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  1. Because that is the media landscape in this day and age. There is (almost) no such thing as measured reporting, factual analysis vs. clear commentary (which presents views in context and offers various positions to consider), or even simple tasteful or tactful reporting. It's all about the clicks. And over the cliff of irrationality we go.
  2. Does the Mothership Deluxe edition DVD contain the exact same content as Led Zeppelin DVD? IMTOD, Achilles, etc. - are they identical - or alternate nights or alternate mixes? Sonically - is there an improvement or difference? Cheers.
  3. SIBLY? Maaaaan that's HARSH. made me LOL... Each to their own. In this vein... The studio HMMT is equal to the live ones even though the live ones are so damn good. I think the original studio version is absolutely genius. Closing out the first album with this is so EPIC - and to think this was their first LP! I also think SIBLY is equal to the live ones with the exception of a few of the '73 ones with the wild intro's. The BBC Sessions version is equal to the MSG version. It is quite unique. Black Country Woman - Studio for sure. Even if they played it in full - Studio wins hands down.
  4. YES four hours - multi-part that sucker!!!
  5. This is something I created for my 2560x1440 screen at home. Essentially I just added more black filler to get the resolution correct as I am far from an artist. Still, I love it. Very minimal. I'd really love a collection of LZ wallpapers at this resolution. There really aren't that many out there.
  6. Absolutely!!!! Should be a stand alone release. As for '80 - it is so inconsistent it will never happen - at least while Jimmy is in control. The Copenhagen warm up gigs could potentially make for a release covering their latter years. If Jimmy has really good SB's - they should be worked on in the best studio's with the best software to create something. - But I highly doubt that would happen either unfortunately. Realistically I think the best we can hope for is a FULL RAH, EC, and/or Knebworth release (take your pick) - maybe done as a final "remaster expanded release" of Led Zeppelin DVD like everything else has been (extra DVD and possibly some bonus CD's) - or potentially whatever was recovered from Bath. Given the time that has transpired - even considering how "Zeppelin time" operates - I think anything more "live" is almost at the "no chance" point. It really looks like this is the end game in that respect.
  7. I'd suggest if you are looking to gain inspiration from Led Zeppelin and are discovering just how great their songs are, as you are just now discovering them - you actually spring for the Led Zeppelin DVD. Well worth the 30 bucks or so. It contains early, middle, and late concert footage - all pro shot and multi-tracked. A good selection of songs on there and an entire very early concert in the extras. Can't go wrong. It is a great DVD to own. Youtube is also your friend.
  8. Fuck me that's expensive.....
  9. a week straight for us in Brissie - next week the same. Good that it cooled down though. I was so sick of +35c days and nights that were just too hot to sleep. And so many fires are now done due to the rain which is great.
  10. It's clearly a better version (from all other I have heard at least) from Bonzo's insane opening. I'd say it's still incremental - but very noticeable and worth seeking out.
  11. There are a few sites worth checking out - I'll PM you. With Listen To This Eddie - I find an amazing difference between listening through speakers and listening with headphones. Night and day difference. Good headphones at a good volume can really put you there. Close your eyes and you can really pick up what it's like being a few rows back from the stage. The best LTTE is a Winston remaster - which I find a noticeable improvement over other sources/versions.
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