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  1. A bit later; was on http://www.argenteumastrum.com around X-mas 2019. Still for sale on CD Museum Pb...
  2. Snatched it for just € 35,- ex P&P. But the leaflet shows another gem: Mike Millard's Lost and Found BOX
  3. Having TCOLZ, EVSD and Magic Bus, I would say Magic Bus - "Alpha and Omega" is the better option from these three, although TCOLZ is nice because of the complete tape transfers: strictly source 1 OR strictly source 2. No mixes!
  4. I must say the last Tarantura2000 title "Bath of the Blues" is very listenable and not over EQ-ed at all. (that is "the Final Mixdown", not "The Raw Transfer").
  5. A few weeks? 😂😂 75 weeks is my guess. I ordered mine august 26th 2018, received from AirRaid September 4th. It appears to be some bug on the AirRaid site: every “new” link in yellow gives you the same photo of this set.
  6. You're absolutely right! "Deus Ex Machina" numbered promo edition (3/17 and 3/21 1975 both dates in SBD quality) sat me back 56.000 yen (¥ 61.200 / € 500,- / $ 550.- incl. p&p). That's a lot of money but I wanted the box so much... And a few times I've paid in the $ 250.- to $ 300.- range for sth special (for me) and on the other hand I snatched "The Dinosaur In Motion" (3/17 and 3/21 1975 both dates in AUD quality) on Yahoo Auction for only ¥ 8.750 (€ 75,-)
  7. "Please Please Me" on Yahoo Auction $ 518,-
  8. These are photo's from "The Last Adieu" box starring the last concerts in the USA, Oakland, July 23rd and 24th 1977. A third sleeve with some 1977 soundboard tracks. Every "new" link on AirRaid's site in yellow gives you the same photo of that box... My guess is EVSD sticks to the covers posted before...
  9. Received an email also but I guess I pass this title (maybe the standard edition): just on AirRaid: "Please Please Me EVSD-LTD box" 6 cd's € 560,- "God Save The Queen Box" 5 cd's € 368,- "Live in Osaka" 3 cd's in a paper sleeve: € 178,-
  10. Besides the (IMO only small) price difference the real setback are customs. When I buy from AirRaid I've never had to pay customs. Most of the time it states "used cd's" or "gift". But as Yahoo Auctions is such a big organization, they have to do things by the book and thus the "custom-forms" with the actual price is on the package. When I bought the original "Deep Throat" it costs me € 250,- & € 22,- p&p. To pick it up from the post office it sat me back another € 56,- making € 328,- in total
  11. My guess is as "Seastory1945" because sometimes when you buy sth a business card is enclosed with "AirRaid" on one side and "Seastory1945" on the flip side.
  12. Until now I've bought 28 items via Yahoo auctions...
  13. Try these sources: The 1975 World Tour The 1975 World Tour (Cobra Standard Series) 1975 World Tour The 1975 World Tour (Empress Valley Supreme Disc, original and reissue) Snowblind (Empress Valley Supreme Disc, 9CD)
  14. They stop pressing after we stop buying. Right now my guess is around a thousand copies...
  15. EVSD is definitely trying to make money out of this, as there is a new copy on "Evolution is Timing" aka "The Stargazer" for sale on yahoo auctions. This time it's a numbered version, limited edition just around $ 120.- ex p&p
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