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  1. Vancouver 3/19/75. . 45 years to the day. .
  2. Just found out 9/28 SBD is being advertised. . I saw it on subreddit of LZ. .
  3. THIS. . Nothing from 75 when Percy was sick please. .
  4. May 3, 1971 - Copenhagen is one of my favs and was one of my first silvers boots. .
  5. No one could foresee what happened to Robert and his family. . Plus the beginning of the 1975 tour was a mess starting in cold weather states they probably wanted to regroup and then start the stadium tour.. which would have been epic. . They did have 14 stadium shows ready to go but it wasn't meant to be. .
  6. Winstons Badgeholders. . What an amazing NQ. .
  7. Jimmy has more money than he can ever spend. . Why sell out the name like this? . . FAIL
  8. I thought the same thing and wondered why doesn't he slag The Wanton Song or Custard Pie? It has become such an icon as a stand alone piece that maybe he feels handcuffed to it. I only saw one of the members do it and it was Jimmy on the Outrider tour. He played it and the crowd sang it. .I have never seen anything quite like it:) I know he would have loved if Kashmir had the kind of acclaim STH has. . He is probably fed up with the Spirit thing as well since he didnt write the music. .
  9. Just got done with 8/11/79 . . 40 years to the day. .
  10. Listening to Seattle 7.17.1973 . . 46 years to the day. . Amazing show from my favorite era. .
  11. 7/6/73 Chicago . . . 46 years to the day. . 1st night of the 2nd part of the 73 tour. . Rusty but in form. . They were the biggest band in the world (as they are today). . Not the greatest show but the best nonetheless:):)
  12. I really like the cover work. . Wish there was some of this on JPxJP. . So is this it? A couple books and some what not? He will for sure have copies not signed for sale. .
  13. I still dont get the BS Phil gets. After reading this I watched it again (for the 218th time) and as a musician (Im a drummer) I believe he gets shit where its not warranted. I understand this is beating bones for most but lets be honest the best thing was JPJ. Robert cracked and missed cues. .JP was JP. . Thompson was the main set and is the only one really in the mix (and blew WLL). .Sure PC is mic'd but I barely hear it. .Im not a big PC fan as a singer dummer whatever I just think he gets a bad rap. .Dead. .Horse. .Beaten
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