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  1. Ten Years Gone We are Eagles of one nest The nest is in our soul
  2. Hello all. Been playing 2 years. I’ve nailed tangerine. Except the Outro. If anyone has tab or anything, or can point me in the direction of a decent YouTube vid I would sure appreciate it. Cheers Neil
  3. I don’t think anyone can really know much it hit Jimmy. And everyone has a different temperament. Robert and JPJ looked to the future. Jimmy looks to the past. Nothing wrong with that. Let’s not forget, Jimmy (in my opinion) was the talisman of Zeppelin. The pressure on him to produce something other-worldly since the demise of Zeppelin must have been an insurmountable task. And this is for a guy who was renowned for near debilitating stage fright. I’m very happy with what he has given us. I was way too young to see Zeppelin (born in ‘74), but I did see P and P. The music of Zeppelin was an untold joy to discover when I was 13. And it still inspires me today. It’s the reason I picked up a guitar at the age of 42. What the fuck more could I ask for?
  4. Now that....is a great post. Could not agree more
  5. I - I can’t quit you baby II - Moby dick III - Hats off to Roy Harper IV - Four sticks HOTH - D’yer Maker PG - Boogie with Stu Presence - Royal Orleans ITTOD - South bound Suarez Coda - Bonzo’s Montreaux
  6. What’s the audience source like for the LA gigs? Is it an upgrade on previous releases? Very curious. Hope you’re enjoying it.
  7. They’ve already started doing this Rod...at Abbey Road studios. Check out their website
  8. I don’t think so. Night Stalker is on guitars 101. The Osaka soundboard was released pretty much instantly.
  9. And my American Professional Fender Telecaster. “May”. I’m 45 and only started playing 3 years ago. I’ve always dreamt of playing, so the very fact I own any guitars makes me want to pinch myself. Dream guitar would have to be a 59 original Gibson LP
  10. My Cole Clark Fat Lady 2. “Georgina”. Absolutely love this guitar
  11. Very up for a download link mate 😀
  12. I guess that’s not bad - I assume it included the soundboard?
  13. How much did you pay mate?
  14. I’ll have to check out the 23rd. Which boot would you recommend?
  15. Which night was it he used the strat, this one?
  16. Not a problem mate. I’ll look forward to hearing it
  17. Hi mate. Any chance of a new link for the audio? Cheers
  18. Would love to hear your best of ‘80 compilation mate
  19. There's a guy called JRK who apparently has done just that. I've not checked it out yet. I've downloaded it, but will have a listen tomorrow. The boot is called "Intimidating Divinity" Check your messages
  20. Xolo1974

    Thank You

    Yep. Orlando 31/8/1970
  21. Hi all. I can’t get onto Dime. I sure would appreciate an alternative link from someone on google drives or wetransfer or something. Neil
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