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  1. Sly was incredibly important. They were one of the first crossover funk/rock bands around. Their live performances were legendary. I have no qualms with their inclusion. Sly's story is pretty important regarding the dangers of fame/over-indulgence. If anything, their story hasn't been told enough. Same goes for Ike & Tina and even James Brown.
  2. I thought it was excellent. Despite the choices to focus on a select few artists and neglect Zeppelin. It doesn’t whitewash or rewrite history. The music and movements of 71 were a major tipping point in defining the culture. Great series. The Attica Massacre stuff was insane. The Sly Stone behind the scenes stuff was fascinating. James Brown was bringing the funk all over the globe. I could deal with less Carol King and Elton, but realize they were major voices that year. I highly recommend it. I wonder if Zeppelin refused access to footage because of the upcoming documentary? It’s just so odd that EVERY other band gets a mention or entire segment. Most of the artist interviews are voice only over the archival footage, so they clear created some of this during the pandemic, but you don’t notice because the footage is so good.
  3. Not a mention of Zep in the entire series. Every other major artist of the period gets a nice segment or at least a mention. More time is spent on Lennon and The Stones than others (typical), but how do you ignore IV coming out that same year?
  4. I own the album and rather enjoy it. It’s definitely a niche listen, but Scarlett summons some powerful lines and the production is straight up eery. Fitting of a Page project. Very witchy.
  5. Willie’s American Guitars was my neighborhood shop growing up. Joe Walsh bought a Bass cabinet my Dad was consigning there in the late 80’s. I used to go there every weekend and ogle the 20k vintage Les Pauls. Same guys still work there today. I’m completely dumbfounded that they had possession of the Black Beauty TWICE. I probably saw it. My Dad probably played it. Incredible story.
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