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  1. OH SHIT my bad! I wrote that at 2 am and forgot to give him credit. Next time ill give credit. Thanks for lettin me know
  2. Yes there is a full version on youtube. I did listen to a bit of it and oh boy was it interesting. The audio sounds a bit muffled though
  3. So do y'all have favorite and least favorite led zeppelin concerts? My favorite concert would have to be the 1st Knebworth gig because led zeppelin was back after their 2 year break because of Karac's death. The warmup shows in denmark werent bad either. I could say some versions of some songs(in the evening for example) were better in Denmark than at Knebworth. Robert's voice was well rested i could say and he hit some pretty high notes like in Black Dog. It was pretty impressive if you ask me. Overall the 1st Knebworth gig was amazing. My least favorite concert is Tempe 1977. Oh boy there are so many things wrong with that concert. Jimmy is higher than a kite and it sounds like he was playing guitar with his feet. Robert's voice was...well...what's a good word to describe it.....umm..shit...just shit. There is a full version of that concert on youtube if you wanna hear it. Anyways id love to hear whats your favorite and least favorite concert
  4. Wow this topic evolved into other topics. I was expecting like 2 people replying to my question but wow! Also thank you for the people that let me know why Robert used that echo
  5. So I've been listening to Led Zeppelin's 1980 concerts and in almost all the songs that are played ive heard this echo effect in Robert Plant's voice. Does anybody know why he was using that annoying effect?
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