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  1. I'm happy because I've made someone else happy, a couple of weeks ago I had to change my car, I'd had it for almost nine years, it was four years old when I bought it. 120,000 miles on the clock, more things wrong with it than were worth spending the money to put right. So I traded it in for a newer car at my local motor trader, same place I bought the old car. As I didn't expect to get much for the old car I told Bill the garage owner whatever he gets for the car to donate the money to a charity of his choice. He was astounded/gobsmacked, he said in thirty+ years as a car dealer nobody ha
  2. Carrying ID would make me feel like I was living in some sort of "oppressive regime ?" for want of a better term. I agree though some sort of ID for voting would make sense, a utility bill maybe. It'll be a dark day if carrying ID ever becomes mandatory, I'm glad we have never have to.
  3. "Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel" on Netflix. As soon as I saw the elevator scene I knew right away that "Elisa Lam" was having a Psychotic Episode from the way she was behaving. Couldn't believe the theories some were having on her strange movements. That poor girl was probably only trying to hide.
  4. I'm sure I will, about to listen right now. Thank you kindly.
  5. Have you heard the }{eywood version from a few years back, think you'll find that one hard to beat.
  6. JTM

    2020 NFL Thread

    There's still a lot of Rugby on free to air TV probably because the for profit broadcasters like Sky don't see it as a cash cow like Premier League Footie, it's popularity is not as great, more a regional than a nationwide game. For example Wigan or St Helens are strong Rugby towns but the fan base of those teams doesn't really extend outside of those places.
  7. Yep, we all love a baddie, Icersien though, what did you actually mean.
  8. JTM

    2020 NFL Thread

    First time in a long time I did not watch any of the Super Bowl. TBH don't know why I watch anyway, even after watching most years since 1983 I still don't get the game, too many stop starts for me, not enough flow imo..
  9. JTM


    Shades of Louis Karius. Alisson's performance yesterday was truly shocking, incompetence on a grand scale.
  10. Bitterly cold, light snow flurries right now, it won't hang around for long though.
  11. Indeed, I think we can write the rest of this year off, I fear most of 2022 also. 2023 before normality hopefully returns.
  12. Mrs JTM and son Dave had their first vaccine shots, Pfizer for her and OAZ for Dave. I'm not going to worry about when I will be getting mine. As for Bananas, I could live off them as long as they are ripe, hopefully I won't have too.
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