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  1. i think the world has turned upside down. More water in the sky than the sea and it's dropping it on us. Really really wet
  2. Fat chance of me getting a visa man. One day we will visit - promise. Have a Krakken and a blunt with one of your famous BBQ's
  3. Love to man. Should have stayed when I had the chance. Not got that end sorted yet?
  4. Fuck me !!! Well that's it. Another 5 years of Boris. I think I might emigrate.
  5. Lancashire Hot Pot. Pickled red cabbage on the side. A few glasses of Rioja and a nice relaxing smoke
  6. Still pissing it down and . Fancy a swap Jules? Take care you lot.
  7. I fear you may be right man. I think I may go back to bed until 2024 when I may collect my pension. Oh wait? I'm not 70 until 2032. Seen the forecast for tomorrow?
  8. The Winter. The Darkness, The Cold, An Election tomorrow and fucking Christmas soon. How bad can it really get???
  9. chillumpuffer


    Great game and a great result. Pity their "supporters" couldn't behave themselves?
  10. chillumpuffer


    Only in the lesser leagues.
  11. In Bangalore !!! Jesus Kiwi you should live here
  12. chillumpuffer


    3 points for a win. 1 point for a draw (tie in your case) Sans points for losing. At the end of the season if, say, Liverpool and Leicester City had the same amount of points, 90 for argument sakes, then it is on goal difference. How many you score to how many goals you let in. If that is the same ( rarely) then it is how many goals you have scored. IF that is the same then it is the results against each other over the 2 games played over the season. If that is the same (ie a draw in both games) then fuck knows?
  13. Good luck with that kiwi. Of course I agree with you but India is hardly the bastion of PC ness. Women and the lower caste are treated appallingly
  14. New smoke is Chuck. More on the go too.
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