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  1. I admittedly haven't really dug into this tour at all. I've had 3/7 Montreux for several years, but then I don't usually listen to anything from '70 until the summer tour starts in August. I've listened to 3/21 Vancouver, and it's great, but short. Checked out 3/27 LA for the first time two months ago, and it was pretty good, but I didn't finish. Have heard great things about 4/17 Memphis, especially the epic HMMT.
  2. Fair enough. Yeah, that definitely would have been cool!
  3. Exactly. They should copy the Grateful Dead's model for their Dick's Picks, and now Dave's Picks series. I realize that they're a bootleg company and not an actual band with the financial backing that entails, but still...I would even creep up closer to $100 to get a physical copy of a complete show that I'm especially fond of.
  4. NQ and Dazed from the 27th could just fit on one disc!
  5. My band has been around for just about three years now, and in the beginning we played a lot of Zepp! Not so much anymore, mainly because our sets are about 90% original now. Also, we're now down to a trio, which is no problem instrumentally for Zepp obviously, but neither our guitarist, nor our bassist, can really replicate Plant's vocals (I'm the drummer). Those two's tastes also trend more current now 😕 The Zepp songs we've played are: - Black Dog - Communication Breakdown (in WLL medley) - Dazed And Confused - D'yer Mak'er - How Many More Times - Moby Dick - Over The Hills And Far Away - Rock And Roll - Tangerine - Ten Years Gone - Thank You - That's The Way - The Ocean - When The Levee Breaks - Whole Lotta Love
  6. Mobile is indeed a great show! I think I like the following night in New Orleans even better though, after listening to both carefully the past two days. Jimmy's SIBLY solo in New Orleans is one of the best I recall hearing.
  7. Can't wait to check it out! Thanks for doing it!
  8. Listened to April 26, 1969 Winterland all the way through for (I think) the first time today for its 50th--amazing! Too bad it doesn't have the sound quality of the 24th (or even the 27th)!
  9. Oh, I'm no stranger to that show--one of my favourites!! Can't wait to listen on its anniversary next week!
  10. Fair enough. I think it's always going to be 8/21/71 LA for me--the performance, the recording (Bonham's bass drum sounds like a cannon!), Plant still being able to sing it high.
  11. Whole Lotta Love is a tough call. HTWWW has one of the best beginnings of it ever with how violently Jimmy launches into the riff. TSRTS has one of the best coda sections/finales, again because of the violence of it. As far as everything in between, I would lean towards HTWWW, because for some reason, Boogie Chillen has always been my least favourite part of the medley, so I'm not a fan of how they reduced the medley to only that for the most part for North America '73. Not sure why I've never loved it...love John Lee Hooker's original, usually find their covers to be an improvement, but I always find myself kind of impatiently "getting through it" to get to the rest of the medley. One notable exception is 9/29/71 Osaka, with that amazing little riff they play before launching into it!
  12. TSRTS's versions of Dazed, NQ & The Rain Song are certainly worthy nominees for best-ever versions, but I'm not sure how you could call its Black Dog a best-ever version when it isn't even complete (only the version on the Led Zeppelin DVD has the full song)...
  13. Agreed! Damn, ok, well at least "probably '75" is something...fingers crossed for second Long Beach or Philly!
  14. So nothing new to report on this? It's been almost a month...the suspense is killing me!
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