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  1. 100% agree with this. . The fact that they will be in the hundreds of dollars is equally pathetic. .
  2. Its hard to believe these same arguments are still going on. . And why these wonderful shows cant get the respect they deserve and all the nonsense is put asidewith all the stuff we are dealing with. . JMO
  3. 6/26/77 By far the most underrated show of the LA run. .
  4. Hi Steve can I have a copy? All my NY77 sounds like. . well not so good:)
  5. A full version?? BTW Jimmy was almost turned into a Hetfield flambe and it destroyed the show. . Ive talked to people who were at Tempe 77 and consensus is the show was not bad to start but got worse. . Its no doubt a stinker and they wanted to get the hell out of there after JP was almost killed by their own crew. .
  6. Bozoso73

    Quarantine poll

    I think 12 is a no brainer so to go and pick another 3. . 11. . .6. . . 1. .
  7. Any idea how far Jimmy got with project and were there going to be songs from all tours?
  8. Vancouver 3/19/75. . 45 years to the day. .
  9. Just found out 9/28 SBD is being advertised. . I saw it on subreddit of LZ. .
  10. THIS. . Nothing from 75 when Percy was sick please. .
  11. May 3, 1971 - Copenhagen is one of my favs and was one of my first silvers boots. .
  12. No one could foresee what happened to Robert and his family. . Plus the beginning of the 1975 tour was a mess starting in cold weather states they probably wanted to regroup and then start the stadium tour.. which would have been epic. . They did have 14 stadium shows ready to go but it wasn't meant to be. .
  13. Winstons Badgeholders. . What an amazing NQ. .
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