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  1. Boris Johnson tests positive for virus. Just been out for the first time this week for coal and kindling. Went to the supermarket but was told it's one in one out and the wait was at least 20mins. Only needed an onion so left. Fortunately found one in veg basket. Phew !!
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35064071 This is well worth a read. I have walked around this village and the surrounding countryside many times. It is well entrenched in Peak District folklore and relevant today as at any time.
  3. Please can we follow the OP topic and report on how this is effecting where we live and as Walter says it is not a political axe grinding thread?
  4. The situation here pretty much mirrors most places except that Boris has basically said it's up to you whether you socialise or not. He has (advised) not to go to pubs etc but I think that will change today. London, of course, is the epicentre of the outbreak, naturally. I have seen and read incredible stories of pubs still packed and many people not giving a shit. How incredibly foolish and dangerous. I live in the countryside (in the north) but that doesn't make me immune from this virus. I have a nasty feeling that some city dwellers will inevitably travel into the countryside, not for a good walk you understand, but we have less people and a good few supermarkets. I mean they are packed with people and we have 3 biggish stores in a 5 mile radius. It's never this bad at Christmas and I recognise no one. it's weird. Sure supermarkets are out of stock of many basics and odd things like fresh Ginger. I reckon a report said it was good for the immune system. We have not overbought food. Sure, being a foodie, I have made a few curries and have frozen a few things but we have not stock piled anything. It's amazing what people will buy in a crisis. Tins of beans with them little sausages in them, Blue Nun Wine FFS !! Spam, Tins of Steak and Kidney Pudding. Blah Blah Fresh veg is still there to a point. You can tell people have never seen a red onion before, as there are loads and there are endless bags of Kale. One thing as I browsed the empty shelves was that there was hardly any wine or beer. Not a problem for me as in the village there is a wine and beer shop. I duly obliged with some excellent Rioja - the shop was bulging with treats but no shoppers. Fucking lemmings. As I type I have checked my stash of greenery. Enough for a year so at least we can get ripped whilst playing Scrabble. It's a sad state of affairs but what did Bill Gates Say? " It's not missiles you need to worry about but Organisms" something like that. But there are glimmers of hope. No Eastenders or Coronation Shite or the Eurovision Song Contest. The world has changes for sure and I feel very sad about that. Stay safe everyone and be kind, be sensible and considerate.
  5. You misquoted me there Rodders. I said if you follow basic hygiene and stay away away from people then you should be fine I think. Yes we are under 60 and generally in good health (apart from joints and wine). We very, very rarely get colds and we haven't had the flu for years if I can remember. Mrs CP runs a Charity shop so I am a bit worried as there are many people who go in and loads of donations. She does have sanitizer and washes her mits regularly but I don't think she will be totally safe. I work from home so I have relatively low contact with other people. But if she gets it I'll get it. I think I'll spend all weekend making curries and chillies for the freezer in case it's lockdown. No Bog roll in the stores or (ironically) Pasta or fresh Ginger (good for the immune system). I have plenty of skins and I must get some wine in??
  6. chillumpuffer


    What a difference a month makes hey? Liverpool to do the quadruple??? Only the league I'm afraid - if it finishes.
  7. Funniest thing I've heard is that Tom Hanks and his wife has caught this Cvoid 19 in Australia. The reporter said "even Tom Hanks has got it. This virus holds no mercy".So am I right in thinking Mr and Mrs Hanks are somewhat different from all us plebs? Old syrup has banned ALL flights from Europe except the UK. Bet that will change in a week? Me and Mrs CP have been debating whether we should cancel our trip to Portugal in May. We will lose around 2 grand should we cancel unless the authorities implement travel bans throughout the Continent. It is worrying but from what I believe it is quite hard to contact this and if you follow good personal hygiene (which you should anyway) and steer away from your fellow man, then you should be fine - I think !!
  8. Good luck with that man. Could be off or behind closed doors. Footage is great especially Bonzo knocking 10 bells out of his kit
  9. Fucking wet. From the Midlands upwards the Country is almost underwater. We have had rain of Biblical proportions for days on end. Communities flooded everywhere up North and in Wales. Disaster and more rain to come which is seriously bad news for the already weary people. But of course help is at hand. This worthless Prime Minster and the racist mongrels who make up this Government have allocated 5bn notes to help with the flooding. Unsurprisingly the majority of the cash will go to London and The South East where it hardly rains at all. Well done Boris fuck us all off whilst you spend the money on yourselves.
  10. Drying out after Storm Dennis ripped into us this weekend. Some communities are completely submerged and cut off. This comes after last weekends Storm Ceira dumped huge amounts of rainfall. Another one due Thursday and next weekend. Fuck me it's a mess.
  11. RIP legendary producer, mixer and DJ Andrew Weatherall. I remember hearing Primal Scream's "Screamadelica" in the early 90's. What a cracking listen it is too. Maybe not well known to rock music fans but for old ravers and techno/Dance heads he was right up there. Will be noisy up there with a back to back DJ fest with Frankie Knuckles.
  12. Stormy wet and grey. Same as last week and same for the next month. Great
  13. No it was battered (as were we at the end if the evening). It was oven done and wasn't great. Next time deep fry methinks? As always Led sounds lovely. No beer or Vodka for me as I don't drink it but I'll give the Bordeaux a go. This evening: A Coconut Fish Curry. Hake filet in a spicy coconut gravy served with Basmati rice or Pilau if I can persuade Mrs CP to do it. More weed and wine in front of the stove.
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