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  1. Lockdowns here, tougher than before. No one allowed to go into the office unless you carry proof of need (letter from the company/boss) and only if you are classed an "essential worker". Kids now remote learning. No casual Saturday arvo casual trips to Bunnings... Cases going up, but not exploding like NSW - poor buggers... We'll see in a week if this works... about 4 week till my second Astra Zenica shot....
  2. Can we listen to the live stuff you have that is not "out there" please???
  3. I wonder if.... Any recording of that first rehearsal jam at Jimmy's house will be part of the doco.... It was produced in such a way that a second doco going from 1970 onward would nicely flow on - if ever considered.
  4. I think a part of it is It's a part of their skillset to produce that kind of variety. From D'yer Maker to Communication Breakdown to Down By the Seaside to so on and so on.... Even the re-release with the extra's had even more with stuff like 10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod and St Tristan's Sword which sounded like the opening to a '70's action packed "hard edged cop/detective" type of TV show. Plus like SAJ says, find a more poignant song than that! ....and that middle section is magic.
  5. Lockdown for a week here. Hopefully cases don't explode. the next couple of days will be telling....
  6. Is Jimmy actually sitting on a soundboard of June 22 - and all the forum dates for that matter. If so, deep thinking about if he has ever actually considered doing something with them.
  7. Couldn't agree more. All the more reason to fully legalise dope. I smoke, my 18 year old son knows I do (I don't flaunt it, but I don't lie) and is completely uninterested - which is great. Could not agree more.
  8. The crowd roar at the very start of Rock And Roll deserves a mention.
  9. So its dead middle of winter, and I'm taking a break from tidying up the backyard in shorts and tank top, sweating my ass off and decide to check the BOM to see the forecast. Will this magnificent warm weather continue? today it's 25c (77). Just magic. The forecast for Ipswich is 29c tomorrow and 30c Monday. 30 (86) fucking degrees in August. I love summer, but I'm really not sure about the one coming....
  10. OK, not really martial law by any stretch. So what is happening here in Australia and what are peoples attitudes - just from a bloke who lives in Brisbane, just a perspective..... First - vaccinations seems to be a mess. The EU fucked us over in that we had signed contracts very early on with "guarantees of supply" built in (LOL!). The EU needed to supply themselves. What a fucking surprise. We must have been piss-weak negotiators, or the Gov't just fucked up. When shit hit the fan, the contracts went out the window. Scomo (Prime Minister of Australia) actually apologised publicly!!!! He says the supply situation is now improving, but meh... how'd you fuck it up in the first place mate???? Why should I trust you now???? - but overall I expect he will be returned next election as overall he has handled things very well. The BEST thing he did was immediately call a fortnightly meeting with all state leaders to agree on strategy and policy so there was no bullshit politics. This achievement should NOT be underestimated. So the Governments (federal and state) here decided on an overarching strategy to... contain the virus (masks - border closures between states where outbreaks become a worry) contact trace (Gov't APP to check-in to retail and other venues so if someone tests positive, potential contacts can be identified and advised) limit movement (Lockdown). While there were/are some protests - I don't personally know of a single person who was actually anti-lockdown. Don't get me wrong, the pain is real, the job losses and brutal change to a LOT of peoples lives was/is intense. For the first year - at GREAT cost, our Gov't decided to assist small business by paying the payroll of everyone who could not work for lockdowns. My missus (Dental assistant) was a beneficiary of this - was a great scheme. Things turned, we seemed to be killing it, started opening back up and back to work - BOOM - new outbreaks, back to lockdowns. This seemed to cycle for a while - and benefits were wound back ("too costly"). Like I said the pain is REAL for far too many. The point here is it was/is painful, but most people were onboard with the strategy. The worry here was the elderly, and having everyone pretty sick at once (hospitals beyond capacity). Most people understand there are no "good" options - it's a fucking PANDEMIC after all. Luckily in Bris-Vegas - we have avoided the worst of it despite some clowns doing the wrong thing. Sydney and Melbourne - The two big Australian cities - so akin to LA and NY in a kinda way (loosely). They have had multiple lockdowns and yesterday the Premier of NSW announced 239 new cases - a record for a daily "new cases" since the pandemic began. That probably seems like a nothing-burger to you guys in US/Europe/England - but it was a record for Sydney - population just shy of 5 million - very much condensed and very fast would be a nightmare if no controls were attempted. We don't want to have mad death tolls. So far so good. I fully understand and appreciate Australia is different to the US in almost every way - as with the EU, as with Great Britain, as with anywhere else. I am not trying to convey anything about any countries approach or situation as I know fuck all about the US/EU/GB/other experience/reality. This is just how I see it from here - at my desk. Any military response will be in assistance to local authorities. It is NOT tanks in the streets. I have not heard of a call for a military assist outside of that story, it is interesting, but not concerning. "martial law" - is laughable. Pure hyperbole that is just not reality. How I think it will play out here is once 70%+ are vaccinated (specifically elderly/vulnerable people) we will adopt a more open approach. At the end of the day it seems we need to live with this until an actual cure or vaccination program eradicates it (see polio/measles/whooping cough/chicken pox/etc..) Cheers.
  11. Yes! Live album!!!! So little hope now....
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