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  1. Same as @JTM. Glorious this morning. On went the Golf attire. By 9 o'clock it was off. Still warmish but I can see the impending clouds coming over the hill. Another shite summer me thinks?
  2. Indeed. I saw them at Buxton Opera House (UK) in 1994. They were outstanding. Here is the opener:
  3. Dinner this evening and it's a dip in the sea: Smoked Salmon in a Lemon dressing Hake Filet, Jersey Royal New Potatoes, Asparagus, Cream Tarragon Sauce Vanilla Cheese cake and Greek Yoghurt Wines and joints of green in front of the fire.
  4. In the morning I HAVE to have all the windows and doors closed. Due to the incessant cold and rain. As the cold gets worse I turn on the heating soon enough Wanna swap?
  5. For me it would be: Deep Purple 1972. If they played Made in Japan (plus the extra tracks) at The Free Trade Hall it would be the ultimate show A Zeppelin show: eeemmmm maybe a Back to the Clubs show from 1971. Leicester is a killer except for Plant's flu. To revisit: Rush June 2nd 1977 Manchester Free Trade Hall. Second show outside of North America. I was only 15 but from what I remember it was a killer show Tangerine Dream: November 5th 1976. My second or third ever gig. Never seen or heard anything like it and Edgar Frose let rip an amazing guitar solo. The St
  6. Same here man. It was freezing this morning and although the sun came out, briefly, hail and rain was not too far behind. I cannot recall ever being this cold in May. Weekend looks atrocious and all month by the looks of it.
  7. Fucking horrible. Freezing cold and gale force winds and the return of the usual Spring/Summer weather, the rain. To be fair after the driest, sunniest and coldest April in living memory, the rain is set in and will continue for the next few weeks. We do need it but it's the cold which is hard to take. Maybe a bit of snow mixed in this week as well.
  8. Woohooooo Glorious. Not seen a cloud for a few days. Today the Blackbirds are in full song and I'm playing Golf at 10.00am. Still could do with rain though
  9. Dry, sunny and getting a tad warmer. A beautiful start to the day. No rain in sight.
  10. Nice relaxing Indica BM? Ours will be a sweet Afghani "Do Sweet Dos". Lovely relaxing smoke. Tasty too. Have a good evening man?
  11. Sunny and dry AGAIN !!! Golf course is like playing off concrete. You will not often find me saying this: We need rain !
  12. Happy 420 Everyone. I will sparking one up this afternoon.
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