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  1. Hot already. I wish the Farmer would move the sheep from the fields behind our house, as the Lambs constant bleating, makes it difficult for sleeping with the window open
  2. @Brigante. Are you still alive man? 31 c here today
  3. Crikey it's hot. Cycled the 5 miles to the Golf club, had a round, cycled back. Had to sit in a cold shower for 5 minutes. Thankfully we live in an old stone cottage as it's really cool inside. Beers are in the freezer for sundown
  4. Has it been any different from the normal?? Very cool in our old stone cottage. Lovely. I'm going in the garden for a cold Peroni and a fat blunt.
  5. Met Office issues first ever extreme heat warning amid sweltering conditions across UK (msn.com) Oh dear, my Yorkshire friend will not be at all happy.
  6. Put on another degree today man. Best not for you to venture out
  7. Crikey I've just been in the garden and it's roasting outside. BBQ time this evening
  8. chillumpuffer


    Picked up a bottle from the restaurant we ate at the other week, £16 notes. The owner said we can as many as like. My bank balance is in serious trouble
  9. Hold tight my Tyke friend. It will all come to a finish - but not until next weekend. I've booked it for my trimming
  10. Hot and sunny. Beautiful blue sky and just glorious
  11. . Perfect for The Open. Doing an open myself today. Lovely it is too.
  12. Never scored good grass in Mansfield. Bit of a shithole if I remember.
  13. Oh dear Nottingham. That's a bit east from me. Furthest south I go (unless it's to Cornwall) is Buxton. Scaling a 6ft Brick wall, 5ft Brambles??? Not doing a Guerrilla grow are you?
  14. Sorry for my old Yorkshire friend, Summer has arrived
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