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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9j3AynF5CI&t=222s The Actual Best show of the first Leg!
  2. Cool perspective! ive never really listened to the 1977 versions...... beyond the listen to this eddie version...... so i guess i have work to do. We Have Work To Do GIF.mp4
  3. FIRSTLY. AM SORRY ABOUT MY GRAMMER AND SPELLING. ENGLISH ISNT MY FIRST LANGUAGE. Whenever i read posts about no quarter live, here and all over the internet.There seems to be a lot of praise for the 1975 versions, but to my ears and my personal inner led zeppelin core(lol)..... they are bad. I find them to be overlong and boring (not a good combination). Jimmys solo's seem to fail 90% of the time. john paul jones is as usual professional and competent but i just dont FEEEL it this year(the led zeppelin insyncness in no quarter and in general isn't there)- MAYBE ITS THE UGLY SOUNDBOARDS BLASTING OUT ROBERTS BROKEN GLASS VOICE.... I DONT KNOW. In 1977, the opposite happens, John Paul Jones piano perfomances seem to work and Jimmys endless soloing is put on the back burner. Roberts improved voice is a boon and the band just gels with this NEW rendition of No quarter. Bonham is the literal "dogs of doom" this year(FOREBODING?). However, to me No quarter worked best in 1973. Jimmy solos are the works of a literal master of the guitar. There are moments where i wonder whether HE IS Playing for the devil. Jonesys piano purrs a vision of a hellscape and of course Bonham perfectly brings it all together. but most importantly, Roberts rough voice doesnt distract from the music most of the time, which it does in 1975. Finally, my top 5 versions of the year, 🙂 1- 28TH JULY AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. There's no doubt in my mind that this is the best. JIMMMMY!!! HE evokes Zdzisław Beksiński's paintings in my opinion, as do the next two. 2-29TH JULY AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. In my opinion, this is another masterpiece second only to the previous one. JIMMY.......i have no words. Is he trying to impress the former Choir master of heaven.... ;D John Paul jones' bass literally opens the gates of hell. 3-13TH JULY AT COBO HALL, DETROIT. This came out recently and it is amazing. I love the feel of it here. Jimmy and john paul paul jones are on fire.(JPJ has a little bass solo that is soul shaking lol.) 4- 19TH MAY FORTWORTH TEXAS . I really enjoy this interpretation. This is what happens when jimmy does jazz experimentation right! A great version. 5-26th may salt lake city/13th may mobile - A tie! Both are really great, but i really love the short solo at the mobile show Honourable Mentions! 15th july buffalo/ 18th july vancouver/10th july milwaukee NOTE- We get a hint of the solo from the 27th msg show with its syncopated jazzy end in the song remains the same soundtrack. since its tiny i cant place it on my list,but oh boy its groovy and deserves a mention. I can only imagine what the full solo sounds like! What do you guys think? BTW AM a 26 year old fan..... so please be kind....lol.
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