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  1. rm2551

    The space before the live decline

    Each era had something to offer. But the further on they went, the more people had to become miners to dig out the gems. (specifically post '75). They were giving the shows they wanted to give though. They wanted heavier, louder. Bigger and badder. They achieved that. They moved on from delivering '72, '73 type performances. It was their choice to change. A choice probably influenced by the pleasures of indulgence/excess, but hey, they were the biggest rock stars in the world at the time and live were unmatched in terms of reputation (as I understand it). And yet studio wise, they were still killing it IMHO. Even when Jimmy and Bonzo were MIA they came up with another great album. Great riffs, hooks, bass lines, drumming, structures, changes.
  2. it's just so quiet. Anniversaries must not mean much. Pity, a well crafted marketing campaign with some live releases could have re-birthed Zep to the young'uns. It really could have been the year of Led Zeppelin.
  3. rm2551

    What Made You Happy today?

    It's Friday arvo, I'm home from work and I have next week off.
  4. rm2551

    Single female Zepp fans.

    ....Hey, I noticed your Zep shirt. I have over 300 bootleg shows if you want to have a listen. What's your favourite bootleg?
  5. Not sure if this has been done before, but what are the top - lets say 5? - questions or themes you'd ask Jimmy Page should you ever have the honour. Me: When The Levy Breaks - What order was that laid down onto tape? What instrument(s) was on the initial track, and what followed in what order. While the drums are one of the most recognisable - and greatest - hooks in history, the guitar, harmonica, and vocals are equals. So how did that come about. Were there any other "originals" besides For Your Life considered for the 02 gig? If so, why were they dropped. If not, why not go for it? And expanding on that, I always thought Carouselumbra would have made a brilliant other bookend to Good Times Bad Times for that show - was this ever considered? What was the song that you were blown away by - from the delivery/contribution of Robert's vocals. He was great on every track, but what was that magical connection "moment" in the studio where you thought it was beyond belief how in tune you two were? That moment where you just thought - WOW. What is your favourite song - or part of a song - from being really happy with the guitar tone and feeling/emotion portrayed from a rock guitarist only point of view? Given how popular, and incredible, the LA Forum gigs were in 1977, if you had soundboards for those gigs, would you ever consider producing something from them? Especially given the lack of available material for that important period in the time line. Given the current technology, we know a live release could be made to sound at least as good as the LZ1 companion disk if not blow it away with respect to that performance. Kashmir alone (for the whole LA run) is ridiculous. Why not produce that into a release? THEY are the questions that immediately come to mind. Tomorrow i may well have 5 others. What are yours?
  6. rm2551

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    If I'm in Zep gear (almost always) and I see a random with a Zep shirt on, I'll often say "Cool shirt mate!".
  7. rm2551

    Holy Grails

    I'll have to suss it again. My bootleg ears are not as robust as they should be. I always go back to 21st for the Millard recording quality. OK, Bonham is off the hook on the 22nd. He is absolutely killing every fill. Unbelievable. But unless a better quality audio is released, I'll stick with 21st.
  8. rm2551

    Holy Grails

    And the outtro guitar somehow manages to go yet another level up. Beyond the stratosphere. That one low note he hits between the insane runs alone is worth the price of admission.
  9. rm2551

    Holy Grails

    Bumping this. So after listening for the millionth time to LTTE Kashmir, I'd have to say the ultimate holy-grail would be a very clear soundboard of that gig. Mix it with Eddie, and you have the BEST representation of 1977 Led Zeppelin available. Also Possibly the strongest (best) delivery of a single track by the band in their history. That song, performed on that day, is unmatched by anything.
  10. Check the Led Zep Live forum. To mix and release something that surprises us and surpasses the book and the fan release my cheeky little pommy mate.
  11. The community has picked up the challenge it seems. The greatest release so far is a fan release. BY FAR the best thing to hit us in this 50th year, and not at all easy to surpass even with official stuff. Lets hope it's "Challenge accepted!" from Jimmy. Hope. Such an interesting idea....
  12. rm2551

    What Made You Happy today?

    A glorious Saturday spent at home in the nice air conditioning watching/listening to LedZepFilm's amazing creation.
  13. I'm up to D&C. What an OUTSTANDING job. I didn't realise there was so much boot film that could fill in so much! The vibe is much more of a film document of a live gig. Has a great feel to it. The audio source transitions/edits are noticable (of course) but really don't detract from the experience for me. SIBLY - more beautiful than ever. The video edits you made at the start are EXCELLENT. TRS - more beautiful than ever. NQ - So well done, and the version that SHOULD have been (or very close to) used for the latest re-release. TSRTS - filled in very, very nicely. GREAT job mate. Well done.