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  1. Great shots Michael! I saw Derringer, Bogart & Appice at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, 1982. Here's my stub
  2. Agree. Same with 1970, every show is a killer
  3. Hey Strider. As always, I'm amazed at how many fucking shows you have seen! Shit, I don't know how I missed AC/DC at the Whisky. I only worked for VH, so I can't speak to any tapes made of the other shows. I hate to say this but I never recorded any of their Whisky shows. Of course in retrospect I wish I'd recorded all of them. But they kinda saw it as "taking" from them, like Paul's grandpa in A Hard Days Night selling 8 X 10's. You also saw Tom Petty at the Whisky too, right?
  4. +1 That's a highlight of EVERY '75 show to me! Now give us Levee, dammit!
  5. And there it is! Nice! Nothing about Eddie on it. The mystery continues
  6. Two red maracas, they're even picking up the light from above. He's also holding a drumstick which is pointing near his ear. I just listened to Kashmir and can't really hear them anywhere...(great version, btw). I think he was just trying something here, maybe it worked in rehearsals. Is there any film of this show?
  7. Wasn't there one from the 80's called "Pussy & Cock"?
  8. Is Bonzo holding maracas here? Sure looks like it. Jimmy on the Danelectro, so....maracas on Kashmir doesn't make sense...WTF is going on here? (Photo from Copenhagen '79, the first night)
  9. Sounds like Bonzo to me. Nothing jumps out as "No way that's Bonzo". In fact, the fills on track 2 are very 'Good Times, Bad Times' to my ears, the triplets near the end also. I think it's him
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