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  1. Ward always seems to fly under the radar even though he was maybe the most defined "power drummer" of the era. I guess when your peers are Bonham, Moon, Baker, Appice, Palmer, and the lot, it's hard to get the recognition you deserve.
  2. Kerslake got royally shafted by Sharon. Should've been the other way around.
  3. I thought 8/4/79 was mediocre for a long time but I realized they were actually killing it for most of the songs considering the situation the band was in. Also the improved footage on the DVD opened my eyes a lot. But 8/11 should've never happened.
  4. Justin Townes Earle- singer/songwriter, son of Steve Earle. https://pitchfork.com/news/justin-townes-earle-dead-at-38/
  5. I think Jonesy would be the better option for a podcast like you're talking about. At least he usually seems more open to talk about the subjects fans want to know about.
  6. I guarantee it'll just be technical talk to the point of absolute boredom. I mean, I'd love it, but Jim's never been one to talk about things outside of his own viewpoint, which can get pretty mundane. But if you'd wanna know what gauge of strings he used on a particular show, I'm sure he remembers. Also 90% of it would be about his girlfriend's poetry.
  7. My probably unpopular opinion- Sick Again was never a good song, studio or live. I don't know why they tried to make that song work so much. It just wasn't as catchy as they thought it was. It got by in 75 because it was new, but after that they should've switched it out. More to the topic, opening with RnR in 75 was a major mistake. But then again several mistakes were made in 75.
  8. If you watch closely on a lot of his soloing in 75, he uses his pinky in place of his ring finger. Watch the black dog solos at EC.
  9. Nitpicking Page 1/18/1975 (EVSD Partial Soundboard) A newly released, though incomplete, soundboard sample with a fairly good mix. This offers a good opportunity to nitpick an early show for the year. Hopefully we'll get the full release soon. TSRTS- Page's opening notes start out front and center but move to the right channel after the start. Plant sounding pretty good for 1975. 3:07, chord flub. 3:18, Page struggles to get this phrase started. First solo- not the most precise, but he holds it together fairly well. Second solo- some slight articulation issues, but not bad at all. "B+". The Rain Song- 7:09, Plant's vocals move more up front and become clearer while some feedback comes through. Page and Jones knock down an excellent instrumental section. Rock Section- 11:38, a very loose drum fill by Bonham. Otherwise good. "B+". Kashmir- This song starting off so casually never ceases to seem out of place. Maybe they didn't realize how epic it actually was. 19:53, Rob confuses the lyrics a bit. The outro is solid as Page noodles away in Arabic scales. "B+". Wanton Song (Partial)- Rob a little hoarse on the start but otherwise hitting the notes perfectly. Unrated. Assessment- Let's hope this entire show gets out soon as this would be an excellent introduction for the 1975 tour before things went south with Plant's vocals, as he'd get the flu soon after and remain raspy for months. Page is rusty, but plays well enough for an enjoyable show so far.
  10. I buy boots for the packaging as well, but no way I'm gonna complain about something being out of order on an illegal product made in someone's basement. Might wanna bring your expectations down to reality.
  11. At the end of the day you folks are paying for the packaging. You can always just burn your own discs and put in the case.
  12. If you watch the Danish TV special during Dazed, you'll notice Bonham doing some "accented" beats and triplets, in which he exaggerates the emphasis on certain hits. And it's true he's not actually hitting the drums harder, he's just accenting those beats to increase the heaviness of the song.
  13. Not familiar with Uncut, but those subtexts are straight up gossip magazine level. "Still Paranoid!"
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