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  1. It's Tom Hanks. If he read the phone book it would get good reviews.
  2. Nitpicking Page Oklahoma City 4/3/1977 (Fucking T.Y.- Tattytura) I've gotten a few requests for this one so here we go. A boomy and slightly distant audience source. TSRTS- Solid start and Plant sounds good. First solo is hard to make out but sounds ok behind the screeching P.A. Bonham seems to be lively tonight. Hard to judge. but I'll go "B+". Sick Again- Hard to tell if it's the recording or the equipment, but Page's guitar seems to cut in/out on the intro. First solo- starts good but gets sloppy around 2:38. 3:25, wrong chords by Page. Outro solo- Page comes in erratically. 5:30, sounds extremely forced. "B" at best. NFBM- Intro is a little sluggish and not as tight as it should be. 1:47, slight chord flub by Page. Same goes for the verses. Harmonica- sound quality drops but the harmonica is up front. Nothing amazing, just ok. Solo- Page starts off with a good couple phrases but jumps to some very strained bends, followed by some speedy fingered and somewhat sloppy phrases. 7:10, Plant ends the song with some squeaky vocals. "B". IMTOD- A very solid start. 4:12, a little sloppy. First solo- phrasing is fairly on point from the start. 5:35, Page and Bonzo play off each other for a unique phrase. 5:54, a hang up as it sounds like Page forgets how to transition back to the verse. Second solo- Page holds it together a little better this time though it's very erratic. A heavy, energetic version, but very, very sloppy. I couldn't go above "B". SIBLY- A decent intro from Page played fairly well until :48, where he loses focus a little. Verses aren't bad at all. Solo- extremely erratic off the bat and trying to cram too much in. 4:25, some straining. 4:53, some missed notes. 5:18, confusion as Robert comes back in as Page seemingly wanted to stretch it out. A rusty sounding performance. "B". No Quarter- Good start as Jones' piano segment really stands out, flowing well with awesome phrasing. The blues boogie comes in well-timed, but no Page just yet. 7:57, a slight tape cut on my version. Jones' playing is seamless right up until Page finally comes in. 10:07, not good. 10:18, sloppy. 10:54, something happens as Page drops out and Jones covers his spot. 11:55, Page comes back in with some speedy phrases and sounding more confident. 13:20-13:30, Jimmy goes all out in a relatively messy fashion. 15:31, some more excellent phrasing by Jones before bringing it back. Page finishes up with some decent wah licks. Really hard to weigh the excellent showing from Jones against the near disaster of Page, as Jones is an "A" while Page gets a "C+". I'll meet it halfway and go "B". Ten Years Gone- Solid intro by Page. 2:14, sloppy chording. 3:16, again Page is struggling to nail the chords. First solo- Page is very reluctant to get a flow going, but not bad. Second solo- Much better. Third solo- Page let's loose here and knocks down some energetic phrases. Fourth solo- finds the groove again for some good phrasing. Outro solo- pretty straight forward riffing as it sounds like Page hasn't turned this part into a solo effort quite yet. Overall not bad apart from the couple of chording struggles. "B+". BOE- Some technical issues as it takes a while for the boys to set up. Plant sounding exceptional on this. Not bad at all. "A". GTC- I hear nothing wrong, a superb version. "A". BCW- A standard run through. B+". BYAS- Good start. The breakdown is played energetically and fairly well. Solid version. "A". WS- A sluggish start but the up tempo flows nicely as Page plays with passion. "B+". BMS- 5:09-5:20, sloppy. Matter of fact, this whole BMS is a disaster. "C+". Kashmir- 6:06, wrong chords. Otherwise a decent version. "B+". Achilles- A very unusual, and nearly botched intro. 1:46, sounds like some missed chords. First solo- some dreadful phrasing and Page is almost playing ahead of the beat. Second solo- some better phrasing this time around. Third solo- not bad. Outro is a little loose. Not a disaster but it's obvious they haven't quite got the groove of the song down yet. Page's improvised riffing sometimes sounds awkward and Bonzo's fills are off point. A generous "B". Stairway- Fairly solid first half with Plant sounding good. Solo- Page opens with the signature blazing licks but loses his flow some around 6:30. 7:26, Bonham attempts an odd sounding snare roll. 7:37, some bad articulation. Page gets the final bars down decently before the climax, which hits well. Not a great solo but overall not terrible. "B". Rock And Roll- Blazing tempo. Solo- tremendous energy but the phrasing is all over the place. Monster drum fill at the end. "B+". Trampled Underfoot- Good start. Jones gets a decent but short routine in. Solo- Page teases some slow bends before going insane. He catches a breather then finishes with more frantic phrases drenched with heavy delay. Not the most technical solo but an exciting one for sure. 6:03, a strange sound effect coming through the speakers. Ends abruptly. "B+". Final Assessment- Well, it's only the second show of the year and it sounds like it. A very rusty performance all the way through. The acoustic section did shine as the only part of the set played above average. Page simply sounded out of practice on some of these seasoned songs, and dropping out entirely for whatever reason during No Quarter. Jimmy wasn't the only one to blame here though as Bonzo was also playing in an odd fashion, with a lot of drum fills sounding out of place and off the mark. This show is very similar to 7/23/1979 where they also showed some rust.
  3. Imagine having firecrackers exploding in front of you unexpectedly for a decade. I'd be on heroin too when playing live.
  4. You know, he killed himself as he was facing prison time for "bootlegging" and now people are making money off his name and moonshining has been legalized to an extent. Seems such a shame.
  5. The color out of space- I was looking forward to this one as I've found the Lovecraft stories quite interesting. I'd rate this a 3/5 overall. The concept of the story is undoubtedly spooky- a meteor crashes to earth and just the color emitted from it is an alien life of some sort that takes over people's minds. The direction of the film itself? Not good. The cast do their part and Cage puts in tremendous effort, but there's just not enough detail to give this movie any depth. The dialogue is vague and shallow and although it's a full length film, it doesn't have enough substance to carry it. The creepy effect is there but it feels so shallow and short lived. It's worth a watch though.
  6. I think your question is going over people's heads a bit. Definitely 10th/23rd for me. As strong as the 21st is, I don't think the 7th can balance out the combo. There were a lot of nerves in that show.
  7. Well done. Sakurai is the second best thing to Page, very nice of him to join you.
  8. Nitpicking Page 1988 Atlantic 40th Anniversary Another video nitpick. The three surviving members show up yet again for an attempt to revive Zep, this time with Jason Bonham on drums.. Let's see how it goes. First of all, the intro video must be watched if simply to work as an appetizer to the performance afterwards. Featuring none other than Phil Collins, once again, introducing the band. Cringe level here is pretty high. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=634ZymrJfZo The performance Kashmir- The song kicks off with almost no guitar in the mix, which slowly comes in later. 1:00, Page plays behind the beat just a bit. 2:06, Robert kicks his mic stand down. 3:15, Robert's mic cuts out. 3:24, he gives a quick smile as to acknowledge that his mic isn't working. 4:23, Robert dodges a beach ball. 4:31, vocal flub. 5:20, Robert pulls on his mic cable which seems to be hung up. Seconds later he pulls again which results in a feedback squeal. Heartbreaker- A solid start. Solo- Page rolls up his sleeve to get down to business. 10:49, incredibly sloppy phrase here as Page diverts and plays an arpeggiated riff instead. 11:13, bad articulation to end this solo before jumping into WLL. WLL- Page goes straight into the alt riff for the song. Solo- Page makes an effort to follow the original phrasing but struggles some. 15:04, Plant hits a good high note. Not bad apart from the solo. Misty Mountain Hop- 18:36, Page seemingly jumps back into the verse a bar early. Solo- A little rough around the edges, but not bad overall. 20:30, excellent drum fill. Stairway- 24:30, Plant sticks a rose in his pants. 27:12, nice drum sequence here. 27:43, flubbed chords. Solo- Page nails a series of mundane, but decently played phrases. He doesn't attempt to extend the solo in any way as he jumps into the finale. 30:40, Page's chording gets very sloppy. The echo effect on Page's guitar did him no favors here, but it was definitely a redemption from Live Aid. Final Assessment- Not quite as bad as I remember but still pretty bad in places. The major flaws are the technical issues during Kashmir, possibly the worst Heartbreaker solo ever, a sloppy WLL solo, and a poorly chorded Stairway. Jason definitely improves upon the bad image Collins and Thompson created at Live Aid. JPJ was mostly ignored, just like at Live Aid. Plant's voice was in fine form however and Page's guitar tone for the middle three numbers was massive. If you can ignore the inevitable bad luck of these guys it's a pretty decent performance from some dinosaurs.
  9. "I can't give it all away". You just named two and they're only playing three.
  10. It's almost like being at a live show can create the illusion of a great performance, whereas for the first time since 1969 fans also got to see them televised- which made the cold hard truth of a mediocre performance look like a train wreck. Truth is, it wasn't a train wreck. It just seemed like it when you're watching it on a screen at home where you can notice the details. This was simply an over exaggerated response from fans toward an a imperfect show. 8/11/79 is the real blunder. And then there's Nuremberg 1980...
  11. Considering there's nothing new to promote by the band and nothing new to say that hasn't already been said, it's almost certainly just pandering to a collector fanbase who'll buy anything featuring their image.
  12. Nitpicking Page Live Aid 1985 First time video nitpick. A legendarily bad performance, so let's see what really happens here. Featuring Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Paul Martinez (Bass), Tony Thompson (Drums), and Phil Collins (Drums). Intro- This video opens with Phil Collins introducing the band. The stage crew are hurriedly grabbing equipment and scurrying away. Rock And Roll- 1:27, Page checks his tuning and it's obvious he's using a thick chorus effect. 2:14, Page throws a jab at a mic stand. Plant's voice is rough for 1985, more like 1975. Solo- now whether or not the guitar is in tune is hard to judge considering the heavy chorus effect, but it does sound slightly flat. The solo however is played fairly adequately. The drumming is a little loose but considering there's two drummers it's not bad. 5:48, there's a man wearing shorts that no man should ever wear. WLL- 6:22, Page looking a little too relaxed. 7:31, a tech runs out and adjusts something behind Jimmy. 7:50, Collins is lost and just stops while Thompson puts down the proper drum fill. Solo- Page gets a fairly basic, but good set of phrases down. 8:08, some confusion on drums. 9:09, Plant gives a look as to wonder if he should go for the high note. That's not happening, but he does alright. 10:02, Page comes in with an outro solo, a little inarticulate but not terrible. Stairway To Heaven- 11:44, Page does a very strange gesture. 12:37, the look Plant gives Page shown above. Page is fairly consistent so far. 15:14, a drum count in can be heard although it's not time for them to come in. 16:13, Page discards his scarf but it ends up hanging around his guitar cable. 17:34, Collins again not really playing as he follows Tony's lead. 18:20, Page's guitar again sounding a little flat. Solo- decent phrasing off the bat, but he's playing very reserved. 18:35, a cymbal flies off Rob's tambourine. 19:07, the drumming starts getting very messy here. Page utilizes lots of powerful bends in place of articulate phrasing, but it's an effective solo overall. 19:35, Page starts the final four phrases of the solo but Plant jumps in after only two measures, ending the solo prematurely. 21:42, those shorts again. Final Assessment- “Jimmy says, ‘We need to rehearse.’ And I said,: ‘Can’t we just go on stage and have a play?’ -Phil Collins. Was Phil the center of this televised disaster? Probably not. It's obviously a culmination of Plant being hoarse, Page being out of it, and under-rehearsed guest musicians. But let's be honest here, I haven't nitpicked anything from this show that comes anywhere close to rivaling the worst of Zep from previous years. Compared to Plant's previous hoarseness (Sheffield 73), Page's previous sloppiness (Berlin 1980), or Bonham's worst performance (Nuremberg 1980 or San Diego 1977), it's just not that bad. In fact, it's an overall fairly solid show with some blemishes. Had this been with one drummer and no chorus effect on the guitar, I don't think anyone would've noticed anything too out of the ordinary. Collins- “Onstage I don’t take my eyes off Tony Thompson. I’m glued to him. I’m having to follow – he’s taking the heavy-handed lead and has opted to ignore all my advice. Putting myself in his shoes, he’s probably thinking, ‘This is the beginning of a new career. John Bonham isn’t around any more. They’re gonna want someone. This could be the start of a Led Zeppelin reunion. And I don’t need this English fuck in my way." No, Mr Collins, Tony played the song mostly the way it was supposed to be played. You were the one air drumming because you didn't know what to do. As far as Page blaming his guitar being out of tune, he knows how to tune a guitar and checked the tuning before launching Rock And Roll. No real excuses there. I still believe the chorus/flange effect is the main culprit here and most people are mistaking that effect as the "out of tune" sound.
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