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  1. Hi Steve, would love a link to the 28th please
  2. Yep - one of the best versions of Kashmir is from Seattle 21.3.75. But JP is very low in the mix
  3. I’ve just bought the latest vinyl edition of PG. I have to say I’m very disappointed. To me, no noticeable improvement on the version I bought in the early to mid 90’s.
  4. I can’t access dime, so would really appreciate a link from someone
  5. God you’re right. And the guy that played Peter Grant....I’ve seen scarier garden gnomes!!!!
  6. Interested to hear what NQ and Kashmir sound like on the SB. Aside from that, and with the exception of the early portion of the tour, I’m pretty content with what we already have from 1975. What a shame they didn’t play more from PG.
  7. Hi Sam - what do you mean when you say the Minneapolis batch? Were they stolen together? Were they available for sale together? Has a bootleg label confirmed they have them all? thanks
  8. It’s funny how carouselambra really polarises opinions. I love it, and think it’s the best song on the album.
  9. Errr, the fucking thing doesn’t work. What a ridiculous comment
  10. You’re right, it’s fucked. Let me know if them yardbirds tapes are any good.
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