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  1. Just got done with 8/11/79 . . 40 years to the day. .
  2. Listening to Seattle 7.17.1973 . . 46 years to the day. . Amazing show from my favorite era. .
  3. 7/6/73 Chicago . . . 46 years to the day. . 1st night of the 2nd part of the 73 tour. . Rusty but in form. . They were the biggest band in the world (as they are today). . Not the greatest show but the best nonetheless:):)
  4. I really like the cover work. . Wish there was some of this on JPxJP. . So is this it? A couple books and some what not? He will for sure have copies not signed for sale. .
  5. I still dont get the BS Phil gets. After reading this I watched it again (for the 218th time) and as a musician (Im a drummer) I believe he gets shit where its not warranted. I understand this is beating bones for most but lets be honest the best thing was JPJ. Robert cracked and missed cues. .JP was JP. . Thompson was the main set and is the only one really in the mix (and blew WLL). .Sure PC is mic'd but I barely hear it. .Im not a big PC fan as a singer dummer whatever I just think he gets a bad rap. .Dead. .Horse. .Beaten
  6. Great job;) You can see he is havin a blast. .
  7. Love your reference:). . that and the silver hot pants with a Hitler stash to boot. .It is all done for show. .which is why everything today sucks b/c weve seen it all. .
  8. 1986. . thanks to an old friend named Mona Lisa and my moms LP set. .LZ I was in it which I took (and still have). .A few months later I heard IV and never been the same. .
  9. June 21 1977. . 42 years on and still one of the best if not the best. .
  10. I think this is better than LZ x LZ. . A must have for anyone who loves the live stuff:)
  11. Killer year for sure! What's your personal best year?
  12. I got to wondering about what year MSG had the biggest acts in the world and my opinion is that 1977 was a banner year. In no order: Kiss, Queen, LZ, ELP, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Eagles, CSN, Yes, Rod the Mod, and Pink Floyd. It doesn't get much better than that. Comments? What was your personal best year for shows? 2018 was awesome for me. . 2 Robert Plant shows, The Cult/STP/Bush, Greta Van Fleet, BORNS, Faster Pussycat and one more I think. . PS Happy New Year Zep Heads!! Let's hope the Zep 50th is full of great stuff:)
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