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  1. @Bong-Man. I would have bought $600 worth of green and $200 on specs
  2. It was a Joke. (Apparently) millions applied and the place was half full of corporate or celebs. You could have turned up on the night and got in. Few people did. I remember " fans" like Naomi Campbell wandering through. A fan?? OK name all of the albums or the band members themselves you twat. If it was such a lottery how come these people got in?? Oh of course it was "The Gig" of the year. The place to be seen. Pathetic really
  3. Yes we watched it to. Seems not to get a mention on Emma's history making win.
  4. Had a bit yesterday but none today. Hope you're well man?
  5. What live footage would that be? As has been said, nothing new. Also read the reviews above. It does say that that it basically ends in 1970 and Zeppelin didn't tour Australia until 1972.
  6. Crikey it's . 30 degrees at 17.42 PM What the fuck? @Brigante will not be best pleased
  7. Well there's a surprise. Nothing new. Rehash of what we all know and have seen or heard. Pretty much sums up Led Wallets' output over the last 20 odd years.
  8. Very warm and sunny for the next few days. Golf clubs at the ready
  9. Orkney Crab Pate to start Spatchcock Poussin with a Pepper Seasoning. French Fries Wines and Joints of "Superskunk" from this years efforts
  10. I listen to the Dead more than Zeppelin these days ,mainly due to the hundreds of live Dead shows out there.
  11. Ignore him Rod. After all he's a sceptic tank with absolute no clue how people live their lives. To answer his own question with "no" just about sums it up.
  12. After cycling up to the Golf club and playing twice this week, cycling to the next village (10 miles) for supplies this morning, I am relaxing and watching England v India at Cricket. I need to rest my pegs.
  13. Yes indeed a very talented producer and performer. I will smoke a bowl tonight in his honour.
  14. Yes nothing new there. Collector of Zepp Boots? Yes indeed. Must be great to hear stuff that was stolen off him in the break in. Japan 71 is in the hands of the bootleggers anyway and we have the Southampton show. He could release a Earls Court compilation but I don't really care for post 73 live stuff anyway. Japan would be great. There were at the top of their game at the time.
  15. Yup Bath Festival or Glastonbury can't recall which. I think Alan White on skins (no pun intended) later of Yes.
  16. He may have various recordings but not multi tracked recordings. Anyway if his balls up of How The West Was Won is anything to go by then I'll pass. However, and I may be wrong, I think in Howard Myletts' book, the author mentions that before the filming and recording of the MSG shows in New York in 1973, they taped a few shows before. Baltimore comes to mind though someone will confirm if that is true.
  17. No it's a fucking joke. Idiot. Charle? Realy? RIP Charlie. Join the band upstairs man.
  18. Still raining. 7 days straight. No sun. Permanent clouds.
  19. I highly doubt it Chuck. Travel is off the list for a while. We are holidaying here this year and taking a view next year into our plans. I appreciate your invite of course and would love to walk the fairways with your self and your FIL. One day man, one day.
  20. 32" ! So is mine and eat everything and anything. Glad you are still with us man.
  21. OK then Chalks. Happy Birthday man. Hope the Rickenbackers are chiming for you.
  22. 5 days of continuous drizzle and low cloud. Cold as well. In fact we have had the fire lit (inside) for the last couple of evenings. Humans aren't supposed to live like this in August? Forecast for the next few weeks? Same but a dry day this Friday and maybe one in September. A golfer friend who has a house in South Africa, which he is unable to go to, is nearing insanity. I feel for him because he hates the cold and wet.
  23. I highly doubt there will be anything new. When Page compiled the DVD all those years ago, he categorically stated there was nothing left to see. If .there was he would have certainly included it in that. There have been rumours from time to time that a Central Park 69 film was uncovered and Bath was being restored but nothing came of either. I understand these were not necessarily under Page's direction, but I reckon this documentary will be mainly waffle, a few old pics and film we have seen countless times before. It may be of a slight interest to new Zeppelin converts but nowt to many who have followed the band from the 70's
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