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  1. rm2551

    Sky Watch

    ^Sweeeeet, will have a look tonight as I have tomorrow off.
  2. earning a wee bit of O/T this weekend - and friends in here being helpful as usual makes me a happy camper. avagoodweekend everyone.
  3. Really tough to pick just one, so I won't. Studio: In My Time of Dying. From "cough" to Bonzo exclaiming that's GOT TO BE the one out there after laying down that epic track is such a good ending. Live: Kashmir from 1977 June 21st (LTTE). The build up at the end and the absolutely blistering runs page pulls off before that perfect low note that then builds up slowly. I haven't heard a more powerful ending (maybe there is a better one, but the energy here is insane). Mike the Mike's recording is incredibly immersive too and helps convey what it must've been like. Definitely amongst their best endings live. Special mention would go to Sick Again from March, '75 Seattle. Jones bass is magical. It's not anything spectacular, but there's something about it that particular night (the No Quarter piano is also special). The clarity of his bass on that bootleg certainly helps.
  4. whats your new business? Got a website?
  5. RAIN!!!! Finally, my dusty lawns are getting a decent drink. The worst of the storms went around us but we still got 10ml or so. Yay. Cold outside now, but Friday night so time to bake away the week and put on some choice tunes....
  6. This reaction is great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z0CaBSQhyI And this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwDqOQQOwMs Reminds me of how great these songs are and how special they are when first hearing them.
  7. I agree with Steve. What would be a much, MUCH better gift would be to leave the vaults full of tapes - live and studio - to someone who while caretaking and preserving the legacy - was also happy to master and release some of the better live tapes in some way. Maybe or maybe not traditional commercial releases, but something for more the die-hard fans to enjoy. I wish Jimmy would do this now actually. Why wait? A streaming service or something. (of which there was some speculation, but seemed to be inaccurate) There must be some live soundboards and/or multi-tracks he has that are still to see the light of day that are pure Zep magic - or can be sufficiently mastered with today's tech to be release worthy to Jimmy's standards. I'd imagine if he had '77 LA or New York, or the Knebworth warm ups on SB (for example), they'd not only be release worthy but would be able to be processed into really outstanding audio quality.
  8. That's a great tribute documentary. It would have been nice to acknowledge his error of indulgence with the band and how that helped unravel things - but by no means does that detract from the great job the producers of this work did. A great piece about a great larger than life character, and just a tough, no nonsense bloke doing the best he can for his band. Thanks for the post Steve.
  9. Friday night! Footy on tonight and tomorrow - Semi-Finals, winners go into the Grand Final. Go the Rabbits and the Storm. Also, it finally rained. Only for 15 mins, but at least my dry dusty brown lawn finally got something to drink.
  10. Yeah. Overseas seed shops (EU) now refuse to ship to AU. They said customs has clamped down and most buyers report no delivery. Seeds are illegal here AFAIK. I've never heard of seeds being available legit or illegit. My problem is I no longer know people like I did back in the day. I have no avenues to get seeds. 😫 Feel free to gift me one in a Christmas card Chilli...😉
  11. yeah, been reading about that. It is not clear what the Federal Attorney General's position is as they apparently gave a detailed opinion to Canberra's Attorney Generals office then within hours completely rescinded it and offered another opinion. But it is good news and really did come out of the blue. Hopefully Queensland will follow suit. I'd still need to somehow get hold of a couple of good seeds. In the end, Canberra's decision doesn't help me much right now. I don't know anyone from there. I tried to get seeds for this summer - no good, never arrived. The Dark Web is an option but dodgy as fuck. Why I'm being pushed into this kind of illegal shit purely because I choose herb over alcohol to help me unwind after a hard week's work gets me proper angry. Fucked if I can see why anyone would or should give a shit if I decide to have a spliff in the privacy of my own house to relax. I can handle smoke, but I have a real problem with alcohol. So apparently it's stiff shit for me. Fucking shit Government with their useless prohibition laws.... And I'm practically out of stock now - which is really old and not very potent anyway. Throw me a bone someone!!!
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    🤣 Fucking hell....
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