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  1. Nitpicking Page 10/9/1972 Osaka (The Overture- EVSD) An audience source that starts murky but clears up nicely after a few numbers. Rock And Roll- The three day break didn't seem to help Plant much as he still sounds weak. 1:04, squeaky vocals. 1:53, a scream/squeak mix. Solo- just the right amount of looseness and played with pure adrenaline. "B+" considering the squeaks. Black Dog- Plant barely managing the opening verse. 3:04, chord flub by Page. Plant survives the verses but I wouldn't call that impressive. Solo- 4:02-4:11, nice speedy run. 4:29-4:40. some choppy riffin
  2. In re to this 6/7 review it appears I missed a giant flub near the end of the song in which a giant drum fill from Bonham throws everyone off track for a few measures. Changed to a "C+".
  3. Maybe the same day (or close to) as these shots.
  4. Nitpicking Page 10/5/1972 Nagoya, Japan (Overture-EVSD) A distant but fairly clear audience source. Rock And Roll- Sounds like Plant croaks a bit on the opening verse but fine after that. Solo- sounds good with tons of energy. "A". Black Dog- A little squeaky on the first few verses. 3:38, Plant finally gets a reaction from the crowd. Solo- 3:45, not sure if Page is hitting this dissonant chord on purpose but it sounds off key. 4:35, straining on these bends a little. 4:45, a nice fast paced lick. 5:00, sounding slightly off key again. I think he might've had some technical
  5. There should be a "Robbed of $200,000" feature.
  6. Nitpicking Page 10/4/1972 Osaka, Japan (Wild West Side) Good audience tape. The version I'm using is a little brighter sounding and has the guitar more audible. Rock And Roll- Robert's high range is still lingering, but he's squeaking every other verse. Tremendous energy. Solo- recording is a little murky but sounds well played and perfectly phrased. Some minor voice cracks aside I'd call this a solid performance with all the energy the song should have. "A". Black Dog- Introduced as an old one but it's no older than the opener. Plant still squeaking but he's managing well.
  7. Nitpicking Page 7/24/1977 Oakland, CA (Alpha And Omega-Magic Bus) The last show the band would play in the U.S. Another decent audience source. TSRTS- Seemingly good start. Everything is fine until...First solo- an absolute slopfest. I don't think Jim actually hits one note with any amount of articulation. And not to be out done, Robert's return has him yodeling some screechy vocals. Outro solo- More of the same. Bonham and Jones sounded good though. Barely a "B". Sick Again- 0:18, some hesitation before Jim comes in and The Rover licks are sticky. Sounding good once they g
  8. I mean, anything is an improvement over the unofficial sources. Maybe EVSD will do the entire thing and charge $1,000 for it.
  9. Nitpicking Page 7/23/1977 Oakland, CA (Alpha And Omega- Magic Bus) A decent, slightly muddy audience source of the second from last show the band would ever play in the U.S.- a show also marred by backstage antics that sent some of the Zep entourage to jail for a day. TSRTS- Sounds like a solid energetic start. 1:36, some terrible chording by Page, otherwise decent verses. First solo- starts ok, but Page sounds out of time on the riffing at 2:51. Second solo- a little loose but not terrible. A fairly decent, energetic start. "B+". Sick Again- Loose intro with some off notes
  10. Yet if someone with a different idealistic stance that you didn't agree with used this exact same logic to support their argument, you and many others here would chant "bullshit" and change your target (as you've all done many times). Or is it that the media, politicians, and technocrats have only lied to one side? Funny how quickly people join the protest when it's their lives being inconvenienced. But somehow their protest is more justified. Go ahead and get your shots in before they shut it down.
  11. Nitpicking page 7/21/1973 Providence, RI (DADGAD remaster) A very listenable remastered audience recording featuring an excellent Plant and blazing Page. Rock And Roll- The usual energetic start. Plant doesn't sound too bad for 73, just a little scratchy. Solo- good start, but at 2:30 JPJ jumps the gun and gets ahead of the beat by a measure while Page tries to tailor the solo to match. It's a near disaster but they get back on track for the returning verses. 3:45, Plant hits a decent air-raid. "B" considering the timing flub. Celebration Day- Blazing start. 1:35, an off no
  12. Nitpicking Page 10/3/1972 Budokan (3 Source Merge**/ The Explosion-Flagge and Live At The Big Hall-TDOLZ***) Audio for this is a combination of the two above mentioned sources with a separate source used for the introduction. A slightly distant but fairly clear audience recording for the first half, then a muddier source toward the end. Rock And Roll**- Tremendous energy out of the gate. Plant sounding a little hoarse again for this show. Solo- murky but sounds like solid playing. "B+" considering some squeaky vocals. Black Dog**- Hard hitting verses with a good tempo. 1:
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