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  1. middle of the night (2-3am) severe storms second night in a row. Strange to be woken up by them when the days were so nice.
  2. It is CRIMINAL we are still waiting for an official EC release. 🤬
  3. Yes. Heart loved and paid the greatest respect to Zep by covering their material. It's all down to the artist, and what they are trying to achieve. Like Zep did with the blues they paid hommage to, artists would need to make a cover their own. I read somewhere the Beastie Boys used the drums from WTLB without permission or credit, and when Jimmy Page heard it he had no problem at all as it was used by The Beastie Boys in their own flavour, and Jimmy appreciated the musicality. I don't know how accurate that is but it is admirable to hold that kind of position in my view.
  4. It bucketed down last night and continues today. A solid, heavy, persistent rain. Not the soft stuff.
  5. The long weekend (Monday, public holiday) for me starts now as I also have Friday off. 4 day weekend!!! Mad ribs have been stewing away in the slow cooker all day, then onto the back patio with a CC and dry, a cheeky smoke, and Weeknights with Alice Cooper - while dashing inside occasionally to catch the footy.
  6. Hadn't heard this one before, I laughed quite a lot... *Edit, not while shopping obviously. LOL!
  7. So I listened to ALS and Kashmir from June 21 '77, and later that day, after a few very tasty craft beers and an even tastier bit of herb, Reo Speedwangon's Take it on the Run was playing on the radio and in my state I fully applied the 1977 Zep sound to the song. Imagining the fills Bonzo would be adding and how intense they would drive the song a.k.a Kashmir. Good lord it blew me away. I am now deep thinking about how many other good songs turn into masterpieces when a Zep sound is applied. Early Zep, '75 Zep, whatever period, I am sure there are a ton of songs that are fun to fuse.
  8. rm2551

    ANZAC Day

  9. Is this tape sped up? Serious question. The pace sounds too fast for four humans to master to a precision that Zep delivers. It's truly astounding.
  10. I saw somewhere it is rumoured that Mick Jagger plays the harmonica on Black Country Woman. Anyone have info on this? I know this was recorded in the mobile studio in the garden of a property (that Mick owns??) using the Rolling Stones mobile studio, so he may well have been around. At one point does Robert say "go Mick" in the song? (I haven't noticed, I'll need to listen)
  11. Cold, cold nights. Lovely warm days. Today is very windy. I need to replenish my firewood stocks....
  12. rm2551

    Sky Watch

    https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2021-may-26 Giddy up, we are hopefully going to get a nice clear sky for this one.
  13. Sunny, beautiful Sunday morning. It's quite chill outside, but lovely. Birds tweeting everywhere, just glorious. It's only going to hit 25 (77) max today, but later this week back to 30 (86).
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