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  1. Sorry, apparently it's the 'CuztardPi' matrix.
  2. Hi all....bumping this up as i could do with some advice. I have the Custard Pie matrix. It's a great effort....but some of the time differences/mismatch/delay between the audience and soundboard sources are starting to grate on me. Question is - is there a better matrix out there? If not...could you let me know what the best soundboard source is...preferably one that patches any gaps with the audience source. Thanks.
  3. A remaster of this gas just turned up on black beauty. Sounds pretty good to me
  4. Hopefully the rest of Osaka 71 in September - 50 years on
  5. It is a terrific tape and brilliant show
  6. Thanks to you and Gerry for your work and generosity with this mate.
  7. Ok it was 1992. My mistake. They sucked. Check out the news stories in the following link https://www.a-4-d.com/t1913-1992-06-14-manchester-city-football-ground-maine-road-manchester-england
  8. Hi Steve, would love a link to the 28th please
  9. Yep - one of the best versions of Kashmir is from Seattle 21.3.75. But JP is very low in the mix
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