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  1. Absolutely loving the acoustic set from the Osaka 28th board.
  2. Anyone enlighten me on the tuning for this? Cheers
  3. Hi mate, I heard this last night, but now i can't get onto the site or the link again. Would there be any chance you let me have an MP3 of the snippet? I heading out for a three hour cycle this morning.....i'd love to listen to this as well as the 928 sbd (which i have just downloaded). Hope you're good
  4. I feel a bit bad that I have somewhat “fanned the flames” on this. Not really my style, so my apologies. I don’t really like being a keyboard warrior, but after a bad day at the office....and then coming home to have to “crowd manage” my seven and nine year old sons I guess I just unleashed. For the record, as much as I would like to be a teenager again, the reality is; 45yo male, wife, two kids, dog (Xolo), mortgage, degree, masters degree, middle management. Could afford EV releases (maybe), but simply can not justify it. Basically, they are the cost of a family trip to Bali for a week. I buy the more reasonably priced boots.
  5. @ZepHead315 does great work and shares freely. His Seattle 73 is my go to and his compilations are great. Keep up the good work mate
  6. Rubbish! All the guy did was ask for more of the show. Who are you to lecture him? If EV had the business acumen to release their titles at a reasonable price, many more would be prepared to buy. They would double their profits. In fact, they would also be cornering the market if Eelgrass. The fact they are so expensive in the first place is bad enough. However, they then fuck you over by only giving you half the show, and charging you a fortune for the rest. Make the releases $50 each and everyone wins. And before you lecture me, I’ve bought bootlegs and shared them with other fans. But I’m not buying this and being shafted twice.
  7. For only $160US....and then in a year they’ll release the rest of the board.....for only another $160US. Enjoy!
  8. I downloaded this the other day. Not heard it yet. Can’t wait
  9. Seattle 73 is great (@Zephead315 remaster). Never heard the Providence or Fort Worth shows you mention. Would sure love a link.
  10. Sounds like the board has good ambience, and the audience are quite prominent. Hope someone does a merge of this with 929. All that will be missing is thank you and wll
  11. When HTEWW was released, I’m sure it was a lot quicker than that. Wasn’t it a matter of days?
  12. Surely it would be too early for it to be released on dime in any case? It was only available for sale a few days ago....and then there is the ordering process and shipping time and wotnot.
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