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  1. "alien editing" LOL don't they mean "Winston remaster" ?
  2. Wow, great pics. Jimmy's gotta get Kavanaugh in his corner in case the Stairway lawsuit goes to the supreme court, ain't that right Jimmy, haha. Buddy Guy and Jimmy, nice! Would have been so cool to listen to Jimmy talking about his dragon suit
  3. I remain extremely skeptical of this claim. This was the 70's, not the 90's. I believe someone who wasn't around in the 70's is saying this. Because there were no little mics of good quality you could hide in your hat back then, there were no battery packs, and you would hear on the tapes every time he moved his head (which you never hear). No, I'm thinking quality mics likely concealed in the handles of his wheelchair, plugged directly into the recorder. IMO. Would love some kind of definitive proof one way or the other
  4. How many people have hair like Robert Plant? Call me crazy, but that guy sure looks like Plant to me...
  5. He certainly didn't have his microphones up on a big tree in front of everybody, like these guys are doing. I mean, if you want to do it why not DO IT RIGHT?
  6. Did you swipe this, Strider? Or was this on display at the theater?
  7. Listen to the intro of SIBLY from 9-29-71 Osaka from the original "stage tape". THAT, right there is the greatest drum sound ever. The green kit. The earlier maple kit also sounded awesome (see RAH '70) The vistalite kit and the stainless steel kit were more of a looks thing, I feel, and didn't sound as good. The kick sounds great on the vistalites, but the toms, not so much. The SS kit sounded pretty good, but going to that giant tom (almost as big as a floor tom) was kinda weird. But this was one LOUD kit, for sure. So, best live shows to compare: RAH, Knebworth, Earls Court (official video), and Osaka. HTWWW didn't quite capture the green kit as well. Osaka for the win!
  8. I saw it last night. Liked it. But check this out: This morning, at work, I see I have an appointment in Beverly Hills. Guess where? Yep. I couldn't believe it! Ha!
  9. I was watching the landing at a friends. But I wanted to watch the moonwalk at home, so I got on my trusty Schwinn Stingray and prayed they wouldn't emerge from the lander while I was riding the five or six blocks home. That ride is really etched into my brain because it was a big, busy, four lane major street-normally. It was completely empty. NO ONE. It really hit me then, EVERYONE in the WORLD was watching TV at that moment. I've been watching all the Apollo stuff lately, can't get enough, love it. It was a miraculous achievement, and I hate to see these boneheaded conspiracy nuts try to take that away from those three heroes. They did it. A million things could have gone wrong, but they didn't and it was epic. Oh, and I was big model builder too as a kid, but maybe that's for another thread
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