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  1. Nothing will beat "What a bunch of sweeties" A slight Zeppelin connection as the opening track on this album is Walk Don't Run. One of Zeppelin's early encores. A very anarchistic underground band of hippies. A favourite album to skin up on.
  2. Fucking abysmal. Still raining. Into the 4th week. I daren't go out into the garden in case I get stuck. No let up and the clocks go back in a few weeks. Great ! At least it will be dark and we wont see the rain.
  3. My new business is up and running and I got my first 2 orders. Needless to say the CP's will be celebrating Weed styleeeeee
  4. ........ still raining. Into it's 3rd week. No let up this weekend or next week
  5. chillumpuffer


    How true could I be ??
  6. Originals also have coloured neck lines and at the sleeve ends. Mine was blue. I have the "icarus" re make which was sold by Freddie Bannister years ago
  7. Butter Chicken, Chapatis. Poppadoms, Red Onion Chutney, Mango Chutney and a lovely Tamarind Chutney to nibble at the bar. A tremendous DAO Portuguese Red for me and a refreshing NZ Sauvignion Blanc for Mrs CP Tunes and the wood stove and @Walter the new Blue Cheese for smokes . Report to follow.....
  8. chillumpuffer


    Good start to the season Rick, 3rd currently. Look a solid team but I fear against the big boys...... Top 5 finish and your mate Vardy is on form. Having said that they were playing the whipping boys of the Premier League last weekend.. We play them on Sunday so Newcastle should pick up their second win of the season.
  9. chillumpuffer


    Top 2 this season, same as last season. Liverpool and/or Man city. Take your pick. As for Manchester United bad ! Watched the Arsewipe game on Monday. Thought I was watching the reserves. I've seen more quality buying hash in Portugal from a Moroccan in the market.
  10. How are ya man?? Only kidding
  11. Can't be parked in Liverpool as it still has it's wheels on
  12. chillumpuffer


    I tried a Vape thing at the weekend. It was Iced Blackberry and it tasted disgusting. I'll stick to my joints thanks especially my Blue Cheese.
  13. Yes I have seen this before and it views like the book "The man who Led Zeppelin" . I never thought about it at the time but it sure was gracious of Page and Plant to add a little to the story. Do you know why, or suppose why, they didn't?
  14. Is this really what it has come to? A documentary about a guy who taped concerts? Would be great if we had a documentary about the band he taped? Oh we do or don't we? Every Friday evening on BBC4 there is a documentary or a story of groups or artists. Every genre is covered from say Cilla Black to Motorhead from Acker Bilk to Nirvana. Never, ever has there been one about Led Zeppelin. Can't get my head round it. A highly regarded and influential band like that has never been covered. Strange eh?
  15. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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