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  1. Ian McNabb, Liverpool musician of Icicle Works fame. They had a hit in the US with “From a Whisper to a Scream”.
  2. I don't do this anymore but when I lived on my own (mid 80 to mid 82) before I got married I used to play "I'm Gonna Crawl". Did it for months..
  3. At over two and a half hours I would most likely fall asleep, (over 80% chance) I'm getting old, I micro nap a lot, my wife teases me telling me I have narcolepsy so BD or DVD is my best option for watching this QT. I'm not going to miss it because Ian Mc.... posted his negative review on FB, but he has made me wary of watching it on the big screen. Thanks for the reassurance.
  4. I read a review on FB that has put me off, far too long, no plot, boring etc etc. I'll wait for the Blu-ray, maybe even just the DVD
  5. Completely different picture here in the "Rain Shadow" flatlands, our summer has been largely glorious (nowhere near like last years scorcher). Today we have had a little light drizzle, at the mo the sun is shining brightly. *"Rain Shadow", something I vaguely remember from geography lessons long ago.
  6. JTM


    Wolverton, didn't they get fined for making an illegal approach to snatch "Roy of the Rovers", they may have had points deducted too. 😉
  7. I always saw that "rock" as a milestone.
  8. That doesn't look like a G to me, look at the G in Grant just bellow. A scratch does not make a C a G.
  9. I remember that mislabelling, "Horse With No Name" by Neil Young !!!!. There was a Hendrix "god save the queen", no idea who it was, it defo wasn't Jimi. I got "Blueberry Hill" from Napster (1996/97 ?) track by track on an ultra slow dial up connection, took about two days, longer maybe.
  10. I think peoples expectations have been far too high, anniversary the 50th maybe, milestone it is not. Screw the bootleggers anyway, all they do is rip people off with thir over expensive artwork.
  11. Actually both their releases are rather good, I got them as presents. I was a sceptical before I heard them, grateful to have received them, thanks Son.
  12. Your equipment, maybe your ears.
  13. I was there with the now Mrs JTM, went to the 11th performance because that's the one that had the NB's. The weather was good, not too hot. We got in the arena early plonked ourselves about two thirds of the way back from the stage and stayed there until the Zeppelin stage rush when we moved to about half way back where the crowd had thinned out so we still had room to stretch out, everybody around us was sat down (more like lying down), one ignorant fucker stood up blocking the view when asked to sit down didn't he got canned so he immediately put his arse down. There looked to be mayhem in front of the stage so we were glad we were nowhere near it. The NB's turned out to be a little disappointing after all the press hype that they had, the wait for them to come on was excruciating, even more so the wait for "the headliners". Oh yeah, "the headliners", they were ok, glad we went as in the end it turned out to be their last home gig. Forty years ago today, wow....
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