1 promos, plus the music videos in the 90s, etc. So it appears Opryland provided cameras, Worldstage provided screen projection, and Mobile Tape Video based in Detroit seems to be involved as well in the filming.
  11. Jones didn’t get the stand-up bass until 1973 or so - he was using a Hohner fretless at first then switched to the P-bass in June.
  12. This would seem to answer your question. Looks like Plant was wearing a black cardigan(?) over the white sweater:
  13. I'm inclined to believe that this new set is the December 10 date. Here's why... The Marquee shots included in the 2014 Super Deluxe book have all four members in different outfits than the two circulating color shots of the band at the Marquee. Additionally, Bonham's hair is very close to what it looked like in September 1968 compared to his hair in January 1969. Excerpt from the strip of negatives from the (presumed) October Marquee show: Better look at Page's outfit at the (now presumed) October Marquee show (not the green psychedelic shirt in the new shot): The other known December 10, 1968 shot (note the matching outfits with the new color shot, but not the black and white pics) Bonham in Sweden on Sept 15, 1968: And finally, Bonham's (much longer) hair in January 1969: In any case, Sam, would it be possible to see the rest of the set?
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