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  1. Plus the unofficial release doesn’t cut out any of the songs e.g WLL
  2. Hi all, Tried the search function without success. I may be late to the party on this. Apparently Graf Zeppelin released a new source of this a few months ago (Source 3). I've done a few comparisons on Black Beauty, and it doesn't seem to be that different to Source 2. Is it? Both titles are classed as 'No Longer Down Under'. For whatever reason, I am unable to access DIME. If anyone can provide me with a link to Source 3, I'd appreciate it. Finally, if you look at the BB webside, it states the GZ 'No Longer Down Under Version' version of Source 2 is a SBD and AUD merge. I didn't realise there was a SBD for this show. Is that correct? Appreciate any help. Cheers Neil
  3. What are the guy odds of EVSD releasing another board this year? Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Haha brill Steve. My son loved it
  5. Hey guys. Updated shots of me and my two lads, James and Zachary. We’re camping in Kalbarri, Western Australia. Cheers. Neil
  6. Great scene….”well, what are you going to do about it whitey?”. LOL
  7. Well good luck with that! Even just TYG from that show would be awesome
  8. Yep he is right. I meant to respond in a similar way, but he beat me to the punch. They released a snippet of the WLL medley, no doubt to whet the appetite of collectors. They have the full damned thing alright.
  9. What do we all think the chances are of EVSD releasing the full soundboard for 29.9.71 on the 50th anniversary? Would another release this year follow their normal pattern?
  10. @SteveZ98 do you reckon there would be anything you could do with the first Knebworth show?
  11. Actually - i may have justy got this from Guitars 101. Is this the "David. E mix"? Says that this uses source 3 as the primary source.
  12. Hi mate - if you could flick me a link, i'd sure appreciate it.
  13. Not heard this boot before, so thanks for posting. Really enjoyed it and the matrix is brilliant. Does anyone happen to know if there is a good matrix of the 15/2/96 Osaka show, the night they played ten years gone?
  14. Yep, I agree. Looking forward to the rest of that soundboard coming out for 29/9/71
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