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  1. Newbie , I've been listening to LZ boots since late 72/early 73. I must say though this latest version of Vienna is pretty good, didn't think I'd get all the way through it (a rare thing these days).
  2. I grabbed it, not listened to it yet, like many other boots on my HD's, in fact all I probably will do when I get around to it is skip through it. Far too many boots these days, oh for the early/mid seventies when there were only a handful, all the best ones too imho (pre 75 that is).
  3. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Daily updates of cases country by country.
  4. How times have changed, bootleg "links" that never would have been allowed are posted regularly. Normal at the Hotel but never here until recently.
  5. We need a "sshhwwmmmfff" that went over your head emoji.
  6. I'd be wasting my time, there is no cure...
  7. I could not care less whether something is an unreleased board tape or not, no boots were board tapes until Page left himself open to "the theft". Your comment [''If I could sit on any uncirculated stuff, I wouldn't hesitate to make money on it'' ] is flabbergasting, I bet you would sell a "Winston" if you could get away with it. One other thing, don't call me bro.
  8. Teenage wankers ? That's not very nice is it. You're probably not old enough to remember the mid 1970's when bootlegs were just a few pence/cents more than a regular release, not tens of £s or $s. (My first bootleg cost me £ 2.25p, "Mudslide" on green vinyl) I'm not crying because the torrent sites don't have this, yet. I can wait, it will appear soon enough. I could not give two fucks that esvd(sic) whomever they are paid through nose for the stolen (unless one is a conspiracy theorist that think Page is supplying them) tape, they can go and fuck themselves with their crying arses whining about torrent sites posting their stolen wares, it's not about being able to afford their rip off prices, I can, but no way am I. In fact I am never going to give any bootlegger my money ever again, they can shove their products as far up their arses as they can get them. So grow up kid, get off your high horse and accept the many of us will just sit back and wait. Case well and truly. Open.
  9. Dime rules (or at least they did) don't allow uploads of single tracks, simple as that.
  10. Ian McNabb, Liverpool musician of Icicle Works fame. They had a hit in the US with “From a Whisper to a Scream”.
  11. I don't do this anymore but when I lived on my own (mid 80 to mid 82) before I got married I used to play "I'm Gonna Crawl". Did it for months..
  12. At over two and a half hours I would most likely fall asleep, (over 80% chance) I'm getting old, I micro nap a lot, my wife teases me telling me I have narcolepsy so BD or DVD is my best option for watching this QT. I'm not going to miss it because Ian Mc.... posted his negative review on FB, but he has made me wary of watching it on the big screen. Thanks for the reassurance.
  13. I read a review on FB that has put me off, far too long, no plot, boring etc etc. I'll wait for the Blu-ray, maybe even just the DVD
  14. Completely different picture here in the "Rain Shadow" flatlands, our summer has been largely glorious (nowhere near like last years scorcher). Today we have had a little light drizzle, at the mo the sun is shining brightly. *"Rain Shadow", something I vaguely remember from geography lessons long ago.
  15. JTM


    Wolverton, didn't they get fined for making an illegal approach to snatch "Roy of the Rovers", they may have had points deducted too. 😉
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