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  1. Has anyone gone on ebay and seen the prices bootleg albums are selling for ? I seen some go for hundreds of dollars. Over the weekend a 4 album set called Led Zeppelin Live sold for over 300.00. Makes me think i should get of my boot album collection.
  2. I was there that day. I was on the floor , never saw any fighting in front of the stage. In fact i climed the wall in front of the stage during the show. Both page and plant saw me . There was no fence when i climed the wall. I still have all the newspaper clippings about the show. I was outside the dome around noon. Bought a shirt from some girl who told me the shirt was 5 bucks i gave her a 10 and she gave me 7 dollars change. Pot was good in those days. I was smokin thai stick all day. In all it was an event i'll never forget. Seen a bunch of shows there. Zep was one of the best.
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