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  1. Cooling down set for Winter in 10 days in Perth, Western Australia
  2. Load of bollocks if you ask me. I’m a wannabe collector/buyer.....but I’m fucked if I’m going to throw around my hard earned $ at a single disc...when I know they are holding out on me. @zepster1979 it’s not a remaster of the Millard tapes. They clearly state it is a sbd. As you know full well
  3. Guys, if anyone has the audio for this I’d sure appreciate a link? This a soundboard? Is there an audience source available or a matrix?
  4. Haha what a load of old bollocks
  5. Here you go https://archive.org/details/Led_Zeppelin_-_1970-03-07_-_Divinity_The_Atlantic_Ocean_Records
  6. Do yourself a favour Rod. Check out the Divinity version for the audience source. Then use the Great Beast for the last three songs (the soundboard source).
  7. Holy shit! I have just checked out Divinity. It is absolutely terrific! By far the best version of the audience source. A real step above the Great Beast and EAP. I’ll just use this as my primary source from now on in conjunction with the SB for HMMT, WLL and CB from the Great Beast. Have to say, not at all impressed with the EAP version. Thanks for the tip Pluribus. I reckon this is pretty much official release quality. I love this show, far more than the RAH earlier in the year.
  8. I’ve now checked out both. I think The Great Beast is better.
  9. Check out the posts of @porgie66. He is in an excellent band (Peoples Front of Zeppelin) that regularly posts to youtube.
  10. Perhaps while playing the telecaster, he was wearing sneakers and riding a skateboard?
  11. Xolo1974


    Good to hear, particularly since I’m an Anfield boy. I went to Anfield Primary and Anfield Comprehensive Secondary Schools This is on my living room wall
  12. Hello one and all. This really is an amazing gig. My current go to for this is EVSD’s ‘The Great Beast’. However, I was reading somewhere the other day that the EAP version is slightly better. Anyone heard this and have a view on the EAP version? Cheers
  13. Why, are you buying Rod 😂. Only jokin mate
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