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  1. ok, it's crappy for everyone involved save for the "serious collectors". I still think they do themselves no favours. $50 or so and my guess is more people buy it. Yeah, its always going to be shared - I'd share it! but for $50 - I'd but it and probably a lot more people would. Drip feeding is just SHIT.
  2. Trickling out fragments of a complete SB show is nuts. What a crap strategy. Way to get most of your potential customers off side EV. I would buy something worth while around the $50 mark. I'm sure a ton of people would to have the silvers and a nice cover/inlay.
  3. Bonzo said once in an early interview people used to go see the Beatles because they wanted to look at "The Beatles". Zeppelin were more about the music, not the "act" - and that's what people were coming for - the music. I think your observation is correct - it is once again about the spectacle - not necessarily with the music as the main focal point or idea. The 70's not only had possibly the richest vein for superb quality bands/musicians/singers/writers probably ever, but it was also at a perfect time for having to build success on their live prowess mainly through word of mouth and the print press - not just their LP's. It was the perfect landscape for greatness to emerge. Not because they had all the media tools for advertising themselves - but precisely because they didn't. These days the spectacle is the attraction. For better or worse.
  4. ^I've got the SB - Throwing the Wild Seeds - another excellent quality '75 SB if u need it Neil - give me a ping. I gave Trampled a listen - holy crap, it is close to my new favourite. The solo guitar seems unique and some fills by Bonham are crazy unique and GOLD. The guys are in the zone (off chops?) supreme. I've now fired Kashmir up - they have slowed the tempo down quite a lot which renders it so much heavier. I'll need to give this whole show a go.
  5. RIP ex-PM Bob Hawke. He was a very popular leader in Australia in the '80's. Much like Howard, he seemed to eventually transcend the sad construct that is the so called "political divide".
  6. I subjected the family to this when I went up the coast for Mothers Day last weekend. OTHAFA is incredible. So many shows from this period are such good quality and the band is on fire - save for poor old Roberts voice - which doesn't detract too much IMHO. While we have Earl's Court on the DVD, I still think a early 1975 compilation/mash up release from the outstanding boards would be a brilliant thing.
  7. Cheers my brother from a pommie mother. I got the "Excellent Audience" source off Long Live Led Zep. It doesn't say 'divinity' - can't find that.
  8. ^Can't remember anything would no doubt count for a LOT. That party would have been fantastic in the moment - but no chance of clear memories.
  9. ok, summer is OVER. Days can be nice and warm but nights..... COLD!!!!
  10. Baton Rouge '75 - Liriodendron SBD-AUD Merge. Sick Again and OTHAFA are spectacular. I really don't think the '75 tour gets enough love. PG content, great opening double (as usual) and Page and Bonham usually CRISP - not to mention the audio quality of many of the '75 boards are almost release quality, Baton Rouge included. This show Percy's voice is fine with only very minimal cracking in Sick Again and Jonesy is killing it even more so than usual. The end of Sick Again he's so on it.
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