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  1. Great post. Totally get what you’re saying re; the way Zep gets to you. I like the Stones, but I don’t rate them at all post Mick Taylor
  2. Xolo1974

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    I only have the original. Didn’t realise there was a second release with the Rain Song. Thanks for the info - I’ll have to check it out. Acoustic version I presume? The acoustic version from the Japan (95/96?) tour is brilliant
  3. Xolo1974

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    The fact that the songs were so good live reinforces the fact that the production was so poor
  4. Blueberry Hill - Source 3 - recent Graf Zeppelin release
  5. Xolo1974

    Holy Grails

    Still the rest of the 29.9.71 Osaka gig for me, closely followed by a soundboard of Blueberry Hill
  6. Xolo1974

    Original Celebration Day on TSRTS Cassette

    Check out the Heywood (fan) remaster/version of this show. Includes all the extra tracks that were not included in the original release, but also the original uncut solos from the first LP/cassette release. I don’t listen to any other version of this show. This is by far the best and it was put together by a fan. I can be of assistance if you PM me. Neil
  7. Xolo1974

    Berkeley (Going to California)

    Hi all, So which Dadgad version is best....Zoso.me has the following available for download: -
  8. Xolo1974

    Long Live Led Zeppelin

    It’s a great website. Thanks Hunter. Peeps. Also check out www.zoso.me
  9. Xolo1974

    Favorite Lyrics?

    Ten Years Gone.
  10. Xolo1974

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I reckon it’s a really good website. Anyway, irrespective of whether it is a good site or not, threatening behaviour like than can never be condoned. I also detest people that hide behind anonymity. That’s really cowardly
  11. Xolo1974


    Space is infinite. Hence, there are an infinite number of possibilities. Of course there is life elsewhere. The fact we haven’t heard from them doesn’t mean shit. They’re probably just too far away. Or scared of us. Or disinterested. I find it hard to believe they would be out of contact due to less advanced technology than we have on Earth. Who could be less advanced than us? We’re all morons FFS! Read Douglas Adams people - he has the answers.
  12. Xolo1974

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    Methinks you doth protest too much
  13. Xolo1974

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I thought you were AA?