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  1. I saw him play and often. Sure he was great. Not as good as OJ or Brown. No way. I cant stand Simpson but he was some player and if he had not done what he did outside of the NFL he would hav been mentioned much more often. Him and Jim Brown get my vote if all time. I saw Simpson run around the Steel Curtain like they were pop warner players and go 80 yards for a TD. 1st and 10, Fergy handing off. Then on a Turkey game they knew he was getting the ball every play, but could not stop him. I have seen them all of course except Bronko Negurski and guys that are back in the 40s
  2. Well that sucks. I would certainly hop they are ready to go deep in the World Cup next year. i do not like the rule. I wish they did like they do in the NHL, hockey, play until someone scores a real goal. Cant fault Pickford. I wish he had not shown his hand on the early goal by committing so early but he sure made up for it. Rashford should have had his. They needed to keep attacking after getting the early goal rather than go into the defensive shell. Italy was bound to get one with the way they kept the ball, like Spain does better than anyone. I thought the coach should have made some of the substitutions earlier. And he should have had them hell bent ready after half time to attack. Next June. Maybe the World Cup. Sorry my English friends MacGuire, Kane, Sterling played their hearts ♥️ out and deserved better. Pickford too. The popular kid that came in way too late could have contributed. Southgate all in all must get credit for getting them there. But he was out coached in this one. Better decisions would have yielded better result. And I would have only used shooters that were game involved. Rashford is the shit dick that gets my finger pointed at him. I would have buried that shot
  3. Fucking Leonard cost the Clippers the damn title.
  4. WTF? Dodgers beat up on Arizona 22-1. Best vs worst pretty much. Oh, I forgot. We have my Orioles. 😂
  5. I hope McGuire heads one by them. He is a big part of this on corners. I do not think they have an answer for him. Sterling too. Go England!!!! Would be nice to win this. So next year is in Qatar right? The World Cup is one year away? So we get two summers in a row of great soccer (sorry, its soccer here). Maybe you can cheer on my Buffalo Bills this year. They have a real shot. Some games will be played in London I believe. Not sure what teams. Again, Go England!!!!!!!! How about that beauty of a goal by Argentina. Only shot on goal I believe. But what a reaction. Great goal.
  6. The US government now seems to want the answers and cannot explain these events. There are many of recent. MANY. Which makes me wonder if we may be close to the day we get confirmation or CONTACT. In Montreal there was just a sighting over the airport that the government tried to shut down. Good luck Too many saw and photographed it. My money is on the aliens popping up and saying hello before Bigfoot. But who knows. This damn Skinwalker Ranch is the real deal. The new Billionaire that just bought it from Mr Bigelow said he was a complete skeptic when he bought the Ranch. No more. In the interview he states he and his team watched a flying saucer come down above the house and then it took off so fast it defied any explanation we would have. There is much proven crazy things going on at Skinwalker Ranch Its under armed guard and sealed completely around the perimeter. Better chance of walking into Fort Knox. Experiments going on daily. They say the Indians put a curse on the Ranch a long time ago. Indians still occupy the land around it.
  7. I thought the penalty was deserved. Other than that, England were the better team but so were Spain. The Denmark goalie bailed them out 3 time before the winning goal
  8. I wont be cheering for Leicester City any more. That damn goalie robbed England 3 times before the winning penalty shot goal. One on McQuire was just robbery. I believe McGuire could be a huge factor vs Italy and on corner kicks they do not have an answer for him. But the yellow card, unjustified IMO, does not help. It carries over right? So he gets tossed if he does anything they do not like? England and Spain are both better than this Italian team. Spain should have won that game and to tell you the truth, I feared the hell out of Spain. They are the best ball control team in the World. Period. Better than Brazil too. Spain can really pass the ball like no other team. I really admire them and I would have cheered for them had England stumbled. But England are in it and I love their chances. Maybe they can wipe that never ending smirk off their elder player. Bonacci or something? They will fear Sterling the most no doubt. And Kane down low. McGuire might be the guy that can get them? Like he got Sweden in the World Cup. Speaking of which, another big summer looms next year. The World Cup is in Qatar next year is it not? That loss to Croatia in the last World Cup never should have happened. I was really not sure Pickford would be the guy moving forward but he is now for sure. Not much he could have done on that free kick goal. It was not going to be stopped by any goalie. I really feel bad for that guy that cost Spain in the PK's. He is one of their best players too. Just a terrible PK at the biggest of moments. I even believed the goalie guessed wrong and had time to readjust? The young kid who came in and scored for Spain did something that really worked well. He hesitated before he let the ball go. That way he was able to read the goalie. The goalie dove to his right and he just kicked it hard enough to the right side and right in. When you chose to shoot high you run the risk of hitting it too hard and high and over the damn net. Like the Swiss did twice and it killed them. And after they stopped Spain's first shot . I will not forget how good Spain were. And will be next year. That said, GO ENGLAND.
  9. Congratulations to my English friends here!!! Now let’s beat Italy!! Being a stupid American I did not realize you could take a second shot on a PK, I have watched what we call soccer since early 70s when we had a very good Rochester Lancers team here. We played NY who had Pele back then in a nationally televised game we lost . I believe 2-1. I have never seen a goal like Harry Kane’s before. Great game by hm and Sterling. The yellow to McGuire was shit. He also played a great game. let’s beat Italy!!!! Go England!
  10. Well I am going with 3-1 England. Denmark has been scoring and likely to get one. But England are the best team. As for today? Italy and Spain is a toss up. Before the tournament began I would have said Spain easily. But Italy has been good. I still think this game can go either way. Ill take the over 2 1/2 Ill guess 3-2 Spain in extra time but will not be surprised if Italy wins
  11. I love MacQuire!! Beast!! 2-0 good guys
  12. How did McGuire wind up with Man United? Was he not with Leicester City?
  13. OK. Yeah, maybe too old for our old friend? 😀
  14. I am going with Denmark in the early game as is formed US women’s team player Julie Foudy. Remember, our men suck but not our women. I just think Ukraine are the weakest team left
  15. You like em young don't you? Like an old fiend of this forum did. LOL
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