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  1. Great scene….”well, what are you going to do about it whitey?”. LOL
  2. Well good luck with that! Even just TYG from that show would be awesome
  3. Yep he is right. I meant to respond in a similar way, but he beat me to the punch. They released a snippet of the WLL medley, no doubt to whet the appetite of collectors. They have the full damned thing alright.
  4. What do we all think the chances are of EVSD releasing the full soundboard for 29.9.71 on the 50th anniversary? Would another release this year follow their normal pattern?
  5. @SteveZ98 do you reckon there would be anything you could do with the first Knebworth show?
  6. Actually - i may have justy got this from Guitars 101. Is this the "David. E mix"? Says that this uses source 3 as the primary source.
  7. Hi mate - if you could flick me a link, i'd sure appreciate it.
  8. Not heard this boot before, so thanks for posting. Really enjoyed it and the matrix is brilliant. Does anyone happen to know if there is a good matrix of the 15/2/96 Osaka show, the night they played ten years gone?
  9. Yep, I agree. Looking forward to the rest of that soundboard coming out for 29/9/71
  10. Don’t really listen to NO. But if you haven’t heard them, you should check out the Vegas and Rockplast (?) 98 shows. In any case, better than when I saw them in 98 in Manchester.
  11. Yeah for sure. I finally started learning the guitar 4 years ago as a 42 year old. The acoustic tracks in Zep 3 were my inspiration. I may be in Australia, but I’m from Liverpool in England. Came here 20 years ago as a backpacker. Met an Aussie girl, and that was that. That girl is now my wife and we have two Aussie kids. Have a good day mate. Neil
  12. Brad, that is a tragic story and I’m so sorry for your loss. I have two boys - they are 10 and 8. I just cannot imagine.... Anyhow, welcome to the forum
  13. Might be an idea to check out the Black Beauty website to see if any matrix versions exist
  14. I love this show. Can I have a link please? “Ladies and gentlemen....the Led Zeppelin”
  15. Some people like’em....some people hate’em. Me - I like them, except for ‘77. The Millard recordings are just unbeatable. We’re all huge fans/collectors/obsessives. Is there a point at which we’ll feel satisfied with what we have, or will we keep wanting more? I kid myself, and think that I’ll be happy when and if the following come out (in no particular order); 1. Blueberry Hill. 2. Rest of 29/9/71. 3. 1970 - New York second show; and: 4. 24/7/79 Copenhagen. What are yours? Cheers
  16. Bit disappointed really - given it’s the fiftieth anniversary of the Japan 71 tour, I was really hoping for the rest of the board from 29/9/71. And they only usually release one a year. The 77 boards sound so bad as well.
  17. Sorry, apparently it's the 'CuztardPi' matrix.
  18. Hi all....bumping this up as i could do with some advice. I have the Custard Pie matrix. It's a great effort....but some of the time differences/mismatch/delay between the audience and soundboard sources are starting to grate on me. Question is - is there a better matrix out there? If not...could you let me know what the best soundboard source is...preferably one that patches any gaps with the audience source. Thanks.
  19. A remaster of this gas just turned up on black beauty. Sounds pretty good to me
  20. Hopefully the rest of Osaka 71 in September - 50 years on
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