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  1. Podcast about DB Cooper. Infamous America. One of the greatest unsolved crimes in American history. Many are still hunting him. I am not sure DB Cooper ever gets caught or even ID'd
  2. I have never been a fan of getting flu shot. This year was the first year I ever got it. I had no side effects. I also got the pneumonia, shingles and next week Covid. All the same year. If I turn green and super strong you will know why. Dr Oz, no matter what you think of him, and I am no real fan, has a special on YouTube about the comparisons between the 3 vaccines and which is right for you. I am watching it as I type this. Its new. So his expert from the FDA is on. Likes Johnson and Johnson for the fact its one shot, and 100% effective against deadly result of Covid. N
  3. Joe Altobelli, who managed the Baltimore Orioles to their last world series title in 1983, has passed at the age of 88. I had the honor of meeting Joe twice. At Tommy LaSorda's dinner here and at Finger Lakes race track. Great manager of the Rochester Red Wings also. Cal Ripken and Jim Palmer have already passed on their condolences.
  4. Lucky you. Please tell us if you get sick on the 2nd shot? I go on the site this morning, and try to get my wife signed up AGAIN. Assuming once again it will be booked solid, there are openings!!!! So I get her booked for March 10. My damn appointment it March 28!!! How is that fair? So I called the hot line and they rescheduled me. She has 645 and I got 730. She still gets hers first but only by 45 minutes. Ill take it. Not sure which one I will get but from what i hear likely Phizer. If I were younger I would get the Johnson and Johnson one in a NY minute. Only 1 shot. And if you
  5. Yeah. Maybe. Or a Shepherd vs a Poodle. LOL. No likely they may have the 2nd or 3rd best record? But not sure how good the rest of the division will be? Like Colorado, Arizona? I know one thing, my Orioles will suck. If you believe the experts. I hope they are wrong but my gut is they might be right. The worst team? Not so sure. My pick in the Central will be the Chicago White Sox. Its been over 100 years since the 1919 Black Sox scandal. If you ever want to hear a real good version of the real story, podcast on YouTube called Infamous America is very good. They do one on DB Coo
  6. I hit the pick 4 at Gulfstream Park in Florida yesterday. Races 5-8. A nice score
  7. Well pardon me if i have already mentioned this but I have my vaccine scheduled for March 28th. Actually like hitting the lottery getting an appointment. Mine is at the Dome arena, in a suburb of Rochester NY. I have seen many many concerts there in the 70s including my first ever, Jeff Beck in 72. 5 Years before I would see Led Zeppelin. I saw America, Aerosmith, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, and other bands at this arena. It seemed big then but now it does not compared to other venues including the Blue Cross arena in downtown Rochester. So anyway, I am assuming that I will get the Phizer v
  8. Hey Curly, I can’t remember who Matt Harvey pitched for? It appears Orioles have signed Felix Hernandez and Harvey hoping they can help the two young studs Kremer and John Means who I have MUCH faith in to rekindle our return to importance in MLB! If you read this first King or Sean or EBK please jump in😀
  9. Well I am sure you have all heard the news of the Matt Stafford trade? The Los Angeles Rams have traded Goff to the Detroit Lions for all star QB Matt Stafford and two first round picks in 22 and 23 and a 3rd rounder this year. Of course they get Gerald Goff also, and I feel for Goff as he was a good QB who did not get along with McVay the reports say. So, with that out there, I made my first bet of the new season already. A future obviously. The only options on the board were the AFC and NFC conference winners. IE, who goes to the Super Bowl next year from each conference. The Rams an
  10. Your right about the commercialization and the shit music I must also add. Brady is soooooo overated. He is NOT THET REASON THEY WON. They won because they lost one of their key blockers in the Bills game, and could not keep the pass rush out. I do believe what happened to Reid's son two nights before played into Andy's mindset. How could it not? I am going to start a new NFL thread for the upcoming season.
  11. I dont play the stock market game so that is no issue. Paid in a ton of medical and made many donations
  12. God I dread this years tax's. I ask this guy a question and he acts like Mr Magoo. He is Mr Magoo. But I have nobody else in mind that can trust to fuck me harder. Last year I got amended and have no idea why? I finally received the federal return in the middle of July. Paid in a ton of medical. Mr Magoo wont give a rats ass. So, there. I believe in Mr Magoo
  13. I am glad you pulled through. There is someone in early 50s that a friend told me has 2 days to live. I am 63 now. Not gray or bald so do not look it but feel it most of the time. I have type 2 diabetes. So that is a worry. If you are over 65 the shot is coming fast to many. I do not fall into that group. So my daughter who is a nurse at the largest hospital in Rochester NY had it and the only symptoms she had was loss of taste and smell. Its a strange monster. But she is in early 30s. If I get it, I might be a dead man? Who knows. I am getting the vaccine you can bet on that. I thin
  14. Given the picks, Geoff is good enough to come in and have a good QB in there but I am no sure he is into it. He is pissed at the Rams and has made it clear. As for the Rams, just put them in the Super Bowl. I mean it. They are going to be a wrecking machine. Stafford with Robert Woods, Cooper Cuff, and Higby. Look the fuck out Rams in Super Bowl NEXT YEAR.
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