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  1. That is too cool, I have a friend who would love this
  2. Looks like an awesome exhibit. I've seen some other photos from it, they have a bunch of serious guitars there, like SRV's #1, and EVH's complete set up. Also spotted Jerry Garcia's guitar. If you go, please share some photos
  3. unfortunately, yes. You guys are onto me, no one falls for my pranks anymore 😀
  4. Jimmy Page was his usual cagey self when asked directly if there were any upcoming Zeppelin releases for the bands 50th anniversary. While he did confirm that a new live album was in the pipeline, he wasn’t eager to share the specific details about when it would come out or which concert would be featured. He did, however, spill the beans a bit in that the new release will also include video Jimmy Page: “Well, the original plan was to release it in November , you know, but then we found there was actually film of the show, so once we acquired that, the logical thing was to marry the two, and of course, that makes things much more time-consuming, I mean this stuff is 50 years old, it has to be transferred properly, so this delayed things quite a bit, but I think the fans will be pleased with the final product, which should be ready soon”
  5. Nice picture of Marriott! What the heck is that guitar he's playing?
  6. Oh man, Hal Blaine! Dude was probably on 100 top ten hits, or should I say hundreds. Total legend. Watch The Wrecking Crew to get an idea. RIP Hal
  7. Great job, Eric! I was checking out the various versions of this tune recently, there's not too many, what, like five or so? They're all a little different. The cool thing about the LA Forum version is Jimmy nails the harmonics
  8. God, the Last Movie, that was so awful, there's two hours you'll never get back, haha
  9. Well, keeping fingers crossed it's gonna happen
  10. Yeah, what ever happened to that? There was that photo of the CDR with the track list on it, with Gallows Pole, etc... Pffffft As far as this one, yeah, put up or shut up, right?
  11. It's no different than drummers buying Bonzo-style kits or guitarists buying Eddie Van Halen striped guitars. Relax. I do wanna hear that Supro though, somebody better fire one up and do a video.
  12. I was gonna go to that but the ticket prices were outrageous. Looks like it was a great night
  13. Deborah J! Well what a nice surprise to hear from ya! Happy new year, and glad you're still kickin'!
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