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  1. Scientists are not some magical creatures void of any political or philosophical leanings, of course. But science itself - the scientific process, is. I understand your point about scientists resisting challenges to established theories, but this is a good thing in my view - as long as the challenge remains within the bounds of scientific principles and as long as those opposed to a "new view" consider and test it. Some are too slow to adopt new possibilities no question. There is a pre-history of human civilisation that seems to have been erased from our understanding and scientists are loath to consider it and it's frustrating as some migrations and DNA lines are beyond explanation given the current accepted understanding of human history (around 12,000 years ago, I've seen a few interesting things on youtube about this - sounds like a legit thing, maybe I'm just too gullible). At the end of the day, science has given us the knowledge of the universe and the workings and structures of our reality. Scientists who lead in their fields are to be admired for their contribution to humanity perhaps above any others. It is through their toil that we advance. I know i'm sounding like a massive kiss-ass to scientists, but hey, like I said, they give us all that we know fundamentally. If not for them we'd still be praying to the great God JuJu to stave off disasters/famine/diseases.
  2. Yes, unchecked everyone has the potential to venture into territory outside of reason and facts, scientists included. I don't know to what extent scientists are politicised though. The bigger danger is people politicising science when it does not suit them. Climate science is a good example (I can already feel the heat coming from this line...) Scientists and scientific papers all talk about what impact the industrial revolution/human activity is having upon the climate. Science is telling us over and over there is a problem. Data says we need to change things or risks to the global environment rise. This is not a leftist agenda. It is the result of scientific study. If climate concern was traditionally a right wing pet (which it used to be many decades ago) the science would be the same. People tend to think it is politicised as it might not fit into their view. The science is not political, the digestion of it often is though.
  3. This is one of the biggest things to come out of this for me. Hopefully this idea will be revisited.
  4. How does that help Kipper? Fuck me mate, just be civil.
  5. It doesn't matter what theory any of us have - science LOOKS AT THIS STUFF. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/03/200317175442.htm https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/theory-that-coronavirus-escaped-from-a-lab-lacks-evidence-67229 So it appears this "It was released from a lab" theory lacks evidence. Just like modelling of how populations are likely to be infected, death rates, etc. All we have is science and modelling. Anything outside of what the experts tell us is fun and sometimes interesting to ponder, but it's nothing to do with FACT. Some of the arguments in here are quite nasty, and the worst part is they are largely pointless. Lets at least try to scale back the personal insults eh? You can respond with how this post is weak as shit, sources are rubbish, arguments are a non-starter, whatever - thats fine. Just don't call me stupid or suggest I have some bullshit agenda. Be nice. Disagree as much as you want, but be nice. it cost nothing! I hope you and your families are all doing ok.
  6. Gone as in died from an OD is how I read it. And I tend to agree that that scenario was a real possibility. A US tour? Exactly what they did not need given Page and Bonhams - and even Grant's challenges. Even if they all made it through, I can imagine Plant walking away after a US tour that was around the same quality as the 1980 European one. That is to say, very uneven to be polite.
  7. Yeah, Motorhead was my sticking point.
  8. I have the Mr Soundman boot. Is that Lirio's remaster??? I'm just finishing No Quarter now.
  9. ^what an evil choice! '84 but only just.
  10. 100% this. Will we head the lessons though??? Conservative Governments are generally anti-regulation/red tape, but NO government seems to oppose the export of manufacturing with any real policy success (there or here). Allowing companies to ship to China for increased profits is generally thought of as fair play in a free market system. Well now maybe Governments will re-think that. And while they are at it, stop allowing foreign companies (pre-dominantly China) to not only buy into Australian businesses, but literally buy the farm... https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/china-now-owns-10-times-the-amount-of-australian-land-it-did-last-year-20170930-gyrxia.html https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2015-07-16/chinese-billionaire-xingfa-ma-buys-nt-wollogorang-station/6623806
  11. Agreed - and it actually should be very difficult. There is also the willingness to listen to (trust) Government when drastic measures are actually required. Australia has now virtually stopped. We did have numpty fuckers pack Bondi Beach for a day, then the cops and council showed up to have a word to those morons and now it's sorted. We will continue to have the odd clown cause problems at the shops but by-in-large, everyone is now WFH where possible (myself included thankfully). gatherings are limited to two people. Shit has gotten real now. We have had an absolute shitshow politically for over a decade in Australia. Both main parties knifed their sitting Prime Ministers (changed leader without election) along with all kinds of in-fighting and weak partisan-political rubbish. 10+ years of that shit!! When the Prime Minister gets on the tele and says lockdown are now in play we listen. We know whats going on, we are not stupid. We know play time is over - and so does the Government. At the end of the day, there is a basic level of trust despite the Government all but destroying that trust. This is different. They know it and we know it. And we are as far from authoritarianism as the US. There comes a point where if the government (being any Western Liberal Democracy) needs to prescribe short term painful measures to it's population in times like this - there needs to be some level of trust and willingness to let the Government lead. I think that is much more difficult in the US than any other Western Democracy frankly. And there is a price to pay for that lack of trust. It is not a price often demanded, but times like these are the test. I hope the US is not as hard hit as it appears to be headed toward. It is painful and embarrassing watching how this is unfolding in the US from abroad. Good luck to you all.
  12. The '80's boots listened to as a whole show are just so much harder than even a good '77 full show. A lot has been said, so I'll only offer the idea that Jimmy's personal challenges shall we say were more evident in the set list decisions than his playing (and they definitely were evident there as well). So Plant wanted to cut the waffle. I still think Jimmy was too distracted to really build a good setlist that flowed and offered something new given Plant's stated parameters for a tour. Why not revisit tracks not played live (or almost never played live)? There are plenty of shorter (no waffle) gems to choose from. And it could still be done with a forward looking mindset. There are diamonds from 1980. Some are as bright as anything else. But these are generally single tracks on a particular show. Even the best overall 1980 show has significant challenges listening to it as a whole show. It just did not flow as well as other tours. I am not a hater of the 1980 period. Badgeholder Still makes a GREAT point. It is still an important part of the story. I am glad it is there for those fantastic diamonds! Some of those tracks I play to death.
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