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  1. Mixed forecast Chuck. As Crowded House sang "4 Seasons in one day". £220 a round should you wish to play the course !! Oh and £50 worth of balls.
  2. It's Saturday and we have chums round for dinner. As usual the CP's have shelled out (literally) a small fortune to impress but we love it and hopefully they will too. Nibbles in the Garden. Marinated Anchovy filets, Olives, Rye Bread. Wine of the white nature Fresh Crab. Dressed crab on a bed of wild rocket. Marie Rose Sauce Roast lamb Cutlets. This season's Salt Marsh Lamb. Pan fried and Roasted in the oven with tray baked seasoned Vegetables - Courgettes, Garlic, Button Mushrooms, Thinly sliced Potatoes drizzled in Olive Oil. A dressing of home made Mint sauce on top of the Lamb as it roasts. Hearty reds from Italy and Spain Served with Wilted lemon, butter, garlic Spinach Fresh Fruit Tartlets and Greek Yogurt. A selection of cheeses including an Alex James (Bass player with Blur) blue. Crackers, chutneys and White Port. They are non green tokers but that won't stop us from sparking up a few Doobies. Pass out then bed. World Cup Cricket final tomorrow as England take on the Kiwi's.
  3. chillumpuffer


    Send the BBC an e mail. They may transmit it here in the UK. Well, they show fuck all else.
  4. Just do the first show. I was there and it was awesome
  5. chillumpuffer


    The Cameroons managed to cough up a few oysters ! Didn't see the final as I was "parking the car"
  6. Pleasantly warm. Gonna have a chilled one and a rather tasty blunt of green in the garden after my shower
  7. You mean the little snippet? Wrong with the location. Iceland 1970.
  8. As it's Thursday tomorrow, I am playing golf as I do every week. BBQ recipes? Get ya Weber book out. Have a great 4th man. As always best to you and yours.
  9. chillumpuffer


    Predictable. England were nervous and continually gave the ball away. Having said that the bonus is it won't feature on our viewing planner. Sorry pondside I just can't put up with USA USA chanting. Anyway looking forward to the Ashes - you know that game with a bat and ball where it goes on for 5 days and nobody wins
  10. chillumpuffer


    No. It was started by Craigled who is British and we call it football. Keep your "SOCCER" to yourselves. We don't ask that your NFL should be Rugby. And Baseball, which was first played in England, is basically rounders.
  11. Europe is baking .... Signs of trouble ahead me thinks? Supposed to be 34 in The Shit Hole tomorrow. Not here of course. No. A rather pleasant 25 degrees and clear sky. Perfect to get the sticks out and walk around the peaks. And if you think you can get in your gas guzzling 4x4's and make the journey north to where the air is clean, think again ! Time for the road blocks.
  12. All well here man. Thanks. And you lot?? There is so much sport here at the moment. Women's World Cup Football - we play Norway this evening. Men's Cricket World Cup, Ashes Cricket against Australia, Wimbledon, list goes on. I am even going to have a round of golf today. And why not? Beautiful day here in the Hills. 24 degrees and clear and fresh. Unlike Europe where it's baking. Best as always CP
  13. Mine also has Strawberry in the run off. UK pressing
  14. Stuffy. Hey man. Just watching the USA Ladies in the World Cup. Great match against Spain. Could go either way?@Walter
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