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  1. Oh yes Indeed. The Mancs were officially the best crowd of BOTH TOURS. In all honesty??
  2. Can't wait to listen to this to see how it compares with the version I have. We were at this show and it was magnificent. Looks like the picture was taken from the Circle. We were downstairs , on the right, about 6 rows back I hope he catches Page'y saying we were the best audience of the tour?
  3. A rather large, plump Turbot steak. Dauphinoise Potatoes and Asparagus Spears. A stout Rioja for drinks and a few Joints
  4. Not as awesome as Deep Purple / Led Zeppelin/ Black Sabbath 1972.
  5. We don't celebrate Valentines. We had Spiced Lamb Chops and a few Chips. A stout bottle of Rioja for me a NZ Sauvignon for Mrs CP and a few Joints.
  6. Beautiful. Mild and sunny. Temp 13c. Thankfully The Beast from the East has fucked off............. for now.
  7. No comment. Yes I have. Never have a seen a player as bad as Wank Bissaka. He is without doubt the worst player we have had since that Belgian with the Afro - can't recall his name. Poor performance again from us. Just doesn't seem to be the passion.
  8. Starting to thaw. Temps above freezing and only going to get warmer as the week progresses. @ebk. I hear ya Esther. Wrap up and spring will be here soon. Best settle in with a good bottle ?
  9. Punishingly cold today. We went for walk this morning in the Peaks but had to turn back as path was like the Cresta run. Solid Ice and deep snow. Turning milder next week thankfully.
  10. soon.......................................
  11. Unbearably cold with snow. I'm sick of thinking I moved to the Arctic
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