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  1. I was just wondering what you guys believe exists and if anyone has any good stories about incounters. Alos include political coverups and conspiracies. My story is I have on camera someting scratching something on one of my friends back when we were in a graveyard one night and I live on a college campus where the main building is haunted by a girl named "Hallie" and the building has been featured on several ghost hunting shows.
  2. LOL we were watching TSRTS and i was with a guy who wasnt into Zeppelin or any classic rock and during Dazed and Confused while Jimmy was climbing the mountain my friend started blowing chunks out of the window. I started laughing so hard saying he couldn't handle the power of Led Zeppelin. (NOTE: They guy is a Zeppelin fan now )
  3. Jack Black, aka JB or Jables from the greatest rock band of the 2000's Tenacious D
  4. You might be a Led Zeppelin fan if... 1. You shit yourself when you first heard officially that they were going to do the reunion concert. 2. You bought "The Song Remains The Same" Collectors Edition even tho you've seen the movie a million times, just because it came with another shirt to add to your closet full of rock t's. 3. You've noticed that in the famous picture beside the Led Zeppelin plane, all of their hair is blowing in opposite directions. 4. You've answered a question on a high school math test with the answer Zoso. 5. You dressed up in all you're Zep gear Decemb
  5. I know that Jimmy Page has played live with Eric Clapton. Im sure there is the video of "Layla" on YouTube where Jimmy, Eric, and Keith Richards are all on stage playing together.
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