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  1. Led Zeppelin - Live in Tokyo, Japan (Sept. 24th, 1971) - UPGRADE/BEST SOUND - YouTube
  2. Amazing quality. Thanks!
  3. Absolutely loving this. Been looking forward to this since LZR teased a video a few months ago.
  4. One of my all time favorite shows. Plant is in incredible form. Maybe a top 5 show for him vocally.
  5. Absolutely stunning footage. Must have watched 10 times already. Thanks to everyone involved!
  6. Led Zeppelin - A Tribute To Johnny Kidd And The Pirates (1990, Vinyl) | Discogs Worth around $30 I had this one and a bunch more. Sold it along with some other Zep boots to fund a few big jazz purchases. Only kept a small stack by the end. Regret getting rid of a lot of them. Here's the last picture I could find that shows a good portion of my past Zep collection.
  7. Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door (1979, "A" Sleeve Variant, SP - Specialty Pressing, Vinyl) | Discogs I believe this is what you have.
  8. -Discogs -eBay -Your local record stores I am still on the hunt for a LZ1 turquoise pressing! I had a few opportunities to buy a few a couple years ago but turned them down. Kicking myself ever since then. The only OG LZ pressing I own now is the Zep II RL. The rest of the studio albums are the Classic Records 200 gram AAA reissues that came out in the 2000s with the exception of the MoFI copy of LZ II.
  9. Just finishing up the entire Evolution Is Timing box set. Really nice collection of live material. Most of it I've heard or owned on previous bootlegs but was pleased to hear some new surprises to my ears. Again though, this shows what Page could have done for a 50th Anniversary release...
  10. You made a fantastic decision. The Project turntables are quite nice. Use the red cartridge for now and upgrade to the blue after. Let us know if you find the Classic Records reissues. It seems like eBay is usually your best bet but they are getting expensive. Check Discogs daily as well. I will also keep an eye out and reach out to you if I find any.
  11. This is awesome!!! Will be watching this over and over. Thanks!
  12. Got it. Did a bit of research because I wasn't too familiar with that specific model. Since its a P mount turntable, I would recommend going with the Ortofon sereies. Either the OM5 or OM10. I had both of these years ago on a few back up turntables and both sounded great. For an extra $10 I would just go with the OM10. You certainly don't want to spend more on a cartridge than your turntable is worth either. If anyone else has any input please feel free to add to this. Also, I highly recommend purchasing from Music Direct. Super fast shipping. Here are some links below for you. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?t=23677 https://www.musicdirect.com/phono-cartridges/ortofon-super-om10-mm-phono-cartridge?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=ppc&msclkid=a0dce987042818d026a7b62a483c7d02 https://www.musicdirect.com/phono-cartridges/ortofon-om5e-mm-phono-cartridge
  13. What model Technics do you have? What's your price range? Ortofon makes good affordable cartridges.
  14. I have owned countless different pressings of each album. Over the last few years I have narrowed down my Zep studio discography to strictly one copy each with the exception of Led Zeppelin II. All of the pressings besides Zep II are the Classic Records 200 gram QUIEX SV-P reissues which are significantly better than the new JP reissues and any of the original pressings (IMO). For Zep II I own a VG+ RL and the MoFi. I would definitely give the edge to RL. I also think JP is full of it when he says the new reissues are "the best these albums have ever sounded". Especially when he has the Classic Records reissues and I'm sure a plethora of many other Zep pressings on his record shelf. I would also suggest you upgrade your turntable sooner rather than later. The Crosleys tend to destroy grooves on the records because the quality and tracking force is not up to par. I certainly wouldn't be putting any of the Classic Records 200 gram pressings or rare audiophile pressings in general on those turntables. If you're not keen on upgrading then I would just go with the new reissues which you can find relatively cheap these days or some of the older playable copies.
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