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  1. A monster of a team. I think they will get beat tonight maybe as they have their weakest pitcher going and do not expect him to pitch in the playoffs. The Dodgers should win it all. I went to Del Lago Casino today. got down on the 49ers vs the Giants. The 4 1/2 point spread looks too good to pass up with Barcklay out for sure. The Giants have nothing to stay with the 49ers. The Bills vs the Rams is my two favorite teams going at it. It will not be easy but I like the Bills to win, but I also hope Edmunds is a go this week. I like the Falcons to beat the Bears or the coach is gone. I love the Ravens to take down KC. We will see. I am on the record. Want safe? Take the 49ers over the stinking Giants who sent me to the local watering hole in a panic Sunday when I learned I could not get the Bills game on this freaking FUBO stream. I dumped their service pronto. I now have my own YouTube TV account.
  2. I predict that Denver wins tonight. If not, they absolutely win game 4 and then game 5 and they are going go make some noise. I will be surprised but not shocked if Denver does not win tonight. The Lakers were lucky to win game 2.
  3. Cosell was really something. Of course he had his bad moment with his "look at that little monkey run" call. That gave some of his co announcers a heart attack almost on set. Howard was usually drunk we learned on MNF. He was great though. Make no mistake. So I know Joe Namath was the Jets QB. Istill say he had one of the best arms ever. He could throw some bullet. But no mobility of course as his knees were a wreck from the beginning. The Browns were always good in those days. So old guys like us remember when Cleveland was a great team. They had Leroy Kelly in the 60s. But the Colts led by Earl Morrill beat them 34-0 in Cleveland in the 68 title game before the biggest upset in the history of sports that stands to this day. Super Bowl III. So nice win by the Raiders. I hope they pound the shit out of NE next week.
  4. I had a winning parlay ticket that I almost tore up with Dallas. Your boys got that late TD at garbage time, with Fitz. He is good at ruining point spreads. Seattle really made me sweat at the end. I cant believe they almost blew that game. So I am going to cash a bunch of tickets at the sports book at the casino, but I played money line on many and thus would have won much more had I laid the points. I had the Chargers and the points. AFC West theory strikes again. Sean, I think your Raiders could pull a surprise tonight? I would expect a shootout. Rams at Bills next week as my two favorite teams go at it. Second straight game i the Eastern time zone should favor the Bills but I sure fear the Rams
  5. Tough two point loss for Denver who are down 2-0. They have the Lakers right where they want them. Denver just loves to rally
  6. The birds migrated two days ago and they know damn well what is coming. ANOTHER MISERABLE WINTER HERE IN UPSTATE NY.
  7. I would like to see the Islanders pull it off but its unlikely. I do not look forward to an all South, transplanted fanbase, NHL finals. Its bullshit. Hockey is a northern/Canadian sport.
  8. I knew you would chime in on this. Wait until my Bills go into the desert and take your bitch ass Raiders apart!!! Can Denver beat the Lakers?
  9. I know one thing, John Means and Kremer, the new kid, are two guys the Orioles can build their roster around. We lose a tough game in 10 innings and that killed us for that series. Now they get the Braves. Not one single break in the schedule. Would you not think they could play the damn Pirates?
  10. So they closed the betting parlor you took me to when I was in California in 2016? Remember? To cash the ticket I bought in San Diego at Del Mar? I saw the stadium last night. Nice. Rams win!!!!! Nice too.
  11. So where is this new stadium that the Rams will open tonight? Oh, nevermind. Inglewood
  12. Yeah, I cant believe how bad they are on opening day. The Jets went in there and waxed them last year. The Bills had control of their game from the start. After 21-0 they got a couple of injuries and a couple of fumbles. The score does not tell the story It was never in doubt. Your boys won at Carolina I see. I have not seen highlights yet. Burrows just ran a 23 yard TD for Cincy. And Tampa scored but it was a lot of running. New Orleans defense sucks. Not impressed with the NE win either
  13. Oh man.. Just look. Orioles have won 4 in a row. Yankees cant buy a win. Orioles only a half a game back of Yankees now. Orioles go into Yankee stadium tomorrow night. Yes they face Cole again. But the back end 3 games of this 4 game set I like our chances big time. Kremer, the rookie who opened his major league career vs the Yankees with a 1 hit win, the pitcher we got from the Indians and then a new John Means who last night looked like the John Means we expected to see. 11=2 win over the Mets in NY. The only bad thing is losing Santander for the season That hurts. He was one of our top guys. This freaking Stewart is killing the ball. Plus we have Nunez and Iglesias and even Sisco and Severino are hitting. I really am starting to feel good about these Orioles again. Now I do not see anyone beating the Dodgers this year. The Yankees can be taken out of the equation. I am a bit surprised at the magnitude of their collapse. Its shocking and no manager can survive this in NY. It appears Oakland has taken command of the West. The Indians still have quality pitching. But the White Sox are coming. Tampa should win the East. I have hopes that my boys can keep winning and squeeze out a Wild card. Imagine if they knock the Yankees out!!!!
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