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  1. Fantastic footage. These sync jobs never cease to amaze me. They must take so long to do. Thank you thank you thank you!
  2. Thank you kindly. Where would we all be without it!
  3. Link to both for me too, please! Cheers, bud.
  4. Well, I love the }{eywood version (and told him so!) but I do think I've improved upon it. He didn't tackle the timing errors or use the most complete versions of the songs and that's what lead me to do this version. I've cleaned up a few other things too. However, I do completely acknowledge his amazing work. I've loved listening to it for years. Just a few bits that I thought I could tidy up. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. I've just posted an improved edit + remaster of The Song Remains The Same Just type "Guitars101 Led Zeppelin 1973 MSG Live The Song Remains The Same Re-edit V2" into Google and you should find it easily enough or message me for a link. I've made a few improvements to it since my original post last year based on suggestions from people here at the Official Forum. My aim was to create the ultimate version with all the problems from the 2007 fixed - basically, how I wish it had been presented for the 2018 reissue. Hopefully, I've finally achieved that! Brief summary of changes made:- A
  6. What a performance! And enjoyable listening quality to top it off. So lucky to be hearing this. Much appreciated, you wonderful human beings!
  7. And also quick question: is this the version you posted that you were starting work on back in 2014? I remember you had ideas about how you were going to fill the No Quarter void and a few gaps caused by backstage, dream or Shepperton sequences. Would love to see the final version of that project!
  8. Wow, yes please! This sounds even better than the version I've got. Could I also get a link?
  9. Sent you a PM with a link to the Eckoes Re-edit DVD of The Song Remains The Same which is closest we'll ever get to what you're looking for. The guy's done a great professional looking job sequencing the songs in the correct order and included all the available missing songs from the 2003 DVD set. Very enjoyable, superbly edited and the only version I now watch. Enjoy!
  10. Well, good luck with that project! It sounds very interesting and I would greatly appreciate you sharing the results. Feel free to download as much as you like from my cloud drive. The sources I've uploaded are the ones that I think are the best quality version of each show. Been collecting for over 25 years and heard all the shows. I can PM you a link to the cloud drive if you need it. All the best!
  11. Anyone know what the versions of Candy Store Rock are like on the Eelgrass release? Wasn't aware of any previously circulating outtakes of this song.
  12. I've sent you a PM with a link to a DVD version with the best performances from the 2 shows edited together to make a complete show. Great picture and sound. This is what I wish Jimmy would release! See what you think. Enjoy!
  13. Me too, please! I love the Whole Lotta Love from the hour long soundboard tape. My favourite from 1973. That Immigrant Song scream from Plant at the end is a wonderful moment.
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