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  1. Nitpicking Page 9/28/1971 Osaka, Japan (Please Please Me- EVSD) The fourth show in the run. This starts as a boomy audience source and switches to the soundboard. Immigrant Song- Rob sounding good on the opening notes. Frantic tempo and energetic vibe. Solo- opening pull-offs sound good. 2:42, Page launches into some speedy, alternating phrases. 3:32, the ascending riff. Strong performance. "A". Heartbreaker- Thundering intro and verses. Solo- Pull-offs sound good. The audience claps along to the rockabilly section. Skipping Bouree this time. The smear section is as nasty as it
  2. Yeah, I think so. There's only about four notes being played.
  3. Wait, didn't Phil Carson play bass at a later Zep show? Could he be filling in here?
  4. I was assuming he used the stand up bass on 9/28 but I could be wrong.
  5. 9/28/1971 Bron Y Aur Stomp, who's playing bass and who's playing mandolin? Jones is good but I don't think he's doing both.
  6. I think the issue might've come with the treatment for pain.
  7. I purposely didn't look at my previous ratings to see how they'd compare. It's pretty obvious that a soundboard reveals more flaws, or at least exaggerates them, more than an audience source. So the ratings are really "in the ear of the beholder", but I'll always say a soundboard is more accurate for a technical analysis. Brussels is a possibility.
  8. Nitpicking Page 1/18/1975 Bloomington, MN (Dogs Of Doom source) The Dogs Of Doom (Discord) come through again with a decent audience source. Missing IMTOD, and the encores. Rock And Roll- Plant sounds like 1975 Plant, using the opening numbers to warm up. Good verses. Solo- a little choppy on the transitions but the phrasing is good. Good outro verses. Not too bad. "B+". Sick Again- Plant a little better but still raspy. Good energetic tempo. First solo- perfectly played and phrased....until 1:58, where Page flubs a note badly. 2:15, easy Rob. Outro solo- starts off good wi
  9. Those dogs are naturally that skinny. He wasn't starving them.
  10. Nitpicking Page 9/27/1971 Shiei Taikukan Hall, Hiroshima (Love And Peace- EVSD) Third show in Japan. A good audience source spliced by inferior sources. Immigrant Song- A little slower but heavier tempo. Plant not sounding as strong as the previous shows and singing with less enthusiasm. Solo- starting with the usual pulloffs then getting an excellent flow going. 2:55, some off notes. 3:00-3:09, Page repeats an odd sounding phrase. 3:28, the ascending phrase to signal the end. Not the best solo. Lacking the punch of the previous shows. "B". Heartbreaker- 0:36, Plant hesita
  11. Nitpicking Page 7/20/1973 Boston, Mass. (Maloney Source) I received some requests to do this one as there might be some hidden gems. Plant is pretty rough here even for 73 but I'll overlook that as much as possible for the ratings. This is a slightly murky and boomy audience source, but still quite listenable. Also a shortened setlist because of an unruly Boston crowd. Rock And Roll- Plant sounding incredibly rough. Solo- textbook precision until 2:25 where Page plays the last phrase a little early. Nothing too noticeable however. A tough call with these vocals, but let's be ni
  12. We will. And you'll be proven wrong just like all conspiracy nuts are. Then you'll move on to some other bullshit.
  13. Nitpicking Page 9/24/1971 Budokan, Tokyo (Source Mix) Immigrant Song- Opening vocals sounding powerful. Verses all played well. Solo- Page's phrasing builds tension and suspense as he plays fluidly throughout. 3:30. Excellent ascending power chords to end. "A+". Heartbreaker- Fast tempo with tremendous energy. 0:50, Bonzo throwing in extra fills. Solo- pulloff and smear sections sound fantastic with explosive energy, though he skips the rockabilly phrasing. Bouree and 59th Street are played perfectly. The fast section features fluid playing and nice phrasing all the way through,
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