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  1. That Rock and Roll snippet sounds great and if this is the genuine article this is big big news! Really fantastic to hear. If / when Spindle shares this openly I for one will happily share with him any hard to find but still circulating Zepp / Page and Plant or even Janis Joplin shows. Look forward to this one immensely.
  2. This answers your question http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/dvdrah.html
  3. RE Copenhagen shows, the Pseudonym remaster has really brought the 24th to life, Youtube link below.
  4. Doubtful IMO. Most of what we know about the 1975-01-18 board's story is up on RO Friends members only section. Sam (this site's admin) has posted possible full set list from info that is at least a couple of years old, but from what's been said there is no indication the source had/has any other material. In February this year the OP at Royal Orleans had some sort of contact with the source or someone else who had the teasers, which were subsequently posted. The source apparently wanted $20,000 for the full or near complete board. The couple of short samples including first 20 seconds or so
  5. This one is cool - a few years ago when some promo pics taken inside Tower House were released, a lot of people marveled at the interior having not been aware of it. When this documentary shows it in even more detail and goes back to 1987. I guess JP must have allowed the interior filming in the documentary.
  6. I posted this in the pt1 thread. OP not sure how familiar you are with lossless/ lossy file formats so if this doesn't make total sense I am happy to help. Basically the files you uploaded, whilst superb, suffer from heavy JPEG compression which will only get worse if/when anyone edits or re-saves them. Basically I'm saying the best way to preserve these digitally would be saved in a lossless file format such as BMP at the highest DPI (dots per inch) on your scanner. If you're already au fait with this sort of stuff then a link to something like a Google Drive folder which doesn't suffer from
  7. Late to the party but incredible shots man! If you could upload them in the full resolution of your scanner in high quality JPEGs or BMPs to Google Drive or something and upload a link here that would be brilliant.... there are so many good LZ photos around now that have been endlessly resaved and recompressed they end up looking rather sorry for themselves.... up to you but it would be cool to have these in the best possible quality for the community to enjoy. Thank you! Edit: can already see some pretty obvious heavy lossy image compression when zooming in so the above request wo
  8. So we have a concert that's already been released and is available virtually in full online... and you made a petition to have it released... again? 🤨
  9. This forum is such an echo chamber of RO these days. If you want see what will be posted here in a few days, just go to the Hotel now! But yes, Mr Sakurai is brilliant and I thought the singer was better in this than a lot of other Zepp covers they do.
  10. Well a lot of us are unemployed now or will be shortly and you only get 400 quid on benefits. If you're under 35 a good half of that will likely go to housing as your "housing allowance" won't cover the rent for your single room in a house share. So by my calculations if I don't eat or pay for anything at all for 8 months, I can save up for one of these prints. Good deal, thanks Jimmy! 🤗 Let's hope self employment works out!
  11. You can't yet. Did you read any recent posts in this thread?
  12. Personally I'm in the boat where 1600 quid for a print with a signature on it is just crass. But I'm not under the illusion that it's too highly priced for the market (if it sells, it sells). If, say, I had a few hundred k in the bank instead of bugger all, to buy anything I liked that will probably not lose its value would make sense. A signed JP print showing a snapshot of his legacy? Even better. Fuck it, if I have enough money I'll buy them all and create an artificial scarcity to drive up the price. To a very rich bloke, paying £200k for a Lamborghini is not unlike most of us spending 40
  13. This. I have nothing against people buying boots when they had to be bought because the Internet didn't exist in the form it does today. I would have been one of them had I got into this stuff before about 2004. But the only new sources that come out now are the occasional EV release every year or 2, and stuff like Glasgow and Detroit 1972 which are shared freely from the beginning. So in this day and age I think it's pretty scummy to buy a bootlegged version of a fan remaster designed to be shared freely. Especially when you're not getting anything for your money that you couldn't do yourself
  14. Completely agree. I have little understanding and absolutely no empathy for people who buy bootlegs that are available to download for free. The slight exception being those who for whatever reason buy the new releases from EV that come out every year or 2 and liberate them to the community. And I kind of understand the hardcore mega collector's mentality but still think they have more money than sense. If you absolutely must have the physical CD anyone can burn it and print artwork in 10 minutes for next to no money. ----Edit: JTM, we are literally members #39 and #46 of this site. Out o
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