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  1. My blood is boiling, all the great work Winston does for free, then these gobshite scumbags come along to steal his work for profit.
  2. Milk first ? it depends. When making teabag in the cup the milk goes in last but when making tea in a teapot the milk goes in the cup before the tea is poured. Brewing tea in the pot is a rare thing these days, we have two teapots but rarely use them, depends on mood.
  3. I love tea it's all* I drink (apart from the occasional glass of Robinsons orange barley water). PG Tips at the mo, Mrs JTM and I drink about 7/8 mugs a day, it's lifeblood I can't function without it, 1 teaspoon of raw golden granulated sugar and a splash of skimmed milk. *when out at friends if offered a dink I'll have coffee because hardly any fucker knows how to make a proper cup of tea.
  4. Thieves. Don't buy it, download it. Just like those pricks did.
  5. It would not surprise me if Genesis publications touted the idea for these limited edition prints. Expensive they may be but they will sell out. The target demographic is mainly the older, wealthier "fan" possibly retired, out to spend/invest their money on things that will increase in value. Things their kids can sell because there won't be much left when the care homes get their hands on their houses.
  6. I just gave the quad version of Rambler from a DVD-A of the KBFH broadcast a listen, I give in, it's a bit too fast, for a while, then it just chugs along with pure menace, spine tingling, I've got to have it.
  7. Polly Samson should stick to journalism. Songwriting is not her forte, Dave hasn't got much of a clue either. Stick with what you are good at Dave, playing guitar.
  8. I've ordered the double CD set, I already have a few Brussels Affairs, one in Quad. Live, they play everything a little too fast in this period imo, I may change my mind though, I'm a sucker for a 5.1 mix.
  9. I got the e-mail from Genesis, I didn't check the price. Think I'll pass.
  10. JTM


    Thanks Walter. I just noticed that I missed another trophy that Liverpool won this season, the "Super Cup". I only know Joe from the forum, he hasn't posted for years. Maybe he has lost interest, I remember he was banned for while. I got the impression he wasn't in the best of health, maybe that has something to do with his absence.
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