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  1. The St Louis Blues practice was stopped after positive test. Unreal. This damn Corona Virus is a beast.
  2. Not a serial killer but even more full of drama is Xavier Dupont De Ligonnes
  3. Unsolved Mysteries came back on, the show that was once hosted by Mr Stack who passed away in 2003. Anyway, some very good episodes. The most gripping is the 9 year old Nantes, France mystery of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes. Horrifying story as his wife and 5 children were finally found on police 6th visit to the home. So incredibly detailed was his coverup, not a single drop of blood was found in the house. He has put them to sleep with pills, even killing his two black labs, all with two bullets to the head, 22 caliber with a rifle he has recently purchased with a silencer. He leaves a deliberate credit card trail, is on camera at an ATM, taking only 30 euro, and then after discarding of his car at the hotel to the South of France, walks into the woods never to be seen again with a rifle. Dogs and police searched the hills and woods for a month. No sign of him. This is worth a watch. You will need to watch the caption at the bottom of the screen unless you can speak French. I would like any opinions? OH. its on Netflix. Not sure if its on other channels? Likely. I am streaming now. The French neighbor does a magnificant job of narrating this along with a friend and a cop or two.
  4. Got 3 Orioles masks coming . Just ordered. I hope they are a surprise
  5. So they play in Orlando? Nothing to worry about there.
  6. Are they playing in their own cities? Not getting much info
  7. Maybe you are correct? I thought they were going to try limited attendance? NY is going to have games here from what I heard?
  8. Lets see how the Houston Astros are treated? They dodged a bullet. If Covid helped anyone its the Houston Astros who were going to catch hell. Now if these games are in a Hub city they dodge another bullet. But if they go to Yankee stadium? Yikes. The Boo birds will be out in force
  9. I forgot that one and many others as well. And there is Tony Montana.
  10. Here we go. Good to see you are healthy. Many are not. `Maybe the Orioles can sneak in? Maybe not. But when John Means pitch's they are in every game
  11. Not me. But guilty as charged on all the past titles I have held here. The Mods know. So I have been cleared ages ago
  12. This guy Bob Gymlan is one smart and entertaining SOB. No matter where you sit on this. I am looking for the show that really discredits the Patterson film of 1967? If anyone knows of this, please post? Anyway, above is worth a watch
  13. Horse Racing has gone on during this entire ordeal. Of course many tracks had to shut down. In a month we will have Saratoga and Del Mar opening. My favorite tracks with no fans.
  14. Play Ball!!!! July 23 or 24 is opening day. And then in 5 days you have the start of the NBA and NHL playoffs! Feast or famine
  15. Tiz The Law is the horse, trained by Bob Baggert, the California monster of a trainer, that won the Belmont Stakes. The first leg of this years Triple Crown. Historical of course as the KD is usually the first leg. Its to be run in September. So this horse won at a 1 1/8 miles. Usually the Belmont is 1 1/2 miles. I hit the pick 4, a lousy $70. If Max Player had won, he came 3rd, I would have won $500 instead. I also won the P4 at Churchill for the same amount. So now this horse must win the Preakness to have a shot at the Triple Crown. He has a huge chance. I also think Max Player has a chance to ruin it for him at a good price. Ill see the entries and form when that day comes, maybe in about 2-3 weeks.
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