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  1. Just ordered my John Means no hitter t shirt. Orioles!! Now we need to beat Boston in this home series. Means next start at the Mets
  2. John Means pitch’s no hitter vs Seattle. Catcher costs him perfect game on KO
  3. Well we ended Oakland's 13 game winning streak, I figured we would with Means pitching. I went 9 for 9 at Draftkings on my parlays. I even had the Padres who pulled out a comeback win in 11 vs the mighty Dodgers. Bellinger is on my useless fantasy team. Useless because he is on the disables list. Killing me. I hope the O's can beat the over rated Yankees tonight, and the next night and the next. We need the bats to liven up like they did late yesterday. I see Boston plays the Mets tomorrow. Memories of 1986. My late friend I worked with, passed after that series of a hear
  4. Bongman, I am cheering for Stafford and the Lions in this case. I like Geoff. And I really hope he gets the Lions more wins than most expect. I actually believe the Lions can compete in that division. Sure they would be a surprise.. But Geoff has a huge chip on his shoulder. He is a a damn good QB. So you get a motivated guy. That means plenty. Staff will be motivated too and in my book, they will win the NFC. Barring injuries, they are the best team in the NFC. Hands down. They are going to kick some ass. Believe it. I hope Geoff gets the Lions a wild card. I do not think its impossi
  5. I wish I could participate in sports. But age and physical problems prevent that. Diabetes which I had the misfortune of getting about 4 years ago or so is a complete nightmare. Sports is a very good distraction from problems in the world. Of course there are far more productive distractions but its different from individual to individual. I agree with you in general about Americans though spending too much time on it So the big problem with the vaccine, if one believes its the correct thing to do, is the youth in this country. I cannot speak for countries outside the USA. But her
  6. Stupid bastard Hyde! No pinch runner and winning run thrown out at plate from fucking third base on a base hit and then he leaves wild relieved in with bases juiced! Means deserved better. We had a sweep and let a team that sucks more than us get away with a 1-0 win
  7. Multti tasking Paul? Baseball and porn surfing? LOL. Just bustin homer. I am watching YouTube. LOVE IT.
  8. One win and we pass the damn Yankees!!! Raise a cheer!! Lets go in there and beat Texas again tonight with the kid Kremer on the mound. I am predicting he shuts them down.
  9. It kills me how people handle this from one place to another. My wife just went to this hick library out here and the cow fuckers had the door locked and allow one asshole per half hour by appointment. OVERKILL. I have the damn vaccine now and going to visit a friend at the hospital it made no difference. Only one at a time. The other library in an actual populated area allows all in as long as you have a mask. Aren't you all happy I created this monster of a thread? Well, if I hadn't someone else would have. Carry on
  10. I may return to smoking it once I get the official go ahead. For now, narced up.
  11. So there was a woman on YouTube recently that gave an "insight" or whatever you may call it, into the whereabouts of Xavier Dupont LeDegonnes. The maniac who killed his entire family, buried them under his own house in Nantes, France. He was last spotted on a video cam, deliberately according to police, walking into the woods in Southern France in 2011 never to be seen again. He was holding what was believed to be the murder weapon, a 22 rifle he purchased legally and practiced with up until the murders. The rebirth of "Unsolved Mysteries", has this story and can be seen on Netflix. Its
  12. Boy Paul, harsh words comparing the AL East to the NFC East. Not sure Yankees or Tampa or Red Sox fans would agree. Hey, we won in Texas. I hope we can rip off a few wins. Wishful dreaming of course. Kremer today. And likely Means tomorrow so possible. Texas is not that good
  13. They will always be the Redskins and the Super Bowls they were in is testimony to that. You cannot undue it. Its just stupid that they ever gave in to all the bullshit and ever dropped their name. How many Indians do you see on a daily basis? And most of them could give a rats ass about a football team or its name. The Chiefs are still the Chiefs. Fucking ridiculous. Ill call them the Redskins til I die. Not that I care about them one way or another. Barring injuries, book me a Bills vs Rams Super Bowl right now. I am laying down money on both, especially the Rams with Stafford t
  14. IF you have the equipment and the seeds and know what you are doing. None of which is me It just seemed to me the stuff back in the 70s was better It was brought in from overseas and grown outside. Kick ass. The hash also
  15. I have much to lose if they can come after me. I have to make sure it has passed completely and its not just passed in the House. Lately something gets passed in the House and shot down in the Senate. Its all bullshit the way this country is run. I am also suspecting Schumer is the one sticking it to me on the sports gambling. Another head fuck. Sports gambling is legal as long as you drive to the casino, 35 miles for me, and make sure the Indians get greased. I have never seen an Indian there. Where are they hiding? They need to pass it online. My friend who was the best man at my wed
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