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  1. +1. I'm a shocker for mis-heard lyrics, but this one seems pretty straight forward. Sorry slave.
  2. I think this is very true for a lot of song parts both studio and live. Whatever the lyrics, even when laying down the studio vocal track, I bet Percy went with a bit of feel to the lyrics. Like the rest of the guys always did. It would not surprise me if there are little differences in vocals on voice tracks - although I've never bothered to compare with the abundant studio outtakes that are around.
  3. Rain held off for the first time all week, so lawn finally mowed! Half done... And finished! Time for a mad ride to get some new gloves.
  4. Its so easy here due to voting being compulsory. Turn up, check your name off the roll, and vote. No ID needed. Voting is on a Saturday, and there are voting stations at practically every school so lines are never an issue. I don't think we've ever had to wait more than 24hrs for a result even when it's close or a hung parliament (neither major party has a majority). Like everything in the US, you seem to find ways to complicate the shit out of something that can be super easy.
  5. You must've sent all your rain my way. Still warm though....
  6. Those temps in the US - wow -19c and the like. Fuck that, I wouldn't be getting out of bed. Thankfully here in Queensland we have short winters that are fairly mild. 2 or 3 years ago it snowed right on the border (about a 2.5hr drive), but "snow" was a very generous term. Melted soon after it hit the ground. And that made the news! Gimme the long hot summers and beaches every day of the year!
  7. Occasionally NFBM or SIBLY depending on time.
  8. Sort of... For me it's hit and miss. I struggle to listen to a whole show, I mostly pick the gems out. from '69 to '75, I skip nothing (well, occasionally the drum solo to be completely honest), 1977, I skip the noise solo and sometimes one or two songs, but 1980 is a struggle. Zurich is one of the best 1980 shows and I rarely listen to it through. Trampled underfoot from that gig though is in the top 3 of all time. I'd go so far as to say it's up there with their best from any live song, so the gems can be real diamonds.
  9. I'm so grateful we don't get ice and snow. Sounds horrible fellas. The heat and at times ridiculous humidity is not great, but I'll take it over freezing icy crap any day.
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