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  1. It's a long and complicated subject but JPJ is a good clue: 27th - Crazy jacket/white shirt RnR-No Quarter, white shirt TSRTS-beginning of Moby Dick, polka dot shirt end of Moby Dick-end of show 28th - Crazy jacket/leather jacket RnR-The Rain Song, leather jacket Dazed-end of show 29th - Crazy jacket/polka dot shirt RnR - Dazed pre-bow solo, polka dot shirt post-bow solo-end of show Btw, the majority of the ending of Dazed and Confused is Shepperton, and WLL has a decent mix of genuine/Shep footage
  2. Carnegie was confirmed somewhere not to be recorded and I believe photo evidence backs that up. Baltimore nor Pittsburgh were multitracked, but there is some test pro footage shot for Pittsburgh out there. All 5 of the Earls Court shows were recorded I believe but we only have tangible evidence for the last 3 nights. Supposedly the bass drum mic wasn't working on the 23rd. You can probably take out all of the Japan shows except for the Osaka shows and add in 6/28/1970 Bath. The only confirmed shows are RAH, Long Beach/LA 73, Southhampton, the MSG run, the last 3 nights at Earls Court, and Knebworth.
  3. Mmm... I can damn sure tell you that in my years of experience with the TSRTS audio and video that it is all most definitely from New York and not anything else. Case closed
  4. It wouldn't be any of the July 73 shows -- we have video footage of the end of WLL for all three nights and no sign of a conga player nor congas (Bonham had timpani by then). Mike Quishie, a dancer, played the gong at the end of the 29th WLL. I direct you to this picture from 1971.09.03 New York -- looks like someone's playing congas next to Bonham (or it could be his drum tech). However, by the looks of Page's fingers on the fretboard and JPJ using a pick this could easily be WLL (if not Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, or Black Dog).
  5. It was me who posted it — it’s available in a public section of the forum.
  6. Hallo!

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  7. If the link is still up, I'd love to see it.

  8. Can you send me please, thanks

  9. I just grabbed this from RO.  Thanks so much!

  10. If it's not too much of a burden, I would appreciate acces to the link of your labor of love...it's weekend and watching 🖖a real concert ZEP movie would be the icing on the cake

    1. LedElvis75


      Still time to get this??

  11. Go find the June 11, 1977 footage. It should have a full performance of Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, and a few other songs.
  12. Huh. If you do a simple search on YouTube for any of the Earls Court shows, Seattle 77, Knebworth 1979, or some of the amateur footage of the June 1977 NY shows, there should be plenty to hold you over.
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