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  1. I was watching the landing at a friends. But I wanted to watch the moonwalk at home, so I got on my trusty Schwinn Stingray and prayed they wouldn't emerge from the lander while I was riding the five or six blocks home. That ride is really etched into my brain because it was a big, busy, four lane major street-normally. It was completely empty. NO ONE. It really hit me then, EVERYONE in the WORLD was watching TV at that moment. I've been watching all the Apollo stuff lately, can't get enough, love it. It was a miraculous achievement, and I hate to see these boneheaded conspiracy nuts try to take that away from those three heroes. They did it. A million things could have gone wrong, but they didn't and it was epic. Oh, and I was big model builder too as a kid, but maybe that's for another thread
  2. I love impressions and those who do good ones. That's funny you do Hank Hill, Redrum, I can sometimes get his exasperated noise. I do a decent JFK, among others I love the youtube clip of the two guys arguing about how to do a proper Michael Cain impression, he's going "no, no, that's 70's Michael Cain, to do him now you must speak much....more......slowly"
  3. I was thinking the same thing, he was so close to getting it on film. Still - great footage!
  4. Yeah, all of those live ones, Paris and London also, great stuff
  5. I was at Cal Jam. I was sixteen. I thought both Sabbath and Purple were great. That MK III lineup is my favorite. I left during ELP.
  6. I was at the show on the 24th. The first five songs or so are pretty rushed and sloppy, Plant even "explains" why with his comment "a gram is a gram is a gram.." haha
  7. I was at the show on the 24th, and I've been wanting a soundboard of this for years, so this is big news for me. Release the whole show, though, come on, these "partial" releases are fucking stupid
  8. There were no congas in '73, though. 1970 fits better, but I've never seen the photo he's looking for...
  9. That is too cool, I have a friend who would love this
  10. Looks like an awesome exhibit. I've seen some other photos from it, they have a bunch of serious guitars there, like SRV's #1, and EVH's complete set up. Also spotted Jerry Garcia's guitar. If you go, please share some photos
  11. unfortunately, yes. You guys are onto me, no one falls for my pranks anymore 😀
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