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  1. Guess not as you've got be involved in cinema-business to get an accreditation: https://www.labiennale.org/en/cinema/2021/accreditation (scroll down to "cinema accreditation") BTW. it is supposed to be running 137 mins: https://www.labiennale.org/en/cinema/2021/out-competition/becoming-led-zeppelin
  2. From http://www.argenteumastrum.com THE AWESOME FOURSOME LIVE AT EARL'S COURT THE WORLD JOKER JMP 9 A-HSide 1: Rock & Roll (4:05)/Sick Again (5:18)/Over The Hills & Far Away (7:08)/In My Time Of Dying medley incl. You Shook Me (11:42)Side 2: The Song Remains The Same (5:27)/The Rain Song (8:34)/Kashmir (9:12)Side 3: No Quarter (25:00)Side 4: Tangerine (3:12)/Going To California (4:27)/That's The Way (5:57)/Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp (5:25)*Side 5: Moby Dick (22:48)Side 6: Dazed & Confused medley (13:20) incl. San FranciscoSide 7: Dazed & Confused (17:53)Side 8: Stairway To Heaven (11:17)/Whole Lotta Love (6:40)/Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog (5:45)Recording: Good mono audience. Source: Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, England May 23 '75. Comments: European bootleg. Green and black & white slick on black box. Deluxe label. Four different colors of each vinyl available. Also available as a picture disc set. Includes a replica of the original concert programme. (*)not mentioned on label.
  3. I'm sorry to read your wife passed away some time ago. My wife passed away 6 weeks ago (02-04) after a nearly 6 year struggle against ovarian cancer. I can understand you have some disagreement or arguments with other people but I would NEVER THINK of using the death of my wife in a fight with someone. I think you passed a line with that comment. The death of a beloved one can never be compared to the the 'loss' (or not sharing) of a bootleg recording (if any). To me it seems you have a personal vendetta with Zepster. You two seem to be the toro and the matador in a corrida. Whenever someone of you says something, the other one jumps on the train and the fight begins. Give it a rest! Both of you! What's all the hustle worth?
  4. That announcement started the thread 02-19...😜
  5. Latest from Niwa (feb. 8th): Hi, We are making a list for February stock. It does not cover all of our inventory, but we will add it little by little. There is a list of Empress Valley Led Zeppelin and Others, Moonchild Records. If you would like to distribute the list, please contact us. I look forward to working with you. Thanks Niwa I haven't heard since...
  6. I didn't mean a LTTE box set (didn't mention it either) but the release of the original LTTE version in a special EvH cover, the flat transfer and the mastered edition sold as a 3-piece set
  7. After teasing us some 10 days ago with this: Today there's a new tweet from @yuminori0616, seems EVSD is doing the same as with LTTE few weeks ago:
  8. All of the above is true! And Niwa using FedEx is a huge improvement: ordered 11-14, received yesterday 18th...
  9. According to FedEx mine is arriving tomorrow, at the moment at ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE airport, France
  10. Today on twitter: the box is completed with "Candy Store Rock" which seems to me a little odd 'cause it was never played live (according to: http://www.ledzeppelin-reference.com/geekbaseweb/songlistpage.aspx?toggle=3&sort=0 )
  11. My tweet: https://twitter.com/bonzo61/status/1323669390102061056 and this link: https://twitter.com/yuminori0616/status/1324001357456531458
  12. Not on this one but rumour has it that Tarantura2000 is releasing both newly mixed “Long Beach Arena Shows”, 1975-03-11 & 12
  13. Tonight on Twitter @cdmuseumpb: "Mastering of Led Zeppelin 6 CD box is completed, and sound quality check is completed. The release is in October. A talented engineer will spend a lot of time mastering. I don't compromise."
  14. ...but we want to make money and sell as much as possible, that's why we're exaggerating it a bit. 😂😂 and that's why we're releasing it in 2 different formats, one with the audience which we've released before: 3 times "Deep Throat", twice "Pareidolia Paradigm". And we have another label - Moonchild - which also released the 1975-03-24 show ("Get back to L.A.")
  15. apparently just 2 different copies, according to Blimp_Life on twitter:
  16. OBI is the same, that's for sure. Even states "12 CD BOX". But it looks like a single pocket sleeve or gatefold...and that's weird!
  17. To my ears "The Pareidolia Paradigm" release was an improvement to "Deep Throat". So I'm very curious to the soundboard version of this (and next year march 25th and 27th?) show. In how many different forms (and prices) will it be released? Just like "Deus Ex Machina" 1975 - 03 - 17 & 21? 'Deus Ex Machina', 8 cd's 'Deus Ex Machina - Deluxe Edition' 14 cd's and 'Deus Ex Machina - Promo Edition' 7 cd's
  18. I haven't sort out which ones are the SB's but these are the Moonchild '77 and '80' releases:
  19. I guess that's something we have to deal with nowadays. When it's on the net for free, within a month you can buy silvers. Just like all the work Winston has done: free for everyone to download, also for the guys at Moonchild Records who ask $ 11.- for every cd.
  20. According to BlimpLife there might be coming a Mike Millard recording, JEMS / Dadgad remastered release of the LA 03-11-1975 show. 今回のインフォ "led_zeppelin_long_beach_arena_long_beach_ca_1975_03_11_Millard_JEMS" には非常に興味深い内容が書かれている。特に、Nakamichi550とAKG451がLed Zeppelinの1975年ツアーのために購入されたことや、この日が車椅子のデビュー戦(厳密に言うと友人の車椅子)だったことが面白い。 待望のミラードマスター、1975-03-11 Long Beach が上がった! その昔、初めて聴いたときには「これは SBD ではなかろうか?」と思ったほどの高音質音源のマスターが聴ける幸せ。。。Led Zeppelin, Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA, March 11, 1975 Mike Millard Master Tapes via JEMS and Dadgad Google Translate: This info "led_zeppelin_long_beach_arena_long_beach_ca_1975_03_11_Millard_JEMS" has very interesting contents. In particular, it's interesting that the Nakamichi550 and AKG451 were purchased for Led Zeppelin's 1975 tour, and that day was the wheelchair debut (strictly speaking, a friend's wheelchair). Long-awaited Mirrored Master, 1975-03-11 Long Beach is up! A long time ago, when I first listened to it, I was happy to hear the master of high-quality sound sources that I thought, "Is this not SBD?" .. .. Led Zeppelin Long Beach Arena Long Beach, CA March 11, 1975 Mike Millard Master Tapes via JEMS and Dadgad
  21. From @yuminori twitter, 3 down, 1 to go
  22. Maybe Steve will buy you copy and post it? BTW. according to tracking, mine is still in Tokyo (ever since 05-30)
  23. EiT-3 arrived at the warehouse may 28th and is shipped today. Inform you when it's delivered...
  24. Wine: a nice, firm, dark red Barolo from Italy Beer: a normal 'Hertog Jan' from The Netherlands Spirit: whisky, especially a cask-strength Highland malt whisky, preferably GlenGoyne.
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