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  1. A Top 10 show indeed and one I look forward to listening to each May 3 -- along with another time or two throughout the year! I just finished Stairway, and I have to say, it might just be my favourite version. Besides nailing all of the high notes in the final verse, that howl Plant lets out just before Bonham enters is one of my favourite moments of his ever. Page never "comes up for air" once during his solo, either.
  2. Agreed. Dazed is definitely a highlight -- better than both Tokyo versions, but not as good as either Osaka version.
  3. You left out the best '73 version IMO: July 21 in Providence! July 17 Seattle and July 20 Boston are excellent as well.
  4. Agreed, especially with respect to the WLL medley -- some very interesting selections, but a bit of an awkward flow compared to the others on the tour.
  5. Lol, it's all good...I got a kick out of it!
  6. Neither! 😖 May 3, 1971!
  7. I agree on all fronts. I've always found that Dazed comes into its own over the course of these five shows, actually. The two Tokyo versions are well played, but underwhelming compared to later years; Hiroshima's is very good, and; both Osaka versions are spectacular, with the 9/29 version being able to go toe-to-toe with the best of '72 and '73 IMO.
  8. This week Europe '73 took its turn under my microscope on the podcast -- links are below. I ranked each version of each song and then calculated each show's average score per song. I've attached a scatter plot I made using said scores. Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/rock-talk-with-dr-cropper/id1518703647#episodeGuid=Buzzsprout-8306529 Spotify: Buzzsprout (no subscription needed): https://www.buzzsprout.com/1119254/8306529 March 21 -- Hamburg March 24 -- Offenburg March 22 -- Essen April 1 -- Paris March 16 -- Vienna
  9. Happy Birthday (I think)

    1. Bonzo_fan


      Yes, it was yesterday! Thanks man!

  10. Presence was released 45 years ago today! In celebration of this, I covered it on this week's episode of my podcast: Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/rock-talk-with-dr-cropper/id1518703647?i=1000515127316 Spotify: Buzzsprout for those without access to either of the above: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1119254/8242575
  11. This makes sense. I have plenty of shows I favour do to sentimental value, such as 3/27/75. When I first got into boots I thought longer = better, so naturally 3/27 became my holy grail lol. It's still a personal favourite even though I know it's not a Top 50 show technically-speaking. I love those relaxed last night vibes.
  12. I find that the whole of the 18th never exceeds the sum of its parts (Page and Bonham being so energetic, Page so fluid) the same way the West Coast versions (and May 25 for that matter) do. I found the 23rd a bit sluggish at times, despite Page's great soloing. Again, a bit surprised by the degree of praise for March 25. Very interesting; thanks!
  13. I initially ranked them by leg as I went along and then merged them at the end. I almost kept them separate, but decided to give it a go. I prefer the grand piano versions as well, and definitely favoured them when I merged the lists. Again, I'm a bit surprised by March 25 ranking at the top for so many of you. I find it very unique and interesting, but not quite focused enough to be #1. March 27 I like a lot better, but Page not being as fluid as he is on my "Mt. Rushmore" versions kept it at #5. March 21 is amazing indeed. Jones is on fire throughout -- my favourite solo o
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