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  1. Did you buy them at the memorial or at a show? I figured I'd see these on line for sale by now. . even a used one. I feel it makes them that more special:)
  2. Love this shirt. . Got mine in Tucson a couple years back at a RP show. . 40 years gone. .
  3. I trip on this more often than not. .especially when going down a forum rabbit hole. . People that had 6000+ entires and they were long gone 3 years before I came in. .But it is cool to see people still joining:)
  4. I always think about how he became a huge part of the Zep lore. Without him we wouldn't have 10 amazing recordings and even JP honored him in 2003 for his efforts. . Legend. . And I like others have all shows but it is fun to own a packaged silvers or vinyl. If he only knew what he did for the fans and his stature in the history of live LZ. .
  5. Hi Strider:) Good stuff as always. . Got a question about first editions of R.D. So in missing the first half hour, R.D. originals are missing IS, HB, and DAC (roughly a half hour into the show) and TTW as well?
  6. I would have to believe JP knows about "Digging Deep" and possibly Jason and The Circle doing stuff online right? I mean everyone is doing lockdown youtube shows. . Could JP be tossing ideas around or is this wishful thinking? PS Was there supposed to be some kind of LZ doc in the works?
  7. F**king Nutrocker! Coming back in the hot tub time machine:) I have a version of 6/21/77 that is so good. . (in you're honor sir:) that is so good I believe it to be the best ever. . Copenhagan 71 (Black Cat) is damn good. . Is there a better version? Q? What happened to LA 75? Were they just blown out by all things on tour? This should have been THE best ever. . everytime I try I cant get into it. . Or is it me? Maybe a Q for Strider:) Cheers
  8. Incredible!! Its amazing after all these years people are still finding things like this in their attics. . THX for sharing:):)
  9. Yes THX. . My first boot was Studio Magic and wondered how it got out there and what exactly was stolen from JP. .
  10. Quick question Strider . . Is this a part of what was stolen fom JP in the 80s?
  11. 100% agree with this. . The fact that they will be in the hundreds of dollars is equally pathetic. .
  12. Its hard to believe these same arguments are still going on. . And why these wonderful shows cant get the respect they deserve and all the nonsense is put asidewith all the stuff we are dealing with. . JMO
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