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  1. The following is copied from a link from a Jimmy Page FB page linking to an article on loudersound.com - quoted from Mojo magazine (I think?) I thought it was great, so I'll post here.... “I wasn’t walking around with jackboots and a whip!” Jimmy Page shares 50th anniversary memories of Led Zeppelin IV Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones look back on Led Zep IV… and reveal the working title for Stairway To Heaven The three surviving members of Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones - look back upon the making of their band’s monumental fourth album in a new interview to celebrate the album’s forthcoming 50th anniversary. And while guitarist Page acknowledges that he was the band member driving the album sessions at Headley Grange in Hampshire in January 1971, he dismisses suggestions that he exerted a dictatorial role over proceedings: “I wasn’t walking around with jackboots and a whip,” he says with a laugh, as reported in the new issue of Mojo magazine, which has Zeppelin on the cover. The making of Led Zeppelin IV actually began at Island Studios in London in December 1970, but Page suggested relocating the sessions to the former Victorian workhouse at the dawn of the new year, wanting the band to have a space where they could have privacy and time to write and create while living under one room. “Headley Grange was cold, damp, dirty, smelly,” John Paul Jones tells Mojo’s Mark Blake. “I remember walking into my room and thinking, Oh really? I had to steal someone’s electric fire.” “Why is John complaining?” Jimmy Page asks Mojo. “We were there to work. I don’t want to say anything to embarrass Mrs Smith, the lady in charge. Headley was a bit austere. But there was no, ‘Let’s get stoned or go to the pub and get pissed.’ That wasn’t our raison d’etre. It was ‘eat, sleep, work’, but at the same time, I wasn’t walking around with jackboots and a whip.” “It’s like there was a magical current running through that place and that record. Like it was meant to be.” In the interview, Page and Jones talk about the writing of the album’s centrepiece, Stairway To Heaven. Jimmy said, ‘I’ve got this thing and it’s in different sections’,” Jones recalls. “I sat down at the electric piano, and we worked out where everything should go. The joy of it was it didn’t sound like anybody else.” Jones reveals that one original working title for the song was Cow And Gate... as Robert Plant had recently bought a farm. “John Paul and I worked on it before getting with John Bonham,” says Page. “A lot of the music precedes John coming in. It’s a slow reveal. But the whole time, Robert was listening and writing. Then he started singing and had most of the lyrics written… it was an inspired time for everybody.” The full interview with Page, Jones and Plant is in the new issue of Mojo, out now.
  2. Petrol prices have hit record highs here now. News reports say it ain't over by a long shot as the OPEC cunts have drastically cut production while a lot of countries re-open and start moving again. Looks like they just want to make up for lost billions in recent times. 🤬 Supply and demand baby.... It's a real fucker when a commodity is controlled by an OPEC type structure.
  3. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-19/qld-coronavirus-covid-modelling-border-roadmap/100548868 This may well be the case, I don't know. We can't stay locked down forever though. It's not going to be fun when Covid burns through....
  4. OK, wrote most of this in the Covid thread, but moved it before posting as it seems more suited here...... *this is NOT anything to do with my previous post. I can't help but to wonder how the "next phase" is going to work out here. QLD. We have had almost zero cases per day. The times when we got a few, it kinda just fell back to "yeah, nah, yeah, all good mate" - and there is NO logical explanation or theory I have seen that offers a good explanation of this. Brissie is Covid free being a fairly significant city. By no means the rat races that Sydney and Melbourne are, but not insignificant. Yet Sydney, and more specifically Melbourne are RIFE with cases per day - Melbourne between 1500 and 2000 per day at the moment. Brissie - usually NIL. (there is a good deal of transport/commute between these cities, it's not like Brisbane is an island) Hobart is a MUCH smaller city, but compact, and south of Melbourne with a cooler climate, so I am guessing the colder climate is not the driving differential. Indeed, Perth, Alice Springs, Adelaide, all pretty healthy. Sydney and Melbourne though, damn.... So when we "learn to live with Covid" in a month or so and open up to both domestic and international travel, it will be very interesting to how Queenslanders cope with the all of a sudden NOT zero case loads. We haven't had much protest here at all (QLD) possibly because we have not been tested as have our southern state cities with their case counts and lockdowns. I can't wait for things to open up just for the fact that my interstate work mates are absolutely drained from the lockdowns. I don't blame them. It's a fucking terrible thing to put life on hold - 2 fucking years in Melbourne!!!! That's FUCKED UP (necessary or not). I just wonder about the mental adjustment we will have to make here. Everyone is more free to travel. Yay! There will be cases. It will spread. I think eventually in our lifetimes we will all encounter this shit-cunt virus - or close to all. Steve said VERY early on we'd all end up having to "live with the virus" - and at the time I thought that was harsh. Turns out that was very insightful. The overwhelming majority of us who "go through it" will not skip a beat. No real impact. But those that suffer and those that perish.... I worry a great deal about my parents. I guess that is most peoples first instinct. Self, immediate family, extended family, tribe/community, country, - and so the circle expands, but family FIRST. This is the thing I think about the most with Covid - and maybe this belongs in the deep thinking about thread - but this really seems to come down to a individual vs collective priority argument and the incredibly complex nuance of that concept. That - and the fact that incredibly complex and important issues are sadly over-governed by how we choose to be politically informed. What we choose to digest and adopt as reality from a political standpoint and how that can be strength or poison. Adopt the position of your tribe always - and you will be dead wrong a LOT more often than if you choose to think critically. This left right bullshit is so laughable and toxic. I'll end it there as I do not wish to invoke Sam's rage and aside, I really am not trying to make any political point. Just wondering out loud what is next in terms of Covid and thought I'd share.... I hope y'all are as healthy and as happy as your circumstance and will permit - and continue to be. Cheers.
  5. Resisting temptation is so much easier when memories of consequences are so clear and unwelcome.
  6. The lock Bonzo and John Paul get on the rhythm - and how Page comes in and where they take it, yeah, it's got to be considered for #1 spot. It wanders at times, but what comes out of those wanderings is so horse....
  7. Yes, controlling the spread of the virus and it's impact.
  8. We must have swapped Chillzone.... Rain has stopped now though, will get back to normal by end of week.
  9. Hi Steve, would appreciate a link, thanks in advance...
  10. Those fried nipples though Strider.... Tonight we are indulging in home made pizza's.
  11. Hope you're doing well Reggie. Up here in QLD we are still essentially unrestricted. I went to Mount Tambourine markets with the cheese and kisses last weekend on the bike, a lovely ride given the early summer-like weather, and this weekend am probably going to ride up to Buderim to visit the oldies. I am amazed QLD has so far avoided outbreaks above 1 or 2 community cases while Sydney and particularly Melbourne are getting pumped. I am not sure what it is like down there, but up here only about 1 in 30 or less are walking around in shops or confined spaces without a mask. Compliance seems to be pretty high, and everyone gets on with living - and by all accounts IT WORKS. I'd love to know if it is similar in SYD and MEL..... I have a theory that there are larger pockets of the community there that align more to the "fuck masks!" brigade and maybe help spread it? - but that is pure conjecture. I really can't understand the disparity. QLD have avoided any sizeable protests so far (the exception being the border since the border cuts through a major street in Coolangatta and it was a shitshow). Early lockdowns were effective here (it stopped the first large outbreak in it's tracks) - so it seems a lesson was learned???? Dunno, but I hope you guys come out of lockdown/restrictions soon. Vaccination rates are getting to the point where it is bound to turn the long awaited corner. Almost there.... Cheers mate.
  12. ^That is a proper INSANE one-two punch...
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