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  1. See the polo's in the Zep Merch shop? Get onto 'em for Fathers Day. I reckon they look great.
  2. Not just inaccurate, but what's doing with this in regards to Presence?!?!?!?!? There are no significant songs on the album. Pfffft, not worth reading on.
  3. Exactly. Some of my favourite posters in here have some views I strongly disagree with, and I must say I usually get a lot out of reading them (sometimes challenging, sometimes altering my perspective, sometimes broadening my appreciation of irony and humour). I have been as guilty as anyone of posting some late night rant or stupidity (probably when drunk) so there is also a lot to say about measured responses or disagreements. I hope we can have a somewhat reasonable discourse. Sam seems ok when we all have basic common sense - which I think is a great attitude. We should be thankful for that.
  4. I can't think of a better unexpected stunner (considering 2020 so far...) than to see: Joe Rogan hosts Bernie Sanders and Sean Hannity on his first ever offering on his new chosen platform. Just a conversation. That would be so unlikely, but I can't think of a more epic take on what could be a mad conversation published to take the heat out. To allow all to reflect. ALL. Who would your 3 be for a really interesting and substantial conversation? (Maybe even just considering "Rock" as the subject). Anyone?
  5. Good Lord, are they second Gen daughter/wives?
  6. I'll enjoy a home made CC and dry (in a LARGE glass) with the missus when she gets home from work (very soon now) and a nice Stone and Wood Pacific Ale or two later tonight, then a puff by the fire. Come on weekend!!!
  7. Fucking Broncs. Honestly, knew it was a mirage...... 😭
  8. Would be so good..... Hey, if it comes to pass, GREAT! I'll just have to do deep diving breath exercises.
  9. My horrible attempt at comedy seems to have passed you by Steve.
  10. So If Zeppelin continued after 1980 as a topic is now out of bounds? .....I'll see myself out....
  11. Sam, do they call you "The Flash"? Jokes bro, just jokes. Be good to have less of the hate. It's a pity we can't have a lighter political dialogue (nothing too deep and some ground rules around being respectful to others even when you diametrically oppose their position). You gave us a lot of leeway - we collectively failed.
  12. Can't WAIT..... It will be interesting to see if the Bronc's cracking good season start before everything stopped is actually sustainable. Sadly, I fear not, but am hoping to be summarily proven wrong. Also will be interesting to see what happens if a player contracts Covid-19. Interesting specifically with.... 1. how the player/team deals with it 2. How the NRL deals with it 3. How the media deal with it. I suspect 2 out of 3 of the above's answer is - "not good".
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