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  1. I agree this show is definitely one of my favorites from the latter years just listen to Achilles and you'll think it's Jimmy from 73 playing it. To me this show is up there with 7/24/79 Copenhagen.
  2. I think for me my overall favorite show of 77 is the 4/28/77 show a lot of other people also rave about it being one of the best shows from the tour. Some other shows worth checking out are 06/03/77 even though it got rained out after three songs and if you can stomach the recording definitely the show from Pontiac 4/30/77 which has my favorite Kashmir with Robert going as high as he did back in 71 with the scream he does.
  3. Wow!!! This sample sounds really fantastic!
  4. Definitely a night from 77 worth having a sound upgrade IMO.
  5. Definitely a great vocal performance from Robert, I keep listening to this tour on and off and I'm always surprised by how strong Robert is most of the tour.
  6. Kashmir from 6/21/77 is definitely my go to since the quality is so good but it’s been a long while since I’ve heard the Nobody’s Fault from the first Cleveland show thanks for the suggestion!
  7. Is there anything that comes close to Plant's delivery of this particular performance of Kashmir it sounds as if he's singing this from 71 I guess that's why I always thought 77 was an extraordinary year for him compared to how much damage he had done at this point and after the 75 tour, Overall Robert has some amazing vocals in 77 like singing Over The Hills the closest to the studio version since 72 on the June 13th date in New York and the June 10th version of Heartbreaker. Is there any other vocal performances to anyone else that stand out from 77 just curious to hear other's thoughts on this.
  8. I've always thought it was odd how nothing was represented from In Through The Out Door something like I'm Gonna Crawl or All My Love would've been neat additions but I do at least think they should have played In The Evening.
  9. I agree I’d definitely rather have a 77 show due to just how good Plants voice was and how good Jimmy could recapture his magic on certain nights such as the LA New York run and the last two shows of the first leg of 77 at Cleveland 4/28 and Pontiac 4/30, just my opinion.
  10. Does Robert even sing on the 72 versions?
  11. It's a real shame they never played any other new material like I'm Gonna Crawl or anything else from Presence or In Through The Out Door besides the few songs they chose to play from those albums.
  12. Not being an ass in any way but gibsonfan159 has clearly stated in his review of this show that he thinks it's a decent show with some duds and some standout highlights specifically being the acoustic set and some other gems such as Nobody's Fault and the epic Stairway solo. In my opinion it's an average 77 show with nothing too special or horrendous it's a shame this is what we get for pro-shot video instead of something like the LA run, but being that it's the only pro-shot footage that we have I'd rather it be Seattle than the horrendous Tempe show and am extremely grateful for this remaster which does make the show sound a whole lot better. In regards to Led Zeppelin fandom I think it's ridiculous that people who have differing opinions think that one opinion is above the other, we are all fans here so if you don't agree with someone maybe you shouldn't resort to being an imbecile and calling them Captain Obvious and saying things such as "why bother with Led Zeppelin" the reason he bothers to comment or criticize is he's a fan of the band and has every right to criticize the band based on the standards the band started back in the early 70s. Anyways I'm not here to start anything I'm just tired of seeing people getting ridiculed for their opinions when everyone has their right to his/hers own opinions without being told they are wrong when everything is subjective.
  13. I'm interested as well if you don't mind sharing the link the sound is pretty incredible.
  14. I dream of at least hearing a better quality version of Stairway from that show one of my favorite Stairway's from any year that's for sure.
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