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  1. 37.5 minutes, to be exact đŸ˜‰ 6th-longest version. It is indeed a good one. My pleasure! '77 seems to get a lot of mileage on here (not complaining), so I thought I'd give '75 some love seeing as it was its time of year...
  2. Yeah, it is a good one! One of the better performances of the song too, especially considering the sound quality.
  3. Not gibsonfan129, but I've always thought the June 13 version is a really good one but suffers from the sound quality. The source for TYG on June 22 is damn-near indecipherable unfortunately, as it may well have been the best given how great the rest of that show is.
  4. I wish the soundboard covered the epic one from Seattle!
  5. Of course đŸ¤˜ Enjoy!
  6. All good points. I love the 20th NQ -- it's got to be the least-talked about great version. Page does shake it up a lot on IMTOD on the 20th, true. Yeah, Plant's "LYP" ad-lib on the 19th always cracks me up. I wish he sang the "Oh Georgina" part more often...
  7. Fair enough. The 24th is one of the most confusing shows to me. Tangerine aside, the difference between TUF to the end and the start to TUF is astonishing. I've thought that about NQ on the 17th before too! Glad it's not just me lol.
  8. It's funny how much the Plantations can add to the experience/vibe of the show and change our impression of it. That's part of why I love 3/21 (and 3/27). 3/24 and 3/25 are interesting because they have some of the great Plantations you'd expect at the Forum without much of the trademark Forum playing lol. I agree with 3/19 being the best sounding soundboard ever.
  9. My opinion oscillates on this issue...it's basically a coin flip to me. What makes you choose the 20th?
  10. Interesting. I can't argue with choosing 3/20, it's definitely a great show, and Robert is very strong. It sounds like he's going for his "Immigrant Song" Valhalla cries during WLL! That's funny that you feel that way about 3/21. To me, if you listen to the four Pacific Northwest shows chronologically, each one sort of builds on the ideas of the previous one, finally culminating in Seattle on the 21st. Glad Strider passed along the link for Ft. Worth for you -- enjoy! Can't believe that you enjoyed a live "Moby Dick"? That's an interesting perspective as far as them not having to conquer anymore. I can see what you mean; there is a sort of relaxed deliberateness to the '75 shows. Sometimes it results in sounding a bit flat, but when they mix in a bit of the old energy, it can be pretty great IMO.
  11. I look forward to your take! Yes, if there's a silver lining about this quarantine, it's that we'll likely never have an opportunity for so much uninterrupted listening! It's nice to be able to play a show start-to-finish without pausing as opposed to a few songs on the way to school/work, a few songs on the way home, a few more walking the dog, etc.
  12. You like 2/14 better than 2/13? I see that Strider beat me to giving you the link for the new Long Beach source -- confident you'll find it thoroughly enjoyable! It is interesting how opinions on this stuff vary person to person. I can understand you feeling that way about the L.A. shows, but I'm surprised you feel that way about the Vancouver shows!
  13. Disagree about Top 5, but I certainly could have put it higher. I have Philly higher than Montréal, so even if I bumped the last night in L.A. out, Philly would take its place before Montréal would for me. Fair point about 1/22. I could probably squeeze it up to around 15, but not Top 10. If it had Levee as well, I could give it even more of a setlist boost. I will say that I could see Bloomington cracking the Top 10 if the rest of it sounds as good as the two samples that leaked last month.
  14. You don't consider 5/18 stellar? My only complaint with it is that the Dazed isn't as epic as you'd hope considering how good the rest of it is. I think if the 5/24 Dazed was played on the 18th instead, that show would be nipping at the heels of Seattle/Long Beach/Vancouver for sure. I expressed this a few weeks ago in the Earls Court thread that was going around, but I think part of the problem with EC is that to accommodate the acoustic set (which was a great addition), they dialled back the improvisation that was a big part of the charm of the West Coast shows in March.
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