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  1. So it is confirmed that the tapes for the 1971 Japan shows exist ?
  2. I was always under the impression that the Japan 1971 tapes had been wiped. If we would ever see an official Japan 1971 release then I'd probably piss my pants out of excitement.
  3. I was reading archived newspapers from June 1970 when the band was playing in Iceland, two newspapers said that the first half of the show was to brodcasted on the radio but sadly nothing ever came of it.
  4. I don't have one but why do you want one ? Just curious since I'm Icelandic.
  5. I agree to some degree, IMO his last true voice was the Australian tour, although I see what you mean with the 06/14 show, it really is one of the better shows for Plant on this tour. To see what I mean search for 'Rock and Roll live Australia'' on youtube. When I think of Robert Plant, I think of that clip. That does make more sense regarding the reason for his vocal problems, I remember listening to a bootleg for the BBC concert in April and hearing him explain why his voice was so hoarse, wasn't it during the acoustic set ? This was exactly the answer I was looking for, you can'
  6. I will try to contact the radio station in question but I doubt that anyone there knows anything about this. Jimmy Page probably would have also tried to contact them 15 years ago when he was gathering material for the DVD. It is still a possibility that a recording might have been made, I mean Peter Grant didn't go with them on the trip.
  7. After thinking a bit more about this I have concluded that he must have gotten early symptoms of laryngitis around august 1971, then he gets some rest between December and February and gets his range back but is still suffering from Laryngitis that gets worse during the HOTH sessions. I mean that must be the cause, usually when he got a break from touring his voice seemed to be in somewhat better shape but when he gets Laryngitis it just gets worse. According to Wikipedia Laryngitis can also be caused by infection, they were traveling in Japan and Australia so maybe he got it there althou
  8. I'm an Icelandic Led Zeppelin fan, I was reading a few news articles regarding the bands concert on 22 June 1970 in Laugardalshöll. One of them stated that the first part of the concert is to be brodcasted by the local radio station. The newspaper in question is called Morgunblaðið and is fairly reliable source. Here is a link to the article: http://www.ledzeppelin-reference.com/geekbaseweb/flairinfopage.aspx?flairid=1104 Here is the quote that states that the first part of the show is to be recorded, ''broadcasting starts at 22:30 and will last for one hour'': ''En þeir tónlistar
  9. I am curious to know what happened to his voice between March 1972 and May 1972/the HOTH sessions. To me it seems like he lost his iconic raspiness that you hear so clearly when they do Hello Mary Lou in Sidney 1972, then when you listen to HTWWW his voice is a lot more clear. Does anyone know what happened ?
  10. So true, his voice had been damaged/aged to a perfect point in those first shows of '71, then it just spiraled out of control and became what we hear in HTWWW.
  11. In my opinion this is the best version. Just because of 4:20.
  12. I was just wondering, love every minute of that show. I would give an arm and leg to have the chance to see them play that show !
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