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  1. They were. Someone posted the same photo from the magazine with the photographer credit. I'd look for it but the post was deleted. Edit: the photo on the left was, not the one with her in it.
  2. These were the closeups she posted before deleting her post as people were vilifying her over the date mix-up.
  3. They apparently appeared in Creem in 1977 and were taken at a Showco party at Mother's Blues Club in dallas by photographer John Gasperik. The lady is obviously mistaken about the date but the photographs look authentic enough. She claims to have been ten at the time. She's in complete denial of the date however lmao.
  4. This is in reference to a dispute on a Facebook page in which the lady below claims to have met to Robert backstage in 1983. Everything about this info seems false, but is there an explanation for the photos?
  5. If I wore a shirt like that I'd wanna remain unknown.
  6. https://www.nbcsandiego.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/Navy-Confirms-UFO-Videos-Are-Real-And-Should-Not-Have-Been-Released-560681571.html
  7. The word "Justification" might be the most important (and most ignored) word when it comes to morality, right and wrong, and the need for war. If an action is justified, then it is moral and right to the ones who justify it.
  8. What happened to all the FEMA camps Obama was going to put us in?
  9. It's called "faith". Just as plausible in this circumstance as any other.
  10. What about regular extraterrestrial life? Surely the odds are extremely in favor of other carbon based life forms existing. One thing that throws me for a loop is the fact that we haven't received any signals from other life forms. So either we're the most advanced, or the other advanced species don't have the resources to send a signal. Or, our government received a signal and destroyed the evidence to protect society.
  11. Good good almighty I had to drop $100 just to get a CD.
  12. It actually makes me kinda sad that no one here has mentioned the new Tool release. I know it's "to each their own" when it comes to artistic preference, but this is an amazing release by an amazing group of musicians. This is music done for the sake of art, unchanging and unwavering, not Taylor Swift, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, or Lana Del Rey. This is music for people who understand music and don't just listen to it. Also, best drumming on an album I've heard in forever.
  13. I've read that it's a phaser, but people mistake it for flange because the three guitar tracks are sometimes out of phase. I've honestly never been able to tell the difference in their sound, apart from tone.
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