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  1. Everyone has a drum! Would be interesting to see that song
  2. The sound of two bass drums rolling is more like dooka dooka dooka. Doing that on one is more like doo doo doo doo doo doo. I'm actually surprised Georgie Porgie doesn't hear it. It's even more obvious to me on the companion version. I would think anyone who's played double bass would hear it instantly. I guess I'm the only one who does. Call me crazy
  3. A week after using them at the Anaheim show August 9. I wonder if he used them at every show that week? Interesting. Because the day before, in Asbury Park (8-16) he's using just one. So it seems kind of random. He used two in Albuquerque, and Salt Lake City (7-30), possibly San Berdu also. Wow, so imagine if Zep HAD agreed to do Woodstock, he might have used two there, and we'd have pro shot footage of it! As far as studio, I still think he's using two on Bonzo's Montreux.
  4. Charlie. Man, this one's tough. RIP
  5. Great points Woz. I hadn't thought about checking the multi tracks.
  6. Actually, after thinking it over I think he may have done it (Ramble On) all in one go. With a seat from a drum throne positioned where his rack tom would go, with a mic on it, and he just went from the pitter patter right into the drum part, easily going back and forth between the two parts. You'll notice there's no rack tom in the track at all. This would be the easiest way, the tempo would stay steady it and would save a track as well.
  7. Awww. Had a big crush on Markie Post back in the day. RIP.
  8. Cool! Weird how it looks like they're all jammed together, almost like they're the opening band or something.
  9. So I went to see a friend's band last Friday night, and since it wasn't wall-to-wall people or anything, I didn't wear my mask. I am fully vaccinated by the way. Well, what do you know, I caught covid. I was down for the count yesterday, it kicked my ass. Feeling a bit better today. Just wear your mask people, stay safe
  10. Haha! Now THAT was bad! Like Mr. Burns said "We did twenty takes and THAT was the best one!"
  11. What, you mean playing those? I can't play either one (yet, anyway), but I do love both songs.
  12. Jonny The Bends These Are My Twisted Words - I figured this out on guitar recently and just can't stop playing it, it's just so cool and weird, I love it
  13. That's correct, Elf and ELO. Well, although just an okay recording, and it does have some cuts, there's enough there that proves it indeed WAS an excellent night for DP MK III
  14. For over forty years I've been searching for a bootleg of Deep Purple at the Long Beach Arena from November of '74. I was at this show and always considered it to be one of the best shows I've ever seen. Well, I finally found it. I downloaded it last night, I will listen when I get home. I'm sure it will be anti-climactic, right? Still...I haven't had this giddy feeling of FINDING something in a long time. I still remember when I found Led Zeppelin LA '71, same thing, just YES! VICTORY! haha The search was always part of the fun. I do hope it lives up to my memories. Hopefully it's not an awful recording. We'll see. I will report back with my review. Another thing I want to find is Jaco Pastorius at the Beverly theater 1983. I've heard there is a recording, I just haven't seen it. This one is kind of the opposite - "was it really as BAD as I remember?"
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