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  1. Bonzo_fan

    Shows from 1975 with no recording

    That's fair, and I like the '75 versions, it's just Page's fluency wasn't always there in the mid-section. The San Francisco/Woodstock sections and the outro jams of the '75 versions are consistently great.
  2. Bonzo_fan

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    Oh ok, thanks!
  3. Bonzo_fan

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    What's that?
  4. Bonzo_fan

    Shows from 1975 with no recording

    Even 3/12 Long Beach? I agree, the shows at the very beginning would be top of my list too, especially Bloomington, because didn't Plant get the flu after that show? Potentially his voice was good at that one?
  5. Bonzo_fan

    Shows from 1975 with no recording

    Yeah, I don't think it worked as well as Dazed did in the '75 style (slowed down/less energetic in parts). And even Dazed fell flat at least as often as it took flight in '75... Dazed is my favourite song of theirs, and '75 is my favourite touring year, but '75 Dazed is not my favourite combination.
  6. Bonzo_fan

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Indeed. Always been my personal favourite across all years.
  7. Bonzo_fan

    Seattle 1972 and Animal House

    Interesting take...could be!
  8. Bonzo_fan

    Vienna 73 and Bonzo’s Birthday Party

    5/13 Mobile is great too! It's a soundboard that runs into (or through--can't remember) "Moby Dick"
  9. Bonzo_fan

    Best Live Bass Solo

    Not sure if we were supposed to stick to actual solos as such, but I'll a bit of a sleeper: "Whole Lotta Love" on 7/7/80 in Berlin.
  10. Maybe it takes a drummer to notice Bonham's slight mistake. He doesn't go out of time or anything, it's just that it's a distinctive drum part of the song at that point and he starts it sooner than usual, forcing him to repeat it once more than usual.
  11. Yes, I noticed this for the first time on the board as well.
  12. 39:50 is in the bow solo...
  13. I would gladly drop up to $100 for silvers of the complete show in this case, even though that's probably more than I should spend on it as a 23-yr-old with more "responsible" things to do with my money. I suspect that there are at least 100 of us on this forum alone who would pay that for the complete show, so there's their $10,000... Also, with respect to cuts/songs left off of this (hopefully) initial release, the one that's been bothering me the most is the outro jam of Dazed being almost entirely missing. The outro jam of Dazed, along with the transition from 1-piece to 2-piece to 3-piece in NQ in later years, is my favourite part of live Zeppelin! Its omission from this release especially sucks because that part of the song is missing from the old good source (whatever the consensus is to call it) too, so we're stuck with the sub-par audience sources for it ☹️
  14. @gibsonfan159 Can you please do a nitpick of this show now that (some) of the soundboard is out?!
  15. Ahh, intersting. I will do that; thanks!