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  1. I tend to agree with the sentiments above -- it's not so much that the ceiling lowered after '73, but rather the floor did. Whereas the range in quality night-to-night on the Summer 1970 tour was great to all-time great, the range on the 1977 tour was horrendous to all-time great.
  2. I'll nominate two dark horses that I've never seen mentioned here, but they're on the official timeline: March 31, 1969 at Cooks Ferry Inn in London, and; March 31, 1970 at The Spectrum in Philadelphia. March 31 is my birthday, so it would be cool to have those. Both are part of strings of shows seven days in a row (London is the fifth of seven and Philly is the seventh of seven)! Just crazy scheduling, especially the 1970 run since it was in the States, with much longer distances between shows: Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Pittsburgh & Philadelphia all in one week! Not to mention, they didn't have their own jet at that point, right?
  3. I would love for this one to come out as well! Read the accounts and reports on the official timeline, and it sounds like it was a killer show! Plus, I've been there for a Tide football game, so it's special because of that--same reason I want Baton Rouge '77 especially (been to an LSU game).
  4. Speaking of first shows of a tour, I'll throw out one most won't...Minneapolis '75. Didn't Plant get the flu after that show? Would be cool to hear "When The Levee Breaks" & "The Wanton Song" with him in good voice... Atlanta '73 is missing too...there really is something about first shows lol
  5. Oh ok, thanks! Only three of the songs from the 1st gen are available on BB 😕
  6. Anyone know the best title for 9/6/70 Honolulu? Wanted to download it from Black Beauty to listen today for the anniversary. I see that Beelzebub's Screaming To The Ocean (Part 2) has the complete show available on there--is that one good? Seems to be the most recent...
  7. Never listened to that one! Looking forward to checking it out!
  8. That's what I'm spinning as well! September sure has some gems, 9/19/70 Evening & 9/29/71 being my favs of the bunch
  9. Too bad the recording ends after "Since I've Been Loving You"...unbelievable show from Plant!
  10. Can't go wrong with that. I think this show is the biggest tragedy as far as how poor the sound quality is vs. how phenomenal the performance is.
  11. The chemistry on the 9/29/71 "Communication Breakdown" really is phenomenal.
  12. Have you ever gotten your hands on Sgt. Page's Badgeholders Club Band? That's the title I have, and I heard it's one of the better ones...?
  13. Curious indeed...there are a lot of curious things about that album/film, the most egregious omission being the cut in NQ on all versions except the original album. It's such a shame that they only captured/chose to use the MSG shows...if they had started recorded from Seattle to the end, or even from Providence to the end, the result likely would have been the greatest live album ever made. It probably wouldn't even take that many shows--if Providence was your baseline, and you just used one or both of the shows on either side of it, Boston and Baltimore, to patch the few slight issues with Providence (Jones getting a bit lost in Rock And Roll, Page cutting OTHAFA short because of the crowd), you'd be all set. It sure is nice to hear the cymbals in such clarity--they suffer the most on non-multi-track sources IMO.
  14. Yes, I've heard that as well! That would be spectacular!
  15. And Baltimore is pretty great too--too bad about the recording! I always hesitate when I say Providence is my favourite of the entire year, because it's a bit tough to compare the U.S. shows with the European ones (I don't listen to the UK ones much). It would be interesting to do a best-of compilation of both Europe '73 and North America '73 and face them off against each other...
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