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  1. EiT-3 arrived at the warehouse may 28th and is shipped today. Inform you when it's delivered...
  2. Wine: a nice, firm, dark red Barolo from Italy Beer: a normal 'Hertog Jan' from The Netherlands Spirit: whisky, especially a cask-strength Highland malt whisky, preferably GlenGoyne.
  3. You can order with Yahoo Auctions. It might take a little longer (approx 3 weeks) due the Covid-19 but they ship. I bought EiT-2 on 03-31 and got it delivered 04-21
  4. And just for collector's sake: the 3rd box with a LZ-member is ordered 5 hours ago. Just like Duckman said, 3 down 1 to go!
  5. Better to be a lefty than a goddamn, redneck, white-ass
  6. As far as I know I never said Dr. Fauci IS a practicing medical doctor. It was a comparison between Dr. Hurd, who has no medical background, and Dr. Fauci who has. But Dr. Fauci IS the leading, world famous, expert on infectious diseases for all U.S.A. presidents since Ronald Reagan. Dr. Fauci tells about the truth and dangers of this disease. And Trump can't handle the truth. When somebody says something Trump doesn't like, he's fired. He only wants to be surrounded by 'yes-men'. The only reason Dr. Fauci isn't fired yet, is because he's a popular guy, the American people like him. And a diatribe? Why? Every number above is true and verifiable! Did tRump say one thing - the last few months, or ever - that is true? Over 16,000 verifiable lies, in just over 3 years! · We have 15 cases, in the next few days it will be close to zero · The Obama admin left us empty cupboards (verifiable $ 7,000,000,000.- worth of PPE and medical machines) · All of a sudden it will go away, it'll be gone · When we keep it below a 50,000 - 60,000 - 70,000 - 80,000 - 100,000 deaths we've done an incredible job: right now may, 17th 00.00 GMT up to almost 90,000 · But when you go outside, be a good sports and sign a form you won’t be needing or using medical care I'm done!
  7. So, I must presume you have no hard copy whatsoever of any MM recording? No LTTE? No Led Zeppelin official DVD? It was not as much as a question as "...where are they?..." but more like "...they release Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Bruce..." why won't they release Led Zeppelin (when available)
  8. Ok, when you put Dr. before your surname a smart guy. He might be a smart guy but he's NO medical doctor. Why is it again Fauci is so well respected amongst colleagues? Because he's a nice guy or because of his knowledge? For almost 40 years he's the director of NIAID. Fauci was the 13th most-cited scientist among the 2.5 to 3 million authors in all disciplines throughout the world who published articles in scientific journals. Because he's telling crap? Where's Dr.Hurd? For sure, the Trump administration is the best. They acted is the best possible way. NOT. All the "Trumpers" better wake up: A small comparison South Korea vs U.S.A.: World population: 0.7% vs 4.3% World-wide Covid-19 cases: 0.2% vs 32.0% World-wide Covid-19 deaths: 0.1% vs 28.6% No other country has such bad numbers. Best in testing? Absolute numbers - 10,817,833 - for sure. Relative - per capita: hell no: 38th place, after countries as Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and so on. As by 02-15 South Korea (pop. 51,263,639) has 28 confirmed cases and by 02-20 the first confirmed death As by 02-15 U.S.A. (pop. 330,753,490) has 15 confirmed cases and by 02-20 still no confirmed deaths. The first death confirmed by 02-29. Today, 05-15, South Korea has 260 deaths and the U.S.A. 87,773 deaths. Unemployment rate January to April: S.K. from 3.7% to 3.8% U.S.A. from 3.8% to 14.7% Thanks to Donald J.Trump.
  9. Today on @yuminor0616 and also on Yahoo Auctions: newly released Mike Millard boxes, same as Led Zeppelin's "Evolution is Timing" boxes. So, why no "Mike Millard - Led Zeppelin" boxes? Would be nice to have all Mike Millard's tapes in one collection... BTW. It's both boxes for just 6800 yen!
  10. And a small addition, songs NEVER played live: http://www.ledzeppelin-reference.com/geekbaseweb/songlistpage.aspx?toggle=3&sort=0
  11. On http://www.ledzeppelin-reference.com/geekbaseweb/songlistpage.aspx?toggle=0&sort=0# there's no hit on "Custard Pie", so I guess they never played it live. Sick Again: 76 times. The Rover: 37 times. But "Dazed and Confused" tops with 211 times (WLL: 199) BTW: "When The Levee Breaks" only played 3 times live.
  12. You're also a Zep Head. 🤪 My name is Moby_Dick_Ale 😃
  13. I ordered "The Starship" box!! 😄🤘
  14. All 4 shows are on Dime... EVSD released Fillmore & Lewisville as a 3cd envelope : "sixty nine special" and is just released last week as "led poisoning" as a 2cd envelope. Both available on Yahoo. "69 special" also available through AirRaid.
  15. Wisdom comes with age 🤪: December 28th I told everybody EVSD released this box for 2000 yen. I decided not to buy and download and burn the files from DIME. After buying "EiT-2" I decided I'd like to have a physical copy of "EiT1" also. But by the end of March the only way to obtain a copy is Yahoo Auctions. This costs me 8360 yen ex. p&p. A grand total of 11000 yen (€ 95,- ish) 👎👎
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