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  1. Sticks of Fire

    Buffalo 1969

    Make sure you seek out whichever recording has the longer version of “How Many More Times.” The end is still missing on all sources but there was a low gen version going around which was shorter than other versions...andcrhe minute or two that is missing off that version is really great. Plant let’s out some of his best wails of the night.
  2. Sticks of Fire

    Pontiac Silverdome

    In 1995, they were paying $1000 COD for an unreleased audience tape. So Id guess $5000-$10000 for an unreleased board tape.
  3. Sticks of Fire


    Zzzz, not like it’s anything new. Don’t mess with a bone and his only bone....
  4. Sticks of Fire

    Best Version of Black Dog Ever Played

    Yep, the March 1971 tour/vocals can’t be topped by any other versions.
  5. Sticks of Fire

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    GREAT to see any new recording especially if a show we have not heard! Quality is really good too.
  6. I get it. You’re a great collector I know- but he said over the next ten years. If they’ve got one great release (aka Japan 1971) I’m thinking he’s saving it for last.
  7. Guy, I don’t know...call me crazy...and I even had doubts, but I think we are in for a long great ride. Page promised us new great things over the next ten years....bet we get a killer live release in the end as the icing on the cake...and it may be our favorite “hope”...Japan 1971. Saving the best for last...it’s gonna happen!
  8. Sticks of Fire

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I guess my point is we all only love so long. Let the tapes out...jimmy please take note...you’re living history....getting to see your history play out while you’re still alive is infinite...not the other way around...
  9. Sticks of Fire

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    Not a complaint brother, just saying it’s silly how someone would hoard something that is worse quality and pretty insignificant.
  10. Sticks of Fire

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I’ve been collecting since about 1983-85, yes it was the Red Box set “The Destroyer” with special thanks to “Cookie Crumb” and was out before any tape source was in trading circles that had Stairway with the “oh fuck” comment. Ive also taped shows since 1987 (Pink Floyd at MSG). The original source was taped up close in the sound field and has so much power. This new source no matter how the transfer was done sounds like it was taped much farther away. Funny anyone would ever hoard this recording. I’m not being snobby or anything. But facts dont lie - the original source is fantastic and the new source is average.
  11. Sticks of Fire

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I was at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs training and I would walk to various record stores near the facility in about 1985. I bought a Houses of the Holy jukebox ep at one store and they also had the original red box Destroyer set. I asked to hear a sample and the guy put on The Song Remains The Same and the quality floored me. I bought the set for $50. Super great power and ambience. I heard this new source and although it’s neat and less chopped up it is miles behind the original source. All this talk about it for years now and one listen and it’s meh.
  12. It’s going to be the 60th or 75th Anniversary before we get any new music.... 😳
  13. Sticks of Fire


    50 years ago the Blimp went flying high and created some timeless wonderful music...