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  1. Love making my own Hummus and it is the easiest thing to make. 1 can of Chick Peas 2 Cloves of Garlic 2 Tablespoons of Tahini Juice of Lemon Salt to taste Olive Oil enough for a smooth texture Half teaspoon Paprika or Cumin ( optional) BLITZ
  2. Forgive my ignorance man but who is this guy?
  3. chillumpuffer


    The FA Cup is still on the BBC - for now anyway Europa & Champions League are exclusively BT Sport as was the Ashes in Australia last time. Hardly any sport is on free to air channels. Unless you enjoy Snooker or Shuv 'arpenny then forget it.
  4. How food has moved on in India since we were there in 1990. Nothing but Dhal and Masala's. Pizza??? No chance
  5. Sitting outside in the garden with a glass of Red from Sicily and a lovely smoke, whilst the sun shines and the birds are singing.
  6. ..................or dead
  7. chillumpuffer


    1. Sometime near the end of August 2. No, no play off. Basically the Premier league has Champions (Man City) then 3 go down to The championship. Huddersfield, Cardiff, Fulham. Then 3 come up from The Championship. They have a play off. Straight into the Premier League go Norwich & Sheffield United. Then Leeds, West Brom, Aston villa and Derby play off for the one remaining spot 3. It's the same for the other divisions 4. No we don't have a "draft" . That stopped in the 1960's i believe 5. Don't really understand "reshuffling of players". Each player belongs to their respective clubs. 6. Best not read too much into it Rick. You'll only get confused. Remember though, the ball is round not oval
  8. They have and it's generally rubbish
  9. chillumpuffer


    Not me as I can't get BT Sport
  10. .... not before he remasters the remasters
  11. chillumpuffer


    The one thing that still gets my goat is that all (4) managers are Foreign. Come to think of it so are most of the players. No wonder we never win any big country tournaments?
  12. chillumpuffer


    Pity hardly anyone will be watching the final. It's on BT Sport which no one has got access to unless you hand over a tenner a month Of course I will be supporting Spurs and Manchester City at the weekend. Nothing personal man
  13. Almost the time frame of the Earls Court shows
  14. Fucking freezing. Dull grey and particularly nasty
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