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  1. Bonzo_fan

    New EVSD soundboard?

    Great news indeed! If it's '75, I'd rank the board-less shows of the second leg as far as desirability as follows: 1. 3/12 Long Beach -- All-time great show, so it's #1. The recently-surfaced third source makes getting the board less urgent, but still a tantalizing possibility--could be a great matrix! 2. 2/27 Houston -- Obviously a previously-unheard show is very desirable, but it's also presumably the debut of the grand piano in "No Quarter"! If Bonham is on fire like he is in Baton Rouge and the Dallas-Ft.Worth shows, this one should be a treat! 3. 3/27 Los Angeles -- One of my personal favourites, and hopefully the tape changes on the board would be in different spots than those of Millard's recording so that we'd have "The Rain Song," "No Quarter," and "Dazed And Confused" complete. Would make a fantastic matrix. 4. 3/25 Los Angeles -- Tough call between this and 3/10, but the 'Dazed' from this show alone gives it the edge for me. 5. 3/10 San Diego -- ^ 6. 3/24 Los Angeles -- This one always feels dull to me--maybe it's just a letdown being the one right after 3/21... As far as the first leg goes, it's a very tough call between 1/18 Minneapolis for curiosity's sake and 2/8 Philadelphia for a known fantastic show--I'll call it a tie. After that, any of the Chicago shows would be good because of the setlist. Anything between Chicago and Philly is considerably less desirable in my opinion. If it's '77, it can't be my top choice (6/22) or 6/13 since "Trampled Under Foot" wasn't played at either of those, and isn't claimed to have been played at 5/31 Greensboro, which is another at the top of my '77 list. Could be 4/28 or 4/30 though, or conceivably 5/19 Baton Rouge!
  2. Bonzo_fan

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Couple of days behind...finishing up Fort Worth '75, then have to get through the two Dallas shows so that I'm back on schedule for Montreux '70 on Thursday!
  3. Bonzo_fan

    The Crunge - Best Live Version

    It is very good! Can't recall how complete.
  4. Bonzo_fan

    Best Version of Black Dog Ever Played

    8/21/71 LA has always been my favourite--very aggressive, accented by the recording--Bonham's bass drum is ridiculous, Plant's voice is great, and Page's solo is 🔥
  5. Bonzo_fan

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    February 12, 1975 - New York -- Always have to give this one a spin on its anniversary. Godfather's That's Alright New York is the best title IMO. Snow storm here in the Toronto area today as well--"four blocks in the snow," indeed!
  6. Bonzo_fan

    Why did they not play at woodstock

    Quite the weekend, indeed! And what a great move to come home early and see August '69 Zepp instead!
  7. Bonzo_fan

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    February 8, 1975 - Philadelphia -- Thanks to @gibsonfan159 for finally making me listen to it because of his review of it last year--one of the best of '75 for sure, especially Jimmy!
  8. Bonzo_fan

    Updated Soundboard Wish List

    As we now know that the next soundboard release will be one of the "Grandaddies Of Them All," March 21, 1975 Seattle, a show which has long been at or near the top of many of our "soundboard wish lists," my question is: what is your updated soundboard wish list? So as to avoid the usual "anything from 1970-72" comments, or the obvious choices of 9/19/70 New York & 6/19/72 Seattle, let's limit it to the period from which most of these "Soundboard Revolution" releases seem to come, namely the 1973, 1975 & 1977 North American Tours. Let's say top 10 to keep it simple, and feel free to provide as detailed (or not) a rationale as you like for your choices. I think it makes it more interesting to avoid shows that already have a high-quality audience recording, but if you want to say 6/21/77, knock yourself out. I'll start: 1. June 22, 1977 - Los Angeles - I firmly believe that this is the best show of 1977. It has all of the energy, virtuosity and dazzle of June 21 & June 23, but tighter and with more focus. On June 21, it is obvious just by listening to it that they are bubbling over with excitement to be back in L.A., and it is possible to be a bit too worked up for a performance--I am in no way saying that 6/21 is a bad show, just second-best of '77 in my opinion. The only real screw-ups on 6/22 (if you can call them that) are Jimmy's broken strings in "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" and "Achilles Last Stand". I may even go so far as to say that Bonham plays even better here than on 6/21 (blasphemous, I know). The highlights: - Tight, powerful, fierce 1-2-3 punch to start things off - Possibly the best-ever "In My Time Of Dying" - Great "Since I've Been Loving You" - Fantastic, and longest-ever (34:08) "No Quarter" - One of the better "Ten Years Gone"'s you will hear - One of my all-time favourite Plantations before "The Battle Of Evermore," where Plant says that Bonham can often be found "face-down on Sunset Boulevard, scrutinizing the concrete sidewalk" - Solid acoustic set, would be nice to enjoy "Going To California" without the guy yelling "fuck all you pigs!" - Nice "White Summer/Black Mountain Side," with the "Swan Song"/"Midnight Moonlight" tease leading into an excellent, powerful "Kashmir" - Fantastic "Over The Top"--best of the L.A. run, and one of the best of '77 (5/22 Ft. Worth wins for sure). I used to say that 6/25 was the best "Over The Top" of the L.A. run because it's the longest, which when it comes to his solos is usually a good indication of how into it he was, but this one is 17 minutes of "raw power" (for those of you who have seen Step Brothers). He has his foot on the accelerator right from the start of the "Out On The Tiles" riff, and keeps it there the whole way through, playing with a level of energy and especially precision which was often lacking in his solos in '77 - One of, if not the best, "Over The Hills And Far Away" - Great, focused "Noise Solo" leading into my favourite "Achilles Last Stand" of all time - Strong candidate for best post-Plant's peak "Stairway To Heaven"--bonus points for actually echoing "laughter" rather than the "does anyone remember laughter?" line, and for Jimmy jumping straight into the solo after the fanfare like on the studio version, as opposed to staying on the twelve-string for an extra bar as was usually done live - Solid, energetic encores 2. June 3, 1973 - Los Angeles - Quite possibly the best show of 1973. Beats out my other choice from '73 (see #5) because of the extra encores and because the existing recording of it is worse (cuts, distortion, speed fluctuations, etc.). 3. June 13, 1977 - New York - Very slightly edges out #4. I've always loved this show, and think it could be a strong contender for best show of 1977 if it were heard in better quality. 4. April 30, 1977 - Pontiac - Another one of the very best shows of 1977, with bonus points for its historical significance of being a world record for paid attendance for a single act at the time (76,229). Has one of the better "Achilles Last Stand"'s as it stays much closer to the studio tempo than was the norm for '77, allowing for a bit more intricacy from Jimmy. The whole band sound very focused this show, especially Jimmy, and everything sounds very deliberate, with slightly slower tempos than usual (not plodding, but studio-like). This could be because of the attendance record, but I have always considered it to be the strongest evidence that the show was being recorded. Also has not the best, but definitely the heaviest "Trampled Under Foot". 5. July 21, 1973 - Providence - My favourite show of 1973, would love to hear it in better quality, and to have "Dazed And Confused," "Moby Dick," (I'm a drummer...don't judge) and "Whole Lotta Love" without the cuts. 6. March 12, 1975 - Long Beach - Quite possibly the second best show of 1975 after the forthcoming 3/21 Seattle show, existing recording is not very good until the end. 7. June 26, 1977 - Los Angeles - Very tight show with an excellent (and the third-longest ever) "No Quarter," one of Jimmy's best "Noise Solo"'s, great "Stairway To Heaven," and an excellent, rare encore of "It'll Be Me," among other highlights. One of the best shows of 1977. 8. April 28, 1977 - Cleveland - Another from the upper-echelon of 1977 shows, which currently exists only in a not-so-great audience recording. 9. January 20, 1975 - Chicago - Would be nice to have a live version of "When The Levee Breaks" in decent quality. 10. April 10, 1977 - Chicago - I hate to admit that I've never actually listened to this one (if I remember correctly, the one time that I started to, I found the sound quality to be insufferably bad), but it was supposedly a very good show. I figured it would be easier to make a separate list for shows of which no recording currently circulates: 1. May 31, 1977 - Greensboro - Bonzo's Birthday Party, Vol. II sounds pretty good to me, and I think in a few of the reviews on the Timeline section of the official site, "Black Dog" is listed as a second encore. 2. January 18, 1975 - Minneapolis - First show of the 1975 tour, and I remember reading somewhere that Plant got the flu after this show, so it's possible that he was actually in as good of voice as he would be in until late-March at this show, which would be awesome to hear on "When The Levee Breaks" and "The Wanton Song". The reviews on the official timeline are also overwhelmingly positive. 3. May 19, 1977 - Baton Rouge - Based on the strength of the shows surrounding it, and the band's affinity for the area as evidenced on previous tours, this was probably a killer show. 4. April 1, 1977 - Dallas - First show of the 1977 tour, live debut of several songs, and I recall reading a review that listed "Black Dog" in the encores, which as many of you know was rare in '77. 5. February 27, 1975 - Houston - I could have went with another of the "Missing Seven" from '77 here, but since I have no idea which I would prefer, I'll go with this one as it featured the debut of the grand piano in "No Quarter".
  9. Bonzo_fan

    Shows from 1975 with no recording

    That's fair, and I like the '75 versions, it's just Page's fluency wasn't always there in the mid-section. The San Francisco/Woodstock sections and the outro jams of the '75 versions are consistently great.
  10. Bonzo_fan

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    Oh ok, thanks!
  11. Bonzo_fan

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    What's that?
  12. Bonzo_fan

    Shows from 1975 with no recording

    Even 3/12 Long Beach? I agree, the shows at the very beginning would be top of my list too, especially Bloomington, because didn't Plant get the flu after that show? Potentially his voice was good at that one?
  13. Bonzo_fan

    Shows from 1975 with no recording

    Yeah, I don't think it worked as well as Dazed did in the '75 style (slowed down/less energetic in parts). And even Dazed fell flat at least as often as it took flight in '75... Dazed is my favourite song of theirs, and '75 is my favourite touring year, but '75 Dazed is not my favourite combination.
  14. Bonzo_fan

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Indeed. Always been my personal favourite across all years.
  15. Bonzo_fan

    Seattle 1972 and Animal House

    Interesting take...could be!
  16. Bonzo_fan

    Vienna 73 and Bonzo’s Birthday Party

    5/13 Mobile is great too! It's a soundboard that runs into (or through--can't remember) "Moby Dick"
  17. Bonzo_fan

    Best Live Bass Solo

    Not sure if we were supposed to stick to actual solos as such, but I'll a bit of a sleeper: "Whole Lotta Love" on 7/7/80 in Berlin.
  18. Maybe it takes a drummer to notice Bonham's slight mistake. He doesn't go out of time or anything, it's just that it's a distinctive drum part of the song at that point and he starts it sooner than usual, forcing him to repeat it once more than usual.
  19. Yes, I noticed this for the first time on the board as well.
  20. 39:50 is in the bow solo...
  21. I would gladly drop up to $100 for silvers of the complete show in this case, even though that's probably more than I should spend on it as a 23-yr-old with more "responsible" things to do with my money. I suspect that there are at least 100 of us on this forum alone who would pay that for the complete show, so there's their $10,000... Also, with respect to cuts/songs left off of this (hopefully) initial release, the one that's been bothering me the most is the outro jam of Dazed being almost entirely missing. The outro jam of Dazed, along with the transition from 1-piece to 2-piece to 3-piece in NQ in later years, is my favourite part of live Zeppelin! Its omission from this release especially sucks because that part of the song is missing from the old good source (whatever the consensus is to call it) too, so we're stuck with the sub-par audience sources for it ☹️
  22. @gibsonfan159 Can you please do a nitpick of this show now that (some) of the soundboard is out?!
  23. Ahh, intersting. I will do that; thanks!
  24. Ok, thanks! Yeah, I made a membership a few minutes ago, but still couldn't figure it out. Doing the File Factory one now. Thanks! Zach
  25. Forgive my ignorance, but how does one download something from this Dime website? I'm trying, but not figuring it out lol