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  1. Maybe...could be the multitracks mixed down to mono for cassette copies. Could be they also set up an extra deck just to record a rawfeed maybe for monitoring purposes
  2. More than likely coming from the Japanese crew that recorded the shows for the Japanese division of Atlantic. There as the great magazine article a few years ago describing how they recorded the shows.
  3. 9/28? OMG. This is the best 50th (52) Anniversary year ever! Lol
  4. Funny, I have a good friend who’s name is Mike and he started taping back in the late 1970s and early 1980s and he too used AKG 451s as well. He always said his best tape was the Dead at the Greek Theater in 1981 or 1984. Same venue where the band was playing in this documentary.
  5. Thanks! Really cool to see something done like this about concert taper and taping. An entire sub culture of live music lovers wouldn’t exist today it guys back in the 1960s and 1970s weren’t taping shows for us.
  6. I have been thinking a lot out the Legendary tours and so I started binge listening to the golden month of June 1972. I do believe BIOH was played after Black Dog and before Since I’ve Been Loving You. I don’t think it was rearranged by the bootleggers. It’s murky to listen but as Plant introduces Since I’ve Been Loving You there is a problem with JPJ keyboards and there is about a 2 minute delay. (The same problem happens the next night at Nassau Coliseum and Plant says “we’ve been having trouble with the keyboards last night and again but it’s cool”). At first I did think BIOH was from the encores and possibly we had another show which had extended encores. They tape is pretty fragmentary like the taper only had 1 C-90 min cassette, and I was thinking this song was all that remained from the extra encores since the recording is so fragmentary. But from the sound of the tape and the crowd noise it does appear it’s in the correct spot. They did play it the next night as the final encore so they probably had it rehearsed and ready to go and with the keyboard problem they switched gears and played it so the techs could fix the keyboards.
  7. I believe the 6/14/72 recording is complete. 6/14 & 15/72 really need upgrades. What a set of shows. Both with extended encores. It was one of their best run of shows ever.
  8. The encores from 6/15/72 Nassau Col probably equal Seattle and Denver and LA.
  9. Agreed. It seems these days when something is discovered it get handed off to someone to transfer it correctly and then circulated freely.
  10. I don’t think any real hoarding goes on anymore. Might be a couple tapes out there but not much. Everything is out there The best stuff is what page is hoarding between 1968-1972
  11. Thanks Eric. Sounds decent. But same show and another average Aud source. They sure know how to milk something to death...
  12. I’ll bet it’s some of the same old stuff re-edited and re-Eq’ed. It’s past the point of ridiculous how many times these same old sources are released. Might as well sell nothing....
  13. There def seems evidence that several of the 5, 1971 Japans shows were recorded.
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