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  1. Thanks for your work on this, it’s great
  2. And when you get it, can you pass it along?
  3. Yeah right! Good luck with that in Liverpool. Local pubs serve a community function. Black out blinds. Knock on the door. Locals only invited inside. The same tactic is used for after hours drinking. And long may it fucking continue. It ain’t no fucking bar, and the community will self regulate.
  4. Well I was meant to fly back to blighty on Wednesday. But I’m not going anywhere
  5. My best mates wedding on the 28th March in Edinburgh. I’m flying out from Western Australia to Manchester in the UK on Wednesday evening. Qatar airways, so a two and a half hour layover in Qatar. Wish me luck!
  6. Is it any good sound quality wise?
  7. Hi Eric, what’s the Eelgrass price and where do I get it?
  8. Well, happy birthday to a fellow Liverpool fan (incidentally, I am heading back to my hometown in a week and a half, and will see the Liverpool v Crystal Palace game, in which we might win the premiership).
  9. If you could provide a link to the remaster of thank you from the 29th I’d be very grateful
  10. They did! Haven’t you heard the Japan boots?
  11. How very arrogant. “Yep Jimmy served his purpose. Now that I’ve made plenty of money by breaking his trust, I don’t need him any more. Oh well”
  12. Another very very good point. Also, I may be wrong, and my memory may be playing tricks on me (particularly as it was a Friday night, I'd had a few G and T's and i was pretty tired)....but before the RO website closed the thread to non-members, I could have sworn there was a link in there that included the Wanton Song in its entirety (I think it may have been that Zepster guy that posted it). Am I wrong? And while we're on the subject....what do you have to do to get onto RO....donate your first born?
  13. The 928 release cost what, $160 for the basic package? This includes the artwork, packaging and silvers. If we’re talking $150 each to crowd fund (possibly even more), I’m really wondering what the upside is for those involved? Seems like a fair bit of risk (see Pluribus’s comments) for a return that is not as good as a standard EV package. Makes me think the seller is attempting to get more than they usually do from EV. It’s a classic case of generating a bidding war. Just my opinion.
  14. Ok mate thanks got the advice, really appreciate it
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