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  1. Music disappeared from supermarkets here years ago. They have recently brought it back in some places, with covid info announcements inbetween songs. I'd rather they just had the announcements because the music (all current hits) is absolute garbage in my opinion, and me being a grumpy git it just adds to my grumpiness.
  2. My favourite has changed over the years, at first it was II then I back to II, but the most constant has been HOTH for along time. Fwiw the fave order is HOTH, II, I, III The Fourth album, PG, Presence, ITTOD.
  3. JTM


    What have I done, whatya pickin' on me fer. I'm not connected with anyone.
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    I think you meant to type "You're" as in "you are" not "your", it's a misapplication of those two words that many people make.
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    I'll forgive you.
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    Oh dear, I was trying to be friendly, your sensitivity will be noted.
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    C'mon now Elfie, doesn't a little humour lighten your day.
  8. I would never have known that was Planet Caravan if there was no title saying so, I'm not hearing it at all, more listens required.
  9. You'll be alright, from the three of us in this household only I had any side effects, I felt a little groggy the next day for a few hours or so, it soon cleared up.
  10. Exactly. Said mate follows the "Truth Movement", it's the kind of thing that suits him down to the ground. He gets a real kick out of being "alternate", it gives him a smug sense of superiority because he's right and everybody else is uneducated. There is no telling him anything, it's entertaining actually. I do try to sway him but I'll always get the "You're wrong you need to do your research". I've known the guy for thirty years, he's a good friend, but man, some of his views...
  11. Had a bit of a row with an old mate yesterday, he's anti vaccine and says no way will he ever get the jab. He told me my DNA will be changed to which I told him that was bollox, "You need to do some research" he ranted. Better still let's just agree to disagree said I, and left it at that.
  12. That's a rare thing around where I live, last time I had to shovel snow was winter 2012/13.
  13. As far as I know I'll be getting the OAZ (Oxford Astra Zen..) or the Pfizer, not sure if they do any others. Edit Right then, I got the OAZ, left the house at two twenty back home at five past three. Got to the place, straight in no wait, answered a few questions, got the shot had to sit for ten mins after so as to make sure there were no adverse affects. Will get a call in ten to twelve weeks to get my second shot.
  14. After refusing the invitation this morning to drive forty five mins for my vaccine shot, this afternoon I got a call from my local GP surgery offering me a shot only ten mins drive away this coming Friday at the same place my diabetic son had his, I accepted. It's bugging me they did not give me that option to begin with, I think it's a ruse, get people to travel stupid distances so they can "spread the load" so to speak. Yeah, driving stinks, fortunately most of my driving in these Covid times is only local, taking my wife to and from work, shopping trips, no more than a few miles either way
  15. Got an invitation for a my vaccine shots the nearest centre I could book an appointment was about 45 mins away, my wife had her shot just over 10 mins away, my son a different centre less than ten mins away. I'm in no hurry, I'll wait until I can get one closer to home,. fuck travelling, I hate driving to anything that's more than half an hour away.
  16. It's drying out, I might be able to mow the lawns sometime this week "No Rain, No Rain, No Rain."
  17. I'm happy because I've made someone else happy, a couple of weeks ago I had to change my car, I'd had it for almost nine years, it was four years old when I bought it. 120,000 miles on the clock, more things wrong with it than were worth spending the money to put right. So I traded it in for a newer car at my local motor trader, same place I bought the old car. As I didn't expect to get much for the old car I told Bill the garage owner whatever he gets for the car to donate the money to a charity of his choice. He was astounded/gobsmacked, he said in thirty+ years as a car dealer nobody ha
  18. Carrying ID would make me feel like I was living in some sort of "oppressive regime ?" for want of a better term. I agree though some sort of ID for voting would make sense, a utility bill maybe. It'll be a dark day if carrying ID ever becomes mandatory, I'm glad we have never have to.
  19. "Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel" on Netflix. As soon as I saw the elevator scene I knew right away that "Elisa Lam" was having a Psychotic Episode from the way she was behaving. Couldn't believe the theories some were having on her strange movements. That poor girl was probably only trying to hide.
  20. I'm sure I will, about to listen right now. Thank you kindly.
  21. Have you heard the }{eywood version from a few years back, think you'll find that one hard to beat.
  22. JTM

    2020 NFL Thread

    There's still a lot of Rugby on free to air TV probably because the for profit broadcasters like Sky don't see it as a cash cow like Premier League Footie, it's popularity is not as great, more a regional than a nationwide game. For example Wigan or St Helens are strong Rugby towns but the fan base of those teams doesn't really extend outside of those places.
  23. Yep, we all love a baddie, Icersien though, what did you actually mean.
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