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  1. I'd really like to hear some of the missing shows, I think the first leg of the 77 tour is pretty underrated it suffers from having poor audience recordings. I imagine Dallas would've been pretty rough, but would be interesting to hear how Robert sounded the first night of the tour.
  2. Definitely a rusty show for Zeppelin they seem to hit their stride at the last Chicago show onto the two Cincinnati shows which have decent recordings. The first leg of the tour has some pretty underrated shows and is often overlooked other than the Destroyer show.
  3. Where'd you read that at?
  4. Definitely the best 80 show for me, Jimmy seems really coherent and fluid with his playing and Robert sounds as good as ever with his voice hitting a higher register for the final half of the show.
  5. Thanks I'll check that one out!
  6. gibsonfan129 As a song that was only performed mostly in 77 with two from 79 what would you say were the best performances of Ten Years Gone overall from this tour I really like the badgeholders show version but what others stood out to you from the tour?
  7. Robert definitely sounded great during the whole 77 tour it's really what makes me rank it as high as I do even above 72-75 era, I really think the third leg of the 77 tour tarnished its reputation especially with the Tempe performance and Roberts voice being weak for those last four shows of the tour, if you listen to the first leg yes it does start off rough but as they go on they improve during each performance and by the time you get to the second leg of the tour they're close to reaching their previous heights again.
  8. It hasn’t been removed it was just moved to the members only section.
  9. Thanks for the response! Maybe some day it’ll leak out!
  10. I don’t want to start anything I was just genuinely curious about this as a 77 fan, could you tell me the story about this show
  11. I agree this show is definitely one of my favorites from the latter years just listen to Achilles and you'll think it's Jimmy from 73 playing it. To me this show is up there with 7/24/79 Copenhagen.
  12. I think for me my overall favorite show of 77 is the 4/28/77 show a lot of other people also rave about it being one of the best shows from the tour. Some other shows worth checking out are 06/03/77 even though it got rained out after three songs and if you can stomach the recording definitely the show from Pontiac 4/30/77 which has my favorite Kashmir with Robert going as high as he did back in 71 with the scream he does.
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