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  1. Great show and recording, but Plant's enthusiasm isn't matched by his voice. It's squeaking and cracking so much in this show, even if it's otherwise strong, which really spoils some moments.
  2. The 25th is often quoted as the best 1977 LA Forum show but I disagree as this appears to be one of Bonzo's rare off-nights. He just doesn't sound energetic or enthusiastic about playing the songs. I'll have to go with the 23rd or 26th (if you can bear the audio quality of the latter).
  3. The 1971 US tour saw the start of Plant's vocal decline really. He had problems earlier that year and Zepp had to delay the BBC Paris Theatre gig (1971-04-01) because of this. Plant still sang strong and high after this, even if he may not have gone for all the high notes (for example Black Dog or the ending of Stairway). The latter part of the Australian 1972 tour shows Plant in excellent voice, sounding more powerful than he had for much of the previous year. Another drop came at the start of the 1972 US tour when his voice was noticably more shrill (as opposed to powerful and raw) when he went for the high notes and cracking started to occur. The Japan 1972 tour, at the beginning of October, saw more of a shrill and cracking Plant. The first night of the tour started badly and ended fantastically - just listen to the 1972-10-02 Stairway... fantastic, but the majority of dates on the Japan 1972 tour saw Plant in weak voice. The 1972/1973 UK tour is probably the real turning point for Plant. His voice became weaker and less powerful from the start of these shows, but at the last 72 date (1972-12-23) he is still capable of pulling off a good Immigrant Song wail. But then we go over the Christmas break and hit... Sheffield. January 2nd 1973. This is Plant's worst voice night that I know of. He can't and refuses to go for any high notes, his voice goes all over the place in Rock and Roll, and the ending of Stairway is sung in a low monotone. Plant complains of bad flu in this show and it's hard not to believe him. After Sheffield, Zeppelin continued to perform dates in the UK until the end of January 1973. Plant's voice gradually improved throughout these dates - his voice gained more power and sounded less shrill, but he was still not able to hit the high notes with confidence. Throughout 1973 Plant's voice remains different to his previous years and indeed will never sound the same again. He gains confidence towards the end of the first leg of the 1973 US tour (Kezar, LA Forum etc) and sounds generally great and powerful, even with a lot of cracking of his voice. The second leg of the epic US tour starts out with Plant in bad shape but by last week he sounds absolutely fantastic, his most powerful and confident since the 1972 US tour. Listen to 1973-07-28 in MSG... Plant's voice is strong and confident. So after the 1973 tour ends we fast forward to January 1975. The early '75 shows are infamous for Plant's bad flu-ridden voice and indeed it does not sound good. Plant has the raw power from the end of the previous tour but he simply can't hit his trademark high notes. It is not until March 1975 that his voice comes back full force. It is at its most raw and strong, and Plant is able to match his studio attempts at tracks like Trampled Under Foot with devastating effect. Listen to 1975-03-20 / 21 and you'll learn to love that sheer power of his voice. The rest of the 75 shows, including Earls Court, see Plant in good consistent voice. You know I've been typing this for 10 minutes and I really don't see what the fuck for. Listen to the bootlegs and find out about Robert's wonderful ever-changing voice for yourself. Ignore this post.
  4. I actually disagree on this one. While the available performances from early '71 (Irish dates, Copenhagen) are fantastic, the Paris Theatre show sounds tired and pretty boring in comparison. Plant sounds like he's just given up on some of the worse tracks of the night and he seems to sing half-heartedly throughout.
  5. Cool stuff, but I wouldn't want it without all the text splattered around the page. I prefer my images simple, don't need all the Zoso stuff and the picture telling me who my wallpaper is. There's loadsa compression on that piccy too. Wait, I'm complaining too much. It's a wicked piece of art, nice stuff.
  6. Probably 6 pages too late, but this might help you: http://youtube.com/watch?v=3ni0ZvAxNMw
  7. 1969-01-10 1969-04-26 1969-04-27 Check out the original by Garnett Mimms.
  8. 1971-08-07 Montreux or one of the first couple of 71 dates defo.
  9. This is from Blueberry Hill? Can anyone confirm what show this plantation is from?
  10. Anything from 1971 up until Vancouver. Sounds like there's very interesting stuff from that tour (Friends, Gallows Pole, Plant being a fucking maniac (check out the first 2 '71 dates)
  11. NEWS FLASH: A little discussion about Janis Joplin (starts around 2:30) http://youtube.com/watch?v=pgCyGHr35To The interview is pretty funny. Obviously Robert's memory isn't quite what it was as he mentions meeting Janis in 1973. The incident described was probably either 1969-07-21 or 1969-08-31.
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