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  1. You disappoint me Jabe. EBK, I expected you to pick your team. But NE? No way. Seattle? No way. Bills are going to win the East
  2. She is my type! What a set of legs. OMG
  3. I cant see the Eagles losing to Eli and the Giants but who knows. Even if the Eagles win and if Dallas loses to the Rams. If Dallas is a game back, they would still win if they beat the Eagles head to head because they would own them on the sweep head to head I believe? As long as they do not allow the Redskins to beat them and the Eagles win vs the pathetic schedule they have. Look at the Bills schedule. Baltimore, at Pittsburgh, NE and Jets. I would rather win the NE game and Pittsburgh game if I have to lose to Baltimore. But I am just going to take them one at a time. Pete Prisco of CBS sportsline, their most respected handicapper, is picking the Bills. I think its a trap game for the Ravens. Won 8 in a row.
  4. Dont worry. The Eagles will find a way to keep it interesting. But I do not see Dallas beating the Rams. But the Rams will be more motivated if they beat Seattle. It seems their only shot is to catch Minnesota for the Wild Card. I believe the 49ers will beat New Orleans. And I believe the Bills have a good chance to win the East https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/priscos-picks/ see these picks!!
  5. Well it sure appears that Leicester City are in this thing?
  6. My week 14 picks Dallas Carolina Buffalo ( they can win this, and will beat Pittsburgh and NE) Cleveland Green Bay Minnesota San Fransisco NY Jets Tampa Houston LA Chargers Tennessee Kansas City Pittsburgh Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia
  7. OK. thanks. Very strange no playoffs
  8. Well I am going to try and watch the Baltimore vs SF game. I’ll cheer for Baltimore to make them less hostile for their visit to Orchard park next week and to help the Rams though it’s likely too late other than a WC if they wake up. Ravens at Bills will be interesting but I am more concerned with taking NE down. And we are ready. And Go Texans
  9. So tell me how this works? I can’t believe my eyes looking at the PL standings. Liverpool 40 points and Leicester City tied with MC for 2nd e 29. Do you get 3 points for a regulation win? Leicester has not lost in some time. Do you ha r any kind of playoff? Seems a bit like our hockey season with no playoffs that I know of. So what if Leicester were tied w Liverpool at the end? Chillumpuffer?
  10. Leicester City are on a roll!! Play Sunday
  11. I am not ready to say they suck by any means. Too much talent. They are not done like Skip Bayless says. They will likely have to beat the Eagles in that game. And the Eagles should be healthier. And no doubt will be out for blood. We have Baltimore in 10 days. Il be watching that SF game. Then at Pittsburgh, a game the Bills should win. Then a game I want the most. AT NE> And we can beat them. This is not the same Josh Allen they have seen before. But I am sure Billy boy is aware. Its the only game on on Thanksgiving so most of the world finally got a look at Buffalo and their defense. I believe we are better than KC. And we can beat NE. We had them the first time if not for that dirty concussion hit on on Josh. We will be ready for them. Baltimore looks mighty tough. Its been a long time since the Bills were this good. How good we still have to wait and see.
  12. Some payback. Yesterday Trey White did the Dak dance just before the final gun sounded at the "beat down in Big D"
  13. That was the first good opponent they played other than the Bills who had them on the last drive until a dirty hit sidelined Josh Allen. Things will be much different when we go up there in 3 weeks and give them a beat down they will not see coming. Josh Allen is not the same guy they saw two months ago.
  14. Now we must play Baltimore, at Pittsburgh and at New England. I welcome the chance to play NE. We can whip them. Baltimore? I want to see that SF game Sunday. I am afraid I am not going to be able to because of the stinking Jets and Giants being on FOX and CBS at the same time. My YouTube feed out of NY City I know will be the NY teams. Maybe my FUBO account will have the best game of the weekend? SF at Baltimore should be interesting. Can they stop or slow Lamar? I think the Bills can contain him. Stopping him is another story. He is a great player like Russel Wilson. But I am picking the Vikings to beat them. The Bills are a dangerous team. I believe they have already gone far above expectations. They let Shady go because they have Singletary. I know that we might wind up playing KC at some point. Mahomes is great but I do not think their D is nearly as good as Buffalo's. I cannot wait to watch Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe and watch Stephen A and Max Kellerman on First Take. I think Kellerman is going to change his opinion on Josh Allen now
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