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  1. Please change my pick from NE to the Jets. I will pm Strider. Its Sunday morning and the game is Monday night.
  2. What a joke Tottenham with a draw vs Watford.
  3. Well i would like to see them win also which means they are doomed. They have to beat Cole and Verlander. Good luck with that. And you know Cole is ready for game one and well rested. Its going to be a bitch. The Nats matched up great vs the Yankees. But not Houston. It will be a minor miracle if they can pull this off. And just think, they lost Harper at the seasons start!!!!
  4. How do you figure that? Because the damn Yankees are not there? You got one. But you are going to have to beat Cole if you get to game 7. I would think Houston will save him for game 7? But unsure. Have to see if its up. The Nationals will be decided dogs to Houston, but this extra rest is heaven sent. It gives them a bit of a leveling off perhaps?
  5. Very soon the Bills will be on the radar as major players in the AFC. I hope the Rams win tomorrow. If they do I wonder if its the end for Atlanta's coach? I think he should have been fired after blowing a sure win in the Super Bowl
  6. Well he is to miss 3 games is the latest news. Three tough ones. Green Bay and Minnesota at KC next.
  7. Well my Sabres went in there and took them out 3-0. Good start as we have the best record in the NHL. I know its very early
  8. This is true. Gurley is a major issue. But this will make the defense immediately better with Donald and Matthews to anchor the inside of the field. I really hope Mahomes injury is not major? I know nothing about knee caps? Or how long that could sideline a guy in his twenties?
  9. The Los Angeles Rams now have Jalen Ramsey. They had to give up two number one picks to get him. ALL IN? Maybe. I expect the Rams to win this week. Tennessee will start Tannehill in place of Mariotta at QB. A sure recipe for another home loss. I think the Chargers must be mighty pissed after the embarrasing home loss to the Steelers and after being picked to go 11-5 by many, they look like a desperate team. But I believe good enough to beat a pretty bad and inept Titans team. Ill take the Chargers this week. I will also take the Eagles to go into Dallas and expose them even more. The Bills now sit at 6 in the power rankings. Wait until Singletary gets back in and moving. Buffalo could march into Dallas at 9-1, or 8-2 on Turkey day and be ready to pluck those Turkeys down in Texas.
  10. It seems to me that the Nationals would actually match up better with the Yankees? Houston has the two stud pitchers in Cole and Verlander. But of course Strasburg and Sherzer are no slouch's either. Keichel is not what he was a few years back obviously but maybe he has saved his best for last? He is likely to pitch vs the Yankees tonight or tomorrow? The Nationals will now have the luxury of sitting back and watching the two American League teams slug it out to a possible 7 games. This giving them a chance to rest the pitching staff and anyone with any aches. They will be rested and that cannot hurt in this case. So its likely to be a good World Series. If St Louis had taken them to the distance then the AL team would have had an edge. But no longer. I will be cheering for the Nationals. Why not My condolences to the King. King zoso. Sorry King. Not your series. But cudo's to the Cards for winning the central. Seriously. I had Milwaukee winning it. They took a step backward after it seemed they were ready to make the next step. Remember that guy named HARPER? Did he jump on the Harper ferry? When he went to Philly most believed the Phillies were the team to beat. I was one of those who fell into that trap. The Braves ran away. The Nats kept on their tails. What a job. They lose Harper and go to the Series. No pitchers listed yet. Rain might postpone this game. 100% chance at game time. I would expect Keichel to go for Houston but the rain would be heaven sent for Houston. It would be a nightmare for the Yankees. Maybe German is up next? Not sure
  11. Painful to watch Zach Britton bitch for the Stankees. Throw another one in the dugout Zach. Go Astros
  12. Thanks. Ill Edit. If it does not work Ill take Baltimore
  13. On Showtime "The Affair" is a very good series. At least until Ruth Wilson left. It really sucks that she left. Now only a couple more episodes. i am hoping Joanie takes care of that bastard Cruz
  14. 🧹🧹 I think the Nats are going to the Series
  15. Wow you really went out on a limb didn't you Jabe? Picking the Bills at last? Ill get this over with KC (likely can win even if Mahones does not play and there is a very good chance he won't play, so beware, that is why the low line) Los Angeles Rams (the missed FG is now a big deal) Buffalo (our schedule is pretty damn good the next 5 weeks) Jacksonville Minnesota (tough call, but the Lions really should have won last night. Vikes are far better than GB IMO) Oakland Houston NY Giants San Francisco LA Chargers New Orleans Baltimore Philly NE (gift schedule ends in two weeks)
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