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  1. Who are some artists you're not too proud to admit that you indulge in?
  2. I'm with you. A complete soundboard with good mastering and quality packaging, I'll pay close to $100. Anything more just isn't worth it to the average Joe.
  3. I think only the one disc contains soundboard recordings. The three disc set is a remastered or earlier gen audience. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hey EVSD, Release the complete soundboard, remastered with some reverb, for $50 and I (and probably many other fans) will gladly buy the physical copy. Otherwise you're just catering to the hardcore group.
  4. But they were still due another album. So if Coda never happened and they went into the studio again, wouldn't another tour have followed? No doubt the guys (Robert) were wanting to split at this point.
  5. Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas is freaking awesome. Well written, well directed, well acted. Classic.
  6. +1 Wouldn't blame them if it's their last post. People should stop acting like the content in this forum interrupts their lives somehow.
  7. Pretty sure it's pure sarcasm. Nonetheless, it's very uncreative at that.
  8. They're a pretty good band and honestly, us classic rock fans should be grateful someone is at least attempting the genre and keeping the flame alive. I think their production is a little underwhelming but the spirit is there. Whether or not they evolve and mature and stop trying too hard will be the key to their success.
  9. Highlight the text and click on "quote selection" to quick quote. Works on mobile too. Regardless of whether their kids know about the details, a documentary won't be made outlining those details as long as the three surviving members are alive. The closest I've heard any of them come to delving into that subject was Plant with his interview with Dan Rather, and he was treading lightly there. So my point was that the only way a documentary that highlights the negatives of the band could be made is if their heirs sell the rights.
  10. That won't happen until long after the remaining three are gone and their grandkids sell the rights.
  11. WHAT IF ..this documentary is being done as a bit of an advertisement to get people ready for a new live album? We've speculated that the next one might possibly be from 1969, and this would fit the mold.
  12. Were the Ramones really "punk"? They sounded pretty fabricated to me.
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