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  1. Yeah he said that as a joke because they were so rusty.
  2. The member “ledzepfilm” has analyzed everything about these videos. He can tell you anything you need to know.
  3. Cool post I have the book which has the originals used for John Bonham and John Paul Jones and also Sandy Denny’s. It includes theirs and also has many others. There is this image which looks like the top part. I wonder if the symbol was “created” from other symbols much like the Zoso one.
  4. Finally found this reference: This is not a audience recording. (Osaka) Taper himself confesed on CROSS BEAT(Japanese magazine). He was a member of Japanese record company and official recording staff. 4 show was recorded with double 8 track (2inch) recorder.(Tokyo,23,24,Osaka,28,29) But these tapes were took away by Richard Cole. The Taper(Japanese record company) 'secretly' separated the line and taped to 1/4inch recorder(probably 2track machine) on 29th only.(for use in just their memory.) He didn't change the tape well because of Zep clue kept watching carefully. He didn't spill it but someone who worked at warehouse did, he said. He said, Two machines in synch to record 16 tracks simultaneously, because of the Japanese Company didn't have a 16 tr machine.
  5. Sure “someone” must have 9/29 more complete. Whether EV does or they are being drip fed. Considering there are parts from the beginning middle and end, surely it’s “complete.” If we had to guess; surely the last part of 9/28 exists. It’s only a matter of time now. interesting there was the article about the Crew who recorded these shows and within 10 years these new versions are trickling out. Coincidence?
  6. Love them or hate them, Empress Valley is brining is more unreleased live Zeppelin recordings than the band themselves. I’m more than grateful for their Soundboard revolution.
  7. If I had to guess, the person recording the show accidentally missed the beginning but I have a feeling the last part was recorded and is lost or being held back. One thing for sure is; if we all live long enough we’ll be seeing more and more of the Japan 1971 soundboards & multitracks surface. I’m sure there were at least 2 decks rolling if not a third: 1. Multitrack 2. Soundboard feed for the band 3. The crew doing the multitracks may have had another reel-to-reel deck set up for a raw feed. (This is possibly where this soundboard is from).
  8. Does anyone have a version of the 9/29 “Winston” merge of sources but with the true Black Dog from 9/29? The one I have seen has Black Dog from 9/28 swapped out instead. With the soundboard and the multitrack the 9/29 show is mostly complete and makes for a great listen.
  9. Sounds like 1, 90 min tape was used to make this release
  10. I’m sure hoping the new release of 9/28 has Celebration Day. It’s phenomenal. But the initial email said this release was more like a Orlando in terms of completeness. I’m worried that there may be a Reel change around the hour mark and then it took 10/15 minutes (is road crew not laying close attention) to get the tape going again and missing about 15 mi it’s right around the spot where Celebration Day is and it’s going to be absent from the recording (and a good chunk of the acoustic set too).
  11. For the acoustic set 9/28 is the longest and most adventurous and fun. 9/23 is equally as good and of course 9/29 is great with Friends ( is Bonham drooping the F-bomb towards Plant before and after Tangerine?). For the WLL medley I’d rate 9/23 and 9/29 equal. 9/28 & 9/24 are next. 9/24 is amazing but the songs seems bit scattered and don’t flow as well. For the encores Is say 9/28 and 9/29 tie for the best. And the 2 Tokyo shows a close 2nd. Sorry there isn’t any. love for Hiroshima. I’m going to revisit that show and post my thoughts. I’m sure it’s outstanding too!
  12. The WLL medleys from 9/23 and 9/24 can’t be beat. 9/23 has Good Times Bad Times and Tobacco Road and HMMT. 9/24 has many rarities too like Your Time Is Gonna Come and HMMT. Both Osaka shows win for better encores tho.
  13. With the soon to be released 9/28 soundboard I have been listening to the tour. I have always thought 9/23/71 was always possibly the best night of the tour. I never gave 9/24 much attention but this show is amazing. I think the strongest vocals for Plant on Immigrant Song. I sure hope 9/28 has Celebration Day. The version on 9/24 is about as powerful as you’ll ever hear.
  14. That’s a great way to see it. If the Beatles songs from soundboards of 9/28 and 9/29 show up on this bonus disc but arent on the other releases then we know they are holding back and milking the cash cow.
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