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  1. Steve - Could you please send me the link too. Thanks!
  2. I would like a link please. Thanks!
  3. Okay. I hope either you or someone remasters it in the future. if it’s not any trouble, could you PM me the link to the 09/29/1971 show? Thanks in advance!
  4. Would love to see you remaster 03/04/1975 just because I don't think anyone has remastered that show yet.
  5. Sounds great! Could you please send me a link.
  6. What is the consensus for the best sound for 04/27/1977 Cleveland (Destroyer)? I have the Empress Valley version but I see there is a version mastered by Winston (Ohio Dr. Who). Thoughts?
  7. Has he posted a link yet? I did not see anything on the YouTube page.
  8. Makes sense. Lots of reverb and it just sounds muddier to me. I believe these were multi-tracked shows (24th and 25th) so hopefully we will see an official release some day.
  9. I have a question: Why do the soundboards for the 75 US Tour sound so much clearer than the soundboards for the last two nights of Earl's Court? For example - Seattle (03/21/1975) sounds so much clearer than the Earl's Court (05/25/1975) show. Is the venue somehow affecting the sound? I could see that for an audience tape but not a soundboard.
  10. Seek these out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 04/28/1977 Cleveland Led Zeppelin Boots (Two Source Merge) 05/21/1977 Houston North Bridge Remaster 05/22/1977 Fort Worth Liriodendron Remaster 05/25/1977 Landover Pseudonym Remaster 05/26/1977 Landover Pseudonym Remaster 05/28/1977 Landover Pseudonym Remaster 05/30/1977 Landover Lirodendron Remaster 06/07/1977 NYC North Bridge Remaster 06/21/1977 Los Angeles Winston Remaster 06/23/1977 Los Angeles Winston Remaster 06/25/1977 Los Angeles Winston Remaster 06/27/1977 Los Angeles Dadgad Remaster 07/17/1977 Seattle North Bridge (with video)
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