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  1. I'll never forget going through my mother's records with my friend back in 1986 when I was 13 and we found LZ I. . .She was like "you're gonna love this. . put on ICQYB!". . I've been obsessed ever since:)
  2. fookin hell the LAST show!! You bein there not paying attention to the recording. . How was it? Can I get some details of your day??:)
  3. Did you end up getting to see them in 77 chef?
  4. Timeline doesnt add up. . He met Maureen in 66 at a concert and Carmen was born in 68. . TYG is 64-65. . Look into What is and what should never be. . Ive heard that is about Shirley. . It is clear he loved both sisters and I think he even had a boy with Shirley as well. .
  5. Ive been crowd surfing before but never in a ticket line:)
  6. 1973 is my favorite year so this is a welcome addition. Thanks to 315 for putting the link up on his YT channel. . After the going through the show it seems like the crowd is kinda out of it. . the boys are in good shape with Bonzo having a great night.. It kills me that these shows just keep coming out of nowhere. . Is this something EVSD had and put it out and ended up online?
  7. I have JP x JP and LZ x LZ. . Is this more or less a combo of the two? He remastered and repackaged everything to death is he now doing it with books?
  8. Is there a back story of who has owned it over the last 50 years? It means so much to us in this loop and I wonder if the current owners know. .
  9. AHAHAH! Why does JP feel the need to do such things? I can't bring myself to buy anything official since 07. . .
  10. Did you buy them at the memorial or at a show? I figured I'd see these on line for sale by now. . even a used one. I feel it makes them that more special:)
  11. Love this shirt. . Got mine in Tucson a couple years back at a RP show. . 40 years gone. .
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