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  1. There could be sound boards before this time made by the band like the German tour in the Summer of 1970 or simple state type recordings. That post does nail it for the 1971-1980 soundboard recordings I believe 100%. I have always posted that no one really knows if the shows were done on reels or cassette. And the myths get repeated and turn into facts. But that Post really lays out all the evidence for the 1971-1980 shows done on cassette.
  2. This pretty much proves none of the shows were recorded onto reel to reel but rather onto cassette. http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=46925
  3. I have to say I doubt the gaps are as bad as the band has made it seem. I’m thinking a couple/few songs have gaps but once they decided to have the fantasy sequences added, some good and complete footage had to be axed in order to give room for the 4 band members and Peter to be given equal screen time for the fantasy parts. Sure some may be missing but I’ll bet there is a lot that is fine and complete and usable. It’s tragic they haven’t done anything with it.
  4. Yes you are correct, encores were R&R (which is present on the recording) followed by Communication Breakdown or Thank you or both.
  5. Could you guys please repeat the last ten posts, word for word so I can understand what’s going on? Thanks!
  6. Partial 6/11/77 as well and it’s awesome! 👍 5/26 and 5/28
  7. If you want a good Plant comment. Listen to the 3/19 link up above at the 29:46 mark. 👅
  8. ^^Really fun to hear a youthful Page (and Plant) interview where they are relaxed and in really good spirits and goofing around.
  9. Boston 1969 has a radio interview in Boston the same day or week as the shows where they talk about tickets and such I believe:
  10. Sounds like the Dazed at the end was added later y whoever upped the Radio spots. Sounds like the soundboard from the show
  11. Thanks bro. I’ll be listening all night!
  12. Man I’m going to have to revisit some of these March 1975 shows. I listened to 3/12/75 again and yep totally loved it all over again!! Bring on the soundboard. Best ever No Quarter intro. It was one of my first live tapes and back then all you could get was a 80 min recording of the middle of the show. We’re really lucky now! I really need to give the two night run of Vancouver a good listen.
  13. Agree with a lot of what you both said. I would move up 3/11 and 3/17 and that would be my top 10. People seem to do nothing but dog 75 tour but I think the March run was about as good as any tour
  14. That is a good observation. I’ve wondered that too. They needed to do that at the RAH 1970 show for better lighting for film. That’s why it’s so dark and murky.
  15. My phone must have done auto correct and I didn’t notice that. It’s suppose to say Montreux, Switzerland.
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