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  1. If he sold ALL of these to anyone who has no sense whatsoever, it comes to this: 4 Pictures x 75 @ £1600 each ( OK let's assume the framed pictures are sold) £480,000 quid. OK I understand he has to sign them, which must have interrupted his game of Scrabble or whatever he gets up to with his missus for a while. Frame them and print them but...…….??? Beats working eh man?
  2. Friday evening and it's spicy !! I am making a Sri Lankan Red Beef Curry. Hot with lots of Cayenne and Paprika. Delicately flavoured with Curry Leaves and Pandan Leaves. Lots of regular 'erbs and spices finished off with Coconut Milk for a sweet mellow flavour. Pilau Rice for Mrs CP and a large Naan Bread for me. Got some shop bought Poppadum's which I will serve with a Red Onion Chutney, Mango Chutney and a Tamarind Dip. Something sweet for afters, maybe an Ice Cream of some sort. Wine and tunes and a few well formed joints of Lemon OG Kush.
  3. Pissing it down - even though the forecast was dry. Which makes this headline a bit pathetic https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/england-s-water-supply-could-run-out-in-20-years-mps-warn/ar-BB16zh4q?ocid=spartan-ntp-feeds
  4. chillumpuffer


    VAR is beyond a joke. Never a penalty last evening for Man U against Villa but having said that you can't argue we look a much better side now than we did at the start of the season. Going to be a cracking season next time?
  5. Heating on, woodburner set. Miserable outside. The leaves are falling off the trees in the garden and for the first time in living memory, our golf course is closed in July due to flooding. Fuck me it wasn't even closed in January
  6. No doubt we'll be meeting that one next week Chuck
  7. Dark and gloomy with curtains of drizzle. Cold too. Forecast is changing for tomorrow and Friday. The drizzle goes away only to be replaced by Tropical storm Eduoard, which will bring heavy persistent rain into the weekend. Lovely July summer weather.
  8. Depressingly bad. Dark grey and thoroughly wet. Tomorrow sees the return of more rain but accompanied by gale force winds and cold. Welcome to summer in Northern England. Should be fun on the golf course tomorrow?
  9. Cold. Our seasons have changed dramatically in the last few years. We had the wettest Winter, the driest Spring and after the 3 days of heat the other week, it has been like Autumn. Non stop wind, cloud and rain. I even lit the fire the other evening and it's non too warm outside.
  10. ….. and it's SIR Alex. League record back? Dream on
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