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  1. I purposely came here to read a comment by Steve about this release...and your funny/whitty comment didn’t disappoint. Thx!!
  2. Would have loved to be about ten rows back with the volume up on 11, had they played this live. All the outtakes from ITTOD should have been on that album. It would have been an even more amazing album and would have shown 10 years later they still “had it!”
  3. The one story I dont believe about Mike was that he destroyed all his masters. I think that was just made up to keep folks from asking about getting copies from his family.
  4. The AKG 451s needed a 48v power supply. So yes he did need power supplies for his mics. I have wondered if he had different capsules that he used. The 451s could be bought in sets with the Cardioid, Hyper-cardioid and Omni patterns. These are the things I’d like to know the most of all. How are his mics configured. The body of the 451s also have a high pass filer. So I wonder if he experimented with this setting as well. Yes the deck was important but the entire mic set up was the most important factor.
  5. They should have mixed up the set lists from night to night. If not completely different from night to night maybe include some set list anchors to keep things a little consistent but swap out lots of songs especially when doing 2, 3, 4 and 5 night runs.
  6. Wish we knew exactly the mics and how he configured the mics and capsules. That the most important part. The NAK was important because us was above cheaper gear but the mic capsules are the reason for the type of sound. His LA ‘75 tapes sound quite different than his ‘77 tapes. His Long Beach 3/11/75 sounds more like the LA ‘77 recordings. I wish we knew. I wish there was more to his story too; like someone from his family coming forward.
  7. Maybe a new version could be purchased by “The Only Way To Fly” in this thread a new transfer could be made?
  8. That’s is the only difference. It’s not a huge deal with today being full of official companion discs and tons of bootleg out takes but 25 years ago to find an anomaly on ANY Zep record it was a thrill to hear it
  9. Atlantic sent out advance promotional copies of a 7” inch Advanced EP of Gallows Pole to radio stations and such prior to the release of the full album. A neat oddity is that a really cool guy who use to hang out at RO.com discovered long ago that an entirely different version of the song was on the EP. It had a longer version that was on the album and wasn’t known about until he discovered it. On the album version during the last couple minutes they chopped out about a 15 second portion which you can hear on the Advance Promo 33 & 1/3” EP.
  10. Ouch...pretty dickish comments...Jeff seems like a great guy.
  11. Funny to see the MSG 1971 photo doesn’t have the word FRAGILE stenciled onto the case but you see it added in the Melbourne 1972 photo. The case was used and worn and should have been retired ages ago but instead they just paint FRAGILE on it like that would help protect the guitar. 😜
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