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  1. Xolo1974

    Backstage arguments?

    Did Jimmy clean up his act after that?
  2. Xolo1974

    Backstage arguments?

    Did that actually happen?
  3. Xolo1974

    New EVSD soundboard?

    The soundboards for 77 sound terrible though. I just can’t get into them. There are members of the forum that done brilliant remasters....but still....
  4. Xolo1974

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Well how about the 50th anniversary of the release of the first album? That’s been and gone
  5. Xolo1974

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    I just can’t see it mate. He’s had years to sort this out. If it wasn’t released for the 50th I have little confidence it will be released in the future. Would love to be wrong on this.
  6. Xolo1974

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    I’m pretty excited about this release. As somebody recently pointed out, we’re very lucky to be getting new boots in great sound quality. Let’s not take this for granted.
  7. Xolo1974

    Favorite Led Zeppelin Year

    Has to be 71 for me. Terrific year
  8. Xolo1974

    New EVSD soundboard?

    Doubt it mate. Nowhere near the level of demand for a 75 or 77 show in contrast to Osaka 71. The singles just wouldn’t sell
  9. Xolo1974

    The Final Option vs The Complete EC Tapes

    I was born in 74. And now I feel young. Thanks 🙏 mate
  10. Xolo1974

    Song recomendations

    Oh ok.....would a dragon sticker suffice?
  11. Xolo1974

    Song recomendations

    Like mine?
  12. Xolo1974

    Song recomendations

    I sense there is a message to someone in here?
  13. Xolo1974

    Bron-Yr-Aur Live

    Gonna check out the tab for this. I wonder if it’s hard to play (I’m beginner to intermediate). You can bet your bottom dollar it has some daft arse tuning lol
  14. Xolo1974

    Current music recommendations

    The Black Angels are great
  15. Xolo1974


    Haha. You’re a good bloke! Hope you’re good.