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  1. Sometimes in life a choice has to be made, that choice is entirely down to the individual concerned, it has nothing to do with anyone else. It seems the right of the individual to make that choice has been removed in some cases. Sad times.
  2. JTM


    Yes, it’s the last day of the premier league season.
  3. JTM


    Yup, Man Utd and Liverpool have had their greatest success's under foreign management, well Scottish is slightly foreign isn't it 😉.
  4. JTM


    Good post, thank feck Citeh are not one of those four teams.
  5. JTM


    Proof that you can buy anything (except a European trophy) when your team is state sponsored with billions of £ at their disposal, a bottomless pit of money, it's a mockery, thoroughly undeserved. I don't care how entertaining Citeh have been for the tourists that fill the otherwise empty seats in their rented stadium. I'm sorry Forevermore but great accomplishment my backside.
  6. JTM


    Oh yes, unfunkingbelievable what a result, totally unexpected. To draw level at 3 - 3 was one thing but that cheeky corner from Trent AA to Origi for the fourth goal was pure genius, Barca were asleep, serves 'em right. The other good thing, the traitorous Courtinio and cheat Suarez were in the losing side. Bring on number six.
  7. JTM


    Kane is out injured.
  8. Far to dark even with all the lights off, 2000(?) Dolthraki gone with a flicker, the most disappointing battle scene (so far) of the whole eight series. Other than that a fairly satisfying episode.
  9. We can all join hands, all join hands, we can all join hands Duhn duhduh duhn duh duh.
  10. JTM

    Old Records

    Don’t get rid, you will regret it if you do. I sold many of my LP,s (CD in the LP out). Now since I got my TT repaired I’m kicking myself I sold them. Get a TT and enjoy those LP’s again.
  11. Black Sabbath in name only, The Tony Iommi Band in reality. There's really only one Black Sabbath (imo) Butler, Iommi, Osborne, Ward.
  12. JTM

    Thanks England

    Cruel but funny, but with a name like G Unit who wouldn't want to chuck something at them.
  13. What hate, I've never seen this place as a "fan club", it's a discussion forum that just happens to be Led Zeppelin centric. Just because this is the "official" place to go to doesn't mean that everybody has to "bend the knee" and keep everything nice and "fanboi", nothing in this world is sacrosanct absolutely nothing at all. When Jimmy Page continues to say that "something new is coming" then doesn't deliver he leads himself wide open for deserved criticism, many don't like Robert Plant's stance that Led Zeppelin are done and there will be no more. I like Led Zeppelin I have done so for almost fifty years, ever since I heard LZ II sometime around about 1971, so I was late to the game they had already been established for almost three years. I like being here, I will have been here twelve years in September coming, in that time many have come and gone, some missed some not so. The members of Led Zeppelin are just people, they are not godz or "superhuman" beings, they just happen to in a band that has been rather successful Ok there are many that worship their "heroes" to the end of the Earth and back, to those people they can do nothing wrong, I'm not one of them, like I said I like them I don't love them, love is for more important things in life than a rock n' roll band. This place would be boring if there was no "negativity" or criticism, I like it just as it is, though I sometimes wish it was a bit edgier but there are rules that need to be observed. That's enough rambling from me, I'm off to put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea, even Robert Plant (and co) like a nice cup of tea, he says so on the BBC Sessions right before "That's the Way"....
  14. JTM


    You're probably right, but I hope not.
  15. JTM


    Nah, no it wasn't. City were nobodies until they became Qatar FC. Everything they have won last few seasons they've bought. They are so great they can't even sell out a home game, even their home ground, the rented Etihad Stadium is nicknamed the Emptyhad.
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