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  1. Here is the corrected set list. They seem to be sending out new covers with the right track list. Total bummer. Last Wendy title for me.
  2. Likely mislabeled, what are the songs and what if anything does Plant say between songs?
  3. The big problem with a private auction is that is a great way to get nabbed. I remember reading about someone trying to sell a tape and the mystery buyer was Jason Bonham along with the authorities. I would think auctions would be very risky for the seller. Never understood why they have not taken pre orders for a longer time for a big show. I can only guess that once the dics go out for pressing they would worry about a leak though the manufacturer but they certainly could hype it before pressing the dics.
  4. What are the three. I only see one newish thing, Sunset Sound R & R.
  5. Listening now, awesome. Thanks, gets me all fired up for the next round of surprises.
  6. Of course it counts, one of the original official albums and It’s good stuff. Zeppelin did not put out anything bad in my opinion.
  7. I go back and forth between 7/28 and Salt Lake as being the best sounding 73 Boards. Fort Worth is great too but seems a little thin compared to those two. I’m guessing the Salt Lake board is maybe a higher generation with all the tape hiss. Any other takers on 7/28, I know it’s all personal opinion.
  8. Yes these are very good! Glad I bought them. Some of the best sounding 73 Soundboards.
  9. TM

    pick one

    Have to go with Providence
  10. Is friends complete from SBD or is it the spliced version we heard on the sample?
  11. Where is the swap meet?
  12. 2-12 OTHFA blistering solo and zero flubs 2-14 Trampled lots of extras on all the guitar fills and fast paced 2-14 Heartbreaker great intro with some varying drumbeats and plenty of add ons from Page
  13. Fantastic!!!! Nicely done video!!
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