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  1. Moby_Dick_Ale

    The Final Option vs The Complete EC Tapes

    same to me (besides the extremely high price for the old box-set...)
  2. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Pontiac Silverdome

    Maybe, just maybe, EVSD is asking us something: - “Sitting On A Goldmine” - A shiny, golden box - EVSD philisophy: To Buy Or Not To Buy Is there a tiny possibility they (EVSD) have a chance to buy something really special, but very expensive. When they sell out all 50 boxes they just might...
  3. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Pontiac Silverdome

    Received my copy today. Got no opportunity yet to listen to the set but he, weekend's coming up! Silverdome, Pontiac : "Edit Rocker 13 Remastering" 30th april 1977 The Summit, Houston: "4-Eyed Freak Remastering" 21st may 1977 Kingdome, Seattle: "Out Runners Remastering". EVSD was obviously in a hurry, because this one is also labelled 21st May 1977 On the side of the box: Empress Valley Philosophy: "To Buy Or Not To Buy"
  4. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    3 cd: $ 33.- 5 cd: $ 108.- (limited version - 100 copies) Both dates never before released through EVSD. Graf Zeppelin just released the 12-03 show and - according to http://www.argenteumastrum.com - there are releases of the 12-04 show by TDOLZ and Beelzebub Records.
  5. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Pontiac Silverdome

    The last actual new EVSD-box was "Complete Live in Japan" ("The Campaign"/"The Overture). The ones before were "Deus Ex Machina" and "Ultra Violent Killer Droog". So probably (hopefully?) EVSD is trying to make money with all the re-releases to be able to buy something new. A new series of "soundboard revolution" releases coming up?
  6. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Pontiac Silverdome

    Just read on AirRaid's site: Out on EVSD a 9-disc box containing the 1977 - 04 - 30 Pontiac Silverdome recording, "Sitting on a Goldmine". Comes with 1977 - 05 - 21 Houston (aka "Dragon Snake" & "Texas Hurricane - 21") and 1977 - 07 - 17 (aka "Year of the Dragon"). So, for a new EVSD issue you have to pay $ 385,-. Who's buying? guess I am...
  7. Moby_Dick_Ale


    The download link for this was send on request. Notes from the information sheet attached: "...Background:Since few years it was believed that the second tape source is in circulation among a small group of people from Cleveland, who were close friends of the taper. In 2011, a person who is responsible for the transfer was contacted and kindly asked for a copy of this tape. The transfer has been made in a professional studio, and with proper head azimuth to achieve the best quality possible. The tape itself hasn't been traded anywhere except for a very small group of collectors in standard 44.1/16 rate. In December 2018, the Japanese label T2K announced that the second audience source for April 28th show will be exclusively released as a part of massive 9 disc box set. It was an obvious violation of the agreement between the taper and people, whom he trade his tape as he clearly indicated to not sharing his recording with the public, and prevent it from bootleging. Soon after the decision has been made to publish an audiophile 24/96 version (which has been carefully mastered) to beat down the recently released bootleg set and to let people hear the complete alternate Destroyer tape in its full power and glory..." "...Please do not torrent it anywhere outside the community (and this is especially dedicated to a member of Dime nicknamed jesusmahdi- the person responsible for this download is about to share other uncirculated sources unless they won't be shared anywhere on the public; this is the main and ultimate clausule to let these recordings seeing the day light in the future)!..."
  8. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Both types of Vans - Era and Sk8-Hi - almost sold out. Only the smallest sizes available! Ordered mine (both types) early - 07.10 CET - this morning at caliroots.com
  9. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    I'm 58 tomorrow, got (maybe) 20 t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies. Every album at least 4 times (original vinyl, cd, Japanese cd, super deluxe edition box), 4 symbols tattooed on my back and the Swan Song on my arm... Why not buy these sneakers...😁 ? Too old?
  10. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    On sale Friday 22nd... https://www.star1015fm.com/trampled-under-footwear-led-zeppelin-teams-up-with-vans-to-launch-new-shoe-and-apparel-line/
  11. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Where to buy...??? https://t.co/QPuaPMUDWQ
  12. Moby_Dick_Ale

    New Bath '70 Video?

    Just set your VPN to an English server and it all works fine...
  13. Just finished downloading and 6 mins. up watching. You've done quite a remarkable and outstanding job. I just think this one's gonna be my favorite and replace any "Song" 'cause it's only the concert without any bandmember fantasies.
  14. Great! Don't wanna miss this one... Looking forward👍
  15. Moby_Dick_Ale

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    This morning I read a statement on http://www.argenteumastrum.com which I found very upsetting: "I just received an email with the following blackmail content from the user named evsd4, much likely as a revenge of my kind request of not publishing recently uploaded Cleveland tape. For goodness sake stop getting drawn into the debate on bootleggers and hoarders. You are not doing yourself any justice at all. It is widely known you are a mouthpiece for Empress Valley Supreme Disc. Do not do yourself a dis-service by getting into an argument on this issue. If you do I will upload to every Led Zeppelin forum the complete sordid tale of this particular source and everything else you have fucked and sabotaged to the Led Zeppelin community at large!!! Cool off or take the consequences!!!!!!!!!! Please be aware that if any of these will continue, I will be obligated to take legal actions to stop that silliness and inform the authorities immediately." I don't know who "evsd4" is, and frankly I don't give a f... All I know is, that the guy behind http://www.argenteumastrum.com (and most of us know who he is) is doing his upmost best in providing us with information about the newest LZ-titles from EV, but also from EAP/GE, Wendy, Graf Zeppelin etc. In my opinion he is far from a mouthpiece for EVSD. Multiple times I've asked whether or not he could provide me with a special EVSD-box but he couldn't because he thought the titles didn't add anything new to existing titles in circulation. He didn't have nor sell the latest 929-boxes because of the disappointment they didn't release the complete show. As a matter of fact he asked me for lossless copies of "Immigrant Song", "Black Dog", "Stairway" and "Friends" from the 928 and 929 shows because he missed them when they were released. So EVSD4 - when you're reading this - stop accusing and threatening people when you don't know s... about them! Let the guy continue with what he knows and does best and provide us with information about new releases and the site being an excellent reference for Led Zeppelin audio & video - cd, vinyl & shows!