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  1. Plenty of room and sunshine for you here mate. But please, bring bud!!! 😎
  2. I dunno, LTTE Kashmir has the title for mine. Bonzo was possibly better on the 28th, but it is so hard to judge given the obvious audio differences. I think Pagey nails the outrro on the 21st better than any other performance. Again, the recording could be giving it quite a substantial rating "bonus". If only a slew of soundboards would drop....
  3. I'll take as much rain as you have to spare. I hate the winter, don't much care for rain either - especially riding - but months on end with little to no rainfall is getting beyond ridiculous. We need the bushfire smog cleared away with a few good summer storms.....
  4. They're awesome. I hope they are reasonably priced and available....
  5. 41 today, 41 tomorrow. no rain forecast for foreseeable future.
  6. Keeping the case against getting to meet and spend 15 minutes with Jimmy - meeting Jimmy wins every time.
  7. I haven't seen that before either. Fantastic fun. Can't help but smile.
  8. bushfires and hail storms. What a crazy mix....
  9. Since Spleeter is open source it will only get better and better. I've said it before and I'll say it again - one day - hopefully in my lifetime - there will be the technology to turn Mike the Mikes recordings, for example, into almost professional sounding multi-track recordings. Noise and static carefully suppressed and the band enhanced beyond what was previously thought possible. Kashmir from 21 June '77 is going to sound crystal clear with the clarity of a pro recording - but still with the live ambience. Not to mention TSRTS and that drum intro. Jeeeez I hope I am around for that......
  10. That was really cool to watch. The last decade or two has largely been a completely forgettable waste of time. But the '70's and '80's spawned music that will outlast us all. And to think I was never going to be that old bloke grumpily spewing "back in my day, the music...." oh well. 🤣
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