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  1. This would seem to answer your question. Looks like Plant was wearing a black cardigan(?) over the white sweater:
  2. I'm inclined to believe that this new set is the December 10 date. Here's why... The Marquee shots included in the 2014 Super Deluxe book have all four members in different outfits than the two circulating color shots of the band at the Marquee. Additionally, Bonham's hair is very close to what it looked like in September 1968 compared to his hair in January 1969. Excerpt from the strip of negatives from the (presumed) October Marquee show: Better look at Page's outfit at the (now presumed) October Marquee show (not the green psychedelic shirt in the new shot): Th
  3. Since you asked, I may as well share with everyone the email you sent under your Argenteum Astrum alias this morning (not to mention, Paul, that only the last 20 minutes of this show is new and "unhearded" - so much for false advertising). I hope Gerry Olsen's kindness and our hard work getting this stuff out for free brings a nice profit for yourself and T2K!
  4. What's on YouTube is source 1. It's currently up on DIME and Led Zeppelin Boots will have it up on his YouTube channel soon.
  5. While it is of course unsurprising to see our liberations being bootlegged, can't say I'm not embarrassed to see T2K jumping on this bandwagon so quickly. Disgusting.
  6. On the eve of the 49th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's concert at Western Springs Stadium in Auckland, I am proud to partner with Lloyd Godman in premiering this never before seen 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin in Auckland, 1972! He found it in a shed back in 2019 and had it transferred locally and synced up by me. Special thanks to Lloyd Godman for filming this wonderful footage, as well as goldenretriever157 from The Dogs of Doom for helping facilitate contact with Lloyd! News article about the footage and a radio interview with the filmer can be found here: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/n
  7. I'm very proud to unveil this new footage from the 1975.01.31 Detroit gig! For the first time we see the band actually playing How Many More Times from this tour. The vantage points are amazing. Near the end Greensboro and the first MSG show help fill in some audio gaps. Unfortunately some of the transitions to still photos are native to the source but I have eliminated them to the best of my ability. Special thanks to Marty for filming and sharing, to Keith Schoen for all his help with getting this to me, as well as Glyn from The Dogs of Doom for digitizing.
  8. Fucking phenomenal show, Rob kills it the whole way through!!
  9. This is a multitrack fragment, not a soundboard. It also has Moby Dick.
  10. The full gallery is linked on the same post...
  11. Not sure where the estate was located but the photos were purchased from someone in California.
  12. A couple weeks ago some of us at The Dogs of Doom had the opportunity to purchase a set of 79 uncirculated 35mm slides. The slides were found at an estate sale, photographer is unknown. Unfortunately some of the film has been contaminated with mold, but the photos that survive are some of the best shots I think I've ever seen of the band. Special thanks to the following for helping to make this happen: Glyn, Blockbuster, adam_777, ledzepfilm, Sticks of Fire, CaptCrunge and Vinnie (June72) Full gallery available here: https://imgur.com/a/PCrlUj4
  13. Your Time is Gonna Come was performed at Tokyo 9/24/71 during the Whole Lotta Love medley. As people said above... what's up with all the Destroyer? You could find superior versions of almost all of those songs.... and I'd refrain from Berlin 1980 as much as possible except for maybe the Whole Lotta Love. For White Summer go RAH or 6/21/77.
  14. I have also done a re-edit of the concert with a more extensive approach to re-arranging the footage to match the audio and fixing any weird anomalies and timing errors and adding on some different musical passages. If you'd be interested in this, send me a DM.
  15. I may be the critic here... while it is impressive work through AI technology, I don't see the appeal in this. You're not gaining much detail by artificially upscaling footage that wasn't shot in HD, and as a result you have a lot of smoothened, sharpened, and blurry lines that give the illusion of 4K quality.
  16. Yes... had to use the 4/28/77 audio for that section (and some of Pontiac for No Quarter).
  17. With the permission of the original filmer, I am very proud to unveil a brand new 1977 8mm film from the famous "Destroyer" show! He also took 35mm slides at the show, which you can see here (note the confirmation of Jimmy playing Kashmir with the #2 Les Paul): https://imgur.com/a/GKJQhT6 Special thanks to the filmer for kindly taping and lending out his reel, Genesismuseum for their gorgeous 2K digital transfer, and ledzepfilm, TAFCIA, June72, publicnemy3, Sticks of Fire, Ed, and Bert13 from The Dogs of Doom for funding the digital transfer. Please, if you have old f
  18. The first shot is Sydney, the bottom two are Melbourne.
  19. The community is forever grateful for whatever you can provide! Thank you for sharing this with us.
  20. I've seen a few mentions of Gallows Pole, but not Rock and Roll. Would you recall Friends and/or Tangerine being performed? These are rumored rarities but have yet to be confirmed.
  21. Glad to be a part of this through syncing the audio. Very happy to see this footage finally out there -- hopefully others could follow in suit with this.
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