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    John Bonham is the Heart 'N' Soul of Led Zeppelin.

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    Inside The Blimp
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    The Led Zeppelin tribute band from Norway . . . "NEW ZEPPELIN"
    Born in '55
    14 in 1969

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  1. The Rover

    Trains for Railfans

    Close up
  2. The Rover


    Sky-watchers in the Northern Hemisphere will get to see a cosmic triple play on March 20, 2019 as a “super worm moon” lights up the vernal equinox. According to astronomy website EarthSky.org, a full moon has not landed this close to the first day of spring since the year 2000, and the two celestial events won’t happen less than a day apart again until 2030. Because the moon’s orbit is egg-shaped, there are times when it is at what astronomers call perigee, or its shortest distance from Earth, and times when it is at apogee, or its farthest distance from Earth. And because the size of the moon's orbit varies slightly with each lunar cycle, perigee is not always the same distance from month to month. At 3:45 p.m. ET (19:45 UT) on March 19, 2019 the moon will be a mere 223,309 miles away from our planet, making for an especially close perigee. Then, at 9:43 p.m. ET on March 20, 2019 (1:43 UT on March 21), the moon will officially reach its full phase. As a result of these combined events, the full lunar disk will appear 14 percent larger and 12 percent brighter than usual—a spectacle widely known as a supermoon. The equinox supermoon will be the final one for 2019, which already saw supermoons fall on January 21 and February 19. But the year may have saved the best for last, given the coincidental timing with the March equinox at 5:58 p.m. ET (21:58 UT) on March 20—less than four hours before the supermoon arrives.
  3. The Rover

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Who knows... maybe 5 years from now, Robert & Jimmy will be giving an interview in Wembley like The Who did today in their 55th year:
  4. The Rover

    Aviation - Commerical & Military Videos

    If you have a 4K TV... this one is something. The detail you can see of each airplane's structure..
  5. This is a quality HD film:
  6. The Rover

    Presence Reiusse

    Maybe you're right about the bowler hat being '75. But sunglasses were cool in '77. I prefer the white dragon suit. Jimmy never wore the black dragon suit at any of the shows I attended, and that's okay...
  7. The Rover

    Beautiful Women

  8. The Rover

    Trains for Railfans

    Here's some more steam. I love the sounds of the steam engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hSpgV2Swzc
  9. The Rover

    Trains for Railfans

    Here's more steam, this time from Colorado, the Durango & Silverton Mine Train...
  10. The Rover

    Trains for Railfans

    When you just need to chill... Steam Trains running today:
  11. The Rover

    Five Metal Albums That Blew Your Mind

    Sounds like Mick Jagger fronting the Yardbirds. I was never a Metalhead, but when I first heard this, it blew my mind:
  12. The Rover

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    So I signed up for Spotify. I liked the service. I deleted my Pandora account. So yeah, I made a compilation list, so that some newbie out there might see something beyond the Mothership or Early Days/Latter Days, or Crop Circlings. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Z7MLIxeZnTDNl7AL3uGlO
  13. I made a list from the LZ e-mail to create your own custom 50th label. I chose 25: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Z7MLIxeZnTDNl7AL3uGlO
  14. The Rover

    Zep Songs You Didn't Like, But You Like Now

    I didn't take to Carouselambra when it came out. I thought it was too long and boring. But, over time, I have mellowed, and I would love for this to be in any Zep concert that takes place in the future in place of anything, but Kashmir.