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  1. Sort of like Colorado in that respect then... I'd want to live where recreational pot use was completely legal.
  2. If I didn't live in Texas, I'd probably in somewhere in Wa. State.
  3. Train derailment in Scotland 12 August, 2020. Sadly there are three deaths, including the driver and the conductor. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8619291/ScotRail-train-derails-near-Aberdeen-sparking-emergency-response.html
  4. It's after midnight, yet the Heat Index is still 96F...
  5. These ended up being the final 3 dates of the NA Tour.... but had the unfortunate accident in Greece not happened, there were stadium dates in the US planned for later in 1975. I had bought a ticket for the Philadelphia Stadium show. That was going to be my chance to see them outdoors live.
  6. Saturn and Jupiter are both near the almost Full Moon tonight. https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/night/
  7. I would say that The Who and Pink Floyd, performing songs from their prime, after departure of Moon, and Waters, were worth seeing. And in their case, material written post departure, had some things worthy to perform as well.
  8. Don't sing those Zep songs with the high registers, or take them down in octave.
  9. Imo, nothing any of them have done post Zeppelin, eclipses any of the best work of LZ. Some must think that creativity is some constant that runs through an artist's entire life. The magic of LZ was the four together. Well, that's gone now. So some new album waiting to happen, for me, that's the highest pie-in-the-sky thought ever.
  10. Happy to let the man retire in peace. Has he, bty, officially announced his retirement, or should we just project that on him to suit out constructs? He can be who he wants to be, and Jimmy certainly does not have to try and be "Chuck Berry" or "Les Paul."
  11. Enjoyed Mick's recollections of Page & LZ. The song is very much a "Ron Wood" guitar affair. This isn't an EVH guesting with MJ kind of thing.
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