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  1. Haha well there you go! Glad I could remind you of it. If I remember correctly, Ft. Worth '75 is a great one for Bonzo as well -- the show as a whole is great for him and is underrated due to the tape being so new. I'll be listening next week for the anniversary to confirm 🤘
  2. I actually had not seen him before! That is incredibly impressive. It's one thing to more-or-less nail a song that you know well on your first attempt, but to nail a song you've never heard before, from a genre you never play or listen to at that, is remarkable. Especially one with a fair number of different sections like this -- it's the transitions that get you! Thanks for the ping! 😊🍻
  3. For sure. Have you heard 6/25/77? It's probably my favourite "Kashmir" outro for Bonzo. It sure is! Glad you finally got around to such an all-time great show!
  4. Yes, 4/28 is one that I may have been too hard on, both sound quality and performance. I don't think I was listening to the best version of it, no. I'll seek out that version when I listen two months from now. I'm looking forward to re-evaluating my list as I listen to the shows this year another year wiser, though I likely won't record a new episode to announce whatever revisions I make. It certainly is an epic "Kashmir" with Plant in top form, and yes, Bonzo's liberties with "proper time" could cause some "wobble" in more free-form sections like that, but I think that's part of the c
  5. Glad you liked it! 9/23 is certainly one of their very best shows -- I would say it, 9/28 & 9/29 are top 10 shows of their career, 9/24 is top 15-20 and 9/27 is top 50 for sure. 9/19/70 Evening is the GOAT as far as I'm concerned. Both Osaka shows are absolutely worth listening to, and it really is hard to separate the two. Thankfully, both are now mostly available in excellent sounding soundboards -- check them out on YouTube! The '77 episode was the last one I recorded without detailed notes, so apologies if it's a bit scattered by comparison!
  6. It's a great show. I ranked it seventh in my episode about the '77 tour back in July. That may have been a slight reach, but I certainly think it's 11th at worst.
  7. Haha it's all good! I once referred to 3/27/75 "Black Dog" as a potential best-ever version 😂 Hope you enjoyed the podcast if you listened to it 😊
  8. Absolutely. I'd say second only to February 8 in Philadelphia.
  9. I agree. The bands who are doing such releases are using soundboards for a lot of them and getting them to sound very professional when they're mastered in a professional studio. I also enjoy watching some of the better reaction videos on YouTube, and some are even reacting to full bootlegs now! There's definitely a market for them if Page would just lower his perfectionism for sound and performance quality slightly.
  10. Exactly. I will say that Peter Grant, as great a manager as he was and as integral as he was to their success in many ways, was short-sighted on the taping issue (and with respect to how few shows they recorded themselves). Take the Grateful Dead by contrast, who recorded many more shows themselves and actively encouraged fans to record as well. There has never been a toxic black market surrounding their tapes like there is with Zeppelin because the supply is virtually unlimited. The vast majority of their shows are available as soundboards or official releases. While Grant's method was p
  11. Thanks for the reminder, Strider! Meant to listen to this show for the first time this year and almost forgot. On Dazed right now and loving it!
  12. Soundboards actually aren't ideal for the noise solos IMO -- the dry tone and lack of ambiance doesn't do them any favours. Purely performance-wise, my three favourites are, going chronologically, June 13, June 22 & June 26. June 13 has my favourite theremin section -- really controlled and haunting. June 22 has the best sound quality of those three, and it helps that it flows into the GOAT Achilles IMO.
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