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  1. gibsonfan159

    Greta Van Fleet

    Yeah, when they're comfortable with their environment and not worried about posing they're actually pretty solid live. They did a radio interview where they played acoustic and it was awesome. I have a feeling their agents and record execs are pushing them in this direction and that's too bad. Just let the boys play and dress how they want.
  2. gibsonfan159

    Greta Van Fleet

    Some nerves showing on that number. Two things: Their wardrobe looks like they raided their mom's closet of "going out" clothes. Just terrible. Is he supposed to be a native American Hobbit? Freaking high water pants AND shirt? 2- Their stage movements (mostly the guitarist) are extremely forced and over exaggerated. They seriously look like kids with tennis rackets pretending they're in a rock band. So unnatural.
  3. gibsonfan159

    The Ozzy Osbourne Thread

    Sharon has no soft spots. She's driven entirely by greed and power. Giving someone plaques to go on their wall when they have months to live is poor taste. "I hope you feel better" lol. How about, "I'm sorry for completely screwing you over and ruining your life". Ask Jake E Lee about Sharon. The bitch is evil and has a special place in hell reserved for her. I'm sure Ozzy had good intentions in this but the man is clueless.
  4. gibsonfan159

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    The quarry and the forest for No Quarter. Would've been an awesome idea to do a different setting for each song.
  5. gibsonfan159

    The Ozzy Osbourne Thread

    I seriously doubt Sharon had anything to do with it. She admittedly despised Kerslake and Daisley and had their recordings removed from later pressings so they couldn't receive royalties.
  6. I think that only beats Sticky Fingers because of Brown Sugar. I can't listen to the studio version of Midnight Rambler after hearing the ya ya version.
  7. Presence had two stand out tracks (Achilles and NFBM) and Tattoo You had two (Start Me Up and Waiting On A Friend), so I think that's very plausible. Go ahead and throw in every Stones album post 1980. They basically disappeared until Voodoo Lounge spawned one decent track. Babylon also only had two radio tracks (neither of which rivals Presence). I mean, I'm not trying to purposely crap on the band, but they've been musically insignificant since "Start Me Up." All opinion of course.
  8. Lol, it's all a matter of opinion. IMO, "It's Only Rock And Roll" and "Goat's Head Soup" are weaker albums.
  9. Robert stated early last year that there was nothing left in the Zep vault. I'm starting to realize that he actually tells it like it is and Jimmy is just playing bullshit marketing games.
  10. The Stones had like ten albums worse than Presence.
  11. gibsonfan159

    Random Newspaper Articles

    Those are some awesome pics of the band for such a low key publication.
  12. gibsonfan159

    Why did they not play at woodstock

    Must've been surreal for Page, hearing his own guitar riffs played by the opening band.
  13. gibsonfan159

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    Yeah, I don't think there's much hope for WIC simply because the production was bad.
  14. gibsonfan159

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    Opinion of course, but I think it was the most Zep-ish thing they'd done after the band ended. Yallah was based off a riff Page played during the 77 No Quarters. City Don't Cry was a cool little track. I didn't care much for Wonderful One though. Those remixes of No Quarter and NFBM are some of my favorites. And Plant's voice was extremely strong around this time. The Rain Song and Thank You are some of the best performances ever.
  15. gibsonfan159

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    I was not aware of an expanded version. Cool beans.