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  1. @Reggie29. Forget it man. The guys a cunt. Thick too. What do you expect from someone who doesn't own a passport?
  2. But was it any good? A friend of mine went to the Buxton Opera House show and said it was " boring rubbish". To be fair I don't know what he was expecting but he didn't enjoy it. He asked me why I didn't go seeing as I liked Led Zeppelin. I replied "you are correct. I like Led Zeppelin"
  3. @Walter. It was really good. The Chook was great with a sweet tang of the Mango and the smokiness of the Chipotle. The weed was rather good too. This evening we are moving East to the Sub Continent: Rich Kashmiri Lamb Curry. It's a bone in dish but I got my Butcher to bone out a shoulder and chop the bones. I will add the bones so they release the marrow to enhance the curry and remove when serving. Bombay Potatoes Roti to mop up Lemon and Vanilla Cheescake and Greek Yoghurt Got some very tasty Afghani green for this evening.
  4. After abstaining from wine and weed this week, we are chomping at the bit to get Chinese eyed this evening. To kick off, a Gin and Tonic at the bar with a rather large Doob of some excellent Super Skunk. A plate of Sheep's Cheese and Chorizo for nibbles. A half a Spatchcock Chicken marinated in Mango and Chipotle served with fat Chips. A Rioja for me and a NZ Sauvignon Blanc for Mrs CP. Tunes and more greenery until the wee hours.
  5. I know Collins was on stage. I was being sarcastic
  6. So Collins wasn't on the stage or played at all? I could have sworn that was Phil Collins on the stage or was it the drugs we were taking?
  7. Hey Rodness. Been a very mild and dry start to the Autumn. All set to change next week though. Lots of wind and rain for a week or so.
  8. Can I ask Sean, what the fuck is that? Is it Sausage? I can see Mac, bread and what looks like Cocoa powder and Mayo with a chapati on top. A dippy egg and wholemeal toast for Brekkie.
  9. Wet, very wet. After a (mostly) dry September it's been howling down for a week and windy too. Real Autumn fayre
  10. @Bong-Man. I would have bought $600 worth of green and $200 on specs
  11. It was a Joke. (Apparently) millions applied and the place was half full of corporate or celebs. You could have turned up on the night and got in. Few people did. I remember " fans" like Naomi Campbell wandering through. A fan?? OK name all of the albums or the band members themselves you twat. If it was such a lottery how come these people got in?? Oh of course it was "The Gig" of the year. The place to be seen. Pathetic really
  12. Yes we watched it to. Seems not to get a mention on Emma's history making win.
  13. Had a bit yesterday but none today. Hope you're well man?
  14. What live footage would that be? As has been said, nothing new. Also read the reviews above. It does say that that it basically ends in 1970 and Zeppelin didn't tour Australia until 1972.
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