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  1. Woah - heard your SIBLY sample. You got rid of most of the crackle! Massive improvement. Could I get a link, please?
  2. Certainly is a missed opportunity. I might have a go at it although my 5.1 mix would end up pretty basic on Audacity. At least I could get discrete instrument separation from the 8 tracks. I'll keep you updated should I produce anything which might fill this gap with a degree of competence! Cheers for the input!
  3. I was wondering if there was anyone who put those 4 leaked multitracks from Zep II to good use and had a go at creating 5.1 mixes. Seems such a wasted opportunity if not but they appeared a while ago. Surely someone had a go! There are some pretty nifty people on this and other sites. Anyone?
  4. Good news, Gratefulzepp! Check out guitars101 for a lossless source. Kickthekato has just re-upped a link, valid for a month.
  5. Any luck finding it in flac? The website Zoso.me seems to have had it but the link has been disabled and all other links (e.g. Guitar101) are dead. The first disc is available for download on Black Beauty in mp3 320. That's all I can find. I saw your request and Conneyfogel's answer and so I used a YouTube converter to get the audio but it's only a 128 mp3 so it would be nice to get a higher bitrate. Frustrating!
  6. ... and I tell you what is also weird: the lack of fanfare over this release and the fact that no other labels have reissued it since it came out (in 2013?) means that it doesn't even seem to be the best-known source of this show! Can anyone shed any light on where this source came from? I think it might make sources 1 and 2 irrelevant and even the 3rd vinyl source with its overloading during the heavier numbers pales in comparison (although Stairway and the acoustic set sound pretty decent. PM me if you want links to the short vinyl source because this one took quite a bit of tracking down too!) BTW, the EV release was called Love and Peace.
  7. OK. This is weird. I have just posted my own version of this topic, not realising you had done the same! What alerted you to this show? I have been trying to find the definitive versions of a few shows and stumbled on this by accident on the youtube, never realising that EV had released a new source of this a few years back. The old sources were a tough listen but this sounds wonderful, and I think it puts this show up with the other Japan dates. Check it out. Hoping someone has a flac download because I can't find a complete download of this anywhere on the internet!
  8. Hi! I'd come to think that this was the poor relation of the Japan '71 dates, especially now we have the new soundboards. The quality of the sources always made it a difficult listen (with the exception of the acoustic set). However, I just found this version, which is a wonderful source that Empress Valley released a few years back called 'Love and Peace'. It seems to be the best version and yet impossible to track down, either in flac or mp3. Would anyone be able to PM me a flac link? It's incredible and finally puts this gig up there with the others. See what you think.
  9. Soz. I was being silly. Salt Lake City was the 26th and my (rather clumsily expressed) point was that there was no Moby Dick at Salt Lake City. It was a strange gig and has a very mixed reputation but I can assure you that it is an excellent gig. No Moby Dick (a bit of a relief to get a break from it as they were becoming sooooo long by Summer 1973 - sometimes half an hour!) , WLL is short with no boogie section and at one point Page's guitar is a bit out of tune but Dazed and No Quarter are fantastic and the audience tape reveals that Plant was hitting some incredible notes in the Communication Breakdown encore. He sings it almost like the original studio recording. Shame the soundboard is so dry and the audience is not the best. I once heard a sbd/aud matrix years ago (that I believe is still available to download on a certain website!) but the audio wasn't synced properly and it was not the best listen. If you want a longer Moby Dick from 1973, may I recommend 1973/6/2 Kezar Stadium. Almost half an hour and it is pretty captivating.
  10. Can't stop chuckling. There is just not enough smut on this forum. Good job there wasn't any Salty Dick on the 26th May. He had a tendency to over do it by that stage of the tour... Disgraceful.
  11. Personally, I love 1973-5-13 Mobile Moby Dick. Short and sweet and builds the excitement nicely.
  12. I have a great best of Earls Court boxed set which sounds exactly like what you guys are after. 3 CDs and a DVD taken from 24th and 25th with some editing to clean up Plant's vocals and band flubs (but done so you can not tell!) with the best performances of each song chosen and stitched together to sound like one complete show. One of the best moments occurs during Tangerine (upgraded video) in which the backing vocals are usually inaudible on the soundboards. Here, they are full and present behind Plant's vocal. Latest versions of video have been used to ensure the best quality possible and the sound is awesome - superb matrix versions of the audio used to ensure definition of instruments while maintaining the atmosphere in the crowd. PM if you are interested.
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