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  1. First day its felt like a summer day. 29 outside in the sun and the overnight is staying nice and mild. Not bad for 1st month of Spring. Of course, it has hardly rained at all this year so the lawns are a dry brown dustbowl already...
  2. Thanks for the good information Strider and all. So I guess unless/until Jimmy decides he wants to explore a revision - or "Special Edition" release, and assuming original footage is indeed in a can somewhere that can fill in everything, we have what we are ever going to get. I still find it near impossible to believe there is as yet unknown to the public the complete concert footage - the fact some parts had to be reshot in the studio to fill in for some missing footage alone indicates someone stuffed something up resulting in no footage of everything. Pity...
  3. This statement blows my mind. I simply cannot believe if this possibility exists it has not been acted upon. Also, who is the copyright owner(s) for the film? Surely Jimmy could sit down with them and discuss the potential to do what EVERY damn hollywood film has, or has had added - which is a "Directors cut" edition. Even before it became a thing, a lot of good films predating DVD's were re-visited and a "Special Edition" was released or a "Directors cut". Lots of additional content. Deleted scenes (additional songs?), Featurettes (backstage footage, interviews, 'the making of' mini-doco), Director's commentary (never understood that, but there could be notes or comments the lads have that could be added). So what is stopping TSRTS film from getting a "Special Edition" release???? Fucking hell, the copyright owners would be looking at some good income! CHA-CHING!!! A release like that may or may not be massive, but it would at the very least be a commercial success. It could be hyped and unleashed. It could turn into a monster to a quality rock starved modern public. Who knows??? Me thinks closer to the truth is there is no film in a can anywhere that is not already out there somewhere. What we have is what we are ever going to get. Fuck I hope that is wrong, but if it is wrong, where the fuck is the unseen/unheard material! If it's on a shelf it is criminal!
  4. The technology to turn fairly clear boots (SB, or very good AUD) into stuff that sounds professionally multi-tracked is inevitable. It is just a matter of when. I hope to fuck it is within my lifetime....
  5. I made it to 100 days without alcohol. Yay. Now time to celebrate responsibly with a Kelly's Comfort. I'll also down a Stone and Wood craft beer which is one helluva nice beer, then relax with some Nights with Alice Cooper and a joint with the missus. Gotta love a Friday arvo!!!
  6. "You ready everyone??".... "It's a BOY!!!!" Why do you need more than that? Idiots. They definitely should be made to pay for that fire - including facing legal consequences. If there was loss of life they should be in proper serious trouble.
  7. It is a testament to how they truly are the GOATs.
  8. Excellent read, thanks Strider and great work. Can someone point me to the night owl matrix please????
  9. My Fathers day gift! Happy Fathers day all you top blokes!
  10. Sunny, very warm day. Perfect for a ride. Nights are still cool (around 10c) but everything is now warning up. Won't be long before it's way too hot.
  11. Got my bike back from the shop, idles properly now. Took it for a nice ride for 40mins out on the motorway. Great fun in the sun. Shorts and vest only - the weather already warming up nicely.
  12. My first Youtube post! Horrible edits in the sound tracks, but it will do. I ain't no Sue Dounim or SteveZ98.
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