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  1. October 2011 I saw Joe Bonamassa play at Carré, Amsterdam and I especially remember that concert for the astonishing version of "Tea For One". So I heard it once live in its entirety which was really cool...
  2. A bit more info on www.argeteumastrum.com The Empress Valley Supreme Disc had issued Live On Blueberry Hill - a ‘stereo matrix master’ paired up from four different audience sources, new version of the 4th of September, 1970 show. This double disc set features recently torrented fan made production of this legendary gig synched and mixed together to provide the best sounding version so far. Available note indicates following information of sources used: * Source #1 = Neutral Zone bootleg CDs [the Blimp Records / TMOQ recording]. * Source #2 = Rubber Dubber Records bootleg LP. * Source #3 = tape source [of Mud Dogs bootleg]. * Source #5 = tape source [of Tarantura (2000) bootleg]. The lesser fidelity tape sources #4 [a/k/a Tarantura (1997)] and #6 (the most recently surfaced one) have been used to patch the introduction which is almost wholly missing from the other circulating tapes. See the Note further below for more information and identification (to the best of our ability and recollection).
  3. Got upstairs to get the 2015 "Physical Graffiti Super Deluxe Edition Boxset" out of my study, been a while it was on my record player... Right now, while cooking dinner, I'm listening to "Ten Years Gone".
  4. The "Deep Throat" set as above (2015 reissue) on Yahoo Auctions Japan just ¥ 2800 (approx € 25,- 0r $ 28.-) ex p&p
  5. That's from a tweet from @yumunori0616 he posted June 8th just around the release of "The Pareidolia Paradigm"
  6. Just $ 38.- on AirRaid's site (ex. $ 21.- shipping). I bought this one when it was just released in October '15 for about $ 98.- ex. p&p. But be aware; this one's without the DVD which is enclosed in the original 2003 edition or within the 2009 "Christmas edition". BTW. Moonchild's got the "Get Back To L.A." series (part 1, 2 & 3)
  7. Eat A Peach/Golden Eggs, or new successor Diamond Records, don’t have these titles in their catalogue: EAT A PEACH 09-04-1970: Live On Blueberry Hill - Los Angeles 03-16-1973: A Very Nice Night - Vienna 03-21-1975: Hammer Of The Gods - Seattle 07-17-1973: Performed Live In Seattle - Seattle 09-19-1970: Storming The Big Apple - New York 03-07-1970: Feel All Right, Live In Montreux - Montreux GOLDEN EGGS 09-04-1970: A Sweeter Blueberry - Los Angeles about Graf I don’t know. You can look for it at Bootledz site!
  8. Nope. Actually it IS the Winston Remaster (you can read it in the right upper corner and on the spine). At least they don't pretend anything!
  9. They only got the 6-21-77 ("Listen To This, Eddie"), 6-23-77 (For Badgeholders Only") and 7-17-77 ("Silver Shadow") shows!
  10. Is this officially approved or what?? Sounds really wonderful! Great job. PM sent.
  11. A reaction from Japan: "...This example says “Promo Only”. I never heard of any of examples of this type. This is much rarer than numbering!..." So, anyone anymore information? Like to know as much as possible on this card and whether or not EVSD is making up stories on the "Limited 100 copies & numbered" claim, or other numbers: "Tit For Tat": 50 pcs; "The Great Beast - 666": 150 pcs. etc. And what about the UKIYO-E series of the 928 "Black Dog" and the 929 "Immigrant Song" and "Stairway To Heaven" recordings: Not for sale, 20 copies only... I've got an almost complete set of 15 covers, just "Immigrant Song" type F missing 😜
  12. Just heard from ArgenteumAstrum every box had the same marking. No numbers. So I guess, EVSD could release 200 boxes with the same card: "promotional copy/100". When you receive box number 134/100 you know something's wrong but when you receive the 134th box with "promotional copy/100" you don't know anything! We have to trust EVSD on this... 😜
  13. Thanks for the explanation, but is this special? I guess not... every copy out of 100 got this “sample disc”? Curious to know!
  14. nope, it's not a sticker. Just printed!
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