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  1. Fucking wet. From the Midlands upwards the Country is almost underwater. We have had rain of Biblical proportions for days on end. Communities flooded everywhere up North and in Wales. Disaster and more rain to come which is seriously bad news for the already weary people. But of course help is at hand. This worthless Prime Minster and the racist mongrels who make up this Government have allocated 5bn notes to help with the flooding. Unsurprisingly the majority of the cash will go to London and The South East where it hardly rains at all. Well done Boris fuck us all off whilst you spend the money on yourselves.
  2. Drying out after Storm Dennis ripped into us this weekend. Some communities are completely submerged and cut off. This comes after last weekends Storm Ceira dumped huge amounts of rainfall. Another one due Thursday and next weekend. Fuck me it's a mess.
  3. RIP legendary producer, mixer and DJ Andrew Weatherall. I remember hearing Primal Scream's "Screamadelica" in the early 90's. What a cracking listen it is too. Maybe not well known to rock music fans but for old ravers and techno/Dance heads he was right up there. Will be noisy up there with a back to back DJ fest with Frankie Knuckles.
  4. Stormy wet and grey. Same as last week and same for the next month. Great
  5. No it was battered (as were we at the end if the evening). It was oven done and wasn't great. Next time deep fry methinks? As always Led sounds lovely. No beer or Vodka for me as I don't drink it but I'll give the Bordeaux a go. This evening: A Coconut Fish Curry. Hake filet in a spicy coconut gravy served with Basmati rice or Pilau if I can persuade Mrs CP to do it. More weed and wine in front of the stove.
  6. Whatever Gatorade is.................. Snacks at the bar this evening: Calamari rings with a Mayo dip. Chinese ribs with Hoisin Sauce. Wine and buds for relaxing. Tunes for the feet and head.
  7. Watched the Piggy one last night. Yes sure was weird. Hope all well Chuck. Just cropped my Pineapple Express and Lemon OG. Lovely buddage
  8. Love the Twilight Zone. Have you see Black Mirror on Netflix Red? Rain today but still ridiculously mild. We have had no winter at all - yet
  9. Been watching Black Mirror from the pen of Charlie Brooker. Weird Twilight Zone stuff. Fantastic. Makes for weird dreams at night especially after a few buds !
  10. Goodbye EU. It's been a blast. A sombre day here as we say goodbye to our European cousins. The UK will become just another small nation. But hey we can have trade talks with Chad or Botswana as they apparently grow Green Beans. There will be conflict over Sardines from the Spanish and Portuguese and the cost of my beloved Rioja will double in price. Visa's will need to be obtained to go across the sea and the rise in the Far right will march on. But at least we will be saving £350m (apparently) a week and this can only be good as Boris needs some cash for all those lovely projects for London and The South East. The north will get it's usual quota of Fuck all because London needs another train station or the costs of re branding Eurostar to UK star. I'm pulling a duvet day and rolling a joint.
  11. chillumpuffer


    Once only. Done nowt since then
  12. Don't forget that they re shot some footage at Shepparton Studios and Jonesy had to wear a wig as he'd cut his hair
  13. Pan fried Hake Filet, Cream Dill Sauce, Roasties and Asparagus Spears. A sturdy Reserva Rioja CUNE from 2012. Nearly 2112. I will be toasting Mr Peart with a glass and a good smoke of Blue Cheese
  14. A recording of the band from the first time I saw Rush June 2nd 1977. Shocked and saddened to hear today of the passing of Neil. Great drummer, really great
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