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  1. Even better who had your Raiders 5-2, in first place with Gruden fired!! I expect Miami to draft a QB with first pick if they don’t make the mistake of going after Watson with the playoffs gone for this year. Even if they got Watson, they or NE are not winning the East. My Bills are. I would not have the knee jerk reaction of discounting Baltimore over one stinker. They were due for a bad game. Just like that lucky give away we gave Tennessee. We will go on a run and take the AFC
  2. So where is the integrity of the game upheld here? When the other team knows every pitch that’s coming? It’s cheating. They should be stripped of the titles! I am hoping Atlanta wins
  3. I was at the May 30, 1977 Landover show. Glad to know its rated the best in Landover. At the old Capital Centre. If you had not been distracted might you have rated it higher? Due to your poor dog's end? At least in this life, his soul is still hanging around you.
  4. im not sure it will be enough. They are very inconsistent. They go to Indy next week. KC does not want to lose their 4th game. Tenn sucked out vs us. We should have takent the game to OT or called a better play. Nobody is going to run the table and that goes for Arizona who are pretenders. They get a free one this week So do you think Watson is going to Miami? Do you think its worth the risk given his off the field problems? He might be ordered not to play by the league? Depending on his court battles. Also, if Miami loses this game today, and many of the cappers I follow believe they will, I think they will officially give up on Tua. The coach could be fired mid season if they lose today. I have the game under on parlays. Did not take a side. Too tough. Could go either way. Have the Eagles game over. NE game under. I hope the Jets win today. I have Carolina to beat the Giants. I took Indy with the points vs SF, and the under
  5. The Houston cheaters vs the Braves. Nobody thought the Dodgers would lose to Atlanta. I am cheering for Atlanta. Actually my 3rd fav now. Back in the days of Maddox and Smoltz and Glavine and those great teams I really liked them. Then when they had Nick Markakis. Houston is the favorite here no doubt about it. But Atlanta beat the best team. And maybe the Giants were the best team this year? The short best of 5 did them in. I never really liked the best of 5. I thought in baseball they should have done away with it. They did do away with it in the NBA and NHL> If you remember they had it years ago. Both hoops and pucks. And how the hell can you cheer for a team that cheated just as much as the 1919 White Sox? The White Sox are going to be good for some time by the way.
  6. Bills only an 11.5 favorite over Miami right now. I am surprised its not higher. We beat them 35-0 down there. Last time in Buffalo we hung 56 with backups playing most of the 2nd half in a game they needed to make the playoffs. I see nothing that makes this even close. I already have action on the Bills. Huge win for Cleveland to keep their season going. Still have the bitter taste of that bullshit end in Tenn. Josh doesnt slip we win. I hated the call. He should have either kicked or called time out to call a better play. Like the beauty they did on the two point conversion. We wont lose many
  7. The Dodgers push themselves to the brink over and over. Will it catch up to them this time? I am really surprised Atlanta has made such a fight of it. Of course I want the Dodgers. But I have always liked Atlanta also. Back when they had those great teams I used to watch them often. And when they had Nick Markakis. The Dodgers can now go back to the top of their rotation. They can do it.
  8. McDermott should have made a better call than a QB sneak. Fucking bullshit to lose like that. We will win 13 or 14 and meet Baltimore in the title game in Buffalo
  9. I was wondering how that works? They would have to give fans that bought tickets time to change the time? And how many games are left open for that? I hate to say this but I think Tua is possibly in trouble with your team, With the number and quality of high round picks they have, I think they draft a QB or pursue Watson. If they can keep him out of jail. They may trade up for top pick?
  10. Race 6 at Keeneland, a Maiden race (which means no horse in this race has ever won a race), GRUDEN IS THE NAME OF THE 7 HORSE. LOL> I bet $1 on him.
  11. I am very surprised they beat Milwaukee. Can never count them Braves out unless they have to play the Dodgers. Oh man. Tell me the Dodgers are not finished? NO> they are not. I am all in on the Dodgers!!! GO DODGERS!!!!! My 2nd favorite team next to my woeful Orioles. The small market has killed the Orioles in the free agent wins all world of crap sports in baseball and the NBA at least. The NFL and the NHL are better run ships
  12. Your money or your life! I've got a 38 caliber in this bag Mr Steinman. LOL
  13. Not many hockey fans here I know. But myself and Zepcoda are 2 and there are more. Are you around Zepcoda? I am so pissed at Jack Eichel. Star and best player of my Sabres. He want the total disc replacement surgery, never done on a hockey player and the Sabres will allow the bone fusion, a surgery I had at 39 and it went very well. Now he is going to miss the entire season regardless. If he had the surgery next week sure he could play in a couple or 3 months. But he and the Sabres wont budge. And a trade is less likely. Very risky. If my damn Sabres cant muster some goals vs Montreals 3rd goalie tonight I will lose it. But I have the Bills. Oh those Bills
  14. I saw a pic on YouTube of Shannon Sharpe all pissed because the NFLPA wants the emails made public I believe? I guess they have a right to see the evidence when you think of it. But for him to resign, its got to be bad? Its shocking. Someone had it in for him to have them released obviously. But he is an idiot. And the Raiders are idiots for paying him and that QB Russell something millions and he never took a snap. All he ever did was buy a big crack pipe. LOL. Fucking Raiders. One site I check every week is Kellie Stewart and her cappers. One of my most respected cappers thinks the Raiders will win in Denver. At first I thought betting against them was smart but I now tend to agree with him. They had this hanging over their heads all weekend. Had to effect Derrick Carr. They are better than Denver most likely as they have beaten KC and some other good teams here and there. Didn't they upset the Ravens? I love the Browns to knock out the Cardinals and so does my capper. Sadly, Mr Vegas is picking Jacksonville to beat your Dolphins No trash talk from Walter. His Cowboys are now mentioned in the top 10 for first time in a long time. I still am not a believer in their defense. But they are better than NE, washed up pricks. I expect Dallas to beat them. And I actually hope they do. The schedule gets tougher for Dallas later on and I see a very rough stretch weeks down the road. So I would not count out the Redskins or Eagles just yet even though it appears the Redskins have been not up to the task so far. Their defense has been bad. The Eagles have been the surprise offensively. Dallas likely picks up another game on both. And Dallas needs this game. The schedule will get tougher
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