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  1. Monsoon conditions. Whilst Europe bakes, the UK sinks. Played golf today ( well until the heavens opened) and the course was as wet as winter. Apparently tomorrow until Saturday the sun may come out and the rain may stop. I wont hold my breath
  2. Not with that cunt as a manager. I will not even attempt to put into words the caustic shit everyone says about the twat. Boring, defensive and started with a team EVERY game that couldn't beat a team of blind people. The Spanish were there for the taking but yet again he picks the wrong side who bore everyone to death. The only time he made changes through the competition, we scored or played fast attacking football. May his legacy be forever etched as a boring, clueless wanker.
  3. Mid summer and.................. Miserable. Dank and drizzly. No summer here this year and times running out.
  4. The Leb is how you remember it. Sweet, fluffy and gorgeous 7 Grams is a quarter Oz. An eighth was 3 1/2 gs JTM. A 2p would be a q, whilst a 1p 1/8th. I remember when I was in my teens, I went into a sweet shop to by some torpedoes. I couldn't remember what half of a quarter pound was. I blurted out "can I have an eighth of torpedoes please"
  5. @luvlz2 Not for me either. Picked up 7g of Lebanese Blonde this week. The best Hash we've smoked in years. You don't need to toast it as it just fluffs up in the fingers. Creamy smoke and a long lasting hit. Pure joy
  6. Hi. You trump me, then, as my only experience of Zeppelin live was in Melbourne, (Australia, well, duh), in 1972. That said, if you've ever revisited your being there experience of the show with any of the many CD and DVD variations made available over the years, the sets I am offering will get pretty darn close to the auditory experience that you remember.

    Minus the mud, the push and gentle shove of thousands of other fans, the trip in, the ears-ringing trip home, maybe the new friends made, the fan commitment deepened... all the stuff that comes with having been there when.

    Nothing can replace those memories, but the better the presentation for revisiting those memories, definitely 'the better', no?

    If you like, I can provide the link for a sampler clip from whichever night of Knebworth you attended, and if you want the full show then, you know where I am. 'Cause now I know where you were all those years ago, and colour me envy!


    1. chillumpuffer


      Hey Michael


      Tisdu eh??? What did it stand for?? Tinkled in sound Down Under? I have a few shows done by you guys. 

      I was at the first Knebworth show as I mentioned but much respect for being at the Melbourne show

    2. right-there


      Hi. Yeah, "tinkled" is close. Playing with acronyms might be a personality flaw on my part. "Teased Into Stereo Down Under" was my 'brilliant' original coining.

      I've never had a huge sound system, so the first exposure to boots, "Live On Blueberry Hill" on coloured vinyl from memory, and then years later trading CDs was disappointment that even the cleanest-sounding sets, Mike Millard's, the huge excitement around 'Flying Circus', Earls Court, Knebworth, was that the recording was so tightly locked into a narrow auditory strip. Right in the middle between the two speakers. You could turn up the volume, but you couldn't make it 'in the hall/at the outside venue' BIG, as I'm sure we both recall the hearing experience of being at a Zep show.

      [tisdu] doesn't really make sets 'stereo' as such, it just teases out a broader sound presence that fills the space between the speakers. And because that wider delivery is in fact wider, our human ears can discern spatially separate sounds, the instruments, Plant's voice. The sort of sound a mixer puts together at a live show, working to fill the venue.

      It's not Zep boot remastering in the excellent manner SteveZ98 is applying AI apps to isolate instruments and voice, and then choosing a new 'balancing' of those stripped-apart audio elements in a re-presentation of the material. His sets are very definitely remastered, as he's working with individual elements of the original recordings. [tisdu] manipulates the merged delivery of those recordings, not their elements. Room for both approaches, I believe, and who knows what else technology brings us in the years ahead.

      After all of the above, I am absolutely certain that you will hear something a lot closer to that night all those years ago if you cast an ear to my Knebworth August 4. I've excerpted the first twenty minutes to an mp4 'sampler' file. You can have the link if you wish.


    3. right-there


      Don't want to be too pushy, but...

      I feared that a message with a link in it might be cancelled by the moderators, so rather than 'waste' all that typing above, I'll include the Knebworth sample link here https://mega.nz/file/l6kCCKga#Go51rN5H1UVHSqA192qYFSxCtLwcht55ZRvjYzqWi1E and see if the message disappears!

  7. I have to disagree as I was at the first Knebworth Show and remember it like it was yesterday
  8. Thanks love. I'm 62 so I think the boat sailed when I had the chance in 1990 and although we ain't skint, we're not millionaires
  9. Garbage. Another Tuesday Golf ruined. Dark, windy and very, very wet. Same for the next 2 weeks.
  10. This Country, whilst I don't mind people who come here to work hard and contribute, is being overrun with Illegals. There are certain no-go areas where gang culture is rife and lawless. Of course we have British gangs but generally it's " non white", for want of a better phrase, that have completely dominated parts of this Country. I live in a very rural traditional area. It's safe, friendly and wonderful. However, I feel very unsafe when I go into Manchester. English is the main second Language. Large groups of (mainly) men intimidate you. All foreign. Sometimes you feel unwelcome and don't get me started on London. I've said this before. One of our regrets is that we didn't stay in Australia when we had the chance, although it would have been hard to get residency. I love the Australians. Your outlook on life, your love of sport and fair dinkum. Some of my favourite films are from down under and I have to say we never met an unfriendly Aussie when we were there. Oh and at least you get a summer.
  11. Not compulsory here man. The amount of Illegal people here it would be impossible to do. You have to have photographic evidence and say your address and that's it. Also, as many people here can't even speak let alone read English, a cross is sufficient to vote. Large Towns and Cities, especially in areas where English is a second Language (mainly in the North) certain South Asian communities just send anyone, as a beard and a Hijab are commonplace and no one would be any the wiser. Mrs CP reckons that when she drives into Manchester, she avoids certain boroughs as most Asians either can't drive or have never passed their driving test or used a dodgy examiner who happens to frequent the same Mosque or Temple or is related to them.
  12. Whole damn house smells like Lemon Terpenes
  13. Yes. Better the Devil you know??? Yes a landslide but Labour didn't get my vote. We voted for our favourite colour and choice of relaxation. Green . See what happens but nice to give the Tory wankers a good stuffing
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