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  1. A bias checker that checks bias checkers that check bias checkers... At least it's a starting point for proven misinformation about the virus.
  2. Because the video is edited to make it look that way. He's simply saying that if prices and availability are beyond the citizens capability of acquiring it, then they'll have to make more prison soap for the public. You got duped again. Much less plausible. That was determined from the get go due to the complexity of the virus. Exactly what area of science did you get a degree in? Male enhancement studies?
  3. The foremost experts on the matter started at this point until more facts presented themselves because it was a realistic cause. Absolutely no experts started with it being made in a lab. Only you and your moronic, conspiracy pushing buddies went that route.
  4. More bullshit conspiracy pushing from Captain Bullshit himself and his YouTube education. The product is made by the state's prisons and given for free due to shortages. Now there's obviously a moral dilemma on forcing prisoners to work, but tell that to any prison system of the last 150 years. And don't even bring military industrialism into the picture. Only the lowest forms of life in existence use a situation like a pandemic to push their bullshit political nonsense. Congratulations, you're the winner.
  5. You'll think civil unrest when your ass is on a ventilator.
  6. Fake news tracker https://www.newsguardtech.com/coronavirus-misinformation-tracking-center/
  7. Says the conspiracy fooled autistic person.
  8. You know what? You're right. Page was in peak physical condition 1979-1985 and he played more consistently and better than ever. Speculate on that.
  9. Let me break it down for you; Foreshadowing means you can see hints for things to come. The consistency of their performances was dropping in 1980 mostly due to Page's condition. Bonham being alive or dead didn't exactly affect Page's habits, so that's a moot point. You think if Bonham were behind the kit for Live Aid Page wouldn't have been zonked out of his brain? I don't know what you're referencing here. The fact that Jones stated several times he wanted to do other things outside the band? That's no secret. Absolutely not speculation. Anyone who has watched a good amount of Plant interviews knows he strayed from questions about his former band and did everything but flat out roll his eyes when people pressed him on Zep. His shows great humility on his former role and pokes fun at the overblown egos and image constantly. I don't know what you're referencing with his son's death. I know power drumming was no longer a thing, which was evident on ITTOD. Aside from the Purdy shuffle on Fool In The Rain, Bonham could've been any drummer on the album. But I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say that his presence would've inspired the others to craft better songs. And we saw what Page accomplished in the 80s, no argument there. Mediocre at best as his creative drive was depleted. If Bonham hadn't died and the guys still went full blast, you can almost guarantee that Page would've been the one gone. As far as Plant's first album goes, I think it's very similar to a Zep sound. Though if Jones had his say like he did with ITTOD, they might've transformed into a full blown synth pop/New Wave act. Maybe instead of a Droog outfit we could've seen Bonzo come out wearing neon pants. Speculation of course.
  10. The sun was setting on the band in 1980 whether we want to accept it or not. Over indulgence and distancing between members was evident and there was strong foreshadowing of the Live Aid and the Atlantic Anniversary disasters on the 1980 tour. As talented as they were individually, I don't think they were capable of readjusting their sound to still be musically significant in the 80s, especially Page. Hard to say it but I think he was starting to become the thorn in the group's side. If Plant's reluctance to even talk about Led Zeppelin after the band's end tells us anything, it's that he was looking to jump ship anyway and Bonham's passing gave him the opportunity to finally free himself of the "Zep front-man" stereotype that you could tell he came to despise. Page needed cleaning up and Jones needed a break to work on whatever mediocre orchestrated soundtrack routine he'd been yearning to do since the mid-seventies. The bond and energy that made these guys so explosive in the beginning had faded and they were more akin to a married couple sleeping in separate rooms. Let's be honest, Led Zeppelin turned into Robert's solo career. That's the sound they were headed for anyway so that's probably pretty similar to what we would have gotten.
  11. He did focus on it- for about 15 seconds which is the limit of his attention span. "In his first public comments about the virus, on Jan. 22, Trump told the public he wasn’t worried. “Not at all,” he said. “We have it totally under control.” Throughout February, Trump dismissed Democrats’ alarm about the virus as their new “hoax,” blamed “the Democrat policy of open borders” for the pathogen’s spread and insisted that his Jan. 31 decision to restrict travel from China had contained the outbreak."
  12. Then don't complain when society evolves to jerk money and power out of one group's hands and place it in another's. That's usually the outcome. "Survival of the fittest" is only a euphemistic term in the context of a functioning economy and can quickly turn to rebellion if those on the bottom can't get a leg up because a bigger (wealthier) leg is standing on them. It's almost like nobody learns from history.
  13. Didn't say they needed to be. Again, just stating the cause, not the solution. Never said they were. Just that people of any certain group will do what is necessary to protect themselves.
  14. What else could they do? Invade and take control of China to publish that 1%?
  15. Social distancing in India https://v.redd.it/2i44qyydwmo41
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