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  1. Been listening to this new release by Led Zeppelin Rarities. I think it sounds fantastic. Curious of other opinions from this board. There is also a link for the download.
  2. My mistake. I knew it was an Earl's Court show but accidentally pressed 3 instead of 5. In regards to 06/07/1977, I have a copy of that show you remastered; does this mean you're redoing it in stereo?
  3. Cool! So you're working on the 03/24/1975 show. Looking forward to it!
  4. That was quick! Apparently dadgad has already remastered this show. Downloading this morning. Have not had a chance to listen to it but the comments are that the sound is better.
  5. It always seems that JPJ dominates the mix on Kashmir. Would definitely like to see one of the fans like Dadgad, North Bridge, Liriodendron and others work their magic on it.
  6. Listening to it right now as I sit in the car line to pick up my seventh grader. Sounds great. Over The Hills And Far Away. Wow!
  7. Steve - Could you please send me the link too. Thanks!
  8. Okay. I hope either you or someone remasters it in the future. if it’s not any trouble, could you PM me the link to the 09/29/1971 show? Thanks in advance!
  9. Would love to see you remaster 03/04/1975 just because I don't think anyone has remastered that show yet.
  10. Sounds great! Could you please send me a link.
  11. What is the consensus for the best sound for 04/27/1977 Cleveland (Destroyer)? I have the Empress Valley version but I see there is a version mastered by Winston (Ohio Dr. Who). Thoughts?
  12. Has he posted a link yet? I did not see anything on the YouTube page.
  13. Makes sense. Lots of reverb and it just sounds muddier to me. I believe these were multi-tracked shows (24th and 25th) so hopefully we will see an official release some day.
  14. I have a question: Why do the soundboards for the 75 US Tour sound so much clearer than the soundboards for the last two nights of Earl's Court? For example - Seattle (03/21/1975) sounds so much clearer than the Earl's Court (05/25/1975) show. Is the venue somehow affecting the sound? I could see that for an audience tape but not a soundboard.
  15. Seek these out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 04/28/1977 Cleveland Led Zeppelin Boots (Two Source Merge) 05/21/1977 Houston North Bridge Remaster 05/22/1977 Fort Worth Liriodendron Remaster 05/25/1977 Landover Pseudonym Remaster 05/26/1977 Landover Pseudonym Remaster 05/28/1977 Landover Pseudonym Remaster 05/30/1977 Landover Lirodendron Remaster 06/07/1977 NYC North Bridge Remaster 06/21/1977 Los Angeles Winston Remaster 06/23/1977 Los Angeles Winston Remaster 06/25/1977 Los Angeles Winston Remaster 06/27/1977 Los Angeles Dadgad Remaster 07/17/1977 Seattle North Bridge (with video)
  16. Are you talking about the 05/25/1975 show "King Jimmy and The West Bromowich Blues Band"?
  17. That would be my question too. I have been downloading the shows that have been remastered by Liriodendron, Winston, Grame, Pseudonym, Bluecongo, Dagad, etc. which sound incredible and much better than some of the dry soundboard but I still like to buy physical releases from Japan due to the elaborate packaging. Are they cheaper than the ones on eBay?
  18. What is the preferred version of the 02/12/1975 NYC show? I see where bluecongo did a version of this show.
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