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  1. Neither is better than the other, one though maybe favoured over the other depending on ones opinion. Although STH is iconic whereas ALS is not.
  2. Yesterday the weather was horrendous, the worst I can remember in the first week of May. We had almost ten mins of hailstones, the temp went from 11c to 2c, a couple of rolls of thunder, bright and sunny one minute then darkness. Here is a video taken just less than ten mins away from my house, the bad stuff starts ten mins in.
  3. I think you are being fobbed off, it's more like they haven't got the capability to sew on the fourth album symbols.
  4. Totally agree, I refer that era to that era as Gilmour Floyd, they are like a clock without an hour hand. Live 8 proved that, only four songs but the best Pink Floyd performance since 1981, it knocked any performance of the Gilmour period out of the ball park.
  5. JTM


    This gave me a chuckle, is it true.. Americans be like “motherf**cker” this “mother f**cker” that all day long but lay one “cu*t” on ‘em and it’s 1775 all over again
  6. We are meeting with our eldest Son and his Girlfriend, seeing our ten month old Grand Daughter who we haven't seen since Xmas. Outdoors for a meal at a local pub, not ideal really. I'd rather they came to our house or we to theirs, f'ckin' "Covid" rules. We are missing some golden times in our little Alba's life.
  7. I went to buy myself a new pair of Reebok Classics today while out shopping, the store I visited were playing really loud rap style music I decided that as I wanted the shoes more more than I needed them I left.
  8. A similar idea maybe but resemblance, that's a bit of a stretch, fair do's though, I see where you're coming from. Another one in a similar vain from a later period The Travelling Wilbury's. Anymore ?
  9. Give up, what hit you like a ton of bricks.
  10. Never heard of "Spackling" before, had to google it, so basically it's just filler. Been decorating the house myself, almost finished, one room to do.
  11. Music disappeared from supermarkets here years ago. They have recently brought it back in some places, with covid info announcements inbetween songs. I'd rather they just had the announcements because the music (all current hits) is absolute garbage in my opinion, and me being a grumpy git it just adds to my grumpiness.
  12. My favourite has changed over the years, at first it was II then I back to II, but the most constant has been HOTH for along time. Fwiw the fave order is HOTH, II, I, III The Fourth album, PG, Presence, ITTOD.
  13. JTM


    What have I done, whatya pickin' on me fer. I'm not connected with anyone.
  14. JTM


    I think you meant to type "You're" as in "you are" not "your", it's a misapplication of those two words that many people make.
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