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  1. I'm in the same boat. I think the only one I've heard is 11/16 Ipswich 🤔 I'll be doing that as well -- and covering it on my podcast to report my findings! 🧐 Speaking of which, this seems as relevant a place as any to drop this... I had the pleasure of being joined by @ledzepfilm on my show this week to discuss Japan '71 for the 50th anniversary: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1119254/9385762
  2. One of my favourites as well and yes, Jimmy is particularly active between songs at this show. As far as William Combus is concerned, I have no idea 🤣
  3. Precisely. I'd also be curious to see how a 3/12 matrix would turn out.
  4. I would only add that Jones has some particularly fantastic bass playing, especially on OTHAFA -- that return!
  5. Blueberry Hill wouldn't be near the top of my list, simply because the sound quality we have is pretty great. I would rather get one of the missing shows like Seattle or the Honolulu evening show than Blueberry Hill for sure. The 9/19/70 evening show is probably the best show of their career, so of course it would be extremely high on my list, but I'm not sure how hopeful we should be that many/any 1970 soundboards exist. Would love the rest of 9/29 -- and 9/28 -- or anything else from Japan '71...or any of the missing clubs shows...or anything from '71, probably their best year. Copenhagen '79 would not be high on my list at all -- both audience recordings are pretty darn good and I think both shows are overrated. As @JohnOsbourne says, 3/12/75 Long Beach is high on my list, as are the remaining missing '75 shows -- particularly 1/11 Rotterdam. A Providence (or Baltimore) '73 SBD would be high on my list as well, as would 6/22/77 or 6/26/77. Excluding shows with no recording as of yet, which are obviously desirable no matter what year they're from IMO, I think the ultimate soundboard holy grail is 6/19/72 Seattle. To me, it has the largest disparity between sound and performance quality -- it's arguably second only to 9/19/70 E as far as their greatest shows, and its sound quality is pretty poor. You can get through it with seasoned bootleg ears for sure, but it's the show in most dire need of an upgrade IMO, not to mention the cuts -- particularly during the longest string of encores they ever did. As far as your original question though, with the number of "holy grails" still out there and the speed at which they seem to be released, I doubt we will ever be satisfied.
  6. A Top 10 show indeed and one I look forward to listening to each May 3 -- along with another time or two throughout the year! I just finished Stairway, and I have to say, it might just be my favourite version. Besides nailing all of the high notes in the final verse, that howl Plant lets out just before Bonham enters is one of my favourite moments of his ever. Page never "comes up for air" once during his solo, either.
  7. Agreed. Dazed is definitely a highlight -- better than both Tokyo versions, but not as good as either Osaka version.
  8. You left out the best '73 version IMO: July 21 in Providence! July 17 Seattle and July 20 Boston are excellent as well.
  9. Agreed, especially with respect to the WLL medley -- some very interesting selections, but a bit of an awkward flow compared to the others on the tour.
  10. Lol, it's all good...I got a kick out of it!
  11. Neither! 😖 May 3, 1971!
  12. I agree on all fronts. I've always found that Dazed comes into its own over the course of these five shows, actually. The two Tokyo versions are well played, but underwhelming compared to later years; Hiroshima's is very good, and; both Osaka versions are spectacular, with the 9/29 version being able to go toe-to-toe with the best of '72 and '73 IMO.
  13. This week Europe '73 took its turn under my microscope on the podcast -- links are below. I ranked each version of each song and then calculated each show's average score per song. I've attached a scatter plot I made using said scores. Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/rock-talk-with-dr-cropper/id1518703647#episodeGuid=Buzzsprout-8306529 Spotify: Buzzsprout (no subscription needed): https://www.buzzsprout.com/1119254/8306529 March 21 -- Hamburg March 24 -- Offenburg March 22 -- Essen April 1 -- Paris March 16 -- Vienna March 26 -- Lyon March 19 -- Berlin April 2 -- Paris March 17 -- Munich March 27 -- Nancy March 6 -- Stockholm March 14 -- Nuremberg
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