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  1. Man, the Dogs of Doom are just kicking ass lately! Bravo!
  2. Well, they played all originals at the UFO show. They played there quite a bit, so these could be two different gigs or "pt. 1 and pt. 2" of the same gig. I'd have to listen, so many of these have wrong info on them.
  3. That's not the UFO show, there's no recording of that one (that I'm aware of). This is earlier, but same place (Golden West Ballroom)
  4. Indeed I was! What a show, one of my all time faves. Here's a few pics
  5. I was at that one too. Tommy Castro opened up. So basically, every concert I went to, Strider was there lurking somewhere, haha. Maybe sitting right in front of me, who knows 😄
  6. For me it WAS the Universal Amphitheater. Perfect size, perfect sound, not too far away....saw so many great shows there, Prince, Bowie, Radiohead, Jeff Beck, Stevie Wonder, Sting, The Tubes, Ozzy, etc., etc...but ALAS. They tore it down to build Harry Potter land! Still pisses me off
  7. No way, are you kidding? Before the pandemic you were going to a show almost every day it seemed like. You've seen more shows in the last five years than I've seen in my life probably!
  8. Well, Robert does play guitar nowadays a bit, I just don't think he had the chops to play the required stuff back then. But, yeah, it would've helped for sure
  9. Yeah, "the era of the virtuoso is over" or something like that you know, I was watching the '71 Japan footage, and you see Robert and Jonesy practically rolling their eyes waiting for Jimmy to wrap up his unaccompanied 'Heartbreaker' guitar solo. Then I started to realize what Plant had to go through, and just how indulgent Jimmy was, long guitar solos in almost every song, with Robert standing around... not that we don't all love it, but, you know, from Roberts point of view, yeah, I'm sure it could be a bit much some times
  10. Right after that, as they go into For What it's Worth, listen to the bass, JPJ is killing it
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