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  1. , I am sure the disdain for seeing my name on top is widespread. Oh well. Let it be known, the point spread on the Super Bowl is a PICK. A true rarity. 54 is the over and under. Paul has made his pick above, if he wish's to bump it fine. I just wanted all to know the line on the game. Some might find it not important but let me just remind you that the two representatives of this game were 9 point favorites in the title games and both covered
  2. Any Ray Donovan fan? If so can you believe the season finale? Sucks. Cant leave us hanging
  3. Time for Jimmy G to get some respect
  4. Easy pickens. I wish now i had done a little bridge jumpin
  5. ITS SOCCER!! LOL Stupid rules. NO playoff? Stupid
  6. SLAM DUNK. I bet two teamer. KC game over 49.5 and SF -7
  7. Filthy shit bags that are Watford no doubt happy with a tie with Tottenham. Playing footsy wootsie no doubt to stick it to me
  8. CC Sabathia comes on Inside the NFL and man did he lose a bunch of weight. Looks better
  9. Did anyone see CC Sabathia as a guest on Inside the NFL? He lost a bunch of weight
  10. The way they are thinking is its not a skill position and young OL make the type of mistakes that cause penalties unlike veterans Belecheck 101 LOL Here is a link that has a good list https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/
  11. The new rule is to rebuild offensive line through free agency because you get veterans that are less likely to make mistakes like moving too soon? But sometimes great rookie offensive linemen are available from schools such as Alabama or Ohio st just as examples I think it would be tough for even the Bungles to mess up this draft? They should grab Burrows
  12. Just in case you all do not know, SF and KC are both 9 point favorites in Vegas. That is a significant number. So on the money line, IE, if you take a team just to win the game, you would get some pretty fat juicy odds on Tennessee and Green Bay. I would give GB more of a chance of pulling the upset even though Ill be shocked if its not a SF vs KC super bowl
  13. Unreal that he has survived this shit storm. I hate the bastard. I hope he loses 12 next year. I wonder if Cincy is going to be smart and just grab Burrows? Or like ESPN said, they can get a Kings Ransom if they trade down and still get a top notch QB? Tough decision. Maybe it would be good to do that? But they have a defense. Burrows could possible win there right away? Green is still there too
  14. Sam from GH? Yeah she is hot. I would like to see Haden in a bikini. Hotter Ill bet
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