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  1. LedZeppfan1977

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    So you are fine with our team being small market door Matt’s forever
  2. LedZeppfan1977

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    What good is a sport that is ruled by the almighty buck? Back in the 70's when they made these stinking free agency rules, they ruined major sports. The Orioles create Machado to see him bought out. Fuck that. Fuck Baseball. Fuck Harper.
  3. LedZeppfan1977

    2019 NFL Thread

    They could not afford Anotonio Brown? The Bills and him did not work things out. So the fucking Jets get him? Unreal. But he is a head case. I would not want to coach the prick. Tons of moves and more coming from the Bills. The only real head scratcher is Gore.
  4. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NHL Season

    Never been a huge Okpooso fan. He is a good grinder and he can score here and there. But Eichel and Skinner and Reinhart make us tick. That post Eichel hit was a tough one. Should have scored. It might have changed the entire game We really need to win in NJ today.
  5. LedZeppfan1977


    I was at the May 30 th 1977, Memorial Day show. I just found my damn ticket stub AGAIN after a brief scare and I have placed it in my Led Zeppelin Book, the new one of course, at the page of my concert. Only the beat up jilopy from Utica NY is shown for that day. A great concert two days after they had to carry Page off the damn stage the story goes? What a concert it was. The start is on the timeline.
  6. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NHL Season

    It was pathetic goaltending. And why would Housley pull the damn goalie down two or three? Asshole. Fire him and replace these shit goalies. Buffalo should have won this game. There is no way on Earth the Rangers can make the playoffs. Sorry
  7. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NHL Season

    Well my 2nd favorite team the St Louis Blues are finally living up to their potential and are the hottest team in the NHL. My pick to win it all
  8. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NHL Season

    Actually I think that honor now goes to the Ducks. At least based on their play and their coach was just fired. WE keep winning one, losing one. Cant get in like that. We need to reel off a string wins and I hope that starts with the Islanders tomorrow?
  9. LedZeppfan1977

    Jimi Hendrix

    It seems there was a great anticipation fo the release of their next album after Houses of the Holy. By then they were firmly established as one of the Supergrouups along with the Who, Stones and such. A very short list that would also include the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Even though the Beatles ended in 1970, they went on individually with great success. I believe the wait for Physical Graffiti was the most anticipated along with Presence. Wondering what brilliance we would be hit with next. It was nerve wracking trying to get a ticket to see them. Almost impossible.
  10. LedZeppfan1977

    Jimi Hendrix

    I remember clearly back then they had stated 18 months.
  11. LedZeppfan1977

    Jimi Hendrix

    There was a special about a studio that Hendrix used this morning on CBS Sunday morning. I did not catch the name but guessing its in Seattle? They said Led Zeppelin recorded part of Physical Graffiti there? I only remember the anguishing 18 month wait between Houses of the Holy and PG. Wondering if LZ would ever release its next album. They did not disappoint. I never forget putting the 8 track into my car player and hearing it for the first time. It was so strange to hear Trampled Under Foot. But anyway, this is a Hendrix thread. Sorry Jimi. No offense intended.
  12. LedZeppfan1977

    The Super Bowl Thread

    You cant really say that. True he played like a 23 year old in his first SB. But Cooks dropped the two balls that would have totally changed this game. He dropped the one that would have made it 7-3 RATHER than 3-3. Then the bigger drop right before the pick. He would have tied the game at 10-10. Geoff put it right there. Geoff deserves credit for going into a snake pit in NO and winning. And NE had far more fans screaming in Atlanta. Geoff played damn well for a 23 year old kid. He will be back and he will win the Super Bowl and maybe next year. The early lines are out now. Rams ranked number 1 by ESPN. Gurley being healthy would also have been huge. But he wasn't. Those that say the Rams are lucky to be there so are NE as KC had them. One dumb ass lined up offsides that had nothing to do with the play Once again the refs favored NE. HUGE holding call that was bogus AS BACKED UP BY TONY ROMO. So if you do not believe me, listen to what Romo said. It never should have been called. The hold on the center when it was 3-3, and instead of a first down and momentum for the Rams at the NE 40, it was 2nd and 20 at their own 30. A killer penalty and so was the bullshit one on the catch by Cooks for a first down. Krafts must pay them good
  13. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NHL Season

    The Sabres are right there if they can cash in on this home stand. We need to beat Chicago tonight. It would top off a nice parlay for me as I took the 76ers straight up money line last night at Golden st. The Devils are ahead of the Rangers in the standings are they not? Last night they blew a 2-0 lead. I am sure Remi is pissed.
  14. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NHL Season

    Stoned by fucking Bishop last night. How did Tampa let him get away? We have 7 games in a row at home. This is a crucial time for us to make a run