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  1. Sure there are a few audience tapes which combined throughout the entire span of Zeppelin’s career might add up to a dozen decent audience tapes and they will always be nice to have. As you mentioned Chicago 1975, I’ll bet if we ever get soundboards of these shows 99.9% of collectors will never visit the audience tapes again. I’ll take even a rough soundboard over a craptastic audience tape recorded from 3 miles away under a seat covered with a shirt on a radio shack deck with built in mic
  2. The soundboards from 1975 are so amazing any audience tapes from this tour are kind of worthless now and aren’t worth much unless you’re a stamp collector type.
  3. I wonder how many 1975 soundboards are left from this source? 2/27/75-Houston 3/12/75- Long Beach 3/25/75 & 3/27/75-LA
  4. They were done on C120 tapes. If the sound guy started the tape several minutes early it was just bad luck Side A ran out during The Wanton Song.
  5. They should have had about 15/20 songs that they used in a varied rotation for openers and closers and the acoustic set. Then had a somewhat structured main body of their set lists. They could have swapped out those 15/20 songs and at least had different openers and closes and encores from night to night especially for the later tours when the did 2, 3, 4, 6 shows in the same cities. 6 nights of the same set list would get old after a while for the bands and crowds
  6. I agree about the jam. His voice isn’t too much different to my ears. And all of us have had a flu when we’re fine when we wake up and by mid day we are feeling bad and by night terrible. Same thing. It is odd why Plant says “are you recording tonight, we’ll leave that at the beginning of the tape...” after they do that 1st jam.
  7. Interesting. Wonder why it’s partial
  8. Did the site shut down? I’m not a member but I get this when I go there to browse.
  9. Yeah and to get good light at a concert you need fast film (400 or 800), and a lens that has a really wide aperture like F2. But most telephoto lenses dont open that wide. So you have to have it set to 1/60 or 1/125 like you did.
  10. Slide film is usually pretty low, like 64 or 100 which is why I commented earlier that he did a great job considering is slide film.
  11. Hoarder! Just kidding, you’re awesome! I love photography. Hard to get good lighting with slide film but you did really well!
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