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  1. I hope you are all ok out there? And of course Jimmy, Robert and JPJ. God willing this ends soon
  2. The loss of flight MH370 out of Malaysia 6 years ago is considered the most baffling air disaster in history. A book by Canadian air investigator Larry Nance states that the pilot deliberately took himself and the 227 crew and passengers to their deaths by turning off the transponder before making the turn and flying some 7 hours over the Indian Ocean before putting the plane down on the ocean to keep the plane as well in tact as possible so it would not be found. The wreckage that has been recovered, especially the flapper on the small island of reunion off Madagascar, points in that direction and his argument makes perfect sense. The co pilot had turned his cell phone on, and that is highly unusual in a cock pit. The theory is he depressurized the cabin with the co pilot in it, thus cutting off the oxygen to the rest of the plane and likely many did not know their fate? These answers will not be known until they find it. Nance believes the plane is in large sections at the bottom of the south Indian Ocean. They are intending to search farther south, admitting they were wrong in their initial location and millions of dollars were expended. Very much of the ocean floor was mapped in that part of the world so not a total waste by any means. I am for Robert Ballard being put to the task. The guy that found the Titanic, Lusitania and Bismarck. I do believe they will eventually find it. If they can find the "black box's" they can learn the certain facts.
  3. There has been much strange stuff seen over Arizona in recent years. Including the Phoenix Lights of March 13 1997. Witnessed and filmed by thousands and along with the Nimitz encounters, the most credible UFO sightings of all time.
  4. He has nothing to win with now. He ha to rebuild. Bring the bitch's on. But you are right about this damn virus. Will there be a season is the bigger question. If there is I am very confident the Bills win the East. Jets and Miami can both beat out NE for 2nd. I fear the Jets the most. Miami is going to be loaded with young talent. But it usually takes a couple years for them to gel. But they have 3 first round picks too. Not sure if they go with Fitz if they do wind up with Tua?
  5. The stores are pretty dead today. I went real early. So far so good. I worry about my daughter who is in NY and has a 1 year old daughter and a boy on the way! Lets see if the Stimulus Bill pass's today? They want 30,000 ventilators in NY. NY leads in cases by far. What a nightmare this is. But at least its a virus that is not a death sentence unless you have severe respiratory problems and other conditions. Its mass chaos .
  6. My Bills will win the East and will eat NE for breakfast. Book that.
  7. Yeah OK. You tell me the plan with no cap, no QB and the Bills might now land Gordan from the Chargers. That would give Allen and their defense, Diggs, Brown, Beasley, Knox, Singletary and Gordan. Look out bitch's PS, I watched 4 analysts, Simms included, not Phil but the NFL channel guy, pick the Bills to win the East. That list will grow. Please put me down. On fucking record that we are going to kick some major ass! KC comes in here. Do not think we play Baltimore. Tampa has a fairly easy schedule in my opinion. Get the Giants, Wash, at Detroit and Chicago so who knows how tough those game will be? The team to really be scared of in the NFC are the Cardinals. I say they get in. Do not forget 7 teams get in now. Think you are keeping my damn Bills out?
  8. Bills land AJ Klein, LB from Saints. Also since the loss of Phillips to the Cardinals have added Quintan Jefferson from Seattle and Butler another DT from Carolina. They should just call us Carolina North after all of the players McDermott has stolen from them. With the acquisition of Diggs from Minnesota, our offense now has ALL THE PIECES in place. Its now up to Josh Allen. If he plays like he is capable, we can go very far. The division title is something we should win. I believe we will be the favorites or co favorites with what will be an over rated NE team. They were on the decline anyway even with losing Brady. I am more scared of Miami and the Jets than NE
  9. What is up with this love affair between Brady and Antonio? There is talk he is going to try and be signed by the Bucs and Tom terrific is going to get him in the front door? Bullshit. He is going to face fines galore and suspensions. I want to see what happens when he throws Tom under the bus. He is just a time bomb waiting to go off. I say he winds up in jail eventually because he is going to explode one of these days OJ style.
  10. I get what you are saying. NY they say there are now about 1000 that are positive. How the hell do we get to the top when it started pretty much in California? NY is the center of the fucking universe and that is not a good thing from where I sit. I am upstate but I worry about my daughter who works in Manhattan, is pregnant with a boy, and has a 1 year old girl. I am not that worried about myself. I believe I would survive it if I ever got it. I do not plan on it. I am not near any real threats and they have shut down the casino and the sports betting, no sports any way, and the store is the only place I must go to . There are only a handful of confirmed cases in Monroe County, the largest county in Rochester NY. I am about 20 miles SE of Rochester.
  11. Well the Kentucky Derby is postponed until September 5. BUT, horse racing goes on
  12. Well it did not fall on its face Paul. Feel happy your boys are going to get better in a hurry. But I do not think better enough yet to stop my Buffalo Bills from winning the East. Come on Billy boy. Bring your fucking worst!!!
  13. I find my life is certainly different. No sports, and now you go to the store and the shelves are empty. People in line for toilet paper, eggs, pasta, among the more difficult items to find. I am not in fear of the virus myself, I believe I could survive it even with type two Diabetes. I do not want to test the theory if I have the choice but if it happens, I believe I can fight through it from what i have heard.
  14. Luckily I have toilet paper. Just no brown eggs. LOL
  15. Fine by me but i do not make the rules here
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