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  1. I finished watching this in its entirety two nights ago with my best friend, who I've gotten pretty into Zepp but would not have the attention span to just listen to a bootleg, and we both loved it! We're far too young to have actually seen Zepp, so it was awesome to enjoy the next-best thing together. We watched on my laptop with a bluetooth speaker in the backyard to stay 6' apart and spread it out across two nights so as to comply with the noise bylaws 🙄 I look forward to getting my hands on the right type of discs to burn it onto so that I can watch it on the big screen in the basement. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this project! I can't imagine how long it must have taken to put together, but the finished product is fantastic and very professional looking. It also got me wondering -- is there enough fan footage out there to make something similar for the '75 tour? There's obviously a decent amount of pro footage with the last two nights at Earls Court, and a plethora of good soundboards to work with audio-wise. You could probably even limit the audio to the soundboards of the four Pacific Northwest shows...
  2. Listening to St. Paul '73 for the first time today...what a stunning version of Dazed! Wow. Cool NQ as well and an all-around great show.
  3. My thoughts exactly. I did listen to the Berlin "Whole Lotta Love" because I've always liked it for the uniqueness anyway, but that's about all I bother with from that show. I listen to the Frankfurt show once a year for its anniversary because I happen to have it in my iTunes library, but that's the extent of my 1980 listening. The 50th anniversaries of various 1970 shows and other happenings are certainly more fun to celebrate. As for the tour stuff, I agree. As someone born in 1995, of course I would jump at the chance to go see them no matter what state they were in if they decided to do something, but it wouldn't be the real "them" without Bonzo, and they are acutely aware of that. Besides, Jimmy was right a few years ago when he said (paraphrasing) that if it was going to happen, it would stand to reason that it would have been shortly after the 2007 show, so as to strike while the iron was hot. The gap from that 2007 show to the present is now by far the longest period of inactivity at almost 13 years (if you count the 1998 Page & Plant tour as "Zeppelin activity"). Even if you don't, there was a 12-year gap between their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction in 1995 and the 2007 show, so there's already been a longer gap than that. They were 63, 61 and 59 at the 2007 show. Even if the virus clears up on the most optimistic timeline and they could tour next summer, they'd be 77, 75 and almost 73, not to mention that Jason would be 55. I'm sure he could handle it, but John never had to play this stuff beyond 32 -- it's not easy material to play to the level that they and their fans expect, unlike the Stones (who I also love and am happy to have seen five times even at this late stage of their career). Five years ago I thought there was a decent, if unlikely chance. Now I think there is no chance, but I'm at peace with that as I think it is the right decision for their legacy and shows the love and respect that they continue to have for Bonzo.
  4. ^Very interesting stuff, thanks guys! I had wondered this for some time as well, but always forgot to ask.
  5. Listened to the two Chicago '73 shows for the first time yesterday and today...those July 7 tapers might be the funniest I've heard -- their pre-encore banter alone is worth the price of admission 😂
  6. I've been making good use of the down time binging on concerts as well...I've listened to 135 since April 24 between Zepp, Dead, Stones, Doors and Phish lol.
  7. Just to clarify as there seems to be a bit of confusion about the original question, the options are: June 7 and June 21, or; June 8 and June 22, or; June 10 and June 23, or; June 11 and June 25, or; June 13 and June 26, or; June 14 and June 27. So far 10th/23rd is in the lead with three votes, while 7th/21st and 13th/26th have one each. All others were spoiled ballots lol.
  8. I'm noticing that lol. Fair choice for sure. I agree about the 7th.
  9. I expected the third nights to be a popular choice. June 23 certainly sounds like it would have been a fun one to attend -- Moon's presence doesn't really add anything musically, but I can appreciate how cool it would have been in person, and yes, the historical significance is worth noting. I agree that the first nights are the way to go if it's listening to the existing recordings.
  10. All-time favourite eh? I do have a soft spot for it, and like it better than most do I think. "No Quarter" is fantastic, as is the acoustic set.
  11. Right. I hear ya...those middle two Landover ones are definitely a tough listen. I like Seattle '73 for the 30+ minute versions.
  12. That Seattle sample sounds fantastic!
  13. Added this to the OP but will say it down here as well: for argument's sake let's assume that we have all 12 shows complete and in the same excellent sound quality -- 12 soundboards, 12 Millard's, 12 multi-tracks...whichever is easier for you to imagine. I realize that the current sound quality (June 8) or completeness (June 14) can make it hard to judge, though...
  14. Fair enough...I can only imagine what an endurance test attending those shows would have been -- on the bladder at the very least! I'm always a bit surprised actually by how short the June 21 version is, considering it's one of Bonham's all-time best shows -- on previous tours, the nights when he was really feeling it usually got a long, epic "Moby Dick." Isn't the June 27 one fairly short? I seem to recall it being somewhere around 14 minutes, but an entertaining 14. Funny you should mention that about the section after the tympani, because when I was listening to June 25 yesterday, I noticed that he jumps straight to the end after the tympani, despite it clocking in at just under 27 minutes! I had it in my head that he did the section after because of the length like you say...
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