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  1. Is this officially approved or what?? Sounds really wonderful! Great job. PM sent.
  2. A reaction from Japan: "...This example says “Promo Only”. I never heard of any of examples of this type. This is much rarer than numbering!..." So, anyone anymore information? Like to know as much as possible on this card and whether or not EVSD is making up stories on the "Limited 100 copies & numbered" claim, or other numbers: "Tit For Tat": 50 pcs; "The Great Beast - 666": 150 pcs. etc. And what about the UKIYO-E series of the 928 "Black Dog" and the 929 "Immigrant Song" and "Stairway To Heaven" recordings: Not for sale, 20 copies only... I've got an almost complete set of 15 covers, just "Immigrant Song" type F missing 😜
  3. Just heard from ArgenteumAstrum every box had the same marking. No numbers. So I guess, EVSD could release 200 boxes with the same card: "promotional copy/100". When you receive box number 134/100 you know something's wrong but when you receive the 134th box with "promotional copy/100" you don't know anything! We have to trust EVSD on this... 😜
  4. Thanks for the explanation, but is this special? I guess not... every copy out of 100 got this “sample disc”? Curious to know!
  5. nope, it's not a sticker. Just printed!
  6. Yep, the complete box, as advertised... All three dates, the soundboard, the obvious EVSD-sticker, numbered card (although I don't know which number...🤪) and the card with the upcoming EVSD-releases...
  7. Couldn't find anything... another problem are these (I guess) old style characters, and the new style characters you find using Google... Very difficult to compare for me!
  8. Received my "The Pareidolia Paradigm" box today. Just opened the package... Help: I don't understand, speak or read Japanese. So is there anyone anywhere who can tell me the number of my box???
  9. As the photo's I posted some days ago...😉 The sound is great but I'm missing the "live experience". So, who's the first to merge this SDB with the best sounding AUD? Sue Dounim perhaps?
  10. 2 weeks ago I downloaded this version from TTD. It's simply STUNNING! Thanks for mentioning this one. http://www.*/forums/showthread.php?t=117465&highlight=Zeppelin+Divinity
  11. I'm sorry, didn't read that. Haven't been on DIME after 11:00 GMT after I snatched "The Night Stalker".
  12. That's not what I ment. Pluribus was talking about 24th ("...entire disc...confirmed...") and on DIME someone (bionade) said is was 25th!
  13. "The Night Stalker" is on DIME. I didn't listen to it yet, but what about this comment?
  14. Listening to the 3 different versions of "Stairway To Heaven" from my "Deep Throat" (2015 reissue) set and comparing them to the sample on "Black Beauty", I notice some strange things. I'm only listening on my computer, so no state-of-the-art equipment, just my ears. 1.) it is much clearer than the "Deep Throat" versions 2.) sometimes it appears too me it runs too fast 3.) it seems to be chopped up and afterwards be fixed 4.) sometimes I'm missing bits and pieces 5.) which date have they used? I'm waiting for a more "professional" analysis of this song which proves my wrong or right.
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